We Try 10-Second Foundation

We Try 10-Second Foundation

oh oh she’s very liquid oh she’s wet yeah today we’re trying the ten-second foundation I don’t know what that means I’m gonna try it it sounds like a very short amount of time have you ever put on a foundation that was that quick on application absolutely not I’ve like every time I ever put on foundation it takes me a solid three minutes but here’s the description it says makeup meets skin care radiance boosting botanicals absorb allowing skin perfecting pigment to even and illuminate complexions a featherweight medium coverage foundation and deeply hydrating skin elixir I don’t know if it’s the words the way you’re reading it but that sounds so happy yeah I’m like wow the future of foundation we’ll see if it lives up to that yeah we’re holding the future it just looks so good I want it to be real so I’m just convincing myself in it I’m sure I don’t believe it I just want to smell it it smells like glue it smells like clay it’s just so really Wow oh it’s super liquid I don’t know what I was expecting but I don’t I mean it’s not regular for foundation it’s an interesting applicator it’s surprisingly not super shiny but again I’m not putting too much on right now right now it’s just a lot of nastiness this is most 8 to 10 seconds Oh faster it’s kind of weird yeah without applying with a Beauty Blender you can kind of see like the dry skin it’s like just sitting between the cracks in my skin yeah like it’s not actually yeah you look good if I saw your face right now I’d be like you’re not wearing makeup like I don’t think it doesn’t look like on you that you’re wearing – really I can’t tell it on you really yeah it was a very fast application it definitely is a 10 second foundation where I sort of feel like it’s clinging to the texture it felt like didn’t boil or a moisturizer it was nice to massage in but looking at it it makes me look greasy I feel you look shinier but you also look like you have a more flawless complexion okay wait a minute then nevermind did I take everything I said back this is perfect and I love it it does it me and it does feel very light on my skin like I don’t I can’t feel it being like caked on or anything like that you look airbrushed yeah yeah yes that is the word you look airbrushed – oh really I wonder how it would feel if I like did the blush in the contour and the whole thing this it look better yeah I agree I feel like I look weird if I have like full lip on and no foundation so this is my quick fix I think the pros are definitely that it’s super light um it doesn’t feel heavy on your face it does feel a little oily though which I’m not a fan of but also the color just really blended we were really worried about the undertones but they matched our skin tone pretty well because I like fuller coverage this isn’t really for me but for someone who loves something quick something light this would be perfect

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  1. It would still take me 2 hours tbh 😂

  2. 𝔽𝕚𝕗𝕥𝕙

  3. Who clicked soooo fast I love as is

  4. Who else was here when it says no views yet???

  5. Im the 13th comment😎😎

  6. i see thst beebo t shirt

  7. 10 shades in 2019 …

  8. Why u gonna show an "after" shot with no before? we can't even tell it worked without a before shot –___

  9. 10 seconds?…ha just wear none…0 seconds 😁

  10. Ohh she’s wett “thats what he said

  11. wow this seems actually like a nice product


  13. Oooooooo she's weeeeeeeeeetttt

  14. 2:51 This is funny because in the alphabetical order makeup video posted just yesterday, Megan said that she starts out intending to do just quick makeup look, and then ends up with an entire face of foundation. And now she may have found a solution!

  15. Kosås… Cow Sauce?? really????

  16. Lol Am I the only one here that doesn't wear makeup but loves watching makeup videos??

  17. I love this foundation! It evens out my skin and looks like skin. It’s meant to be a quick, our the door fix. If you’re oily just set with powder. That’s what I do. And if you wear spf let that sink in before applying since it is an oil.

  18. This looks like something I could definitely use. Lately I have only been using moisturizer and then to calm the oiliness I use powdered foundation on top. Then a bit of mascara and my brows and I'm done 👍🏻👍🏻

  19. Kosås means cow sauce in swedish

  20. Why is BuzzFeed doing this weird dark neon lighting? I loved their bright well lit backgrounds…. please bring them back this looks like it's been shot in a night club 😂

  21. Where are the backdrops?????

  22. I loveeee Megan’s shirt, we stannn queen

  23. ‘Eww it’s so oily!!!’ It’s an oil foundation….

  24. What is combinations skin? Is it a mixture between dry and oily skin? If so…how can someone's skin be oily and dry at the same time???

  25. “10-second foundation”?? It says on it that it’s just a tinted moisturizer.

  26. I use this foundation. It is great if you want a light coverage no-makeup makeup moment. It is really quick and it works really well if you use setting powder. I got hella dry skin tho.

