[Unity] Particle Distort Texture Shaders + Particle Effects Library

[Unity] Particle Distort Texture Shaders + Particle Effects Library

Good day. Thank you for joining us Today we are proud to present our latest product for Unity: “Particle Distort Shader Package” If you are eager to put any effect in this video into your game then you are in luck The package is now on sale in Unity Asset Store for a fairly low price The links to the web player demo, asset store item and documentation are in the video description below All links will be shown now and at the end of this video just in case Now we will briefly summarize our new shader Particle Distort Shader is divided into 4 times 2 variant shaders. They are differed by the 2 blending modes: additive and alpha blended and 4 kinds of distortion behaviours: Scroll, Circular, X and Scale As with other Unity built-in particle shaders, these shaders receive RGB and alpha values from the particle system to change the resultant color and opacity of the particle texture All variant shaders require three textures: The first one “_MaskTex” draws the actual area shown of each particle by the alpha of the texture For billboard particle, usually a glow texture suffices The second “_Distort” texture bends the third “_MainTex” The distortion level samples the alpha value of “_Distort” texture. So for smoother distortion, the “_Distort” texture should be blurrier “_MainTex” is the base texture which fetches both RGB and alpha values unlike the previous two textures There are two sets of parameters: The first pair, “Distortion in X/Y”, changes the magnitude of distortion of “_MainTex” The second slider, “Alpha Multiplier”, thickens the resultant color To scroll the particle distortion effect constantly, you need to add our UV scrolling script to the particle system prefab Change the values of x and/or y will create dynamic motion of the particle texture Our premade particle effect library provides various effects of fairy light, dynamic fire, sea wave, fluid smoke and blood That’s all for now. Please try out our products for Unity Be sure to subscribe to our channels and FaceBook group If you have any question or suggestion, leave your comment below or email us See you

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  1. can i use this in a
    3D direct X compatible game?

  2. Looks great. When will a Unity 5 version be available?

  3. Hi just want to confirm that this shader can work in mobile right? No lag right? Sorry i'm beginner 🙂

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