Trump’s Border Wall Cut w/ $100 Saw

Trump’s Border Wall Cut w/ $100 Saw

It’s really important in this era of constant
sort of political scandal and in reality it’s almost an era of constant scandal fatigue. Not to let the storylines of this administration
just ight away without followup. And ne of those stories is the wall, right? Donald Trump’s wall with exico, which we now
learned can be defeated with $100 saw available at any hardware store. So remember, onald Trump promised a wall across
the entire us exico border by the end of his irst term, obviously a joke. It’s not going to happen. It always was a joke. It was never going to happen. But onald Trump and his followers are trying
to claim that the wall is being built. Trump says it’s being built. The truth is that there was previously approved
money to repair and replace. Some aged parts of the wall and it is being
done with the version of the wall that onald Trump, uh, likes or says is quote virtually
impenetrable. So another element of this is the strength
of the wall and the, uh, ways in which the wall can be defeated. And it turns out that the wall Trump wants
to build, uh, is a total farce. It is not virtually impenetrable. It is very easily defeatable. And in fact, border agents and officials recently
told the ashington post that $100 saw that you can get at any hardware store can cut
right through the wall. Some of these rebuilt, repaired wall sections. We’re done with Trump’s version of the wall,
which has steel bollards and it has a hirty foot, uh, a series of hirty foot tall panels. So smugglers have been carrying around a hundred
dollars saw and just cutting through the steel bollards. And then you push the panels forward and you
walk right through Donald Trump’s virtually impenetrable wall, which he called the rolls
Royce of walls. It sounds more like the Trump tower of walls,
given its shoddy nature. I think that’s the better analogy, uh, for
the, uh, uh, quality of the construction that I would use. Now, unfortunately, this is what happens when
you let xenophobia blind you and your followers. You end up putting all of your eggs in ne
basket. In this case, it’s the basket of a wall that
doesn’t really work and in the basket of obsolete technology that does nothing to address the
underlying reality of why people are trying to come to the nited States, which is really
what we should be working on if we want to solve this problem. But it turns out that it can also be defeated
with $100 tool. Look at any time in history and look at the
various ways, the myriad ways in which walls have been defeated. Look at Troy, look at, um, I’m forgetting
other historical examples offhand, but there are many of them now you can argue the point
of the wall isn’t that it has to actually be impenetrable. It just has to delay people long enough that
border patrol can show up. Wait a econd. You’re shifting the goalposts to say that
we’re going to spend wenty billion, wenty five billion, whatever it’s going to be, and
it’s not meant to stop $100 saw. It’s just meant to delay people so that border
patrol can show up. Doesn’t our river also delay people long enough
that border patrol should be able to show up in all cases because we’ve already got
that at much of the border. The wall is not pragmatic. The wall is a monument to xenophobia. It’s a monument to political promises and
it’s not being built. That’s the most important thing. It is quite literally a boondoggle, and by
the way, I’ll remind you, it’s not just a hundred dollars saw that can defeat the wall. The wall has been scaled and passed over as
well, but this is also ultimately not about that. This is an example of feelings over facts. The fact that the wall will cost tens of billions
of dollars and not solve anything. The fact that the wall can be defeated with
$100 tool, the facts don’t matter. The feeling that Trump has to get by seeing
Trump talk about the wall and promise the wall of Trump being big and strong and powerful,
and that it’ll stop people from coming in in some complete fantasy world that supersedes
the facts and the people who shout about we should pay attention to facts over feelings
are the ones who are being destroyed by their own feelings while ignoring the facts. And yet again, another embarrassment, $100
saw defeating the wall. The wall is barely a conversation anymore
for Republicans, of course, because it was yet another ne of Donald Trump’s massive failures. But we’re not going to forget about it.

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  1. I say « CHINA should look into that wall, and have a good laught too. »

  2. New business just opened up in TJ.. "Jose's Saw Rental" … comes with a operator for free!

  3. Even a lazer could cut through like butter ! Trump will not keep unwanted people out ! He needs to be kept out of the white house ! Lets just put up chicken wire , and lets see trump run around with his emty head cut off !

  4. David you're kind of fucking up, walls do clearly work a modern-day example is isreal.

  5. Did David just advocate for Trumps snake and alligator filled moat?

  6. They cut out a chunk of the wall. Trump "We'll just replace the chunk. ." Yes, he said that

  7. trump thought he could build another GREAT WALL OF CHINA. Can't be done stupid that wall took 2,000 years to build.. You don't have that much time trump.

