Why Your Foundation Routine SUCKS! Or Won’t Last All Day | Jackie Aina

Why Your Foundation Routine SUCKS! Or Won’t Last All Day | Jackie Aina

– Hello. Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. It’s your girl, Jackie Aina. ♪ Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie ♪ ♪ Jackie Jackie Jackie ♪ ♪ Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie ♪ ♪ Jackie Jackie Jackie ♪ The title is definitely
a little clickbait-ish, but that’s because
everyday makeup tutorials don’t get views. Makeup tutorials in general
don’t really get views, but it’s okay, I still enjoy doing them. Today I’m gonna be showing you guys a video that I would consider
and everyday makeup tutorial, you know, like if I were to
actually wear makeup everyday, what it would look like. It’s gonna include a
little bit of skin prep. Before we do get started, because I’m trying to
work on my long intro, y’all be saying I talk too much. Fine, fine. I just wanna really quickly
say thank you to Farsali for one, not only sponsoring
today’s video but also giving me the chance to try
new, up and coming product. Like I love when I get to try
the products months in advance it makes me feel really exclusive, and then I get to like
actually form my opinion about the product. So the products that
I’m gonna be featuring are actually two of their newest launches. Rose Gold Skin Mist which I’ve clearly gotten a lot of use out of. It’s cool though, I got a brand new, prettier back-up bottle. And the new Haldi Eyes
Brightening Tumeric Eye Cream. So I’ve actually been using
both of these for a while now. We’re just gonna be working
those into the makeup today. Have no fear you guys. I’ve been looking out for ♪ You ♪ This is a makeup tutorial
you can wear with every single outfit.
(Jackie clapping hands) You can wear this during the day, you can wear this at night, it really doesn’t matter, sis. But first, please hydrate your skin. Especially if it’s during the day, I better be seeing you wear SPF. This is the Olay Regenerist Whip, this one has SPF, SPF 25. I’m actually gonna do a
post on a couple of the SPFs that I like using. I like this one ’cause it pretty
much goes on really clear. It is the only drugstore SPF at the moment that I actually like. Look at that, you can’t see me. So of course, I never skip eye cream. Girl you Jackie. This is the Brightening Tumeric Eye Cream, and what I love about Farsali is there’s always a little
bit of like culture references in either the ingredients of the products, or like the story of the product. Tumeric is really popular
in a lot of Indian cultures. They use it for like rituals
and ceremonies and weddings. Being that that’s one of
like their key ingredients, or like their all-star ingredients, turmeric is actually used, I’ve heard it being used
to brighten the skin, to fade like dark marks on the skin, but in the eye cream, it is there as an anti-inflammatory. It also has caffeine in it. I’m gonna lift the cap
open so you can see, girl, she pretty, girl. Do you know how long it
takes to finish an eye cream? I cannot believe I’m
almost done with this. Real quick show you what
it looks like on my skin. It actually adds this really
pretty like glow to the skin. And this is a 3-in-1, you can use this as
obviously an eye cream, you can also use it as a base, or like a primer for concealer, and you can also mix it in your concealer to make it look a little bit more glowy. Last week I did do a mini
review on this on Insta Stories. I do really like the eye cream, I’m not particularly wild about
the size of the packaging, like I wish the mouth
was a little bit smaller, because it’s like a lot of eye cream, I don’t think the packaging
needed to be this big, but I still really like the product. Clearly, ’cause I’ve damn
nearly used all of it. A little bit goes a long way. So I’m just gonna pat a bit of that on the back of my ring finger, and I’m gonna boop,
boop, boop, boop, boop, and then one on my brow bone. And whenever you’re applying eye cream, you always hit all the way
into the orbital bones. Just blend that out. And you’ll see, that because
it’s got that yellow tint to it it’s gonna instantly add a little glow. Look at my skin, look at
my skin, look at my skin. (camera shutter clicking) Get into it, don’t touch, just look. I think, y’all let’s be real, I think we all can agree
the perfect makeup looks starts with good skin prep. Now I gotta tie my hair back. And I do all my own stunts. And in order for me to do
them, I gotta tie my hair back. Then I’m gonna jump into
the Milk Blur Primer, this primer is good, ’cause it don’t feel like
drying out my skin everyday. It’s like hydrating and
balancing at the same time. And I like to press it into my skin, slap myself around a little bit. Tell you something, when
I walk into the boardroom, if the first thing you
don’t notice is my skin I’m not signing no contracts, no deals. Meeting adjourned.
