Tulsi Gabbard meets with Wall Street execs amid Clinton feud: Report

Tulsi Gabbard meets with Wall Street execs amid Clinton feud: Report

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  1. She meets with everyone. It's kind of her thing. And I love that. And she's very, very principled. In a recent interview with "Angry Americans" she revealed that she's never smoked pot, and never drank alcohol. Imagine growing up as a surfer in Hawaii and not even trying pot/alcohol. She's pretty much impossible to corrupt lol.

    So I understand the Initial skepticism but I'm not worried about her simply meeting with those Wall Street folks. So far she has not compromised her integrity, and therefore I'm not worried. I'm guessing she was just sharing her platform with them, which includes her views on foreign policy, which if you think about it, works well from an investor's perspective because if the US has good foreign relations, it's good for business.

    I am continuously impressed with Tulsi. She's managing to still grow her support, despite being one of the poorest candidates fundraising-wise, lowest polling-wise, most attacked/smeared, most misrepresented, given very little speaking time in debates, and blacked out by liberal mainstream media.

    And as if that wasn't impressive enough, she singlehandedly took out Tim Ryan, Kamala Harris, and Hillary Clinton.

    It's honestly astounding the impact she's had with so few resources.

  2. The reason why everything the Dems try, always backfires on them, why? because it's all based on lies and the American people might be trusting, but they are not stupid.

  3. Yeah, I've heard her state quite clearly about 50 times now that she isnt going to run third party and I'm not even American. Or Russian.


  5. Ms. Gabbard is a liar and is not to be trusted. PERIOD.

  6. Tulsi Gabbard was a US representative. So by the definition of outsider, Tulsi Gabbard is absolutely not a political outsider.
    Tired of these never Trumpers shooting off their mouths and imposing opinion as fact.
    Finally, judge Judy backing a candidate means as much to me as Ronald McDonald endorsing Grimace.

  7. Judge Judy let me use your favorite quote … "are you stupid?"

  8. These guys are russian plants.

  9. Too bad she wants universal income. So how does everyone get a free $1000 a month? They pay an extra $2000 a month in taxes? She also supports climate change legislation.

  10. I really, REALLY wish that Tulsi would run as an independent. It sucks that she won't.

  11. WTF she has said she is not running third party. These guys are either dumb, or shouldn't be on TV.

  12. Charlie Gasperino is spreading rumors that Tulsi Gabbard will run 3rd party when she has said she won’t. DNC taking marching orders from Hillary.

  13. Of coarse we know Judge Judy trades Bloomers for " parts is parts " clinic burgers…right ??

  14. She’s not pro 2A

  15. Gabbard is a Wexler(groomer of puppet recruits) Psyop. She is CSR and supported Bernie!. Just another
    extreme socialist who is in the Reserves. Her father is a maharja type Hindi Oligarch. Tulsi Central
    Casting for Intell Democrats to continue to take down the Middle Class. Socialism-Rich Politicians /Poor citizens.

  16. This guy is an idiot! “She’s pro 2nd Amendment”’ what is this clown smoking?! All the research that he had to do was go to her own website where she has example after example of how she plans to eviscerate the 2nd Amendment

    And saying that Tulsi Gabbard is an outsider, she’s solidly in the democrat party. She has no plans to leave it and run 3rd party.

    Get this guy off the air, he has no earthly idea what he’s talk ing about.

  17. Just another Tulsi smear, the host of the event confirmed Tulsi stated she will not run as independent and they talked about foreign policy. Since when does being rich mean your not allowed to be against never ending regime change wars?

  18. Ya know, if the dems were smart. This is the candidate they should have ran. Not saying she would win. But she might give Donald a run for his money. I would still vote for Donald. Yet I must say. I "respect " this lady. GOD BLESS TRUMP AND THE TRUMP TRAIN MAGA/KAG 2020

  19. Tulsy Gabbard will not run as a third party candidate. She is trying to land a job at Fake Fox News. Why else would she be a guest on Fox so many times and that she does not plan to run for her seat again.


