White House Made Children “Build The Wall” During Halloween Party

White House Made Children “Build The Wall” During Halloween Party

On October 25th the white house through its
annual Halloween party over at the Eisenhower executive office building, which is where
most of the white house staff actually works. Places right across the street from the white
house. That’s where they had their little Halloween
party and every office there was in charge of, you know, decorating their little area. You know, some had carnival games, some had
other things like, Oh, what do you want to be when you grow up? And in fact that was actually the theme of
the Halloween party was when I grow up, I want to be…. But there was one, one station at this, a
little party that left parents quote horrified. And that’s coming from the parents who attended
this. And it was right outside the white house speech
writers office. And it was a little thing where kids could
help build the wall. There were little red pieces of construction
paper cutout to look like bricks. And the little bitty kids dressed up as superheroes
or goblins and zombies got to walk up and they wrote their name on their little brick
and they, they put it on the wall to help build the wall that Donald Trump wants to
build. And we know about this because some of the
pictures were leaked to Yahoo news so you can see them for yourself. It’s an actual thing under the big headline
on that wall that says build the wall. And again, the parents were horrified. The kids probably didn’t understand what exactly
they were doing. With that, I get to write my name on this
cool little thing. I get to stick it on the wall. Everybody sees that I was here at the party. That’s really cool for me, a little kid, I
don’t understand that. This is actually bigotry, in action. Learned, taught, bigotry coming from the white
house itself. Folks see bigotry isn’t born right. A kid’s not just born and they come out and
their first words are, man, I really hate this certain group of people. No. Those behaviors are taught and this white
house seems more than happy to be that teacher, to tell these kids that we need to keep out
the others, that we need to keep these people who don’t look like you, they don’t sound
like you. They don’t dress like you. We need to keep them out of this country. Why? We just, we just don’t want them here. They’re probably going to commit some crimes
even though statistically statistically, excuse me, that’s not true, but we just want to keep
them out anyway. It totally has nothing to do with the way
they look or the way they speak, but it does at the end of all of this. That’s what this is about. Decision about them coming over here and taking
your good job. It isn’t about them coming over here and trying
to kill you. We want to a wall because they don’t look
like us and they don’t sound like us. That’s it. If you think there’s a different reason why
that wall is being built than you are lying to yourself. This economy here in the United States is
actually dependent upon immigrants coming over, you know, the temporary workers, the
guest workers, and even people simply coming over here becoming citizens and working jobs. Our economy can’t survive without them, so
we need them. As I mentioned, statistically, they commit
fewer crimes than the native born population. So they’re not a threat. Yeah. Probably a couple bad apples there, but even
fewer bad apples than we have in the native born population. So overall, they’re actually a safer group
to be around, but we want to keep them out because of the color of their skin. And this white house wants to indoctrinate
children into thinking that build the wall is just a cool, fun thing that they should
be a part of.

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  1. Trump did this so he can hold his re-election campaign and tell his base that he's building the wall.

  2. Dump is the lowest of lowest there is

  3. Mental Healthy people building bridges to eachother,
    Not Wall's!

  4. Does that wall apply to keeping Melania out of our country??!!What a hypocrite!

  5. Just shows the man is such a narcissist he has absolutely no boundaries of decency. Everything is about Trump and he will use anything and anybody for any reason including little children. I remember another country that had a wall it was called the Soviet Union.

  6. I would be careful , trump might put drugs in the candy ! Trump is sick in the head to do this to kids ! Those parents should have taken their kids out of there !

  7. How can anyone expose their children to the big crazy orange pumpkin?



  10. Truly, the POS POTUS is a total piece of shit.

  11. They are probably gonna use the fake walls and add it to the wall for a way to save money.

  12. No matter where you stand on the issue, no matter what your political Outlook is on this, it should be an unsaid agreement to leave the kids out of this.
    They don't understand, so involving them in this is cruel.

  13. Trump is a sick fuck

  14. Deport the Russian underwear model in the White House 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  15. Donnie Douchebag wants his own Hitler youth………….

  16. Trump places no value in humanity and unity. He is a war monger, and reincarnation of Hitler. A dictator through and through. Why would responsible parents allow their kids around the Cookie Monster , Trump! I believe it was irresponsible of the parents really. 🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂. Cheers and beers 🍺 mates!

