ZAMN PAT!!! 125$ Palette Worth The Hype?! Bronze Seduction | Jackie Aina

ZAMN PAT!!! 125$ Palette Worth The Hype?! Bronze Seduction | Jackie Aina

– Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. It’s your girl, Jackie Aina. ♪ Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie ♪ ♪ Jackie Jackie Jackie ♪ ♪ Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie ♪ ♪ Jackie Jackie Jackie ♪ Ooh, my back. And my knees, damn I need to relax. Attention, alert the media. I never thought that I would actually be able to say
that I’m doing a video in partnership with Pat McGrath. Wow, wow. I’m shook and it’s my own video. You heard that correctly, I’m doing today’s video in partnership with Pat McGrath. If you don’t know who Pat McGrath is, she is literally … This isn’t based on opinion guys. She is the biggest makeup
artist in the world. And she’s a black woman, and she’s amazing, and she’s kind and she’s sweet, and not only do I admire her as a person, but I also admire her as a brand. She has amazing products, I want to say she started like, three, four years ago, and literally (Jackie sighs) I just adore her. I had the opportunity to go to Milan Fashion Week with
the Pat McGrath team and of course with Pat herself. They took us behind the scenes on the Versace … Oh excuse me: Versace. They took us behind the scene of the Versace Spring/Summer 2019 fashion show. It was an awesome experience, I’m still like on cloud nine, I’m still on cloud nine because someone that I admire has acknowledged me in so many different amazing ways and created
an opportunity for me to just really learn and grow and I feel like if Pat
McGrath can be nice, (Jackie giggles) booboo
with a thousand followers on Instagram, you can too, okay? But all jokes aside, I really admire her, I think she’s an amazing, lovely person, she was giving us looks backstage at the Versace show! Like you guys don’t even understand. I know that sometimes
if you see these shows, like you’re seeing the looks far away, but up close, it was this really thick dope epic green, kind of cobalt blue liner moment that was going on behind
the scenes backstage, and that was the look for the show. I’m going to be doing something that is kind of inspired by that look with a different color scheme using the new Mothership V palette, and you guys know that Pat’s products are no stranger on my channel. This is … I have a strong top three as far as eyeshadow quality, just like, the standard. Pat McGrath is in that top three, like her shadows are just incomparable, the quality’s incredible, I don’t have any problems with pigment, I don’t have any problems
getting them to show up on my skin tone, so even though they are pricey … Pat, can we get a coupon code or something honey? I do personally think that it’s worth it. Before we do get started, you guys know I love
when you join the Jackie Aina family, so make sure you hit
that subscribe button. I would love to see you come back and join us for future videos and … If you don’t I’m going to roast you, all right? I’m going to find you and
I’m going to roast you. Now for real for real, without further ado, let’s go ahead and get into this tutorial. Okay, so I brought you in real real close, you can see my pores, so you can see my mustache, so you can see all the real tea. As a matter of fact, I mean, I might as well just do a little bit of trimming. Don’t hate, okay? Don’t judge. We’re just getting to know each other a little better. So as I said, this is going to be inspired
by Pat McGrath’s looks so you know, as I usually famously have proclaimed in the past, some of us are ugly, ma’am. So today I won’t be giving you a Bella Hadid beat, I won’t be giving you a Gigi Hadid beat, we’re gonna pack on a little more product for today’s production. Because … Some of us are ugly. I’m gonna interpret the look that Pat created, so did I tell you guys about … Why do I feel like I didn’t tell you what I started with? This is the Farsáli Skintune Blur, I use this kind of as a primer but I really focused it right in this middle area to blur my problem areas, which are right around here. I’m going to throw on my headband so that my wig-a-licious, my wig-a-lations is out the way. So I’m gonna start by
doing some highlighting underneath the skin. I like doing this just
because it looks pretty, like that’s why I do
95% of the things I do, duh. This is another Farsáli product. It is their Jelly Beam Highlighter. I’ve become such a fan of this. The first time I used it, I was like: “Okay it’s cool, I just don’t really know how this will be functional for me,” but now I actually use it a lot. Just gonna take a little bit of that on the lid and start prepping my skin where the sun shines
