Your authentic self – feeling good enough

Your authentic self – feeling good enough

Let me introduce you to the craziest
shoes I have ever owned or worn. These particular beauties are very, very shiny and they’re very, very high. They have a hidden platform and I have
teetered about in these giving myself some serious backache and blisters. Now why am I talking to you about shoes
when we should be talking about self esteem? Well that is
because one of the reasons, one of the key reasons I went through
many years of wearing shoes like this is because I felt ‘less than’ because I’m
only five foot one and a little bit. So what I did with that was started to
realise the steps I was taking to be other than what I am. Now what I do is I wear shoes like this. They’re still a little bit crazy. They’re
still very shiny, but they’re flat, they’re comfortable. I don’t get backache or blisters and
I can bounce about and feel more like myself. What is it that you’re doing that is based
on something that you’re trying to be different from your real self? Because
when you find the shoe that fits, you will have a more authentic and more
passionate life just being exactly who you are. Because here’s the thing, you’re already fab as you are
being you. So just be you. It’s great and it’s a lot
more comfortable. Trust me. These aren’t worth it unless it’s just
for a very short time and you’re not doing a lot of walking.

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