(Jackie bangs on desk) I’m gonna color correct the bottom half of my very uneven face, AKA my fake beard, with the Tinted Huestick,
the shade that I use is Rise. ♪ And I rise up ♪ ♪ I’m not afraid ♪ ♪ I rise up ♪ ♪ From shaving from my face ♪ ♪ I rise up ♪ (Jackie laughing) For real though, this little color corrector
stick really changed my life. I mean you can either do this,
or just wear two foundations, it’s up to you. But when you prep your skin really well, everything just glides
on, just so buttery, and when you’re in a
hurry that’s important. All right look, look, I do realize this is
very awkward to look at, but it’s all part of the process okay? Step, step back. Step back. I’m gonna take my Mented
Cosmetics foundation stick. This is a good everyday
foundation, I’ll tell you why, it’s not matte, it is what I would like
to call satin, maybe? I think satin’s a good word. It’s just good. I can get things done
with this foundation. But one little tip if you have dry skin, you can always like mist your brush first, give it a little pop, pop, pop, or you can just give it a quick shake and spray it on your face first. Just a little bit though,
don’t get too close. I can easily blend out the
foundation a little bit better, it makes the stick a
little bit more movable. So as I blend out my foundation, I’m gonna talk about
the Rose Gold Skin Mist. Oh, I forgot to put on my Skintune Blur. I don’t always do this with my foundation, do it every once in a while, when I need a little more long
wearability out of my makeup. So the Rose Gold Skin
Mist has rosehip oil, it’s also alcohol free, and it has real, real pawnshop-able 24
Carat gold flecks in it. I actually really love
that, and it smells so good. Very tropical, very fruity. I wear this on clean skin,
I wear this as a skincare, I wear this with makeup, it is definitely a I have more
than one use type of product. Girl this skin, your
coworkers could never. Mmm, I’m not talking to you
today, Jennifer from HR, in fact, I’m going to your
boss and reporting you. Mm, I love how I can just
grab the stick and just put it right where I want it,
’cause it’s a stick. You can use this after makeup, to kinda like to take the
super powdery look away. Okay, so next we gonna conceal. I’m gonna take my Born This
Way Multi Sculpting Concealer and mix it in, where’s my eye cream? Where’s my eye cream?
(Jackie clapping) I’m gonna go back to the eye cream again. We love mixing skincare with
our complexion products, girl. I’m gonna take a little bit
of that eye cream on a brush, and then my Multi Sculpting Concealer on the back of my hand. I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but I have been applying
my concealers with a brush, because I feel like it allows
me to control it a bit more. And mix the two together. This is an Hourglass brush, by the way. And starting in that inner corner, I’m gonna start working my way in. Also, I’ve kinda switched up
the way I apply concealer. I don’t bring it all the way down the corner of my nose anymore, I kinda keep it around the
immediate under eye area. I feel like when I apply it this way, it adds a little bit of width to my face, because I’ve a really narrow face. And Born This Way’s pretty watery so when mixed with the Haldi Eyes Cream, it actually kinda
thickens up a little bit. The shade that I use,
by the way, is Chestnut. And then Sable to contour. They actually brought this in Ganache now, and it’s very rare that a company has
concealer that’s too dark for me to contour with, but Ganache is like just a tad too dark for even me to contour. Now you know we like to
let the concealers dry down a little bit, honey, so I might take a little fan, I might go pick out my outfit. I’m very much so a multi-tasker
when I’m trying get ready. Like, when I got some place to be, it means put on a brow,
pick out your shoes, apply your shadow, put your drawers on, make
sure they’re not inside out, it happens, hey, it happens, don’t lie and say it’s
never happened to you. Letting your concealer
dry down a little bit increases the coverage. It does, it really does work, you guys. Please let your concealer
dry down a little bit. That is of course assuming
you’re not using a super, super, super, super, super,
lalalalala mattifying concealer, but obviously Born This Way Isn’t, that’s why I’m doing this. And then, working my way
around the outer corners, of where I apply the concealer, I’m gonna start blending there. One more thing I’ve been doing
lately with concealer is, I have like under eye bags, not in color, but just like I have a
deep like line, of, dip, like the under eye dip I call it, instead of blending,
blending, blending, blending, blending, blending, all the way up to the, like I barely tap over my
immediate under eye area, barely tap over it, because I want the most
amount of coverage there. I don’t want no troubles,
I don’t want no issues, I don’t want no loss, nothing. Basically, what I’m trying to
