What’s the big circle on my wall?

What’s the big circle on my wall?

cool hey guys Devin here with make anything now a lot of you in previous videos have seen this giant disk on the wall and you’re asking me what that thing is. Makes sense, it’s pretty funky looking and I think it’s time I explain. After all, it is one of my very favorite projects that I’ve ever done. A few of you recognize that this is in fact a double pendulum, which is a really cool mechanism that demonstrates chaotic motion. That means even a slight difference in how you swing it will lead to wildly different results. I made these arms by laser cutting smoked acrylic and then I fit some skateboard bearings in them to make them rotate and then also have this 3d printed structure holding in place. Now double pendulums are super fascinating as they are they do some really crazy movement like that you see that of this weird there’s a lot of weird stuff and I wanted a better way to visualize it and that’s where this becomes extra cool this is a little battery pack that I 3d printed to hold two three volt button cell batteries it’s also got little slots to hold onto an LED now this isn’t your ordinary white LED in fact this one and miss light at a wavelength of 405nm putting it on the UV spectrum now this entire disk is coated in a photo luminescent pigment otherwise known as glow-in-the-dark paint combine that with the UV light and you’ve got something kind of awesome how cool is that and it only gets crazier when you turn off the lights so UV light glow-in-the-dark paint and a double pendulum do you see what I’m getting at here oh yeah good the bottom of pendulum in here is made just the right size to hold onto this battery and the LED there we go we now have a very cool way of visualizing the path that this double pendulum takes so I don’t give this a quick spin and then we’ll turn out the lights so you see why this is one of my favorite project it is especially cool especially person not to make you jealous now if you like me you could probably watch this for hours and that’s why i made a second video of just the pendulum ringing nonstop for a very long time so you have to check that out in fact why would make a little game out of it how about you guys find a really cool moment eating the pendulum swinging and link to it in the comments of that video which everyone gets the most likes i will send this awesome little glow-in-the-dark coral reefs that I made in my scribbler 3d video i think it could be fun especially since there are some really weird movements that this double pendulum does as you guys will see if you guys are like one of these one day make sure to check out the link in the description where I have a little product page setup for this Angeles and you can sign up with your email to get notifications if anything ever happens with it i think it could be a good kickstarter campaign all right guys there you have it one of my very favorite project Angeles until next time I’m Devin this is make anything, stay inspired

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  1. It looks like very abstract art, and it's almost like it's about to make a shape but then it does nothing but its beautiful

  2. Me tryna write in cursive

  3. 3:00
    Hey everyone! I'm Devin Montes and you're watching Disney Channel!

  4. Bruh it looks possesed lol

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  7. We can all agree we came here for the recommendation

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  9. Nobody gonna talk about the fact the light is purple and making green lines?

  10. 2:49 – it’s hitting the milly rock

  11. A newer version of ribbon

  12. Does it go on forever

  13. I’m gettin serious Rami Malik vibes from this dud

  14. Worlds best Nun chucks wielder

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  16. Whats that face? 0:22

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  19. It looks like graffiti-

  20. 405 nm is actually on the visible light scale, not UV

  21. 2:51 it's Milly rocking

  22. It drew his logo at 3:00

  23. I’m pretty sure you can’t really predict how it’s gonna move 😐😅

  24. me: wondering how many minutes are left in the period
    me: looks at the clock
    me: sees this on the wall

  25. I'm a double pendulum and YOU'RE watching Disney channel!

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  27. Hi this is pendulus from make anything and you're watching the Disney channel

  28. it's look like steam logo

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  30. it would have been cooler if it had some sort of pattern i think

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  34. 2:44 "and you're watching Disney channel"

  35. I’m sorry but I kinda cringed but it is really cool

  36. From the thumbnail he looks like Bryan dechart…..

  37. I'm feeling it braw

  38. As a breakdancer, I think it spins a lot

  39. 2:14 thank me later

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    Smart kid in my class:

  41. you look like if Dan Howell and Bryan Dechart had a kid XD

  42. It’s obviously the Steam logo

  43. I seen it draw two of the hills in his logo.

  44. Really cool! ❤️ Great video AND project!!

  45. Basically a machine that writes in Gallifreyan

  46. Wtf did just watch…? so amazing and creative! Thats useless, but i love it!

  47. Welcome to Disney chanel

  48. for math and computer sim of coplanar double pendulum,
    see "namupower" channel's video titled as 90009(coplanar double pendulum).
    that's awesome!!

  49. 3:00 wow buddy u sure u like it that much

  50. Heyy Devin, I would really like to see this as a product you can buy. I would like to start Kickstarter. What do you say about this. I would organize everything with the lasercut-part supplyers…and so on

  51. K get out of recommended section YouTube
    I finally watched it Jesus Christ

  52. Chaos can be so beautiful

  53. Make a triple pendulum

  54. This is make anything and this is disney channel

  55. This is an old video, but I was wondering.

    I am currently trying to make one of these and I want to ask what did you do/use to connect the skateboard bearings in the middle part of the 2 pieces of smoked acrylic?
    Like around 0:44
    Much is appreciated

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  59. Found your channel right now. Saw this video first and immediately Subscribed

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  61. I was entertained from 3:07 at .25 speed. lol

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  63. And You’re Watching Disney Channel.

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  65. 2:58 it does a wierd pretzel thing and it does the same thing right after

  66. Let me know what the materials were used in this double pendulum.

  67. Lol looks like it’s dancing at 3:02

  68. Me: Hey, dad. Can you sign this for me?

    Dad: 2:44

  69. any bts fans here? this looks like the love yourself trilogy album art omg

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  72. this pendulum would have been considered witchcraft in the past.

  73. Dude this is awesome!

  74. I'm green with envy……

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  77. I’m a bit confused….
    is the kicker the fact it’s truely random?

  78. Imagine putting one of these inside a clock people would be like wtf is happening

  79. it gives me anxiety

  80. 3:00 dragonfly on the bottom

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