bright like a diamond. Putting it right on the high
points of my cheekbones. And because this thing like sets in place, it’ll stay put once you
apply the foundation on top. The color that I’m using, by the way, is Rose Goals. No but for real though, this thing like really stays put, so you got to move kinda fast. NARS Sheer Glow for the foundation, I’m going to go in for full coverage, and do my thing. So as a matter of fact, whatever’s leftover from the Jelly Beam, which isn’t very much, if we’re being quite honest. I’m just gonna kind of like mix that in with foundation, just a little bit. Everyone’s skin on this runway, I mean you probably couldn’t really tell from far away but backstage, everybody just looked like the epitome of Rose Goals, like do y’all … What, what do y’all, What do y’all, what, what do y’all do? What do y’all drink? Who do you speak to, you know, what kind of … Do I need … What manager do I need to speak to to glow like that from within on a regular Thursday, you know what I mean? Not just for chilling like
on a regular Thursday. Now we’re gonna blend out the foundation. See that? I know you see it. I am highlighting and contouring using the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, I use Dark Coffee to contour, a.k.a. contour, I’m just being silly. And Amande … ♪ Amande ♪ to highlight. One of the things that I admire the most about Pat is just her ability to be so innovative, like I don’t understand where she gets all these ideas from. She has so many ideas, creatively, her mind is just like non-stop, you know? And I love that. And like I said, it’s an added bonus
that she’s super sweet, so I’m always, always gonna be a fan. And it was just crazy seeing her behind the scenes. I’ve never been backstage with her and to see how relatively chaotic the show really should have been, but it wasn’t, and like how cool, calm, and collected she was, basically like handling … I think it was like 60 models. I was just like, “Girl.” Like you’re goals. I could never. I give her honestly so much credit. You know, being an artist
is just filled with so much stress and so much scrutiny and she handles it really really well. ♪ It’s blend time ♪ ♪ It’s blend time ♪ Oh I forgot my little
nose detail situation! We don’t ever forget her, she’s staying here permanently. Where she at though? I’m trying to give
y’all cheekbones, honey. ♪ Giving you something he can feel ♪ Don’t mind me. Just blend. Don’t mind me. Just blend, just focus. Focus on what matters. I’m using the Sigma E50 to now blend the smaller more detailed
areas of my face. Don’t you hate it when the
makeup station is ready, the wig is laid, edges are snatched, the Last Supper has been prepared, but you sat down and forgot to wet your beautyblenders? I … Don’t like me sometimes. We need to discuss why Hershey’s Kisses are so freaking good. I’m tired, I’m calling my congressman, damn it. Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder. Pressing that into my under eyes, so we don’t get any
movement from the concealer, ’cause I got some place to go, but concealer, you don’t. So stay put. And do the same thing on my forehead where I tend to get oily. And then to really kinda
emphasize our contour, we’re just gonna draw a box on the side of your mouth. Just draw a box. Little box. Oh (Jackie huffs) pardon me. And we really wanna draw out the outer corner because
this will be really helpful for the eye look we’re creating later. Brows are always the same, no one cares. (object falls) I … (makes a flustered noise) I use Precisely My Brow from Benefit and Goof Proof Brow on top of that. All right. Let’s get to the important stuff. The eyes. As I said, the main star of today’s show is the Mothership V palette. Pat McGrath’s stuff is definitely a little bit of a cute coin, a little bit of an investment. If you could only afford or ever get one palette
in your entire life, I would honestly and confidently say, “Get this one.” In my opinion, it has the most versatile, everyday colors. You’ve got rose golds, you’ve got this copper shade. Every time I see this copper shade on my newsfeed, you know, Pat McGrath’s little mini-tutorials, I want to write a letter. I don’t know who I want
to write a letter to, but I want to write a letter. It’s so gorgeous and just so pigmented, like I almost kind of feel like this is like a dry glitter. This Mehron Mixing Liquid too, these really do come through in a clutch. You can use these with
