Trump’s Call to Finish the Wall That Hasn’t Been Started | The Daily Show

Trump’s Call to Finish the Wall That Hasn’t Been Started | The Daily Show

If you wanted highlights
last night, the DJT ratings machine
had you covered, ’cause he was also in El Paso
pushing for the wall. Although the timing was
a bit weird. Because, you see,
just before the rally started, news broke that Congress
had reached a bipartisan deal to give Trump $1.37 billion
in funding for a border wall or some type of barrier. And, I mean, that is nice
for Trump that he got something, although,
if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll realize
it’s actually $200 million less than Congress was ready
to give him before the shutdown. Art of the deal. Yeah, but Trump didn’t care
about all that. He was too excited
about his rally to worry
about these stupid details. I have to tell you, as I was walking up
to the stage, they said that… progress is being made
with this committee. So maybe progress has been made,
maybe not. But I had a choice. I could have stayed out there
and listened, or I could have come out to
the people of El Paso and Texas. (cheering and applause) I chose you. Just now. Just now! I said, “Wait a minute. “I got to take care
of my people from Texas. “I got to go. I don’t even want
to hear about it.” (cheering and applause) I don’t want to hear ’em! Did he just turn
into Bill Cosby there? What was that? “I don’t know, I don’t know. (a la Cosby):
“I got to go. “Grab them by the pudding pop. Oh, oh, build the wall.” But that was a pretty insane
admission, right? President Trump is saying, instead of getting informed and then passing that
information on to his audience, he’d prefer
to just get them riled up. Like, that’s what he wants.
He’s like, “They gave me– “I was like, ‘I don’t need this.
I want to go talk to the people.'”
Thank God Trump is president and not my doctor. Be like, “The nurses wanted to show me
a chart of your diagnosis, “but I didn’t have time
for that. “Time to slice and dice! I have this Freddy Krueger glove
I got from the TSA.” So, the truth is Trump was just
in rally mode, right? He didn’t care about the facts
and the figures. In fact, he was so excited, because he was gonna release
his remix to “Build the Wall.” Now, you really mean
“Finish that wall,” because we’ve built a lot of it. -It’s “Finish that wall.”
-(cheering) They’ve built a lot of it?
Wait, what? So now we’re doing
“Finish the wall”? I don’t know how much
actual work they’re doing on the border, but I guess,
in Trump’s chant world, they’re making
a lot of progress. Yeah. “Build the wall! “Finish the wall! Cool, we built the wall! “Build another wall “on top of the old wall! Double-decker wall!” Now, to be fair to Trump, even though zero new miles
of wall have been built under Trump, when he says,
“We’ve built a lot of wall,” Trump is talking
about how he’s upgraded some of the existing fencing
into taller fencing. Yeah. So he solved the problem
of smugglers who are determined
to sneak drugs into America but are too lazy
to buy a somewhat taller ladder. And, as we all know, border security
isn’t just about walls, right? And, at one point, Trump started
to talk about how dogs can also help detect drugs
on the border. But much like a dog himself, Trump got distracted. We have equipment now
that can spot drugs. It’s incredible stuff. By the way, there is nothing better than a good old-fashioned
German shepherd. -It’s hard to believe, right?
-(cheering) You do love your dogs,
don’t you? (cheering) I wouldn’t mind having one,
honestly, but I don’t have any time. How would I look walking a dog
on the White House lawn? -Would that be…
-(cheering) A lot of people say,
“Oh, you should get a dog.” “Why?”
“It’s good politically.” I said, “Look,
that’s not the relationship -I have with my people.”
-MAN: President Obama! We want to have–
Yeah, Obama had a dog. -You’re right.
-(laughter) “Yeah! Obama had a dog!” (laughing) What? Did that guy just scream
Obama had a dog like it’s a bad thing? That’s how much
Trump has persuasion over his people
at these rallies. He managed to turn white people
against dogs. Dogs! The thing white people
love more than anything. When white people
are choosing a movie, they will refuse to watch
anything where a dog dies. They’ll be like,
“Marley & Me is too sad. “Let’s watch Schindler’s List.
Let’s do that. I don’t want
to see a dog dying.” And, by the way,
I don’t understand why Trump doesn’t like dogs. Trump should love dogs. They pee all over your bed, and
you don’t even have to pay them. -(gasping, laughter)
-I know. Bad dog. Bad dog! Bad dog! Who made that joke?
Who made that joke? So last night’s Trump rally
was a Trump rally. He’s gonna build a wall,
the wall’s almost finished, he’ll build the wall out
of dogs. The one new thing
we did learn is that, in addition to words,
the president seems to struggle with numbers, too. By the way, we, I, we– I’m one and one– I’m one for one.
Think of it. We’re–
We had one election. We won. Now we’re gonna be two for O, -and everything’s gonna be
perfect. -(cheering) Yep, yep, yep, that’s right. Trump is one for one, and, if he wins again, he’s gonna be two for O. Uh, that’s not how math works. But at least now we know how
Trump successfully negotiated -$200 million for his wall.

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    At the very least in architectural possibilities, that would take more than Trump’s first or even theoretical second term. And it’s much faster to destroy a wall than to build one. China did something similar with the Great Wall, and it didn’t really stop people from going to China, is there? No, if anything, it just increased tourism. Besides, I don’t think Trump’s wall can get tall enough to reach that kind of wall. Can you not still get in there with airplanes or helicopters though? How about through sea at the sides of the United States? I’ve played enough educational apps about countries to know my geography. I wonder.

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