say is around the outskirts of where we apply the concealer, that is where I use the
heaviest blending hand, like I kinda just work around there, and then as soon as I work my way up to my immediate under eye area,
which is my problem area, I barely tap it a few times. Barely, like I just pretty much leave it I leave it because I
don’t want that product to get picked up on the sponge. And you guys, you can do the same
technique with any product. With any product. I don’t care if you use
products from ColourPop, I don’t care if you
use products from Nars, Too Faced, Urban Decay, whatever, it really doesn’t matter. Using the extra concealer I have, I’m gonna highlight my
five head cone zone. I call this the cone zone,
this is the hazard area. I’m throwing in some good tips you guys, for girls that have narrow faces and want to plump their
face up a little bit more. You see this little dot
I’m drawing down here? We’re gonna keep this really wide. And then do you see I’m
highlighting my forehead? And I’m drawing like,
pretty much like a sunset. Also, this brush is fabulous for the nose. I’m just saying. You can get really precise
application down here. You see that? You can’t see that you need
to clean your phone screen. Now we’re gonna blend both our contour, how can I explain this? I kinda like blend my
contour up to my concealer, so that it just looks like
a more natural transition from your highlight shade
to your contour shade. It’s so gloomy outside. California don’t know whether
the hell it wants to be summer, spring, winter, fell, okay I’mma stop with the
Game of Throne references, no one cares anymore. Okay, sisterhood of the five head pants. We need to talk about how to
get this done the right way. See how I got my contour up here? I’mma take my brush, and go from blending my contour right into blending my concealer, like there’s no, there’s
no space in between. We’re blending them both at the same time. Your contour is not gonna
look streaky, unnatural. It’s not gonna look super, super obvious. Like you wanna blend both
of them at the same time, don’t go all the way down into
the middle of the cone zone. Just stay around the edges and blend, just stay around the edges. Trust me when I say that it will really make your contour and your
highlight look way seamless. Do you see how I’m basically
blending my contour all the way up to my cheekbone? That’s how it gotta be sometimes. Then I’ll go back to my sponge
and blend this in the middle. I’ll just kinda go over the whole face. I prefer brushes for foundation, but sometimes it does leave
a little streaky streak so I’m not gonna lie, so you
just gotta kinda finish it. Finish him. With the Beauty Blender. Or whatever sponge you like,
whatever sponge you like. That’s one thing I will
say about Beauty Blender they have definitely learned
how to effectively market the hell out of, like they put sponges on the map, you can’t tell me Beauty Blenders didn’t put sponges on the map. Foundations, (Jackie laughs)
is a different story. The sponge has become the
ChapStick of all sponges, like you don’t even call lip balm, it’s not lip balm it’s ChapStick. If you take away anything from this video, just know that I’m a big fan of brushes and then going over it with sponge again. Brushes and then sponge again. Brushes and then sponge again. This all sounds like a
very strenuous process, but it takes on a good day,
like for real, for real, I’m not just saying this, it
may be a slight exaggeration, but on a good day, if
I’m really in a hurry, I can do this in 30 minutes. But it’s gonna look good, because it’s better
arrive late looking cute, than to be there on time not looking cute. William Shakespeare. Also, one little trick
I’m gonna show you guys, to help hide your dips, if
you have dips like I do, I’m gonna take a really, really, really, now this is under no
circumstances an attempt at being light skin for all y’all in
the comments that’ll try me. Some people really like
to try me, they really do. This is Caramel, it’s really light. This would never, would
never be a highlight for me. It’s super light. You only need the
tiniest, the tiniest bit. That is gonna kinda give this like (Jackie whooshing)
force shield so that you’re distracted from the dip, because it’s so light. Girl, sometimes I’ll
even go full Caucasian. I wanna say this is, this is
Caramel from Radiant Creamy, this is Ginger from Radiant Creamy. I’m personally not a big fan
of overly highlighted skin. I would like to think my
highlight is social acceptable for the most part. I know that look is really popular, depending on where you live, I don’t think it’s a bad
look, it’s just not for me. Because the concealer’s still wet, like you’re actually mixing the two in. And I’m gonna concentrate that
color right over the dips. Before we set this magic
marble head with powder, I’m actually gonna bronze, I’m gonna bronze while my
complexion is still wet. This is Coco Naughty. Coco Naughty.
