Wall Nanny® – Stop Baby Gates from Damaging Your Wall (2018)

Wall Nanny® – Stop Baby Gates from Damaging Your Wall (2018)

Meet Amy! Amy is a mother to a baby boy and a new puppy. Amy has become frustrated with the damage
and instability from her baby gates. Her gates slides, scratches, and EVEN Falls…thus,
creating an unsafe environment for her loved ones! Amy is CONSTANTLY having to repaint and repair
her walls and baseboards from damage caused by her gate. Thanks to the Wall Nanny, Amy’s problems
are solved! What’s the Wall Nanny? The Wall Nanny is a small wall protector that
has a soft rubber pad that fits perfectly between the pressure-mounted gate and the
wall. Now Amy’s gate won’t slip, slide, and scratch
her walls. and it’s the only one MADE in America! Amy loves the Wall Nanny because it comes
in two sizes and multiple colors. The rubber lettering on the back creates traction
to help stabilize the gate so no slipping or damage occurs. The Wall Nanny – Keeping walls safe…and
little wanderers safer! Get Yours Today!

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  1. Where can I buy these? Our son knocks our gate over constantly

  2. Awesome product and video. Wish I would have known about this sooner!

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