What Mixed Race Asians Will Never Tell You

What Mixed Race Asians Will Never Tell You

– Huh. I got a little emotional when you asked me the question. (light music) – Being a multi-racial Asian affects everything about my life, my culture is a mix of not just being black and Asian, but also there’s like a third thing that’s not either of those. ^- I haven’t felt like I really fit in ^with either one of my cultures, because I didn’t really look like my mom or my dad. – On one hand, I was able to experience some white privilege, and on the other hand, I experienced certain prejudices and stereotypes of also being Asian. – We grew up being referred to as “Hapa-haole,” ^and as I grew it became more of a widely accepted term ^for anyone who was part Asian. It’s been appropriated by a broader audience. I have mixed feelings when I hear the term, “hapa,” at least there’s a way to acknowledge that not everybody is just one thing or another. – People say, “Oh, you’re white, because you’re not acting black, or because these things that you do aren’t black, they must be white.” And that’s annoying because I’m not white either. – Often when I meet people, the very first question I get is “Where are you from?” – It confuses people, because they usually associate being American with being white. They don’t really know how to react, and it usually comes off as offensive. – They think that it’ll give them some insight in to who I am as a person, my cultural identity is a part of me, but it doesn’t affect who I am really as a person. – I was once on a date with a guy, and he asked the “What are you?” question. So I explained my ethnicity, and he was still kind of confused, and then, mixing up the different types of Asian, and was like, “Oh, is your mom Chinese?” And I was like, I just said I was Japanese. – I was just like having lunch with one of my friends, and he introduced me to another friend of his, who also is from Thailand. He was like, “Oh yeah, this is my friend, Aaron. He’s Thai.” And She was like, “No.” It was just annoying that that was the way that we met. – It not only makes me feel uncomfortable, but it makes me feel as if I’m sort of “other,” and it just sort of just disconnects me, and feels like I’m taken out of the equation, and put in a specific box, and it feels really lonely. – There are times where it feels like the questions reflect their own inner stereotypes or prejudice. And there is the opportunity to help people through that, and help correct some of those misconceptions. – When I think about my grandmother, who survived and was able to endure so much when she was there, and then come to this country not speaking English, and be successful, and have a great life, and pass all of that on to me, I feel very very proud. – I’m proud to be multiracial, because I have two different cultures that I’m a part of. I’m no longer ashamed of not looking a certain way. ^I feel like being multiracial is unique in its own sense. – More and more I’m seeing more people representing us out in the world, as far as actors or musicians or activists. To see other people who look like me, and have had the same experiences as me, making big changes out in the world is really inspiring. – When my parents were young parents, it was still pretty rare to see mixed-race couples, people would ask my mom, “Oh, are you babysitting?” I’m proud of my parents for following their hearts and loving someone who there may have been social pressure to not love, and then also raising us with the understanding that love is not about a race, it’s about who you love. – If I could give a message to someone just like me, I would tell them to not be ashamed of who they are, and to love all parts of themself, and where they come from. – You have to define for yourself what it means to be mixed race. Your individual experience of your own culture and your own family, your own history, and how all of that affects you today is totally up to you. – You are special and different but in a really awesome way, and if anyone tries to make you feel like that difference is not okay, or is other or is bad in any way, you know just don’t listen to them. – There would be periods in my life where I would try really hard to be just one part of myself. So there were phases where just I would try to just be very white, and then other times where I would try more to be like the Asian kids. And I think that’s a part of finding your identity when you are mixed race. – You also need to find people, whether they’re multiracial or not, who will celebrate you for who you are, and help you in your discovery of who you are, and who you want to be. – Sometimes when we talk about people who are multiracial, we talk about them as being part something, or being half something, and I know it’s just words, but at the same time I feel like we should embrace the idea, that though your blood quantum may be a certain amount of another group, it doesn’t make you less. You are a full Hawaiian. You are a full Asian. You are a full European. You should be able to feel like a full member of all those different parts. (soft piano music)

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  1. I really wanna know what the problem is I’m half Colombian and half puertorican

  2. I’m pacific-islander and Caucasian. And I embrace it no matter what people have to say about it. And if someone is surprised I’m Caucasian, just be confident and it’s an easy thing to work through

  3. I love this video so, so much

  4. I am half Chinese half Caucasian, for sure we experience more benefits than negatives- we tend to be more physically attractive and people are intrigued without us having to do anything lol. I am intrigued too when I see a mixed race person and I usually want to know their heritage out of curiosity but I pose the question in a polite way.

