What is a Certified Construction Manager?

The building where you work and the road
that gets you there… The infrastructure that delivers your
water and energy and removes your waste. The places you go for fun and her life’s necessities. Everything from airports to subways from hospitals to parks its all part of the built environment
that shapes your life every day. It is called the built
environment for a reason, somebody had to build it – in fact a lot
of somebodies. Construction is a big, complex and risky business that involves a lot of
talented people. Together they form a team whose job is
to transform a blank piece of paper into a finished
functioning structure. Leading this team is the role of the
construction manager Construction managers apply talent,
technology and other tools to help project owners
control their risk and achieve their goals. Today’s ANSI
accredited Certified Construction Manager brings professionalism to the project and provides leadership by unifying
architects, general contractors, engineers and
facility managers to successfully complete the project. The CCM is familiar with the latest techniques and technologies of construction, from prefabrication to building information modeling. He or she thoroughly understand
sustainable design and construction how projects are financed and have risks
can be minimized and effectively shared. The Certified Construction Manager is a
communicator, a facilitator, a problem solver – a
professional leader. Certified construction managers
have the proven knowledge and experience to deliver all these values for every project. Make the CCM part of your strategy for

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