Video that will change your life – please watch If you feel lost, alone or trapped

Video that will change your life – please watch If you feel lost, alone or trapped

It’s unbelievable how little genuine encouragement many people need and how and how they have not like maybe if you got hold them when they were young, you could teach them the value of expressing themselves and competing or doing something where you get like positive feedback from your effort, and I think that some people they just They don’t they don’t ever get that. No one ever said to the man meant it It’s not okay for you to be Weak loser It’s not. Okay, and the reason it’s not okay is because you could be way more than that There’s somebody sitting on right now There’s a young ten year old kid sitting on that don’t that will follow them and he’s ready that’s on the game He’s ready to give up I’m telling you don’t give me And don’t ever give up. It’s a crime an ethical crime For you to allow all that Necessary potential to go to waste it hurts you it hurts your family. It hurts the world really really it does and So when someone gets that from someone like you when they they they get that that fuel That intangible fuel that you get when you get inspired by somebody They it’s so emotional because it’s a really is like you gave them a gift and that gift We model ourselves after other successful people. We do it all the time Hopefully if everything goes great You model yourself off your parents or you model yourself after your uncle your brothers and sisters or whoever it is that’s around you that seems to be exceptional and That fuels people it helps people. It means a lot to people Sometimes people don’t have that so they got to look inward. My dad beat this shit on me was growing up and Beat the shit out of me this year. You know, I love my mom There was an instant one time when my mom got knocked out on top of the stairs and they drug her down the stairs by Her hair it at six years old. I’ll never forget this in my mind. I was always afraid My whole life I was afraid but I had this voice this this conscience that would always be battling me said hey You got to get up and do something. I didn’t want to do shit You know, I was just afraid and I have a big time learning disability Can my dad didn’t believe in us going to school? So when I went to school, I was all kind of, you know, my learning disability. I had social anxiety I was just a jacked up kid from living in this tortured home Sometimes You don’t find someone for a long time and then when you do it changes your whole life you find someone maybe it’s just a YouTube video and it’s you saying it’s still your Motherfucking set and it’s you just pushing people and telling people to go get after it And what changed I came home watch this Discovery Channel show On class 2:24 I came home from Steak N Shake I sprayed it down last get a big ol large 42 ounce shake walk across the street and get a box of mini doughnuts from 7-eleven So while I’m driving home to the TV on him, but comes on just cover each other. So and That’s what everything changed for me. I Lost the show and it made me reflect Big-time on the piece of shit that I am and I’m exactly what people said. I was going to be and I sat there and said this is my life this Is it and I said this ain’t gonna be it for me so in that restaurant I quit my job And I started working out like somebody I was I became the most obsessed person on the planet Earth So when I was a kid, I found an educator whose talents I liked as educated I found people who are moral and I would follow them and and I found people great athletes and I only honored the athletic part of their lives It’s so sad that so many of these men, you know They’ve not had an encouraging bloody word a real encouraging word in their entire life. It just takes a little bit of the encouragement and care so that they’re willing to accept themselves straight to some degree and start trying it’s just a Catastrophe that that’s that’s so rare in their lives. What if you don’t want to do anything? You don’t have any Goals or obsessing and all thing I can tell you is find something. Do you have anything that you love is? Anything that you love anything that you like to do then, you know start there. Do I try my best but Is it victory in that God damn, right it is it’s a beautiful thing when you go to bed at night Getting ready to close your eyes days over taking a breath You realized even if you fucked it up really bad Didn’t stick to your plan Didn’t do the things you said you were going to do at the beginning of the day It doesn’t matter anymore because the time is gone You can’t get it back and you got to get some sleep man, because you’ve got all these grand visions in your head But tomorrow it’s gonna be different You’re gonna get up you’re gonna get some exercise what steps next you need to take to become successful in a way that you want to then morning comes It’s very challenging To act to do those things at times when you’re looking at if you say I know I need to do this But I don’t feel like I don’t want to do it. I know I need to do it yet. Leave me alone No, you never say no you never say. Hey, you’ve done don’t you ever sell your body? It can’t get done. Even if you feel in your heart. It can be done. You all say it out loud Are you willing to do it knowing that you got so much work to do to get it better to get it more? Perfect. But are you willing to do it inside your imperfection? Do you realize that in your imperfection? You’re perfect for the job. It is impossible until some crazy start of it has the audacity to believe that no matter what the expert or the doctor says I Can still do this They’re winners they’re losers and There are people who have not discovered how to win and all they need is some coaching All they need is some help that assistance just a little support All they need is some insight or different strategy a plan of action to make some adjustments That will open up the key to a whole new future for them that will give them access to the unlimited power But they have within themselves. That’s all that they need Morning always comes There it is, man Morning night morning night Where’s counter morning comes you open your eyes all of a sudden You’ve got a different mindset and by the time you get from your bedroom kitchen There’s mr. Ugly-ass mister resistance Riding you poking at you making fun of you? Telling you that all those things that you wanted to make important today All those things that you wanted to do because they give your life a purpose and a meaning and a worthiness But they don’t mean shit every day Is an opportunity? for you to start taking control of your life and fulfilling your destiny Paying attention to your inner voice not the voices that fucking dumb ask mr. Resistance You think that successful people have some lucky charm well, let me tell you something I woke up this morning I couldn’t find my fucking lucky charm. I and other successful people Wake up every day doing the same thing fighting Fighting back against the distractions the fears the doubts And we learn over time we build into a habit to spend more time having control instead of more time being out of control It does matter It mattered last night when you laid down and you put your head on a pillow You were going to get up this morning and you were gonna make it matter Everything you did. Today we’re going to do today was going to have a purpose behind it. It was Boise matters Don’t Yourself so what I want you to do is is think about Something you want for you? That’s real for you that’s important for you. That will give your life some special meaning and power And I don’t even want you to say I can do that I don’t want you to assume that You got an idea you want to move on you might not have the money you might not have the education you Might not have the support or the resources you need. What is that something that? Can keep us going that will enable us to act on our dream. What’s one of those keys Say it’s possible. It’s all I want you to do. When you look at your dream. You say to yourself every day. It’s possible Let’s say that every day Giselle is possible. It begins to change your belief system to the way in which we operate It’s a manifestation of what we believe what’s copper before

