What is an ICF Basement foundation?

Were doing a ICF Foundation so basically what
it is is Styrofoam on each side gives you your insulation and also it has this plastic
webbing that you can screw the drywall to on the inside so you don’t need any interior
framing when doing ICF so the blocks intercept and go up, row here, row there, and you have
your off setting joints right there to keep your walls the same size and you just add
extra bracing. These bracing right here, the yellow things
allow you for your walking planks up top and you can turn it around and it helps straighten
your walls when your pouring the concrete making sure everything is square. So ICF is pretty much like a lego block? Yes, its very similar where you just stack
it, it has all these little different grooves on it so that the next block going up will
sit down inside it and everything interlocks to keep a nice tight seal and also helps with
your insulation and R-Value. you

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