Would the Founding Fathers Have Impeached Trump? | The Daily Show

Would the Founding Fathers Have Impeached Trump? | The Daily Show

When the House brought in
legal scholars yesterday, they were there to answer
one basic question. The four law professors
who testified brought history lessons
to the hearing with talk of American
Founding Fathers and British monarchs. We’re looking back
right now to say, “What did the Founding Fathers
envision about this country that we are now in?” We find, actually,
it fascinating to look back at the Founding Fathers and
the definition of “impeachment” and what it means,
because it really does matter. This morning’s hearing
is meant to answer some basic
but very important questions. What is impeachment?
When is it justified? Should it apply here? “What is impeachment?” Shouldn’t
you have figured that out before you started
this whole thing? It’s like
you’re about to have sex, and then you’re like,
“Give me one second, baby. -Siri, what is vagina?”
-(laughter) This is not the time. But that’s what yesterday
was all about. Democrats and Republicans
each brought opposing experts on to determine whether or not
the Founding Fathers would have impeached
Donald Trump. So, for more on this, let’s turn to our very own
constitutional expert, Jaboukie Young-White,
everybody! (cheering, applause) Jaboukie… I was actually surprised
to find this out, but you are an expert
on the Founding Fathers. Oh. No, I’m not.
(laughs) I just told you that
so I could get on TV. Hey, everybody. What’s up? (cheering, applause, whistling) Wow. Wow, that’s… that’s
actually really disappointing, because I was hoping you could
tell us if the Founding Fathers would have wanted Trump
to be impeached or not. Trevor, the truth is,
that’s impossible. You can’t guess what the
Founding Fathers would do today based on what they wrote
back then. The world is
just so different now. Oh, that’s interesting.
So you… are you saying that Americans of today should
apply their own principles instead of asking what
the Founders would have wanted? -No. Mm-mm.
-(laughter) I’m saying we should still ask
the Founding Fathers… directly. Which is why I have… my crystal ball. -Oh. Oh, wow.
-(cheering, applause) So… so wait. Are you a medium? Um, no, I’m usually a small,
but I think… recently, I don’t know… It’s a unique look, though. I-I meant…
the ball, are you gonna…? Oh, yes, yes, yes. Sorry.
Uh, concentrate, all right? Okay. Spirit of George Washington… what do you think
of impeaching the president? Oh, wow. Okay. Okay. All right. -Wait, wh-what is he saying?
What is he saying? -Okay. He’s saying America
is not a monarchy. We don’t want a king. He’s saying that we must honor
our democratic traditions. Okay. -Now he’s saying the N-word.
-(laughter) Not even, like, angry.
I just don’t think he has another word for black people. O-Okay, I think
we got off track with him. Uh, Jaboukie, is there
another Founding Father -we could talk to?
-Okay, okay, okay, I’m gonna contact
Thomas Jefferson. He wants to speak to me.
He thinks I’m his grandson. -Okay.
-(laughter) Okay. Hello, Trevor!
Oh, my God. Wow. Uh, it’s you.
Hello, President Jefferson. America needs your guidance. What do you think should happen
with President Trump? America, stay true
to your principles. Follow your heart. Don’t hide yourself in regret. Just love yourself
and you’re set. You’re on the right track, baby. We were born this way. -(laughter)
-Born this way. Aw, Jaboukie,
no, Jaboukie, come… God makes no mistakes. -I thought you were
gonna take… -We were born… -this whole…
-this way. -I thought you were
gonna take… -This way. -this ser… serious…
-We were born… -seriously.
-this way. (laughter) The Founding Fathers weren’t
listening to Lady Gaga, dude. Well, maybe if they did, we’d be
in better shape right now. -I’m just saying.
-Jaboukie Young-White, everyone.

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  1. It would have been great if they got Christopher Jackson to speak as George Washington and then Daveed Diggs for Jefferson.

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  3. We all know founding fathers probably had duels with him

  4. They’d get rid of 13 percent of the population to cut the crime rate in half I’m sure of that 😇 😇😇 then the Democrats would have very few to appeal to 👍

  5. Remember the fascists in Europe ended up either blowing their own brains out or killed, beat, spat on, pissed on, and hung on display don't worry Republicans we're not asking that we are just asking for a procedural and formal impeachment removal of office and some jail time would be the cherry on top but don't forget that's how fascist dictators and their sympathizers end up so please keep defending him.

  6. Plot twist: the founding fathers wouldn’t have had him elected in the first place

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  13. The video title is incorrect
    It should be "The founding fathers would have impeached trump"

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  16. "Are you a medium?"
    "No, usually I'm a small"

    It's such a simple joke but the delivery was flawless. Talent in a young comic to land that so well speaks volumes to what we get to expect as Jaboukie Young-White continues to sharpen his chops.

