Villa Romana (Roman Villa) Latin Minecraft

Villa Romana (Roman Villa) Latin Minecraft

Hello everyone! My name is ComicHippo. Today we will be learning about the Roman Country House. Here is the Roman Country House. Rich families came to their country house so that they might be able to get away from the city. It was almost like a vacation for these families. Now, we will enter the house! This is the atrium. The atrium held the impluvium and guests would wait here. The impluvium would hold water from the compluvium. The atrium also held the family bedrooms. This bedroom has a different pattern from this bedroom. Now, the kitchen! Behold the kitchen! The slaves and slave-women would prepare food in the kitchen. In the kitchen you can find grapes, grain, apples, and other foods. Some slaves even slept in the pantry. The best wine was also prepared in the kitchen. Most Roman hallways would be decorated with spectacular paintings. This is one of my favorites. Behold the bathroom! This bathroom was used by the family and guests. It has toilets and baths. It also has racks to hang up your toga. Behold the shrine! Shrines were dedicated to household gods called Lares. Sometimes these Lares were deceased family members. Here is the study. The study was where the father or master of the household would usually be. But, don’t bother him while he is sitting here! Here is the barn. Inside, you will find animals such as horses, sheep, and cows. This place is too loud, let us go to a quieter place! Behold the peristyle garden. This garden was typically at the center of the Roman Country House, it was used as a place of relaxation. There was also a shed nearby containing tools and was used by slaves. Some nicer masters even let slaves have forms of entertainment, like instruments. Finally, the dining room! The dining room was one of the most elegant rooms in the Roman Country House, and also one of the biggest! It had enough space for the family and even some guests. The best food was brought here especially when there were guests. This was also a place for relaxation. That finishes up the tour of the Roman Country House! I’m off to go ward off some Germans! Remember to Like, Comment, and Subscribe for more future content! Goodbye everyone!

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  1. this was actually super cool

  2. I have no idea what you are saying but it sounds really cool and it looks like you had fun making it. It looks great!

  3. Salve plurimum, ComicHippo!

    Papae! Haud credere possum. Optime fecisti! Omnia mihi valde placuerunt. Habes etiam subtitulos, perbelle!

    Bene valeas,

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