Where There’s a Will, There’s a Wall: Episode 1 | Red vs. Blue Mini-Series

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Wall: Episode 1 | Red vs. Blue Mini-Series

Hey, Grif, can I talk to you for a minute? Not now Simmons. I’m right in the middle of something. Oh yeah? What are you doing? Uhhmmm… Standing? I see… How time consuming. You know, it really is. You’d think Command would send us a couple of lawn chairs or something. I wanna talk to you about Sarge. Don’t you think he’s been acting a little odd lately? Uh, he’s been barking orders and spying on the blues, what’s so weird about that? Well, first of all, he’s been spying in the wrong direction for three weeks… Wait, really? Yes! He didn’t even notice that the blues got a shipment this morning! I don’t believe it! I know! I’m starting to think something might be seriously wrong with him. You’re telling me I’ve been pretending to work out here this whole time- and Sarge wasn’t even watching!? Why didn’t you tell me this soo- Grif! Simmons! Front and center on the double! So many. Church, we’re going to pick up so many chicks. I mean, I know I said that about the tank, but this… This is a freaking helicopter! Do you have any idea what the word “pilot” means to women? This is the best christmas ever. Shut up Caboose. Both of you shut up! You’re ruining the moment! Man, just imagine what we could do with this thing… Yes! I am outta here! See ya later, losers! *sigh* Ladies, please! I can’t land until all 400 of you make room! It’s gonna be a pretty tight fit. We’re all blonde and we love you! Nice. I have no idea what I’m doing. Dibs! Present! Oh, I mean dibs! You wanted to see us, sir? You’re damn right! We’ve got ourselves an emergency situation! Let me guess, is it the blues? Dude, when has it ever been the blues? That would make too much sense. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been conducting top secret reconnaissance! I think I may have stumbled upon an enormous gap in our defenses! What? Where? The worst place of all… Directly behind us! Ummm… That’s just a wall, sir. Well, do you have any idea what’s behind that wall? No? I’m dissapointed in you for not thinking about it Simmons. How about me Sarge? Are you dissapointed in me for not caring about it? All this time we’ve been putting our backs to the wall, without even considering what could be on the other side! For all we know, the blues have been building a massive army right behind us! Or it could be some sort of alien wall! Containing a despicable evil, just waiting to get loose! Um, Sarge, maybe you should sit down for a while? Clear your head. I bet if you ask Command to send us a few lawn chairs… You know, come to think of it, that wall does seem really out of place… I mean, why would anybody build a wall in the middle of an empty canyon? Why would anybody build a military base in the middle of an empty canyon? *sigh* Don’t start that again! These are questions that will never be answered, but will continue to be asked. Damn it, men! We will not rest until we know exactly what’s behind that wall! I’ve already got Lopez out conducting research on the field! Lopez! Statuso el reporto! Hot potato! I knew there was something forward and mysterious about it!

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  1. This is like the best mini series in red vs blue history.  Of all time.

  2. I don't remember this mini-series. When does it take place?

  3. Boom chicka bum bum

  4. Arent they a little bit suspicious that it is no longer a box canon?

    By blue base, one of the walls is missing, and its a freaking ocean. Where did that come from?

  5. Is it just me or why is grif yellow instead of orange?

  6. Even though its a really short one this is probably my favorite RvB mini-series.

  7. No dislikes thus far. God bless RvB

  8. I think that's one of my favorite Sarge lines right there.
    "Lopez! Statuso el reporto!" XD

  9. so is this circa season 9? like an incarnation before the final one?

  10. This video was how I first discovered RT

  11. There is a will here and there isn't a wall jk

  12. Hey lady's,all 400 hundred of you are going to have to move out of the way,its gonna be a tight fit. Bow chicca bow wow

  13. "…Why would anyone build a military base in the middle of a canyon?…These are questions that will never be answered." – Grif.

  14. Later suckers!!!!!!

  15. When does these episodes happen? In season 9 sometime?


  17. I can't believe they did more in this simulation box canyon in the middle of nowhere…I can't believe I missed these two series!

  18. 1:17
    I gotta say thats some sharp-ass flying

  19. I finished red vs blue two weeks ago so started watching this. At least I get to see my fav character alive

  20. Grif Simmons front and center on the Double

  21. Note to self keep Caboose away from my car

  22. Wait, this is a miniseries?

    Is there any place where I can actually see season ten full?

  23. Remember watching this on waypoint back I when in like 2011/2012 with MIA man the good days

  24. Caboose dreams of fire.

  25. Tucker should've got in the falcon because church can't shoot his rifle so he wouldn't hit the falcon and caboose would just shoot church

  26. best to me was when church said "yes, i am outta here. see ya later LOSER'S!'

  27. This has to be what inspired Trump

  28. Lopez's 100% accurate spanish is what helps me sleep at night.

  29. hm, i expected caboose to imagine sheela instead of fire…

  30. Donut……where………

  31. did anyone get a felling of nostalgia when the blues r looking at the falcon

  32. if caboose was the presdent we probly all die because of him

  33. Caboose – I have no idea what I did. (helicopter wreckage burns behind him)

    That just… KILLED me.

  34. A Red or Blue Wall

  35. at 1:30 bow chicka bow wow is playing in the backgrlund

  36. Well now it all makes sense…Donald Trump is a big Red vs Blue fan

  37. which halo did they make red vs blue this time?

  38. "I am 100% certain it's a wall." Lopez is one of my favorite characters.

  39. Chopper burning behind Caboose "I have no idea want I'm doing."

  40. Why would anyone build a wall in the middle of an empty canyon?
    Why would anyone build a military base in the middle on an empty canyon?
    Don't start that again!
    These are questions that will never be answered! But will continue to be asked.

  41. Seriously what did I miss, I thought church was inside epsilon

  42. I love Sarge's approving grunts as he looks at the wall

  43. We need to build a wall like that onr

  44. Caboose's thoughts are exactly mine. "I have no idea what I'm doing."

  45. This mini series takes me back to the bloodgulch chronicles

  46. I figured Lopez would hate the wall the most. XD

  47. 1:07 hey tomorrow is christmas

  48. They should remaster season 1-3 on reach

  49. But in a previous mini series lopez was understood

  50. “Where there’s a will, there’s a wall” -Donald Trump 2018

  51. "This is the best Christmas Ever" – Caboose

  52. honestly, I feel as though this show could do with more mini-series like this. It fits them and brings back a lot of those blood gulch shenanigans without taking away from the overall story.

  53. Caboose: This is the best christmas ever.
    Tucker: Shut up Caboose!
    Church: Both of you shut up! You ruining the moment!

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