  17. If George Washington acted like Trump.,. Hmmm… Washington is the one who said he didn't want to be King. Even though he was asked to be King by the founding fathers.

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    I wish i was everything he wanted in a man lol.😍

  20. A sexist, racist con artist who feigns Christian beliefs and has very strange ideas about what universal human rights and ethical conduct mean? Impeach him? They'd've made him King.

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    Jaboukie: Um…no I'm usually a small 🤣

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  25. No, they would not impeach him for they killed, stole, lynch, burned, raped, butchered, murdered, etc. All this was real things they did; Trump's situation is based on hearsay, fake, phony, assumed and lies.

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  29. Technically, since so damn many of the people in Trump's administration and in Congress are tied to his corruption I think back in the day they would have pulled a John Wilkes Booth.

    Lincoln wasn't the only one they went after that night. Several men in government were targeted.

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  34. Competition which is mentally ill keeping yourself busy with getting quote 'Big" is Mom and Dad. Believing that some out come from burying yourself in matters that are removed from you and your life are fantasy we create also. Encouraging competition also now represents another problem epigenetics or our chemistry is affected by this behavior. Not only does it cause us stress it also encourages negative results from our off spring eventually. Epigenetics chemically imprints in our DNA who we are ( every 90 days we do change chemically) Our off spring as well are eventually affected by these negative behaviors as well with real proof in the womb. Some of the most negative are born killers and we know today that this is also possible due repeated family behavior over time. All of this is very complex still as what nature is always usually doing is keeping us alive. It too has a criteria and this is were things do get more complex. Yet now science is saying we are very much responsible for our actions more than ever before . Our chemistry are the pages that are happening now and then eventually printed in our children's DNA into the future also. Dividing what happens to us is fantasy as it is to true now we can take control of our own deliberating instead of arbitration using computers and individuals we can trust.

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    Try again, Trevor!

  39. Constitution it's like the bible and poeple only use the amendment's to their benefits and ignore that stuff about it that they don't like. The he'll with that's it's either all the way or none at all..

  40. I get why people ask this question yet why ask it? We are our own people in this present. We have had different experiences and we all have different backgrounds. We are living in our now. This is our time and our world. Yes, our founding fathers gave us this but we have shaped it and are still correcting what needs to be set right as old problems rise and refuse to die and new problems pop up every time we turn our backs. So instead of thinking what they would of thought, we should think, “Why haven’t we impeached him yet?!”

  41. The founding fathers would be ashamed of what this country has turned out to be

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  45. The love for the founding fathers and the past is one of reasons the US won't evolve and change to things like the popular vote

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  53. Democrats be like whats a vigina, she said the transition started. Trump be like whats the science say, science be like it's biology stuuupid. Democrats be like I feel's like…. Trump be like, how you feel's don't make it real so you stuuupid or ignorant. Trevor Noah, how is South Africa goin… Aye Zimbabwe will take em if South Africa don't want em. Bet your mom wasn't a white farmer Trevor.. You wanna talk rassism on t.v. good on you funny ass dude. Good on you because you can't be rassist on Caucasian people's?

  54. I was gonna ask since when did Jaboukie become an expert on the constitution. Then Daily Show reminded me that they are still the fakest fake news reporter team.

    Yes, Daily Show, you win this round.

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    That black lady is very funny though.
    Trevor just don't fill in your show time with anyone… Standard matters

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    Interesting question. Can we ask Bill Clinton?

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    That's it. That's the long and short of it. That's the whole argument. This man has not had a job in the time I have known him. We have each been entirely dependent on SSDI for several years now, which is not a concept even slightly compatible with conservative ideals, but he is a died-in-the-wool Republican.

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  75. Why are they asking so many questions about "should we impeach Trump?" I think that the real question is "can you give me a legitimate reason (with evidence) as to why SHOULD we NOT impeach him?"

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    “Uh, do whatever you want. We’re super dead.”

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    Na…that was Trevor Noah. Professional Deep State Shill.

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    this is some great analysis by someone who's not a brainwashed idiot

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  86. IT IS THE TIME!!!
    To explain to the AMERICAN people what impeachment IS… MANY don't know what the Constitution, WE ARE ALL UNDER, consist of. It's an explanation for us TO UNDERSTAND WHY, AND WHAT IS HAPPENING IN CONGRESS…

  87. Maybe, Trevor-dear.. however, OUR "House" ISN'T your house… That's Mexico or someplace, where an African's take on all things American is more at home…

    Go home little African boy… YOUR country is on fire. Go put it out and then, maybe, we'll talk someday… after you grow up…

  88. Jabuki is the most obnoxious person on Trevor's show. Can't stand him.

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