(Jackie shouting) Fenty. I wish it was a little darker, but I do really like this color. You can for only the price
of 10.99 bronze your skin on your wet dewy face. This is probably very triggering but, don’t worry we’re gonna
set it with powder. I’m getting there. (Jackie singing) Boom, we’re done. No, we’re not. Not even close. I’m gonna go to my Laura Mercier powder, you can use whatever powder
your little heart desires, I start around my mouth, ’cause this is the part of my
face that tends to move first. And I just apply a little
bit of that powder, even though this powder is very expensive, a little bit goes a long way. Please do not, my friend, I beg, please don’t put on a bunch of powder on top of a liquid foundation, please don’t do that, it’s gonna look super
cakey, super obvious. You just don’t want that
kind of problem in your life, you really don’t. Now using the little tip,
I’m gonna go around my nose, ’cause that’s where I
tend to get the most oily, and like we’re just focusing
this in the areas where makeup tends to break down the quickest for me. This is so many products,
you guys, I am so sorry. But I’m just showing you the technique. You do not have to use what I use. I just can’t stress that enough. I promise you, you don’t. NYX has great complexion products, ColourPop has great complexion products. If you’re looking for
something a little bit more pocket friendly, check them out. Now, I’m gonna go to my
actual highlighting powder. This is Fenty, Cashew. Using a brush, I’m just gonna
go right in on my under eye. Uh uh, uh uh, uh uh, get. Just patting it in right
in my under eye area. All this hard work we put
in our under eye concealer, we don’t wanna move it, girl don’t, we don’t want it to budge. And I also do a little bit
of highlighting on my chin. See how there’s just a nice
little gradient of color there? From like highlight to my skin tone. Then I’m gonna actually bake, I do like a little soft
set with the brush, and then I actually bake. Very little powder. Look how much powder I’m
using, that’s not that much. Try me, try me, ’cause I
can get real down and dirty with powder if I want to. I’m a changed woman, I
let go of my wicked ways. So I take a little bit of that powder, and just start to really
follow the same areas where we applied the concealer. Patting, no sweeping, no sweeping. Pat, pat, pat, pat, pat,
pat, pat, pat, pat, pat, pat. What I used to do is bring the powder like
around the sides of my nose, I don’t do that anymore ’cause
I just don’t feel like it, to be honest, I’m not gonna lie, I’m just, I don’t feel like it, I really
do not feel like doing that. And I’m absolutely not pressing
the powder into my skin. I don’t want it to be like
ingrained into my DNA, you know? Like, I just put enough, just to keep the concealer
underneath it in place, you know? What I used to do is like
really go in with the concealer, and my under eye would look so good, and then I would put
powder on and I feel like I would mess up what I
did with the concealer, and it was really annoying. So I just learned to be a lot
more light-handed with powder. Then I’m gonna follow my nose bridge. This is the Sigma P82, she be, she be getting wiley too girl, shoot. Yes, I’m doing this while I’m baking. I’m gonna take my blush, this
is in the shade number four Cardinal, this is from Marena Beaute, they have the most beautiful,
freaking gorgeous blushes. And it’s a really pretty berry matte. And I’m gonna put this on my cheeks. I mean this is a good way to keep the blush and
highlighter in check. They’re always trying to steal the shines. For my everyday look I
always go peach on my cheeks, or like bubblegum pink,
or I’ll mix them together. I’m gonna add a little bit more bronzer, but this time I went darker, ’cause I like a lot of color gradients. If you can’t already tell,
I like to do a lot of like color stacking, like instead
of just using one color, I’ll go in with something a little darker, and define it a little bit more. This is Mocha Mommy, also,
why did I say Mocha Mommy? Like goo goo gaga. Mocha Mami, from Fenty. This is definitely like
really dark for me, but when used on something else, it just looks a little less, like strong. But I also will be using this
again a little bit later, and I’ll show you what I’m
doing with it in a second. So look, see I got a little
bit more bronze definition, without it being, you know,