like any loose shimmer or like glittery product
to really get it to kind of like foil and look
more metallic on the eyes. It’s just so freaking pretty. So as I said, the Versace show was
all about really thick avant-garde liner, and we’re replicating that look using a slightly different color scheme. And by the way, am I the only person who’s been living under a rock and didn’t know that Pat had eyeliners? Auntie Pat. Like I thought we was cool. Where have you been hiding these from? But seriously, these eyeliners … And I don’t really feel like eyeliners are typically much to rave about. They’re so … You saw that right? You saw the one swipe right? Exactly. I don’t even have to say any more. These have so much color impact and so I’m trying to find out the name. This one’s Black Coffee. I’ve been using this one the most out of all the others, but basically what I’m going to do is start drawing a line just like that. Why was I … Why the hell was I out of focus? I need to talk to somebody. (exhales loudly) I had to stop breathing for two seconds. So basically, we have this thick pointed V shape, and the easier way to do this is to start with the thinnest line as possible and start building your way up. So that way you can see, “Oh, maybe that went too thick,” “Oh, maybe that wasn’t thick enough,” like you have way more control when you start off with a little bit less product. Now I’m going to move on and basically fill in the rest of my eye with black instead of brown. This is a black smudge liner eye kohl, incredible amount of pigment. It’s just … I feel like it speaks for itself, so I’ll just keep moving. And I’m gonna explain to you what we’re doing with the black once we work our way to the shadows because black does
something really special up under colors just like these. And you already know
where I’m going with this. And basically we’re doing this not only because I want to see what the shape of the
eye is gonna look like before we put on the shadow, but it’s also gonna give the shadow something nice to stick to. I’ve just really realized like how crazy all of this really looks on camera. Please excuse the construction, we are still open for business. All right, onto the important things: Mothership V is my jam. I really really really love the warm rosy tones in this palette. There’s ten shadows altogether. They are an emollient-like texture for extreme blend-ability and adherence. And that’s what it should be! That’s what I paid for, dang it. So you have some textures that are a little bit more like pearl and then some that are
a bit more metallic. So for example, as you can see, these are a little bit
more like a sheer shimmer. Sheer’s not even the right word either. Then you got these! The big boys! Very foil-ey, kind of give off a super, super metallic finish. I’m gonna take Disobedient, which is this dark, matte kind of burgundy brown shade, and an angled brush, and start pushing that into the outer corner of my eye. One thing I love about Pat’s shadows is there’s no finessing, there’s no tweaking, like you apply them and
they just look incredible, the way shadows should. Brands need to take notes! Now we want to press that into the eye and fully cover the outer V. Now it may just be me
but I actually feel like ever since I’ve seen that Versace show, I have been seeing a lot more than normal, the big bright like liner look, just like this. That is one thing that Pat is kind of iconic for is setting trends. And people kind of take her stuff and make it wearable, make it more like every-day trendy, and I don’t really feel like there are a lot of artists
that are in the fashion world that do that. So honestly, that’s like to her credit, you know? Shout out to you, Pat, (giggles) because the girls are watching and taking notes, honey! All right, so Blitz Flame keeps me up at night. Like I dream about this color. It’s so pretty! There are not a lot of
palettes that I have that have a beautiful super just reflective copper red shadow just like this one. I’m here for it. I can honestly say it’s probably my favorite color in the entire palette. And on Pat’s Instagram, the tutorial where they
featured Blitz Flame, is one of my favorite
looks that they’ve done all like, of all time. And it’s such a simple look. I don’t know why I love it so much. I have no clue. I’m going to take Blitz Flame. This one is a little bit more of a flat brush. I think I may end up
using the Mehron liquid, but I like what it’s doing now. So far. So what you should have
is something that looks like this. I think on this, I’m gonna add more brown. I’m gonna dip gas break dip dip into Rose Gold 005, honey. And apply that in the inner corner. I actually think I’m