  5. I'm all white, but my son is biracial (white/Japanese) I've told him he may identify with whatever he feels most comfortable with. I am happy to buy Japanese food for him in the Asian section in the supermarket, and while I can speak fluent Japanese, my son isn't really interested in learning, as he spent most of his life in USA and prefers English-I treat it as his personal preference and comfort zone but am happy to teach him if he changes his mind. I just want him to be happy and secure in who he is, and be proud of his dual cultures.

  6. I'm half Filipino and half italian, I struggle with figuring out where I fit in and who I am because of this and i dont know why

    Not to also mention it means two people could put aside something that is a big part of their identity and culture to find love with each other and have a baby together. As back in the day, it was if you were mixed you were “ tainted “

  8. I think you are all so goodlooking! Thank you all !

  9. Proud to be white

  10. White privileged doesn't exist. Neither does Asian privileged.

  11. "love is not about a race, but who you love" PURE WISDOM

  12. it's easy, just pass for whichever one you look like the most.

  13. The Thai girl’s reaction to the Thai/black guy being Thai was pretty rude…

  14. Be proud of who you are x

  15. I am mixed with African,Scotish and Indian and kids at my school tease me and say that I'm a lier because I look more Caucasian 😞

  16. Before I watched this video I never put thought about me being half Korean and half white and how the affect my life and tbh I struggle with all their struggles too like I look nothing like my parents and I can't even really speak Korean so it's hard

  17. Thank you for this video it really put into words everything I've often struggled to express as someone who is biologically Taiwanese, melanesian, british – a mix of all sorts of ethnicities and who grew up in an American- Asian culture . I've always felt not white enough or not Asian enough, so to hear words from others who are in my same boat rly touched my heart

  18. Many East Asians (Koreans especially) are incredibly racist and ignorant. Notice any Black + Asian is almost always half Filipino….wonder why?

  19. Why do people take "pride" in things they had no agency or control over? The height of human stupidity. It's like being "proud to be born in America" Or proud to be "Irish", why? Humans are a fucked up species…

  20. I'm one quarter Caucasian but look full Vietnamese cause y'all that Asian blood runs thick! That one quarter didn't do a daggone thing for me lol

  21. The thing about being mix race

    for me (swiss german and thai)
    Thai people don't see me as thai because i don't look like them but i speak their language fluently and was born there. It's never in their logic lmao
    I never lived in Switzerland so i don't really consider myself swiss. They see me as someone middle eastern looking person

  22. Asian isn't a race, and their are 48 Asian countries & if you're born in one of those Asian countries then you're Asian, but Asian isn't a race. So when someone sees a person who has facial features & think that they're Asian, most likely they're not from asia, and that they're mongoloid (race term) just because someone looks mongoloid (race) it doesn't mean they're asians. Correct me if I'm wrong

  23. Thai person that Aaron has met may not be a typical thai. Speaking as one of a native Thai, we will be very happy and excited when we meet people who have thai blood (even half) in other countries. We will not refuse them like that.

  24. Omg a lot of this is relatable. Any other half asian half white people here? ❤️💕🇹🇭

  25. Oh god. Imagine having native Hawaiian, Japanese, German, English, Scottish, and Native American culture in you’re house

  26. am I the only one who thinks Will looks like Freddy Mercury.

  27. It really depends on how you perceive a situation… I'm part Scottish, part South African and half Thai. I love being a mix. It makes me feel like I'm unique, I don't mind being the other. I speak my languages, immerse myself in my cultures. People are curious creatures 😂 they ask questions like "where are you from?" Or "so, what are you?" I normally laugh at the latter but I'll tell them about my heritage. I sometimes call myself a banana 'cause there are times where I act more 'white' than I do 'Asian'. Can't be too serious all the time 😂🙌

  28. I’m half Lebanese and half Thai, I think so many people are so uneducated to know that arab countries are in asia and to understand that arab people are asian. So basically I’m 100% asian 🙂

  29. The guy with the mustache looks like Freddy Mercury

  30. A similar situation is seen in the childhood of Nancy, a member of Kpop group Momoland.

    On a TV show, the half Caucasian, half Korean girl related how some people assumed she could speak English well when in fact it is Korean that is her first language (she only learnt English later on in her life).