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  1. You're not a bad person. You're a very good person, who bad stuff has happened too. your circumstances din't define you, your choices do.
    This is a message for everyone, the visuals are only symbolism to portray a message.
    I wanted to make this video mainly for people who don't understand that the mistakes they have made and the bad places you have come from don't have to define you.
    The only. thing that defines you is the person you decide to be today. Choose better for yourself and the people you love, it's possible.

    Some people grow up without role models and don't know what is possible but luckily through the internet we can choose which contented to watch and learn lessons from incredible people.

    Many of the speakers in this video have been through unimaginable struggles and they still prevailed. Hopefully you can gain something from them.

  2. Be imperfect and start having fun

  3. Great inspirational video. Thanks for this!

  4. I want to raise my kids right

  5. Jordan Peterson is such a fraud – watch Vox Day's videos on him

  6. Im 27 and honestly feel like such a failure. Not to just myself but tp my family and my friends. Lately ive felt pretty decent because i left my previous job that screwed up my mental state. But out of nowhere, my feelings of depression has come back to me. I watch these videos to help try to help and inspire me. It does at times but usually right as i wake up, that inspiration is gone. I dont know. Im just kind of ranting right now and in need of help.

  7. I'm not the one who gave up first of all you think you no what I've been doing but nobody does because I'm not telling no one I'm alone I got no support just constant head games put downs I'm doing alright I don't care what people think say believe you either are down for me to the fullest or not and right now it's me I'm telling you I'm gonna make stuff happen so don't judge me watch me it ain't about you you chosed to quit on me that's coo you don't trust believe in me just constantly lifting me up one day and talking down on me the next I'm gonna do what he wants to do people can judge all they want but the only one I got to prove myself to is myself and the Lord the people that judge other people ain't no better there's always gonna be an obstacle or challenge for everyone it don't matter how much money gifts or anything like that comes your way there's more to life than using your time to judge people that's the Lord's place not anyone elses you can keep thinking whatever your beutiful heart desires but until your around me don't judge a book by its cover I can't believe how you are with me it freaking blows my mind but enough said I don't need to explain to nobody nothing I just gotta stand tall and don't fall and if I do fall pick myself up wipe the dust and continue I don't care about you hurting me anymore I'm used to it I'm more a man than you think you just don't want to see it you think of me bad so that's on you go with whoever your beutiful heart desires I smessed up and gave my heart to someone I thought I could trust with it and it's done nothing but been pushed away hurt and stomped to the ground I don't have a heart the way I feel I will come on top I've fought all my life to stay alive I'm still here this ain't getting harder it's getting easier you want me to fall I'm gonna fight till I can't no more and when it's time only the Lord nos heck it makes me wonder the Lord blesses us with gifts takes it away plays with all of us always gotta go through these obstacles I believe I just don't understand why we gotta hurt all the time are faith is strong believe trust all I'm having is problems and it ain't because of the Lord it's because people are evil they say they're with God's way but yet there doing the devil's belief to one another
    and think there doing good Everytime you feel like hurting me or putting me through more stress problems pain remember who you believe and have faith in before you go doing something I think the only one who needs work is the person who can't forgive love and have faith and believe that we were married through the Lord's home if he new we weren't good together I don't think we would've gotten married in his home we would've got married in a back yard or someplace else besides in the Lord's home I feel getting married in his home that that's who he wants me with I don't regret marrying you your the one with regrets shame hate embarrassed everything you can possibly think I'm ugly on the outside I look like ugly but I no when I die I no I'm going to heaven I'm gods soldier I'm a dang good person the good people finish last remember that I'm happy I'm just gonna keep walking and whatever comes my way weather bad or good I'm gonna keep walking there's nothing I'm doneexplaining how I feel it don't matter nobody cares and waste of time and breath I'm done 😎