  27. Buzzfeed is just "mildly interesting" but made into a company

  28. LOL only 10 colors! NOPE! The gimmick aside, 10 shades really!?!

  29. Hahahahahaha kosås??? Really? Cow sauce looool

  30. Cow… Sauce…

  31. This kinda reminds me of the glossier skin tint.

  32. 10 shades?!?! Shame on that brand!! 🤦🏼‍♀️

  33. i don't know what i was expecting but this was most definitely not it

  34. "it's oily!" ….bc it's an oil moisturizer.???

  35. it is not foundation tho

  36. I really hate this new lightning

  37. You guys just sound so unintelligent when you talk about skincare and makeup . Go educate yourselves please before making a video . It’s embarrassing to watch.

  38. Ryann is giving my Titus Andromada vibes!

  39. Three people of pale skin and one colored. Bye.

  40. If you want something similar that's about $10 cheaper, you should get the Glossier Skin Tint, or the Nars Tinted Moisturizer.

  41. That shade range tho, is non-existent 🤦‍♀

  42. Who decided to name the foundation cow sauce? I just wanna talk..

  43. This lighting idea for this video is tragic

  44. This translates to "cow souce" in swedish 😂😂😂

  45. Ryann just annoys me. I wouldn’t have clicked if i knew he would have been on it.

  46. "I hate it, it feels awful and it looks greasy and terrible"
    "Really? You look good though"
    "Really? Ok then, I love it".
    How very, very convincing.

  47. I watched your can someone cut their hair like Mulan video and I was wondering if you guys can make a can you cut someone’s hair like Flynn from tangled with glass

  48. Why didn't you show a before and after shot?! We need a side by side for comparison!

  49. So it's a BB cream?

  50. I'm mixed and 10 shades is not going to cut it. Looking at the shades, it seems like they didn't consider that there are cool AND warm skin tones, not just different shades.

  51. tht shade range is depressing.

  52. aghhhhh i just saw 2 vids with megan in it
    she is so annoyyyyying

  53. The Power of silicon people…

  54. I feel like this would be easier to see if they didn't have club lighting.

  55. This seems a little bit like a bb cream

  56. This is not even a foundation, it's a tinted moisturizer. It says so right on the bottle. This video is so misleading.

  57. I don’t understand how y’all let black people look a damn mess with EVERY makeup video. Ryan’s Foundation was 3 shades too dark. Hire black MUA’s to consult. Damn.

  58. The brand’s name translates to cow sauce

  59. KOSÅS!!! HAHAHAAH Cow sauce in swedish XDDD

  60. "Kosås"mens" cowsauce" in swedish 😂😂

  61. Who decided that showing an "After" without a before, and expecting us to remember their faces from the beginning of the video, was a good idea? Fail editing

  62. I don’t know what country that brand comes from but in my language that name means “cow sauce”

  63. Kosås (the brand of the foundation) literally translates to ¨cowsauce¨ in Swedish

  64. Lol Tati tried this AGES ago.

  65. does the packaging reminds anyone of liquid correction fluid? and it looks similar to liquid to pat and smooth over for quick application within 10 seconds.

  66. Kosås is cow sauce in Swedish excuse me what

  67. “I don’t know if it’s the words or the way you’re reading it” me telling myself before I buy something I don’t need

  68. Kosås literally means cow sauce in Swedish lmao😂😂😂

  69. Shade range though

  70. Where’s the before or side by side though, for comparison?

  71. Is that Brendon Urie on her shirt because we stan

  72. What’s with this lighting buzzfeed
    Especially for a makeup video

  73. Really? No wear test or anything?

  74. Sooo basically $42 tinted moisturizer

  75. is that Brendon Urie's face embroidered on a shirt on the girl with a chocker?!?


  77. What is that even supposed to mean? 10 second foundation?

  78. Beebos on her shirt and I’m crying

  79. $42 for a tinted moisturizer?!

  80. The Beebo shirt!!

  81. I’m turned on lol 😂

  82. that intro though

    phhhhh she’s wet

  83. Me: Reads Title 10 second Foundation
    Also me: Looks at time Hang on a second🤔🤔

  84. what shades is everyone using?

  85. It clearly says

  86. Tinted moisturizer is not foundation..

  87. This foundation is incredible ❤️

  88. it has great coverage but baby your skin has to be hella dry

  89. But all of them had near to perfect skin which doesn't need foundation

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