Why must science be a group effort?

Why must science be a group effort?

Dr. Saul Perlmutter: Many people
have a picture of science as if it were the lone scientist
going off to their lab and coming out of
their windowless room at the end of the day
having discovered something. It’s – that’s nothing like
my experience of science. My sense is that science is one of the most
social activities that you can do. You’re constantly
talking to people and working with people
and it’s the only way that I know of of developing a level of thinking
that allows you to ask really hard questions that need all sorts of expertise and need the kind of creativity that you get when people bounce ideas
off of each other. So in my experience
when we’ve – whenever we’ve started
a really good project, it’s come out of conversations
between groups of people who are coming up
with good ideas and trying things out and this doesn’t work and that
doesn’t work and somebody says, “How about if we try out this?” It always feels to me
like it’s a group activity when we have our – well, I think the best science
and maybe the most fun, both.

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  1. String theorists bounce ideas off each other.

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