  8. Goosepimples. What a video. 😎Well done 👍

  9. I found out everyone I ever loved, literally never loved me and never will.

    Extremely suicidal lately, but still torn between having my first traditionally published novel and suicide.

    It's a real tough choice.

    I consider living, but I highly doubt my miserable life will give me my big break and the peace I never had.

    But if I kill myself, there goes my chance at being a traditionally published author and I might cease to exist earlier than what fate has in store for me.

    I guess I'm just rambling now, but I truly know my entire life was all for nothing and there might never be that worthwile thing or big accomplishment in my life.

    And it terrifies the hell out of me.

    I don't know what to do. But I'm not dead yet. That guy in the vid said something about you giving up will just let that potential be a waste, or something like that. I don't want to give up, but I also do want to.

    May I find my big break someday and paradise.

  10. We're all gonna succeed. Trust the process guys.

  11. I needed this so much….

  12. Intangible fuel <3

  13. I didn't feel lost, alone or trapped, but I still needed to watch this video.

  14. The ending music is motivating af re use it pleassssee

  15. The World is bad, just become More Badder than the Universe.

  16. Light of the Seven ⭐⭐

  17. 😠 females have it easier In this world than males do

  18. bro' Nice work… and thank you you made my day

  19. I burst out crying at 6:16. I realize no one will care, but, wow.

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  21. deciding to take a year off college. im scared, but im prusuit my soccer dream i have 3 chances this year. i hope i make it

  22. I’m alone, depressed and old. I watched my life go by being used and hurt by people who I thought cared for me. Now, for a number of years, I have turned to opioids to numb my brain and life and now I don’t care if I’m alive or dead the very next day. That is my current life is. The only friend is the drug that numb me each day. My LIFE is OVER! 😞

  23. Thank you so much for assembling and sharing this, truly. Until I saw this, it was as if I was thinking that it was not permitted to make a case for all those other than who had already succeeded and were surrounded by people who approve and encourage them. Because it seemed like such an attempt would be no more than an excuse. But oh these overlooked ones really matter! All that they could be if only they had someone to let them know that they really can be other than what they currently are, despite all the bad things and constant absences that have happened in the past. Thank you for thinking of those who had an encouraging figure absent from their lives. In my life, I have never actually encountered anyone who once made the case for them. I was ashamed of my background and personal history, and so I basically believed my whole life that it was already set that I couldn’t be anything. This video had definitely impacted me, not so much out of my own consideration, but that it affirms that people actually are aware and care about real overlooked persons who are not what they may be. I wanted to be a person who would continue to grow into making a difference in specifically such people’s lives, but I had found myself getting super discouraged and beat. This raises me back up. For so long, I really did believe and didn’t doubt that i was a bad person. Thank you for recognizing this reality about people.

  24. Diagnosed with autism short term memory lost most off my savings from being ripped off buy friends as I understand I am easy target also I battle rare bowl diagnosis 11 surgeries in 10 years its been hell

  25. I lost all my friends i told them i don't want to be friends because one of them she always called me names and i was about to give up until i found this 💝

  26. If you’re reading this you’re beautiful and loved💜💜💜

  27. having GOT soundtrack as the background has made this video more powerfull!