going to put a little bit of mixing liquid on the back of my hand, just to create a little wet pool, and then, Rose Gold 005. I dipped it in the mixing liquid and now applying it. Yeah, there we go. And I’m really packing it on like for real for real for real. Have to remember just take a little bit of that shadow and go slightly over where the two colors meet so you get an ombré. I’m gonna add a bit
more Blitz Flame again. This is definitely a layering of colors. I’m going back and forth. That’s in my opinion the
best way to get a gradient. And then I couldn’t help but feel like I really really just needed to use VR Fire Opal right here. There she is. She’s looking real cute. In between where Rose Gold 005 meets Blitz Flame, I am applying that color so you get like this really cool rose gold to green to copper gradient look. I’m gonna go back to the Permagel liner. This one is, once again, Black Coffee. It’s actually not a black color, it’s just a really darkened brown. I actually nine times out of ten prefer a dark brown liner over black, just because I feel like
it looks more flattering. The bottom lash line in
Pat’s looks were very clean. I didn’t see any shadows
but I really kind of want to smoke this out just a little bit. Putting Black Coffee back into my everyday makeup pile. For lashes, I like to go big, I like to go extra, but I also wanted something that was a bit more spiky, just so that you can see the look underneath it. These are Seeing Double from BELLAMI Lash. They actually have really good lashes so we’re gonna throw those on. Now this is a multitasking household, so while the lash glue dries, I threw on my mascara, and then we’re going to clean up, sharpen up this top eye part. Switching to the T48, also from Makeup Shack, and a bit of my foundation on the back of my hand. We’re gonna take Blitz Flame and smoke her down the bottom lash line. Just a teen-sers. Then apply Disobedient, the darker brown, on the outer bottom lash line. I’m gonna add bottom lash mascara. Now my falsies are ready. So I really wanted a lash that is longer on the ends to really kind of accentuate the eye look and pull the eye outward. I’m going to dust off the excess powder. That really saved us earlier. So far, loving the way this looks in person and on camera. I low-key did that. That’s myself giving myself a high five. All right. Let me, let me relax. I’m going to take my
Milani Earth Glow powder and use it as a bronzer. And for heaven’s sakes, do not neglect that chin, honey. Going back to my Jelly Beam, I’m gonna highlight my cheekbones. I prefer applying this with my fingers. The eyes are doing all the talking. I’m gonna keep the lips very simple and just go for a gloss. I love Pat’s glosses. They smell good, they apply amazing, the shine is so sick. The color that I’m going to use is Pale Fire Nectar. This is just gonna blend
right into my complexion, add a nice amount of shine, with that pop and glitz, and that is the final look. I really love the way this came together. I know it was a little
bit of an advanced look, but sometimes it’s fun to switch things up and do something more out of the box, right? I would actually still wear this. And it’s still pretty, and it’s still wearable, and it is inspired by none other than the super-talented Pat McGrath. All right guys, so that is the end of my tutorial. I hope you guys didn’t find this too advanced and maybe
it was a little bit fun and maybe a bit different. I want to take a quick moment again to Pat McGrath and her
entire incredible team, once again, for hosting me in Milan and
just being so supportive, like ever since the first day I met Pat, I’ve always admired her. And she’s kept the same
energy three years ago, to when I first met her, up until now, so thank you Pat, you have so many people like me who admire you and you’re amazing and you’re incredible and your team, freaking rock stars. Ariel and Andrew, those are the homies. Y’all need to text me, I love you missy. Y’all go out and get this palette. It’s so good. It’s her best one. I mean, I like all of them, but this one in particular. Thank you again for watching. If you enjoyed this video you already know, you already know you’re
going to join the next one so you might as well. Just let me sit back. Relax. And I’ll let you get to it. ‘Kay. Just click. Just click. ♪ Just click ♪ ♪ Just click aye ♪ ♪ Just click aye ♪ ♪ Just click aye ♪ ♪ Just click aye ♪ ♪ Just click just click just click ♪

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