(Turn on CC)Geometry Dash Inverted | My Own Texture Pack?

(Turn on CC)Geometry Dash Inverted | My Own Texture Pack?

Step 1: Open up Geometry Dash Step 2: Turn graphics to low and hit apply and exit Geometry Dash Step 3: Open the link in the description and download the file Step 4: Open the folder that Resources2 downloaded to and drag Resources2 to your desktop Step 5: Open File Explorer, find OS (C:), find Program Files (x86), find Steam, find steamapps, find common, and find Geometry Dash Step 6: Drag the resource folder to your desktop Step 7: Right click Resources2 and and hit Extract all, browse the location to the Geometry Dash folder, and extract it Step 8: When it’s done extracting, change the name of the actual folder to Resources Step 9: Close File Explorer and open Geometry Dash and change the graphics back to medium for texture pack to take effect(switch from medium to low to switch at any time)(Delete the file on your desktop) Step 10: Enjoy the texture pack and make sure to check out GoodMorningGuy’s level’s and subscribe to me, Jaymer, and Subster

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  1. The Bandicam Watermark made me cringe

  2. BTW the link is broken

  3. can you please make this for 2.11?

  4. Please create for android

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