  31. I'm mixed with black and Cambodia n

  32. Its just hard to be Asian. Because we're always the perpetual foreigner. The other. No one addresses this or talks about it. It always gets perpetuated in the media and by those around us. No wonder us American Asians develop so much self hatred.

  33. This is so true. When I tell people my name they're like no your birth name. I have to explain my heritage is native Hawaiian and Scandinavian. Even though I'm "passable" white people just assume I am just white. Until they hear my name then they're like oh who in your family is Japanese. I'm like no one. Even in Hawaii I'm "haole" even though I'm 4 generations down from Hawaiian royalty/ruler. Usually I just ignore people when they say oh you're white.

  34. ……Nevertheless they're beautiful

  35. Another thing they all have in common other than part Asian roots, they’re all too sensitive. Is that a genetically Asian thing or is it social conditioning?

  36. im just a mix of southern and northern european and i feel weird here also (in the usa)

  37. As I half Chinese and half Mexican person, I can relate to this a lot! My family members think I'm too Mexican to be Chinese, or too Chinese to be Mexican. My best friend is also half Mexican and Chinese, so that made things easy to deal with because I had someone to relate to. But the remarks when people dont believe that I'm Mexican (and the fact that apparently my Chinese relatives didnt exactly know what Mexican meant until my dad introduced them to my mom) does hurt a lot

  38. I made me some half Vietnamese babies with my husband. I was just curious as to what challenges they would face. Sounds like what I grew up with being mixed myself(native American and Mexican). Times are changing and more people are mixed. I think they will be ok.

  39. I'm half Indonesian and half White (Mostly Polish, Scotch-Irish, and Scandinavian). I don't really face racial discrimination. I never really got put into some kind of bubble. All I know is that I eat like an Indonesian and yell like a Scotsman!

  40. A lot of times it does get confusing with my Asian side because sometimes I say half-black instead cause my Dad is "technically speaking" black. But that's just because he happened to have slightly darker skin than the rest of his family. One time I told someone my Dad was black Asian, and they told me I was a liar because "black Asian isn't a thing."

  41. Can an apple turn into an orange? Better yet, does an plant change species when planted anywher else? I will articulate for you:
    If you have a pineapple planted in its country of origin, then plant it anywhere else, then it will still grow the same pineapple fruits.
    A man puts a seed in a woman. You are of patro-lineage. It is madness to see it any other way.

  42. I’m Thai,Cambodian,Arabic, and Mexican

  43. You guys should not be ashamed about this because I myself is an mixed Asian so I
    call my self the legendary Asian

  44. I'm mixed Thai and British❣ มีคนไทยมั้ยยยย

  45. Something white people need to learn : there are more than 3 ethnicity of Asians

  46. Sorry, dude, we're not going with that obnoxious term "DOUBLE".

  47. I am not mixed but I can relate. I often get “what are you?”. I tell people 23andme basically says I’m close to 100% Chinese. And people just don’t believe me. I get a lot of “No you’re not. Your eyes aren’t Asian” 🙄

  48. Mixed Race = Best of both/all world

  49. I always wanted to be half! :)thought they are really the most beautiful!

  50. The german guy got hitler’s mustache


  52. I’m Chinese-Malaysian/Filipino. I have one of those ambiguous Asian faces, that wherever I go around Asia, they often think I’m a local 😂 It’s always really awkward

  53. it’s always fun when a form asks your ethnicity, but doesn’t include a mixed option and says you can only select one box

  54. I blame these asians for creating these confused kids without realizing

  55. Irish and Korean, people usually think I'm Mexican

  56. I’m black and white and everyone thinks I’m Mexican…

  57. I’m a multiracial dude. I’m grateful to be unique, but I’m not proud of it. I think it would be silly to be proud of something that I have no control over.