  21. Tulsi is near perfect and they hate that. Lol! Its priceless!

  22. In the past, candidates that have polled between 1, 2% on mainstream media have become president.

  23. No, you BOZO, she didn't have a fight, she was attacked, and returned with devastating accuracy.

  24. Hi tulsi loaded up on cash from wall street .How many blow jobs?

  25. She is such a con she was endorsing Bernie Sanders a communist now she run's on Trump policies then goes back changes some things to get Republican votes now fox news is supporting her over and over we only had one channel in msm and now you blow us off

  26. I know Mooch is a big fan of Tulsi.

  27. Sorry to hear the lunatic Scaramuchi involved

  28. Why is Gasparino still on the air?

  29. Why are Democrats worried about Tulsi going 3rd party? Isn't she polling around 2%? If you are worried about 2%, your eventual nominee is not a strong enough candidate. BTW, there are a lot of Republicans who would also switch to Tulsi, so she would most likely not make a difference… unless she won!!!

  30. God help us if any Democrat wins the white house !!!

  31. Reporters need to do some research. Clearly, they haven't been following Gabbard's campaign.

  32. This commentator is very ignorant. Tulsi has stated, over and over, that she’s not going to run as a 3rd party candidate. She is not “pro-gun” and supports a ban on assault weapons.

  33. Hillary is corrupt as try come. The Queen of Walmart. Tulsi should be the real first female president. Stainless Steel

  34. Hillary was right, again. Tulsi Garbage

  35. Yes she is a 20.
    ☀️5🔥 Tulsi

  36. I voted for Trump but I would ditch Trump for Tulsi

    I think it'd be great if she ran as a third-party

    But considering she has unequivocally denied that she would run as a third-party candidate I don't see how she could pull that off without losing all of her credibility

  37. A hot chick with a gun in her hand! Go Tulsi!

  38. Other reporting states that several candidates were at this meeting..and Tulsi has stated that she will not take pac money and she will not run 3rd party..she has said this over and over again.

  39. How many times does she have to say she would not run as third party.

  40. The democrats call for open borders full benefits for illegals. The want to eliminate the first amendment by accusing anyone that disagrees with them of having commited hate speech. The democrats want to stop the 2nd amendment and take americas gund away from law abiding citizens.Her political affiliation speaks loudly where she stands. For once Hillary Clinton told the truth when she said tulsi is a Russian agent.

  41. Tulsi is a Con-artist She talks the talk but every time I see her she always avoids any direct questions that require her to go off script. She is good when you first see her then you quickly learn to see right thru her BS and posturing.

  42. “This is not me talking. This is from dem’s activist”. I beg to differ mr whoever u r…this is coming from HRC’s clout.
    Hilary is joining the race.
    Come to think of it…Tulsi is not polling well, why they care abt her. Yang is polling higher than Tulsi. Not a single point fingering on him. Why is that?Cuz ground reality is much different than what poll has been indicated, and that’s why they scare of her.

  43. If she ran third party, she might hurt Trump equally. Many Trump supporters like her a lot

  44. No eyebrows raised with the proletariat minded. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. And, I challenge any man to contradict me, intelligently. This is not a game, gentlemen. She's got the back up

  45. Money comes at a price. Wall street loves wars and poverty for the people. Tulsi will be compromised very quickly

  46. tusi is meeting walstreet so hillary is so mad she thinks if she says im in wall street wont help tulsi i say let the sharks and rat eat each other the prize is trump 2020

  47. Aloha, Tulsi Gabbard, from a United States Army Veteran. Honor and integrity, Major. Something MSM is completely devoid of. Aloha

  48. Watching the dark secret America does not want you to know about Hawaii. It is possible, Tulsi could claim with her people consent that she becomes their Royal Queen. Strange but true.

  49. Another phony mouthpiece on an establishment
    Network, government TV, but for a few exceptions.

  50. Sounds like a Clinton underling spewing the hate.. All BS!

  51. Why can't anyone just tell the truth anymore…word salad, spinning the truth….these are not reporters, they are spin doctors.

