We Styled Outfits Inspired By Disney Characters • Ladylike

We Styled Outfits Inspired By Disney Characters • Ladylike

– [Man] Rolling. (pop novelty music) (laughing) – It’s the perfect catch. Kristin loves Disney. – Yes, I do! – Which means she’s making us do a video where we get to create cool outfits inspired by Disney characters. – Can we put together
a look in under a day? – We’re about to find out! – It’s Ladylike and we’re
gonna try Disneybounding. (swooshing)
(creaking) – Disneybounding was invented for people who wanted
to dress like characters and go to the Disney parks, where people create, like
cool, like interesting looks. So, to give you some background, I Disneybound a little bit,
I am by no means an expert. Today, I’m going to be
sharing with Chantel and Devin about what Disneybounding is, and then, they’re gonna
select some characters and they’re gonna have
24 hours and 100 bucks to put together a look (cat meows)
‘Cause they’ve got until like one o’clock tomorrow. They don’t even know they
have that much time yet. Surprise, (bleep)! Sorry! Also, at the end of this, we are going to have a fun mystery judge. I’m gonna be competing, too. So, we’re all gonna be in this together. I’m not just torturing my friends, and then going off to drink
pina coladas or something. (swooshing) Hi, guys!
(laughter) – Hi.
– Come here, Kristin! – Hey! So, what do y’all know
about Disneybounding? – So, I had never heard
about Disneybounding until we were coming
back from VidCon in 2017, and you told me about it in the car. – Okay (laughs), so you
heard about it from me. – From you.
– In the past. So, Disneybounding started
because adults wanted to wear Disney character-inspired
outfits to the parks, but they couldn’t, because
if you’re over a certain age, you’re not allowed to wear
costumes to the parks. – Right.
– That’s fair. – Yeah.
– That’s fair, ’cause there are a lot
of creeps out there. – Yes, as a solution,
Disneybounding was created. – [Devin] Cool. – [Chantel] I think that’s cute. – Yeah.
– Why is it called bounding? – I don’t know. – Why not like Disney dressing? – I don’t remember. – Who invented this?
– I– – Like a salad dressing. – You guys are asking–
– Like a Caesar. – Like how long have
people been doing this? – I would eat it.
– A while, I don’t know. The thing about Disneybounding is that you don’t have to
worry about genders, or like specific items that
characters are wearing. It’s just supposed to reference
kind of the character’s like general vibe. The only, I think, general guideline is that when you look at the
character next to your outfit, you should be able to say, “Yep, that’s the character! “I get the inspiration”. – Got it. – I asked a lot of
people to send me photos. This is Roger Rabbit. – Oh.
– She cute. – Yeah, and it’s not like just overalls, like a little overall dress. – That’s super cute.
– So, like, yeah. It kind of like, this one, they’re, sometimes Disneybounds are literal, and sometimes they’re less literal. – Okay.
– So, like, for example, could you guess who
these two characters are? – [Chantel] He looks familiar. Is he Jiminy Cricket? – Nope.
– Kermit the Frog? – Nope.
– No. – Is that Disney? – Disney owns everything now. – Got it.
– Disney ate Jim Henson. – It’s Heimlich from “A Bug’s Life”, and a watermelon. (women cooing) – That’s so cute.
– That’s really cute. – Yeah, that’s real cute. – I wanna be a bug. (swooshing) – This is Pooh, so we
have a little jean skirt. – This is Christopher Robin. – Oh that’s super cute. – Yeah. – [Chantel] I love FroZone.
– [Devin] Oh, FroZone. – [Kristin] Yeah, mm-hmm. – [Chantel] Oh, yes! – Oh, that’s super cute. Okay.
– Isn’t that cute? And then this is, I love this one, this is Aladdin. (swooshing) (women cooing) – So like, it’s kind of
taking the color scheme from Aladdin but like,
– [Devin] Cool, cool, cool. using it to create more of a modern look. – Yeah, I like this because it feels like it could be really creative.
– [Kristin] Yes. – Almost like when we were in New Orleans and they were talking about
their Mardi Gras costumes, – [Kristin] Yes.
– [Chantel] Yeah. – And how they created them from scratch. I feel like this is very reminiscent – Of that kind of creativity.
– Yeah. – Okay. I’m down. – Here is the plan, my friends. I’m going to have you
all draw one character from three categories of characters. – Okay.
