VERY EASY – Best Concrete Related Gift Ideas – Gifts for Your Wife

VERY EASY – Best Concrete Related Gift Ideas – Gifts for Your Wife

1sand + 3 cement 1sand + 3 cement

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  1. Very nice Gifts for my wife

  2. nice very very nice vedio keep it up

  3. Omg to the point!!

  4. Hermoso regalo! Hecho por sus propias manos tiene muchísimo valor. Se nota el amor en cada detalle.

  5. Nnooopppeeee…..honestly this didnt work for me

  6. What the stupid gift is this a gift..??? How is it useful to your wife…tell me honestly that do you accept if the same item is gifted to you by your wife…????..

  7. Amei meus parabéns 👏👏
    Ganhou mais uma inscrita kkk
    BOA NOITE muito Obrigada

  8. I think it's cute you go guys

  9. Wow. Terrible.

    I changed my mind. I made this and my wife put her sex on me. For two days. Then she said I could do a threesome. And I asked Demi Lovato. She asked if I made this concrete mushroom artwork, I said “yes, I did very much make this”. And Demi Lovato said “wow. I will sex with you and your supermodel wife. Let’s get on it fast!” We sexed on the penis and the vaginas and the hineys for a whole week. Make this concrete guys. It will make sex on you!

  10. Never play with concrete with bare hands…only idiotz do that….use gloves or equipment…its not clay.

  11. Its seems that nobody is telling what materials are being used. For absolute beginners it won't work😕

  12. Kya bakwaas hai ye🙄

  13. Pakatagal sa paggagawa ng paa ng mushroom !

  14. Perfeito, belíssimo trabalho. beijos dicas e artes

  15. Stupid idea… For decoration it is ok but gift fr wife… A big noooo..
    Waise itni mehnat kon se husbnd ne kerni ha?? Even wife b ni kerti

  16. Это что за хуйня колхозная получилась?

  17. I first thought he's making dick lmfaooooooooo

  18. How can be make a this plate

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