  52. Tulsi gabbard is pure american. She is greatest Democrat ever produced in my life time. I love trump. But tulsi gabbard is the real deal. Donors back her. Smartest thing they ever done

  53. Why do so many of the trumptards want to lick her heels ?if she was a balding white guy would with the same views would they do the same ?

  54. I’ve donated some rubles to her campaign. тупой HRC

  55. Gibbard is a moderate, she doesn’t care about her district. She doesn’t even care about her campaign. She wants a television job.
    She would never beat Trump by being a moderate. There will be T.V. offers though.

  56. Be precise in your speak like Tulsi Gabbard!

  57. The last meeting was five months ago and the video was released among the topics Tulsi discussed her Stop Arming Terrorist Act. Nothing nefarious. Even people wit money are antiwar.

  58. Thanks to Hillary's "Trained Attack Snark", Tulsi is poised to take Pole Position within, not outside the Democratic PARTY!
    She will not go 3rd PARTY! Why would she?
    Biden & Bernie are Gone, Liz Limps Lamely.

  59. Trump will win hands down! These Demos are just splitting votes.

  60. The current Democratic nominees are Nincompoops. They don't stand a chance to win the Presidency. Maybe the current Governor of California might be the one. 😂😂…

  61. I hope she runs 3rd party to take some of the Socialist vote.

  62. As an Army vet, I stand behind Tulsi 100%. Vote your conscious. I am . There is no shame to stand up for what you believe. That makes America #1

  63. Fake news. It was a discussion not a fundraiser. the guy who organized it clarified on twitter

  64. Tulsi said she will not run third party and yet these spinners keep spinning this baloney. Frustratingly unbelievable!

  65. I am still waiting for clarification on Tulsi Gabbard and her relationship with the CFR. Is she deep state? Intelligence? The anti – war stance is hard to swallow knowing that she is a member of CFR.

  66. Oh, brilliant strategy, Tulsi. In addition to refusing to talk about policy unless absolutely forced, she takes a key moment in her campaign following the fight with Clinton to go begging on Wall St. Worst campaign in memory.

  67. "No comment" from Tulsi's campaign on meet with Wall Street donor class – here comes the "transparency" – LOL They're all such liars.

  68. This story doesn't seem accurate. Here is an excerpt from Tulsi Gabbards website on guns, as they reported on the above video that Tulsi Gabbard loves guns:

     Rep. Tulsi Gabbard has cosponsored legislation like the Gun Show Loophole Closing Act, the Public Safety and Second Amendment Rights Act, the Keeping Guns from High Risk Individuals Act, the Assault Weapons Ban, the Support Assault Firearms Elimination and Reduction for our Streets Act, the Domestic Violence Loophole Closure Act, the Automatic Gunfire Prevention Act, and more. She has an F rating from the NRA and a 100% legislative score from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

  69. Wide spread rumors??? U mean Hillary. The rot. HRC

  70. Well I guess that woman is the better looking one out of bunch running for president. But we don't need her as president. MAGA 🇺🇸 support president Trump 🇺🇸 2020

  71. Stops Inventing That She will Run on 3rd Party…Clintonites

  72. She is not all over the place! She is set on redirecting the US towards leading without the destructive military industrial machinery , which protects private oil and finances. The only one with the "b…s" to do so. That's where the money is for the rescuing of the American Economy…. not the riche's economy, but everyone's economy. For example the 40 million poor in the richest country in the world….?! The disappearing middle ( consumer) class?!?!…. The skewed Justice system, the assassination of the constitution and bill of rights…. the inflexible greed and obtusity of the elites in the dual positions of pseudo logic to govern. The rate of drug addicts, mental and physical illnesses, the barbaric level of violence, the disparity of bank/client relationship (homelessness and student debt), the low level of education, rampaging ignorance and lack of vision in our leaders, communicators and educators, the domain of insecurity, fear and law suits. What happened even to our product quality? Where is the pride of made in AMERICA? Well our products are dangerous. They are made to brake at end of warranty, to create profit not quality. BOING. Our word has no value, our treaties are empty, all is for profit of some shadow figures behind the CLOUDS!…. The lack of respect for HUMANITY.  
    Yes, I think she will probably not win the nomination, but she certainly brings the message to the TABLE OF LIFE!!

