Using Contour Points For Making Roofs – Live Home 3D Pro for Mac Tutorials

Using Contour Points For Making Roofs – Live Home 3D Pro for Mac Tutorials

In this video we will concentrate on roof
editing with the help of contour points. One of the most frequent scenarios of using
the contour points is creation of a custom dormer or roof segment similar to the one
used in this project. Here is how we can do it: – create a room in 2D; – using Roof Rect or Roof Poly tools add a
roof above; I’ll use the Roof Rect and Hip roof type; – double click on the roof contour to enter
edit mode ( – now we can move the corner points and add
the new ones, but we are mostly interested in adding points; – at the edge of this section add two points
as close as possible one to another; – another two points should be added here
to make a symmetrical roof segment; – what we should do now is to zoom in as close
as possible and place one point in front of another; the same should be done with the
other pair; – once we zoom out, we see that this operation
created a new section on the roof side; it can also be seen in 3D. So we just need to select it and change its
type to Gable or Hole, using the Object Properties tab of the Inspector. Now we can adjust the overhang and also change
the angle of adjacent roof segments. Of course, the material of this section can
be changed to bricks. We can also drag and drop a window to it from the Object Library. Well, looks like we achieved what we wanted
to. With the help of contour points we can create
a roof almost any type and shape. In our next video we will show you some examples of more
complicated roofs and describe steps to create them.

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