too shocking and jarring. I’m gonna fill in my brows. And I’m gonna kinda move through
this ’cause no one cares. (gentle music) And now my brows are done. (Jackie laughs) I really feel like I’ve mastered,
really mastered my brows. My brows could not be better, like I just love the
way that I do them now. And I’m glad we’ve both
gotten here together, because once I got them microbladed like I was already adapting this shape. Now if you’re doing a really
minimal eyeshadow look, ’cause obviously this is
kinda like an everyday look so you’re not gonna go in. Well, some of y’all be going in, but I ain’t got time for all that. This next step is really important, ’cause its gonna really
elevate your makeup game, and make it look like you
put in a lot more effort than you actually did. What I do is I take my bronzer, this is usually the lighter one, you don’t wanna go too dark
or too heavy on this step ’cause it will look (Jackie coughs)
eclectic. And we’re just gonna apply it like in the inner most part of the eye. I call this my fake nose contour. You’re not really contouring your nose, you’re just kind of like
starting at the head of the brow, all the way down to the corner of the eye, and that just gives this really like I have my life put together, I’ve got my life put
together type of look. Uh uh, I’m not driving in
the carpool lane by myself, no absolutely not, sir. Your brow is gonna come off, a little bit of your
brow is gonna come off, that’s okay, that ain’t no problem. As you can see, by the
way that I’m moving around all over the place with
this makeup tutorial, I do like to use products
that have multiple uses. I’ll use concealer on my eyes, I’ll use eye cream with my concealer, I’ll use skincare with
my makeup, whatever. On days like this when I need
to get the hell out the house, I’m using bronzer as an eyeshadow, and Mocha Mami pacifically
is the perfect like it’s got the perfect amount
of red, it’s really warm, it’s very deep, and it
looks really pretty, really pretty in the crease. So, I’m gonna pop that on to my crease. Using two bronzers has really
elevated my makeup game, not only because I can
use them on my eyes, but it just looks so much more, it just looks so much
more elevated, you know? Everyday makeup for me is
also still pretty glam. This is normal for me, but for someone who
doesn’t do this many steps, this could be like an upgrade for them and I wanna be able to show you guys, at least have the option so
that you know how to do it, you know what I mean? Look at how good this looks as a shadow. I get very excited for transition colors. Transition colors, like
nothing makes me happier, nothing makes me happier, nothing makes me happier
than a transition color that just cooperates. Just keep blowing this
out, and blowing this out, you don’t even have to
keep adding more product, just keep blending it out. Like it doesn’t look like
you hit that snooze button 10 times that morning, you know you did, but like people don’t need to know that. Also notice how as I
continue to do the makeup, my bake just looks less and less obvious because I don’t use a ton
of baking powder anymore. Blend this into your brow,
by the way, like go right, you see how I’m like
right underneath my brow? I’m all up in her business. Go right in there, and get her Jade. I do like to set my brows, I do. This is the ABH Dipbrow Gel
in the color Medium Brown. Um, sometimes going a little blonde, especially if you have dark skin, and maybe you dyed your hair blonde or you’re wearing like a blonde wig, lighten up the brow a little
bit with like tinted brow gel, like in a taupey or blonde color. Ooh, it just really looks like
you knew what you were doing. Like I’m all about the finesse-ary girl, I’m all about the finesse-ary. (Jackie exhales loudly)
This next part of the tutorial, is
honestly a game changer. I don’t even have a word to
describe this color combo, but this has become my tried and true favorite, favorite, favorite, favorite way to do my eyes when I’m
getting out the house, okay? Get ready. It’s simple, but it’s so bomb. Like, I did this, and I was like, yo, who the hell do you think you are? It’s good at night, it’s
good during the day, it’s good for party, arty, arties. So basically what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna take a bronze shadow, preferably, preferably,
this part is important, listen up ladies.