  28. I hate to give up

  29. I've always loved, I've never received love.
    I've spread myself so thin I forgot about myself.
    I'm still here
    All this time I've had GOD BY MY SIDE, I'm not alone, but I feel it sometimes.
    I don't fit in anywhere, I cannot talk to p who are not likeminded.
    I stick out like a sore thimb.
    I'm tired of judgemental humans.
    I'm alone but I'm never lonely.
    I have awuired love from pets, they love me unconditionaly.
    I've awuired blessings from GOD.
    I'm headed to jerusalem.
    God is going to surround me with a ring of fire.
    I'm no longer by myself.

  30. This honestly gave me hope, and let me know im not alone, if only more people could watch it ❤️

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  32. I always thought the weakest suffer the most but it's actually the strongest which have gone through it all.

  33. I want to die everyday ..what else is new

  34. I’m devastated, lost my job, got kicked out from school on my last semester with a gpa above 3.4, overdrafted my student account, have 3 months of rent due, no friends, no girlfriend, no family, alcohol failed to help, drugs failed to help, God failed to help. I’m done. Tomorrow I pull the plug. 🙁

  35. 6:11 i love that bit

  36. Rock solid! Love this video. The circumstances do not define us. Our choices do.

  37. "It's not okay to be a weak, loser" interesting choice of words.

  38. It's facki…s..t.. I wanted to give up so many times but something deep into my soul just keep me moving on .. I have no explanation from where I have this energy and power to move on… To keep positives thought .. Unbelievable what human being can do.,

  39. Did Jordan not get encouraged by his dad? Sounded like he wanted to cry..

  40. Great vid really needed this at this time in my life thank you and God bless you

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  42. Meditation will be the new medicine. Who am I to believe this? I am proof….
    Love you allllllllllllllllllllllllllll

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  48. The video is great but too bad this music is negative and too loud to catch the motivation without feeling stressed or under pressure. Counter productive for me, but is personal.

  49. i can aknowledge. i recently had a friend and his wife telling me to get out of my depression and sbowing some attention/love. it changed my mindstate to not give up.

  50. I give my kids that encouragement I never got if it's the only thing I ever do that's really all I'm here for now.

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  52. best motivational video EVER, WOWWWWWWWW, bravooo

  53. Why We live In this word? Video will change your life.. Just Wach

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  56. Ain't going to change anybody lives some people are simply better than others

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  59. 😓 pain in temporary but giving up will last forever
    Idk if I make it to my 30's

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    I need a coach …

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    Also check out

  77. You are never alone there are people a message away that understand. Never be afraid, be strong. I needed this vid

  78. I promised I would stop being the same person every single day wake up in the morning go through hell go to bed it just happens again and again I promised myself to stop doing that I feel like I’m not going anywhere but now I watch this video I feel motivated

  79. Who's going to beat me to making a real support group larger than "AA" or any medical/psychological program to ever exist!?!?!? I'm absolutely positive it'll be a very lucrative business because we ALL hit walls that we need a little help from someone to get over.


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  82. Some times you need a push a Shove something to believing in yourself isn’t easy also isn’t hard some people decide their whole life their going to make excuses why their aren’t successful already the human body is strong as long as you believe it as much as you want to breath fresh air my brothers and sisters don’t waste time life isn’t guaranteed so make your mark show your existence can’t buy back time

  83. Everyone told me I will be nothing in this life and they was right.

  84. One Human Being at a Time; is what we have right now, to share this little light of ours, go therefore and let your light shine and bring some comfort into another's life.

  85. I’m 19 years old rn and I’ve been going through hell battling my self mentally every single day and I don’t have a lot of people to tell me to keep moving forward or to reach for any big goals or even to stay alive but listening to these inspirational people that have accomplished so much on there on is what’s really pushing me forward

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  94. Watching things like this piss me off because it's true but I'm so far gone that it's hard not to think negative! I hate positive people, I hate everything wrong with me, hate hate hate is all I know.

  95. I needed to see this today, thanks so much. I had the dream job that I absolutely loved and got really good at over the 16 years of doing it, but as much as I hate to admit I was bullied out of it that's what happened. They mistaken my Spirituality for Witchcraft and got into my mind. It's all I really know after 16 years but maybe theres more to come than I'm seeing right now, I hope. I just feel so lossed and miss my job.

  96. As long as everything has a monetary value… there will be poverty, despair and the meaningless!

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