Wall Art Using a Fabric Panel

Wall Art Using a Fabric Panel

Welcome to SewVeryEasy, my name is Laura. And we are going to make wall art. Wall art is very easy to make and you don’t need a lot of supplies. You’re going to need thread which will match your fabric, your fabric—any fabric of your choice, or you can use a fabric panel. I’m going to use a fabric panel from Suzybee, and it’s a growth chart. I haven’t seen a growth chart in a long time, so I want to make this growth chart. The other thing that’s going to make this really really easy is a very stiff interfacing. Now this is from Pellon, it’s called Peltex and you can get it in fusible and a sew-in. I’m going to use the sew-in model because it’s going to be very very easy to use. It is like a cardboard so it’s a fabric cardboard so it’s going to keep the project very stiff and flat, and that’s what I want for wall art. So let’s get started at this very easy project. So to start with you’re going to need your front fabric and you’re going to need your back fabric, and they’re going to have to match up in size. So in order to do that, you might have to add a border. In this case I’m going to add a border all the way around on both the front and the back sides because that border is going to make the wall art appear framed so it’s going to have a pre-frame on it, and there’s no binding on it. So I’m going to sew the strips of fabric and I have 2″ strips of fabric that I’m going to sew all the way around on both the front and the back. The front and the back have been done. I’ve put a border fabric all the way around so that I could square up this panel, and I also took the seams and pressed them flat. Having them flat is going to give a nice flat look to the front so it will still look like a wall art. The next thing that’s important are the front and the back are identical in size, and they’re also square. They should start with a measurement here and if it’s 15″, it’s got to end up with 15″ at the top because you will need to slide in the interfacing, so it does need to be square. We’re going to make little hanging brackets so that we’re able to put in a little dowel to hang up the wall art. So the first thing you’re going to need to do is make your little brackets, and they’re very easy. Take a square of fabric. This is 6″. Fold it in half and give it a nice press. Now for the bottom you’re going to want to place it right in the corner, raw sides together, and just stitch ⅛” just to hold it in place in one corner and in the other corner. So the little corners are sewn on and it’s to the bottom of the back. Now for the top you, need to take your squares that have been folded in half, place them right in each corner so that the raw sides are all out and the folded side is just the same as the bottom is: Into the inside. Now you’re able to match up your seams and pin. Once you have all your layers pinned together, you’re going to sew this together. And starting at the bottom you’re going to leave an opening, and you’re going to start in one corner, backstitch, and sew all the way around the quilt, stopping again so that there’s an opening, and backstitch. Now you need a good-sized opening because that interfacing has to go through that opening. So it’s been all sewn together; now you need to trim off this little corner. And just take your scissors and snip that corner off on an angle and not, of course, cutting those little threads. So now you need to cut this Peltex and it’s going to fit to the inside measurements, not the outside measurements, so you’re going to measure from the inside of the sewing line to the inside of the sewing line on both the width and the length, and cut this to that measurement. So this heavy interfacing is cut to the inside measurements. Take this and turn it right-sides out and press it nice and flat. Now this little triangle piece that you added should face the back. If it doesn’t, just take it and flip it to the back. Poke out all of your corners and give it a nice press. So it’s all pressed and we have the corners nicely in the back on the four sides. Now with this opening you’re going to slide this in. Now you can take this and just give it a little bit of a fold, and then you’re going to be able to take it and slide it in. So the Peltex is inside and it is perfectly in the enclosed area. Make sure that the corners are in the proper area and that the seams line up nicely on the outside. Now if it’s a little puffy, that’s alright because when you get it to the iron and you give it a press, it is going to press nice and flat. Where you had your opening, all you need to do is tuck your seams in and do some hand-stitching along this edge just to close it up. So it’s nice and flat and if you have a problem with it just give it a good pressing with steam. Leave it flat on the surface until the item dries, and then it will remain nice and flat. You can see it really is like a piece of cardboard. It’s all pressed and now you have these little corners, and in there will fit a dowel. You’ll be able to hang it up with the dowel. If you put the dowel on the top and the bottom it’ll keep it nice and flat. You’re done. So here you go. It’s a quick and easy project to make. What’s great about this, you can make it any size. So if you have a spot on your wall that needs to have a piece of art on it, this is a very easy solution. What’s really nice about this as you can use that fabric that’s, well, ‘way too pretty to cut into. And you can change it seasonally or whenever you want to. Thank you for joining me today onSewVeryEasy. Feel free to subscribe and, as always, come on back and let’s see what we’re sewing next time
in the sewing room. Bye for now!

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