– Okay. – [Kristin] Animals,
– [Chantel] Okay. – [Kristin] Princes and princesses, and Pixar characters. – We have to create costumes
for all three characters? – No. So, you’re creating
costumes for one. I just want you to have options. – Gotcha! Gotcha. – So, tonight you’re going to go through your closets and see what you can find, and then tomorrow, you’re going to go to thrift stores, or you can go to other stores, but you only have 100 bucks. – We’ll help each other. – Wait, you’re not supposed
to help each other, this is a competition!
– Oh. – We’re gonna be judged at the end. – We’re not friends, Devin! (laughing)
– It’s not true! (laughing) – And then I’m going to be
competing with you guys, too. – Oh! – We’ll you’re going to win!
– Well that’s not fair! – Yeah.
– Why’s it not fair? – Because you’re going to win. You literally eat, drink
and sleep Disney, Kristin. – And here’s the thing, the judge that I have is a
very fashion-forward person. So.
– Who is it, Jasmine? – No.
(swooshing) The first two categories of characters. – Yes? – Alright. Pick one. Go for it! – How cute!
– I’m tall, and lanky, just like Goofy. – Goofy’s cute. (laughter)
– Aww, so cute! – A lil’ ducky! – I have Donald Duck! – Oh my god!
– You guys could be a couple! – We can cuddle more. – Yay!
– That’s so cute. – Alright. So, here’s a character from the second category.
– Okay. (playful whining) – Okay. Who’d you get? (laughter) – That’s cool. – Wait, I’m obsessed with that. I hope I get Ariel. – Aww, that’s super cute.
– Aww. – That would be cute. I’ll put her in like,
suspenders or something. Put her in a god damn suit. – I’m gonna pick one. Oh, I’m Ariel! (laughter) – Aww, that would be cute! Prince Eric and Ariel. – Alright.
– Fine. – Wow, I’m drawing really well. – Oh, really. So, me or her, Kristin? You choose. You choose. – Here’s the last character.
– Okay. – This is Pixar character. Sully, from “Monsters Inc” (Chantel squeals) – I got Mike from “Monsters Inc”. – Oh! – You guys are always buddies. I got no buddy. – So, we have our three characters, and then tomorrow morning, y’all are gonna go shopping, and then, at one o’clock, we will have final looks
and we will have judgements. – Whoa.
– Judgment day. – It’s judgment day. It’s tomorrow. – With our very fashion-forward judge. – Okay, Freddie is obviously the judge. (women cheering) – Freddie! We did it. – Alright. Are y’all ready? – Ready.
– Yeah. – Okay, cool. Alright. – One, two, three, – (All together) Disneybounding! – But don’t drop them, you’re
gonna forget your characters. – I won’t!
– Oh, I threw mine, too. I got inspired by Devin. (swooshing) – I just woke up and I’m excited. Mostly, that it is my Disneybounding day! Last night, I decided to go with Goofy, and here’s why. I think Goofy is an underrated character. Goofy really is us in a lot of ways, like he will throw himself into crazy situations just for the love of his friends. – Okay. So I’m looking up images of all these Disney characters right now. Cinderella…
(mouse clicking) It’s all blue. (mouse clicking) I do have a blue blazer. The option number one. Woody… The thing that’s hard about Woody is just like I would wear this outfit just outright. Daisy duck. Yeah, there she is, her little pants-less self. I don’t think I wanna be Daisy though. Okay. So then maybe (mouse clicking)
my best bet (typing)
is Cinderella. – I thought I could put this together in three hours but then I went through my
closet to see what I had and it turns out, it’s these four things. So, I’m trying to put
together this Ariel look, because I feel like
that’s the easiest one. Cause it’s like purple, green, fish (bleep). The end! But it turns out, it’s hard. – I’m gonna dress like Goofy, from the last scene of “A Goofy Movie”. Goofy from “A Goofy Movie”, his look is a little different. It’s a little, how do I say, bolder. Ugh! So, I’m about to leave
my house to go shopping, and I realize I have these sunglasses from some event I went to. – Welcome back on this hunt to do gay Cinderella Disneybounding. Oh, I forgot about these
dope pants that I have. These are super wide-legged pants. Maybe I’ll put my hair in a high pony, like Ariana Grande. Ariana Grande-rella. – So, I didn’t find anything
at the thrift store. I kind of forgot that
thrift store shopping for plus-size women is just a hot, sassy nightmare. I’ve only got a few hours because, again, I overestimated