(Jackie claps) Focus here. I do prefer it to be
either cream of liquid. So, I’m gonna take the Stila
these liquid eyeshadows, the color that I’m gonna use is Twig. This also has a little bit of red in it, it’s like a shimmery red-ish brown. I’m gonna take this, and
I’m gonna all over my lid. Stop, like look at how good it looks, and next to Mocha Mami, what? Like it looks so good,
but you’re not done yet, before it dries down, gotta go back to your bronzer
and start blending around it, because we don’t want any
harsh lines in that shadow. We don’t want it to look too harsh, we don’t want it to look
too, you know, unblended, this to me, is what really
makes that shadow look really effortless. This is pretty, but it’s
only gonna get better. Just, just watch, just watch. I’m gonna take a really random color, this is Wonderlust, and this one is kinda like
your fairy, unicorn color, it’s really random, don’t ask me how I
discovered this color combo, ’cause I could not tell you. I have no clue. I like to layer and mix and
match colors so basically what I did was I popped this on top, and do this if you don’t
mind your wand like mixing in with the color, or whatever. If you do, then you
might wanna use a brush. You just pop that on top. Look at how freaking pretty this is. Like is it just, am I just dramatic, because I just feel like when I did this I was just like oh my
God that’s so pretty. I didn’t really think much of it, until I kept like taking
Insta Stories videos all through out the day, and I was like it looks like I
spent like a really long time doing my eyes. I just used these two
random liquid shadow colors. And then again, you’re gonna
go back in with your bronzer and just make sure that
the edges are not, you know too, uh, harsh. Just blend out around it. And also, I like to go just outside of where my eye socket is, because it makes your eyes
look bigger, and brighter. I don’t know if you
can kinda see this eye, I went just outside of my eye socket, whereas this one, the Twig is
right within my eye socket. Oh child, it’s time for a new one, that’s how much I know I love these. So I’m gonna take a brown eye pencil, and you can use any dark brown. I’m gonna line my top lash line, you guys know I love pencil liner up here. I just want everyone to love
brown liner the way I do. Then also, hit that waterline Now if I need to get
the hell out the house and I ain’t got time I’ll usually skip this step, or I might, I may even leave the bottom
lash line alone altogether. My favorite part of this look, second favorite part of this
look is sweeping my bronzer along my bottom lash line, like when I actually
have the time to do this. Obsessed with how this
ties the eye altogether. Now for lashes, you already
know what time it is. So Extra Miami from Lilly Lash, this has become my everyday lash. If you have trouble applying lash glue, then just put it on the back of your hand, or
(Jackie exhales loudly) like on a mixing palette, then I’ll use the back of my applicator and dip it right into the glue, and then I’ll apply it. There’s nothing more
annoying than squirt, squirt all over the damn lashes. Lashes ruined. While our lash glue dries,
you know I like to multitask, every brown girl period, period, period, needs to get into
Chocolate Geode from Becca. I don’t know if I’m saying that correctly. This is just like the
most beautiful deep golden chocolate, it’s definitely
darker than Topaz, if you like Topaz, love Topaz, you’re gonna really like Chocolate Geode. And as you can see there’s a
lot of gold in this tutorial because just gold is
personally my everyday mood. So I’m gonna highlight. Look at how pretty it is. Like, it doesn’t really sit on the skin, it matches my complexion. And of course my inner color highlight. Let me just say, if you don’t even have
time to do all of this, you can just take your highlighter, and go right in the inner
corner, little bit on your lid. Guess what time it is? (car honking) Not time for you to be
honking in my neighborhood, that’s for sure. ♪ It’s lash time ♪ ♪ It’s lash time ♪ Period. She is long, and she’s also spiky, so it doesn’t take away from the eye look. There we go, there she is, there she is. I’m not gonna apply mascara just yet, because we want to do the finishing spray and all that good stuff, and you know, girl,
that’s how it’s running. ♪ Let me see if you can run it ♪ ♪ Run it ♪ We’re not doing that
with mascara, all right? We’re just not. Using a little small detail powder brush, instead of like dusting off the bake, I’m gonna pat it into place. And if you don’t load on the powder, then this step will be done right. Like you shouldn’t have to sweep it off, you should be able to relatively
leave on whatever’s there. I’m just trying to give