  73. If she does run third-party it's because she has one hell of a platform now. I guess she can thank Hillary for something. Dems did a good job at trying to stifel her campaign.

  74. Any possibility Hillary and Tulsi actually collaborated on staging this feud a priori to make them both more relevant in the current news cycle? Book sales and poll numbers are both being boosted. WIN-WIN results… gotta wonder

  75. The Russians are Not meddling in our elections… .Mainstream Media and the DNC are meddling in our elections!!! Rigged Polls 2020

  76. that the powers that be are entertaining bloomberg or clinton is simply because the dnc knows that bernie is the frontrunner regardless of what msm tells us. tulsi will not run 3rd party. she and bernie have been in cahoots from the beginning. she handles the rough stuff and he plays nice. this is a game of thrones. a vote for bernie is a vote for tulsi. president sanders will make tulsi his sec of state. which terrifies the dnc. rock steady don't waiver vote bernie2020 and we'll get tulsi too.

  77. Actually this is you saying it, and your saying it because they’ve told you to say it

  78. The only thing raising eyebrows is the not very thought through assumption that all establishment is bad. Could this be any more cliched?

  79. "All over the place ' means independent thinking. Party doctrine is the end of progress, and the beginning of the end of this morose system.

  80. "Centrist" Tulsi, bs.
    Your voting record speaks volumes.
    C_ia, against Freedoms act Gabbard, like, Joe (Patriot Act).
    It's all an act.

  81. Gabbard has committed to one party,  and never was "all over the place"   what?  She is meeting with people…  geez,  why is this so complicated?

  82. As far as I'm concerned,  if Biden can take "Superpac"  then Tulsi can take individual donors,   still not as bad,  but hell,  how else is she ever going to campaign?  she has to have money, to do so.   we all have this pie In the sky idea of a candidate, who never gets any campaign money, and people all just stand around in sunny clouds listening to her speak.

  83. when she clearly said again and again that she is not running as 3rd party candidate and here are ignorant analzer…

  84. She also had a public appearance with 9.11 families, and called for Saudi-related docs to be declassified. No media will touch this, it seems.

  85. This guy is either incompetent and uninformed or a show for establishment smears. She's currently pulling 5th place in NH. 10 minutes on Google would show the dozens of times she flat-out refused to consider a third-party run. Shameful disingenuous hit piece

  86. This was a meet & greet. She takes NO corporate or PAC contributions. Period. Her policies have been consistent from day 1. Not being a slave to establishment TP:s does not mean she's "all over the place"… It means she rises above partisanship

  87. This guy doesn't know what he's talking about. Tulsi isn't third-party but he reffers to her as such already. They just speak and speculate after Clinton's nonsense

  88. When Tulsi turns right they say OMG why she doesn't turn left when she turns left they say OMG why is she turning right? Guys take it easy she's driving. If you know better became presidential hopeful 🙂

  89. Gabbard has no chance and the Russian allegations are persistent. She should withdraw for the good of the party..

  90. Tulsi" the little teeth" gabbard

  91. He is off his head, making patently false claims about Tulsi running as a third party candidate. I personally think she should, but she said she won't, repeatedly! Inane talk.

  92. The best woman presidential candidate in the worst ever political party, i.e. Democratic Party.

  93. The dirty American media is hell bent on ruining the career of the best ever presidential candidate, i.e. Tulsi Gabbard. I think religious chauvinism is taking over the free media and talent, good purpose etc is being replaced by dirty politics. Only God can save Uncle Sam.

  94. I love her resume than the other candidates.

  95. Is it just me or does Charlie Gaspo always looks like he needs a hot shower ?

  96. Another smoke and mirrors hit, meant to confuse the voter and plant those seeds of doubt. Like those headlines that start with "Could ———– ?"

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