  17. Well, now, let’s go all the way and put the non-Anglo children on one side of that wall! Sickening!

  18. 😐 you kidding me right ? Please say yes 🤦🏻‍♀️

  19. Absolutely disgusting! It's attempted indoctrination.

  20. Propaganda and indoctrination.

  21. Trump is just a POS.

  22. Today in Backwards Land: Republicans coerce kids into fulfilling their political agenda, while Greta Thunberg's parents stand accused of coercing her into fulfilling their political agenda.

  23. Yeah ,the parents let their children do it though! I would have told my child drop the pencils we are leaving this disgusting place!

  24. Indoctrination pure and simple!

  25. You couldn't pay me to see 45.

  26. Poor kids!! Jackass Trump.

  27. If I hold my head in shame anymore I will accidentally bring back planking.

  28. "Beto O'Rourke does not get to raise my child. And if he tries, I will meet him at the door with a gun."

    -Ben "My Wife is a Doctor" Shapiro

    Would that also apply here or nah?

  29. The parents had a duty to not have their kids participate!
    That was a perfect opportunity to let rump know what's what!!

  30. Pathetic pRESIDENT Frump is America's biggest failure and EMBARRASSMENT

  31. From the Hitler Youth Playbook.
    Indoctrinate 'em while they're young. Remove their ethics and morals before they can develop them.
    Thoroughly Despicable!


  33. Mexico ain't payin' up…….time to utilize child labor like the "Good ol' days" !

  34. Pin the tail on Ivanka was next

  35. That is the only wall that Trump could Build.

  36. Yeah teaching kids to hate, well done america!

  37. I see trump dressed up to look like a demon for Halloween, oh wait, he didn't dress up.

  38. Little trumpski is building his NAZI YOUTH…….sad.

  39. How cute, he can tell his voters he built The Wall.

  40. I hope Donnie wasn't alone with any little girls! He's a pedo!

  41. Like I said 40 yrs ago when I saw this thing he is sick in the head get him out of the White House 🥴

  42. This reminds me of Hitler's "master race" of children that he was creating. White, with blonde hair and blue eyes.
    Don't believe me, READ A BOOK MOTHER FUCKERS.

  43. Old pumpkin head
    Knows how to hate
    And lie and cheat.

  44. I think somebody at the speech writers office is looking for a pat on the back from TWEETIE..
    Another spin on trick or tweet…

  45. At this point Hitler would be nodding in appreciation of Trump's leadership and what he is doing to destroy America.

  46. Why would let your kids go to the Trump white house? Those poor kids just didn't understand what they were doing.

  47. If parents were “horrified,” why didn’t they take their kids and leave? Especially when the parents know what’s going on.

  48. I think it’s Cask of Amontillado time…brick him in, brick him in…it’s payback time, little one! 👹

  49. This is what something Hitler would do. Remember how Hitler groomed youth in the 30's/40's.

  50. Are you serious, Farron?! And I can find this video on Yahoo? Good news though. The wall has already been breached! Talk about that soon. Would love to hear your comments on this.

  51. Straight from the Nazi handbook…

  52. That wall has always has had that covert meaning to Drumpfco – as in Make Aryans Great Again and True Racial Purity.

  53. I'm surprised none of the staffers got the children to dress up in ghost costumes with pointy heads and give them prop torches. Wouldn't that have made one hell of a photo op.


  55. Absolutely correct, bigatry is taught and it's starts with children when they are young and not to mention that children live what they learn. Donald Trump is teaching the said children to hate. And Melania doesn't want Barron to be bullied.

  56. It's beyond belief how GULLIBLE and willfully ignorant the. CULT 45 ORANGE KOOLAIDE DRINKERS are that they STILL support this guy, No WONDER people shake their heads im disgust at how STUPID Americans are.
    Way to LOWER the bar of STANDARDS .

  57. Mrs Trump had on 6” heals on the White House lawn looking inappropriately dressed. And dumb


  59. Just wow! This is truly sad. Every parent who was offended should have left in a manner that showed that they didn’t appreciate the blatant racism. The poor kids being used is such a heinous manner is shocking. When I thought they couldn’t stoop any lower in the WH, I was proven wrong again. This poor country is being run by hatred and greed. People who care about this grotesque behavior, vote that demon and his pawns out.