you guys the real tea of what I do to get this stuff to last, and to look good. It wouldn’t be a Jackie
Aina tutorial if I lied, or withheld information,
or didn’t tell you, like it’s a lot, you need stuff, like you need a lot of stuff. You can use any lightweight
finishing powder that you like. This is the Airbrush Flawless Finish Skin Perfecting Micro Powder. I just kinda use this as
like a last final step under my eye, and I’ll take that detail,
this is the Morphe M501 again, and I’ll just kinda go
over where my dips are. This is really kinda
where I concentrate it, and that locks everything
into place again. We’re just about done, you guys. Going back to my Rose Gold Skin Mist, I’m gonna set everything in place. We’re done, we’re done. We’re not, we still gotta
do our lips, calm down. Make sure you don’t get too close, ’cause before when it
was just our bare face, you can do this however you want, girl, you got plenty of room for error. Now that the makeup is on, tread lightly. And then spray. (bottle squirting) If I don’t do this next step, what I just did would
be completely pointless. Take your Beauty Blender,
push that mist into your skin. That will really, really activate it. When you just spray it over the face, it just doesn’t, mmmm, it
just sits there, you know? Now, you can do your
mascara, it’s totally safe, you don’t have to worry
about it being runny and all over your cheeks. For my bottom lash line I
don’t go in with mascara the way I used to, I just really try to dot it at the root. I’m not gluing down my wig today, it is not that kinda office party. So for lips, you guys know I
always go in with brown liner, this is K from Colourpop. This is just what I wear
for my everyday nudes, ’cause it’s everyday so
it’s gonna be a nude. I don’t make the rules okay, it’s, it’s literally in
the Library of Congress. I go right over my
Cupid’s bow with one line, I don’t follow the curvature of my lip. And I already have big lips, so I do think that overlining
can get over played, honey. So I do just enough to
where like it looks like I was trying to overline but it didn’t look like I was
trying to make my lips bigger, ’cause I obviously already have big lips, does that make sense? I’m actually gonna show you the difference of what it looks like when
I fill in my normal lip line versus when I overline. This is my overline side,
this my normal lip line. Overline, lip line. Do you see a difference? So, it looks a little extreme but once we put on the lip color, watch. And make sure your
pencil’s fully sharpened when you do this too, or else it’s not gonna look cute. This is Mented Peach Please, my favorite, favorite
peachy nude lipstick. You don’t even need a
liner, but I like that look. Then I’m gonna take a pink lipstick, it has to be a pink lipstick that’s like really, really light. This is Wifey from Keyshia Ka’oir. I mean I like Wifey, but
it’s one of those like white-based pinks, like it’s
really light for my skin tone. I have to wear this color
with something else. So I’m just gonna pop this,
kind of in the center. You see this? You see it. Makeup By Denise just
collabed with Bobbi Brown and created this gloss, uh. Actually her and Teni
collabed with Bobbi Brown. West Coast Bae is Teni’s color, and then East Coast
Slay is Denise’s color. So Denise’s color is a really
light coffee peachy nude. For everyday lip looks I’ll
either wear a peachy nude gloss, or something pink. And if I need to, I’ll just go around with
my finger and detail it, but that’s it. For real this time. What in the Blink-182 is going on outside my damn apartment? And the last step, but I would honestly say
the most important step, is the mole. The mole, moley, moley, doop. We’re just filling in
what’s already there people, nothing here to see, move along. ♪ And ♪ And that is the final look. Look, I don’t think you understand, uh. I am not to be messed with with this look. Actually, I’m pretty sure the
camera’s not doing it justice. Even though I look good
in 4K, just saying. Thank you guys so much for
watching today’s video. I knew this was gonna be
a long one, but listen, the girls always have something to say when my videos are not
like 20 minutes minimum, so honestly if you don’t like long video, this is not the channel for you, I’m very thorough, I’m very detailed, and I like to explain everything. Hopefully you found this helpful, you have fun hanging out with me today. Shoutout again to Farsali for
sponsoring yet another video, and also thank you guys for
supporting my sponsored content it really does mean a lot. Hopefully I’ll see you
guys in another video, which I’m gonna
conveniently put right here. You know the deal. Sit your butt down girl, you know you wanna watch one
more video, you know you do.

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