UNK celebrates Plambeck Center, a game-changer for early education

UNK celebrates Plambeck Center, a game-changer for early education

All right, are we ready? One, two, three. This project is gonna change things. It’s not only gonna change
it in Kearney and Nebraska, but I’m telling you, I
believe that we’ll change it for the world as well. This will become the first,
first, public university in the nation, to make a commitment. It’s hard for me to say this. Make a commitment to Montessori
education at this level. This is vital to the
field of early education because it is the foundation of all the other
professions that are here. We’re relaying the love, the hates, the drives, and the desires of everything that you’re
going to experience as you go on through life. And so, it is critical and I am thrilled at this
point, to be able to say, yes, this is a profession. I’m in the profession of early childhood. No more of this daycare stuff. They’ve got to have the college degree. They’ve gotta come in with
this professional attitude. So I’ve been tellin’ people, you know, you’re gonna be blown
away by the building. I didn’t realize that it was that little, that you were gonna be by the
building and be blown away, but this is our first look at the LaVonne Kopecky Plambeck Early Childhood Education Center. It is exciting. You’re gonna get a chance
for the first time to go in and see the product of all
the planning, the ideas, the desires, and the passion. Not only did we introduce this to the University of Nebraska system, but we’re introducing this
to the State of Nebraska. You will see people from
all over the country come to look at, not only what
goes on inside the building, but to do research, to help train, not only children, but educators who will go across the State
of Nebraska and hopefully raise the level of early
childhood education all across our state. But this building I think more than any represents the dreams
and the promise we have to the taxpayers at the State of Nebraska. We’re gonna take care of your children. We’re gonna educate ’em. And a lot of times at the university, we’re doing that at the older age. Now we’re gonna take care
of ’em from beginning until we get them professionally educated in a wide variety of ways. This is much more than a building. It is a signal to children, and families, to our students, and to the community, that we are making an
investment in the future. An investment is the very best care for our youngest students. In the next generation of educators and in our state’s workforce
and quality of life. The facility will also advance and create new partnerships
within the university system. And at the community,
state, and national levels. Those partnerships include, not just UNK, but also the University
of Nebraska Medical Center and Buffett Early Childhood Institute. On behalf of the University of Nebraska, congratulations to Kearney and UNK on a wonderful accomplishment. I’m excited to see where our
partnerships will take us next. The future is very bright.

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  1. congratulations UNK and lavonne  so proud of you and your accomplishments   this is huge! <3

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