What is Effective Depth of a Concrete Section?

What is Effective Depth of a Concrete Section?

what is effective depth? i will show you what effective depth means using a cross-section of a reinforced concrete beam if we take a cross-section like this and our main longitudinal reinforcement like this the shear links going around them if the top surface is the compression face when we’re looking at these longitudinal bars our effective depth would be the distance from the top face to the center of these longitudinal bars and we call it d i can show you a numerical example using the same cross-section if we take our section depth as 500mm and our longitudinal bottom bottom reinforcement is 32mm diameter and our shear links are 12mm diameter bars and our cover nominal cove is 40mm in that case our d would be 500 minus the cover which is 40 minus 12, that’s the diameter of shear links and half of 32 that will give us the centre of bottom longitudinal reinforcement and that would be 432 millimeter the definition of effective depth d is the depth from compression face of a concrete section to the center of the area of reinforcement we are considering and that is allowing for the cove and for the shear links in this case they this top face is our compression face and we are considering these longitudinal bottom reinforcement if you like the video please like the video and if you would like to see more videos like this one please subscribe to our channel and if you have any questions please post your questions in the comments section thank you

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  1. what exactly u mean by shelling (12mm)

  2. if you have negative bending (tension at top), do you still measure d from the outer most compreased concrete fibre ( in other words from the bottom of the section in my negarive tension example)?

  3. is this cover 40 mm the concrete cover for all 4 sides and the purpose is to protect the rebars from exposure to outside weather and is 12 mm the diameter of stirrup. thank you.

  4. why we are left in one side cover of depth…???

  5. Hello.can you help me to solve this. Determine the moment resistance of the reinforced concrete beam section 300 x 550 mm. Assume fck=25N/mm² and fyk=500N/mm² and cover to center of steel is 50mm. Reinforcement 3H20.

  6. What if we have two layers of longitudinal reinforcement? Let's say it is located on the top of the first reinforcement and has a diameter of 18mm.
    One more question: Are the shear links same as stirrups?

  7. what Willie the effective depth if there are two layers of main reinforcement at bottom .

  8. what about column?

  9. Hello .how I'm I going to find the effective depth when I don't have the overall depth

  10. Thanks for the video brother…..

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