how much time I’d have. – I got a pair of shoes. They’re not Jellies, but I think they might be better. They wound up costing 25. So, all I need is
suspenders and a headband. – This thrift store provided
me with the best options, the best options for my character. Like literally, I walked in and it was like, wham-bam-bam-bam. My outfit is killer, and I think I’m gonna
win this competition. Before I was like, “No, it’s
all about Disneybounding, “it’s not about winning”. Imma win. Imma win and then, hopefully, my prize for winning is
tickets to Disneyland, cause I’ve never been
to Disneyland before. – I just went to my first store. I bought two things. One of which is not for this project. So, go me. I’ve also pivoted between
Ariel and Donald three times. So, I just finished shopping. I’m running very late. I’m hoping to get back in time. – Okay, so I have my look. It’s time to go put it all together. And I’m officially calling this my, Cinderella-Don’t-Need-No-Man look. Maybe-Cinderella-Needs-A-Woman look. That’s all I’m gonna say. (upbeat music) – Okay, so the ladies have completed their Disneybounding styling challenge, and I am going to be here to judge them. I’m gonna be giving them letter grades based on creativity and fidelity
to the actual character. I could be a little judgy. I’m also in a very judgy mood right now. So, who knows what’s gonna
come out of my mouth. I’m ready for my first contestant. Who’s first? (cheering) – [Freddie] Oh my god. – So I am Goofy. Specifically, from “A Goofy
Movie” with Powerline. I got my Powerline glasses.
– [Freddie] Yes. – And the best part about
this outfit, young Fred, is this is his day look.
– [Freddie] Oh! – I got a night look, too. – Let’s break down the outfit. – Okay. – So, you’ve got the little Kangol hat, LL Cool J happening, which I appreciate, and you have this yellow top. It’s looking like his tops are green. – It’s a yellowish-green.
– Uh-huh. – I hear you. If I know one thing about you, Fred, you love interpretations. – I do love interpretations!
– You love the 90s. – Yes, (laughter) – Okay we need less (bleep) kissing. (laughter) – You may not be able to get it, but wait til you see my night look. – Okay. (swoosing) – Oh, yes. Wait, this jacket and this hair. – So, Fred, I couldn’t find the vest. There’s a brown vest.
– Yes, I see the vest. – And I couldn’t find one
without making it look cheap. – You went for quality.
– I went for quality, and something that I would wear again. – Yes.
– I would wear all of these pieces again.
– Absolutely. – I got my Jellies going
– Yes. – I got my jacket, I got this skirt. – You tried to get me with the decades. (laughter) That’s what you did. You
knew what you were doing. – Well, we were told we were
having a fashion-forward judge, so, I decided to go for a fashion-forward Goof. – Okay. – I’m not Goofy. I’m Goof. With an accent over the E.
– Exactly. – I’m gonna give you a
B plus on Creativity, and I’m gonna give you a B minus on Fidelity to Character. So, you get a B. Yeah. – Alright, I’ll take it. I spent $91.
(cash register dings) – Okay. And you have two looks. – And I have two looks. – Did any of the other ladies do two looks? – No one said we couldn’t do two looks. – You know what? I’m gonna give you (drip sound)
an A minus. – Extra credit. (laughter) Extra credit. (swooshing)
– Hi, Fredricka. – Hi, lady. (soft orchestral music) Look at this. Now, I also love a good
monochromatic look, I will say that.
– I did know, that you liked that. (laughter) I am my take on Cinderella. (Freddie gasping)
(whimsical chimes) – Hence, Thank you. Hence, uh–
(laughter) – So, tell me about your inspiration here. Obviously it was Cinderella, but what made you kind of do more of a pant look, with the suspenders?
(laughter) – With the boob hoists? – With the boob hoists! (laughter) – So, Cinderella is
traditionally very feminine, because she is a Disney princess. So, just kind of like queer her up a little bit, and just make it
something where it’s like, oh, I would actually kind of wear this. – Wow. – And so I thought the suspenders would be a fun little touch to that. – I’m impressed. This is great.
– Wow. Thank you. – And I love a good monochrome. See, this is the thing, they know what I like. The booties, did you purchase these or did you already have them? – These are thrift store booties. These were $25. (soft orchestral music) Yeah. I spent a total of like, $42. (laughter) – I would say, Creativity–A plus, (Chantel gasps) and for Fidelity to Character, a– B plus.