  58. Am I the only one who doesn't even know what the hell they are? 😅😂

  59. Am I the only one who doesn't even know what the hell they are? 😅😂

  60. i’m not entirely half indonesian and half dutch because i also have a lot of portuguese in me but people could never guess i’m white or asian because i don’t look like either my parents. i have curly dark brown hair en i’m a light skin. people have mistaken me for turkish and spanish A LOT

  61. I’m Korean and Black
    anyone else

  62. I’m Filipino, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese, and I’m proud! I love being mixed race because in racist country like mine, my heritage taught me to be open to other cultures and races. My Filipino-Spanish-Portuguese-Chinese family gets along just fine even if we’re not all from one race 🤗

  63. Literally EVERYTHING Will 0:44 said throughout this video is my exact life experience. I’m also a native Hawaiian and I get called hapa haole all the time.

  64. Most people are mixed

  65. I'm Portuguese and Chinese and black and native american. I accept every part of me. In school I got called looking too "asiany" in my eyes but my tanned skin was weird to some . I'm proud multiracial

  66. I’m Chamorro (Guam), black, Japanese, and Filipino. However, I look Hispanic (am part Spanish but only 4%). My appearance confuses people.

  67. i’m white black and filipino so now i look hispanic and people are always asking what i am

  68. anyone here also half Thai

  69. I'm half Malien and Russian. Every time I would meet up Russian kids they wouldn't believe me

  70. Whites would not rather be any other race. That's what "love your race" means.

  71. im 3/4 british and 1/4 sinhalese but i look alot of people say

  72. As long as your human who cares.Also bring American does not mean being White,anyone who is not Native American is a foreigner in America.
    What was the name for the land we now call America before people invaded.

  73. I am latino (from Peru) and been mixed it's the rule here. I find veeery intersting that is a problem in other countries.

  74. my boyfriend is half filipino and half british. the amount of racist comments he gets from BOTH races are very sad. his mother (the Filipino side) openly said she doesnt want him with a white woman, which is really sad to me but also confusing because his father is white.

  75. ppl in the comments r too sensitive. Im half asian and deal with this every day, and it's not a big deal.

  76. Hi half Chinese and Irish :') but people say I'm "too white" 🙁

  77. White guy or girl is lack of knowledge , they should explore more

  78. Your actions make you the human being you are, not your skin. You are an idiot because you are an idiot. Not cuz you are asian or black

  79. Never fit in with the Mexicans, never fit in with the Japanese/asian kids.

  80. They all got this beautiful shimmer in their eyes; it shows how important this topic is to them. They are all beautiful ; i hope to see more videos about mixed race individuals

  81. I’m half japanese and half German. I LoVe learning about WWII in a class with a bunch of teens

  82. No one knows where I from cuz I lied about my race so much lol.

  83. Hapa isnt even a bad term

  84. Can all just unanimously agree that mixed people are gorgeous!

  85. Americans are so weird

  86. i’m sorry if i seem extremely ignorant but is native american mean white (my dad is native american and he is brown but he likes to call himself white, so it confuses me) can somebody answer that for me please?

  87. 1:47
    looks like a kpop idol sksk

  88. This video is so relatable.

  89. Im not asian but i look like one. 😂

  90. Am half blood too it hard to some cultures accept me thai half Chinese and German

  91. this is hard bc im half korean half white and i look more like my dad and everyone i meet thinks i’m adopted because i look nothing like my mom and i feel if i say oh i’m half asian they’d idk kinda be like oh you’re not FULL which is hard bc who am i if i’m not asian or white if i’m just half those what am i

  92. You guys are so right. I feel the same way, I deal with the same problems as you for beeing mixt race. I love you guys, so proude of you. You guys rock. 💙💙😘
    I am part asian, part european and part african so….😂😂 I get it

  93. Yeah in your home you can say being mixed race OK n be yourself. Now leave your home and hear go back to where your from .do yourself a favor don't have mixed race kids cause the world is going to beat it down

  94. I’m half Japanese and half Canadian and people just say I’m Asian

  95. Aaron looks like xxxtentacion!!!!!

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