  60. Is this the same wall that illegals and smugglers are already cutting through with reciprocating saws???

  61. Watching kids on a playground is all the proof you need that racism is a learned behavior

  62. Trying to recruit the kiddies for the Trumpjugend? 😡

  63. America please do something about this White House before it’s to late!

  64. Just say no to a Trump invite.

  65. This is not normal!

  66. Would that those children had built the wall around the White House to keep our evil president locked up…

  67. I wonder why Melania is smiling…..because she's getting quality sex from the secret service.

  68. He's short, he's bald, he's libtarded, its Farrah/Fredo!!!!

  69. I completely believe in building the wall, around Mar a Lago.

  70. Can't believe Cheaters has busted trump by now.

  71. somebody, forget it i'm gonna slink that low.there's no low for this trump .hewant's to be a god ,shoot him into space where he can't go no higher or lower!

  72. It was basically PAB45's racist version of "Build-A-Bear" workshop. 😰

  73. correction i am not gonna slink that low! JUST SEND HIM INTO LEMBO.

  74. Build That Wall good job kids

  75. The orange Lucifer strikes again..

  76. Wow! They're trying to create the tRump Youth!

  77. Trump had the chance to curb illegal immigration in a much more positive way. The bottom line is that not only is he promoting racial hate towards them but also endangering white people as well by inciting them, especially at his rallies to 'kill them all'. He needs to be immediately removed from office before he causes any further damage.

  78. Anything and anyone related to trump MORE than deserve twenty-four hours a day, much more closer scrutiny along with 24/7 monitoring and observation to say the least. It's well earned and so very well deserved 24/7.

  79. Fatso and milania live in a gilded tower and.the the dump the white house and are rich but he's a fat pig and he put lipstick on a cold pig but a cold pig will allways be a cold pig. Remember guys u said Michele is big Mike rite? So get over it!

  80. Thank you for always bringing us real news, especially the under-reported news stories we all need to know about. After every Trump related news, I tell myself I don't think there's anything more shocking than this! Then the next day and BAM! More shock and awe from Dictator Gourd Head. What does Putin's Pumpkin literally have to do before the House and Senate Republicans come out of their stupor and remove the insanity out of the White House?! This isn't right! None of it is right! This is beyond corruption. How is this being allowed by the bunch of rape apologists in the White House? They're just a bunch of nobody's. Ass kissing sycophants whom are okay with an admitted sexual assaulter as President!! If Trump wants to meet the whistleblower, go ahead and let him! Indict Trump for his crimes and have a jury decide his fate.

  81. the lady? or doll, she is bad human too

  82. The dumbing down of conservatives is now complete. Thanks to fox noise trumpism and the far right "deep state"!

  83. Yup, disgusting was the first word that came to mind too! Another revolting attempt to plant the seeds of separatism. Even inside the beautiful minds of innocent children now. Drag him out!

  84. What parent in their right mind would ever take their child to a Halloween party that Trump hosting? Anyone in their right mind should know that Trump have a very disturbing mind. And he will do anything to influence your children to believe in his way. If Trump has to use Halloween, Christmas or any other holiday to brainwash anyone that comes in contact with him. Trump is the scum of the Earth. Piss on the wall.

  85. Maybe this is the only way that Trump thought his wall would get built, and in his little bitty brain he really probably believes that that is the wall being built. LMAO Trump has one delusional mind.

  86. Do y'all remember how they promted kids to sing Obama is the messiah.
    The video is there.

  87. Does Trump even know what Halloween really is?? He's such a dipshit.

  88. They are not the Atgolf Twitler youth brigade 🤬

  89. That was your best one yet man!
    Keep it up!

  90. Are you f’ing kidding me??? Seriously? I mean, for real??? No way. I might just puke.

  91. The sadness I feel in my heart to hear this DISGRACEFUL ,DISGUSTING president has yet again reached an even Lower than LOW has me Wondering how is he ALLOWED to remain in OFFICE ??????????????????????????????. PURE EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Trump and his henchmen are the antithesis of evil 👿

  93. The parents weren't horrified at this, in fact they took there kids to this "party" so they can learn how to hate other races.

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