– Okay. – So, that is like what a (drip sound)
A minus? – [Devin] Oh, neck and neck. – Wow, great job. I love it.
– Thank you, Fred! I got a high-five. (swoosing)
(light upbeat music) – Oh, hi! – Oh, hello! – Oh, hello!
– Hi! – Oh, hi! How’s it goin? – I like this make-up. – Oh, thank you (laughs). – This is fun. – You know your outfit is going well when the first compliment is (laughs) for your make-up. – No! The thing is, no one else really did make-up like that. Okay, what’s this look. I’m loving this. – Okay, you don’t know who I am? – No. (Swooshing)
I am Ariel. (laughter) – Okay. – I was starting to get
a little on-the-nose, and do like a full swim look.
– Yeah. – I also have a little
shell necklace here, (Freddie gasps) and a little star fish. – Oh, the detail! – And normally it’s kinda like she has sort of like a really skimpy top, – Yes. – And then also, sort of
like a covered bottom. So, I thought I’d do the opposite of that. – Switch it up. Do the inverse. – And I’m trying to do mermaid legs. (laughter)
– Yes. – To the best of my ability. Also, you can see my butt. – And I can see your butt, which is always a plus. – This is also like a
full-open back bathing suit. (laughs) (laughter) – Also, I just feel like
it’s very cute and fitting that you chose the Little Mermaid because (swooshing)
you’ve done Ursula, now you’re doing Ariel. I love the tie together. – Yup, I also left the tag on my shoes. (laughter) – And then you don’t have red hair, – I don’t. – But you did a red lip. – I did do a red lip. – I appreciate that. (laughter) Yes! Love this. – Love to compensate! Okay, I owned this already. This, I got at the mall, this I got at the mall, and this I got at the mall.
– Okay. – I spent $65.
– Okay. – I really like this. This is really good. I think I’m gonna give (drip)
you a B. – Thank you! Oh my gosh. That’ll get me into college.
(laughs) – Yes. I honestly am so impressed. – Aww. Thanks, Fred. – Yeah. – But now you have to pick a winner. – Oh! – Yup, everyone come back in! (swooshing) Okay, Fred. You must
decide on a winner now, so that you can go to your appointment. (Fred laughs) – One of your children is
better than the others, which one is it?
– Okay. So, Devin. I love that
you went the extra mile and a did a day look and a night look. – Thank you. – I also think you really killed it with getting these shades. They’re so on-point. They’re so iconic. Kristin, I love that you did the inverse, and just did like, swim suit, long-sleeve.
– I’m just like, look at all the things I did! – Yes. The jewelry. The fine detail. Look, you really killed it. Yes. And then, Chantel,
(triumphant music) you truly made this your own,
– [Kristin] This is wild. – And I love that you were like I want to switch this up
and make it different, but stay on theme and like stay on-brand for Cinderella. And then you have the sparkly headband, the choker, the sparkly boots that you found at the thrift store, and then you did the monochrome blue look. I think I’m gonna have to
crown Chantel the winner. (upbeat music)
(women gasp) – Wow! (laughter) – Wow. We are (bleeps), We’re like, (sarcastically) ‘Wow’. – (sarcastically) Oh, she’s the winner? (sarcastically) She wins? Thanks! – (sarcastically) Good for you, Chantel! – (sarcastically) Good for you! (laughter) – We’re now the evil step-sisters. (laughter) – We so are! (laughs) – Chantel-erella. – I feel like this is an honor, I feel like I never win
these style-type challenges. (laughter) – Yeah, I’m really impressed. I’m impressed with all three of you. – Oh, thank you. – But Chantel, you knocked
it out of the park. – Thank you, Fred. So, does the winner get to
go to Disneyland with you? – I mean, yes! The winner
does get to go to Disneyland with me, but so do all
the losers. (laughs) (women cheering) – You didn’t even play!
– I know. (laughing) – ‘You don’t even go here, Fred!’ (laughing) – Disneybounding! – Disney-tested, – (All together) Lady-bonded! – Yay! – I’ll wrap my legs around you. – Yay. (laughter) (upbeat music) – Hey! “Unsolved” is on a new channel, and now, your part, – [Together] Subscribe here. – That was my part.

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