Wall Push Ups For Beginners | How To

Wall Push Ups For Beginners | How To

Hi i am Rekha Ganguly. I am a fitness trainer.
i’ll show you how to do a wall pushup. Start facing wall arms length away with feet
slightly apart legs straight (but knees not locked). Place hands onto wall slightly wider
than shoulder-width apart. Keeping head in neutral position bend elbows to lower your
head/chest toward wall coming as close as you can to it but not touching it. Straighten
arms and return to starting position. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Do hit the like
button, if you wanna get fitter then subscribe to our channel.

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  1. Thanks For the Video….:)

  2. you have not shown the position of legs

  3. Love your channel. Please make more!!! Hopefully one day you get 1,000 subscribers! 😘


  5. Mam ..,how can i get bigger thighs

  6. I did 0-200 wall push ups….but I did stop at 50 PUSH UPS to stretch and I stop on 100 to stretch and then I stop on 150 to stretch and BOOOM 200 WALL PUSH UPS!!! IM A GOD

  7. صراحه مره تجنن انصحكم جربوها عن جد

  8. Allahim hic bir bok anlamadim

  9. Only came here cos I heard this gets bigger boobs😂😂

  10. Why don't you show the legs position? Are you ashamed of your ass and thighs?

  11. Kya wall press push ups se brest ka size badha sakte h .. increase ho sakta h agar haa tho ..1 mahine me kitna hoga ..tell as soon as possible

  12. I ain't no professional, but even I know that you don't flare you elbows. Dislike for me

  13. Your elbow posture are wrong madam . it should be inside the body not outside . please don't take otherwise I m not your enemy . or not insult you . thank you for read . jeet

  14. What about the legs?

  15. Can you tell me how much calories do we lose with this?

  16. U didn't show the postion of legs and feet

  17. U r hair looks so ugly sidehair

  18. Worst video I have ever seen

  19. You should have shown the position of the legs

  20. This sucks how are we supposed to place our legs.

  21. Do 100 in the shower if you want to be able to fit this in in the morning

  22. I can't understand legs position

  23. rip for those who can't even do wall pushup

  24. Tele brands Push up pump fitness pump

  25. Di plz make a video on palm pressing

  26. What about heal position

  27. loses a bet where loser has to do 10 push-ups

    Overweight white kid diagnosed with ADHD – does wall push-ups

  28. Poorly shot. Can't see the legs.

  29. Give new meaning to amateur.  WHAT ARE THE LEG/FEET POSITIONS?  Even orange-on-orange.  Get a grip.

  30. How knees not locked how to lock knees even ?can't get it

  31. U Should show the leg part also

  32. wtf you can't even show properly!!!

  33. This pushup Is useless you are barely pushing any weight

  34. A normal pushup is better then this, this is stupid

  35. You didn't show your legs?

  36. Awesome…….thank you! It feels good to do it proper! TY

  37. Useless video. Show the full body for an effective explanation.

  38. You should have shown the position of your legs🙄

  39. What about my legs nigga

  40. You failed to show how far the legs have to be placed from the wall

  41. Thank u very much! May Allah bless u now i know how to do it correctly thanks again

  42. Show the full posture!

  43. I wanna see the leg position 🙄

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