Unboxing & Drawing with EXPENSIVE drawing models

Unboxing & Drawing with EXPENSIVE drawing models

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  1. Clip studio paint has 3d models built in. Very useful and very handy.

  2. RE eBay: once bought a ‘secondhand’ purse that replaced one that was stolen. I really liked it.
    I got the bag, & IMMEDIATELY the Vendor lost her fool mind sending me increasingly hostile messages demanding immediate payment. I was on an out-of-country 💢roaming charges💢 road trip, so I couldn’t get phone or wifi for 36 hours. I had a TORRENT of threatening messages pile up from her. I paid her

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    Total psycho (the photos of the bag didn’t have a burn inside it.)

  3. Nu mai vorbi atât de mult proastă. Îți dau muie. Sugi căcatu

  4. No link to where you bought them?

  5. Wait I just bought both of those last month!!!!!

  6. How much you payed for that?

  7. I just had a quick look in google, around $40 to $60 tops per figure, sorry to say but that is not: Sooooo expensive!

  8. boycott gillete!…. hahaha

  9. Looks of nerdecrafter
    Personality of Moriah Elizabeth

  10. If I can decide what action figure to get I'll just buy this.

  11. there are some that i found on wish for 18 dollars for 2

  12. Seen these in china shops for 5 to 10 dollars free shipping. I'll say fuck ebay all the way and back.

  13. Thank you so much for confirming against ebay because I saw these on eBay and there were really bad reviews so I wasn't sure. Are there any safe sites you could recommend to get these?
    Also, thanks for showing how these work. Very informative. 😁

  14. I got one of these online and it came with two broken parts rip
    Regardless, it is still very poseable

  15. How expensive were they again?

  16. I only have one because someone’s package arrived at my door from South Carolina (I’m in Florida) so…

  17. Ps the peach one also comes with all the items

  18. I dont understand why anyone would seriously think they could learn to draw using daft little mannequins. Lay out some cash on attending a life drawing class. Get enough people together and hire a model. Its the best way.

  19. If you want a more less expensive and bigger doll, there is the Made-To-Move Barbie that has all the joints that these dolls have except extra hands and stuff.

  20. They sell the models on wish.

  21. where do you buy these toys?

  22. I bought them brand new. They broke on the first day .. -_-

  23. So how expensive, is expensive?

  24. Amazon is only 17 to 30

  25. I just find naked photos of woman and draw them oof

  26. I have these! And yeah it sucks that you can’t raise the girls arms

  27. Oh my god i was about to buy them from Ali Express the price was cool

  28. this is so wrong how dare they say there are only two options for sex and only one option for body type…this embodies everything wrong with the world… just kidding but I'm sure nobody was surprised

  29. I kinda feel like you should only use it as a reference on the side just to help you. And it’s better to not trace. :))))

  30. you should've bought an action man figure. Bandai's Body-kun is £114 – 180 on ebay +p+p

  31. these are like 20-30$ on Amazon

  32. Stop saying, "these ones". The word "these" implies more than "one".

  33. I found those on Amazon for 10-25$

  34. You should be sponsored by Gillette razer

  35. If you’re worried about breaking or bending the ball & socket joint for the interchangeable hands, just pop some Vaseline or something similar on to lubricate.

    24,99 € is the PRICE !  = 

    IS CHEAP !!!


  37. It seems most people are buying the knockoffs?

  38. ;-; can someone pass me the link where to buy them pls

  39. Is there a link to say where you purchased them? I would like to buy one. 🙂

  40. I got those from…


  41. I really like this! I want one too! XD Also once you notice the face on the laptop move you cant look away.

  42. They aren’t that expensive! I got mine from japan for $49.99 when they first came out, I would it paid $99.99 if have to, I wanted it this models figures since I was a kid. I was using my brother as a model 😂😂😂… I will follow your page because you’re wearing my favorite colors “black & red” ⚫️🔴⚫️🔴🖤❤️

  43. love your locks!

  44. I recommend amazon

  45. They have an app called Easy poser and it’s basically this but free and I think it’s personally better

  46. Have u thought about paint one of them into a mini u

  47. 99% of people say thise are super shit…i wonder what the truth is.

  48. "Did you see anything?" " No sir. I didn't see you playing with your dolls again!"

  49. I got them from for about like 20bucks

  50. there's no such thing as perfect

  51. I got 1 for £14.99

  52. These figures are super neat, tho if you buy them, be aware that they can come with a LOT of small (and some bigger) flaws.
    For example this is a list of flaws/faulty parts on the Body-kun I bought:
    – one wrist joint keeps coming apart and has limited movement. Because of this, exchanging the hands is very hard and I am often afraid to do it at all because I feel like I might break something
    – one elbow joint was built in upside down which results in the elbow moving in the right direction but at the wrong point so the arm always looks disproportionate if bent. I tried fixing it but the joints are riveted, so there's nothing you can do about it
    – one knee is loose and won't stay in pose
    – one leg is longer than the other
    – one foot is nearly immoveable
    – the head keeps popping off at the slightest movement

    – I keep having to fasten the screws on the stand like every other day because the become loose immediately
    In day to day use, those things just add up and quickly become annoying to have to work around all the time. Tho I still like using the figure for hard to figure out poses. It's helped me a bunch of times, tho I gotta say I wouldn't buy the figure again. I'd honestly rather spend more than 25 bucks (which is what I paid for this one) and get a more high-quality figure instead.

  53. Ummmmm I got both of these on amazon for 16 dollars total… perfect condition

  54. make sure u dont buy the fake ones

  55. its so fucking hard finding real ones. so many Chinese rip off ones. and the reel ones are twice as expensive.

  56. I bought the exact same female model for $15 on amazon

  57. my step mom gonna buy these and im wondering how long did it take to get there

    much love;) byeeee!

  58. Who cares how expensive they are? What a idiot.

  59. I bought my first Body-Kun drawing model and I LOVE IT ❤❤❤ I used this REVIEW ✅✅✅ GOOD LUCK to all!

  60. I need those!!! Um… For.. art reasons… Not bc I wanna play with them🤣 ok I wanna play with them like a little kid😂🤷


  62. I love all your clothes!

  63. Wait so are they expensive or not

  64. I really wanna buy one, but I'm soooo afraid that I would get a knockoff iwi

  65. i just ordered a body-chan on wish for 26 dollars

  66. Are they real or counterfeit?

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