  8. You like facts? Could have fooled me… Tell me about how you don't lock your door at night simply because if truly determined someone could simply pick the lock or just break in through your window… Moron…

  9. I love how republicans are suddenly socialists wanting us to pay for their wall.

  10. Yeah but if he built a wall around Harbor Freight Tools, THEN… THEN..!

  11. Feel safer already.

  12. Where can I buy the saw?

  13. Forget the saw. Can you say drone?? Drones are powerful enough to fly a human being up and over Pres. Pussy Grabbers' little wall.

  14. trump wall is a scam.

  15. The best saw, a beautiful saw

  16. Some other famous walls that have been easily defeated: "The Maginot Line" –was 'supposed' to protect France from German invasion. "Hadrian's Wall" – to keep the Scots and northern English from Roman England. "Hitler's Atlantic Wall" –Breached on D-Day & through multiple Intelligence feints (to keep the Germans unsure where the Allies would invade–=Keep forces spread/ & so not mass their soldiers and defenses like a million casualty WWI battle).

  17. He wants the wall, as long as, his cheapa$$ name is on it. That is all.

  18. Repair That Wall!
    Repair That Wall!
    Repair That Wall! 😂😂😂

  19. How many $millions did Trump bilk us for to repair his lousy wall?

  20. what a great businessman, billions eaten away by $100

  21. Lets take a look at ways cartels smuggle drugs, they fly drones and planes over, they use ladders the height of the wall, they saw through it, dig 5 to 100 feet deep under it, they access the tens of thousands of miles of open oceans where submarines and speedboats drop off drugs in coastal cities, they smuggle in people through checkpoints hidden in vehicles with secret compartments, and they oberstay visas. But that wall just got 20 feet taller😂

  22. Dumb as a brick. Trump is a failing president. Impeach and removal inevitable. Adios dummy

  23. this isnt news…. thats already happened before.

  24. Excellent commentary.

  25. The best wall ever! Heeeuuuge! It will be Amaazing!
    – A """stable genius"""

    Some teenager with a single Benjamin: Hold my beer.

    Taxpayers: … 🤬

  26. Mexico was supposed to pay for it. Trump and his fascist cult are a cancer on America.

  27. You would need a LOT more border agents to cover the wall, for much less people than who come through points of entry. It's idiotic. Billions on a wall. Millions more per year on border agents. The wall.will need ongoing repairs, environmental remediation, compensation to land owners, etc. The true costs will be insane. But Trump cares nothing about that. I mean his business has had a habit of hiring undocumented immigrants and helping them obtain fake documents. Sound like a guy who actually gives a shit? No, it's just another swindle.

  28. Remember those Trumptards who took a picture on the Great Wall of China with a piece of paper that said "Walls Work"?

    Tell that to the Mongols.

  29. Lmao. I guess they couldn't afford those crocodiles and electrical fence.

  30. General Patton said about the Siegfried line,A monument to the stupidity of man. Trump's wall is a monument to the stupidity of Trump's supporters. Just another one of Trump's con's.

  31. David Packman, it's not a wall, it is a fence.

  32. The word 'wall' should be in quotation marks. It looks more like an expensive, flimsy, replacement fence to me.

  33. The best part was when they were stealing parts of the wall to use as fences in their own houses lmao

  34. My garden fence has more security features than that monstrosity.

  35. Surprise, surprise. Even Yoda can plow thru the Great Wall of Trump with a 2003 Honda Civic with ease.

  36. Sounds to me like the “Rolls Royce” of walls ended up being more of a Pinto.

  37. You mean to tell us the wall was a massive waste of money? Like everyone said it would be? 😂

  38. “Trump’s wall cut with a butter knife!!!” Lol

  39. Are we tired of "winning" yet?

  40. Didn't a little child climb over it?

  41. I searched for “penetrate & Troy”, and found this

  42. JFC if you're for Trump you're not allowed to claim you have a brain or use facts & logic.
    They don't even need to fly or tunnel, they can shing-shwang through it

  43. cheap and fake like everything he does, every product he puts his name on

  44. Kind of sums up the whole Trump saga.

  45. 🧱🧱🧱🛒🏃‍♂️🧹🏃‍♀️🤾‍♂️

  46. Trumpty Dumpty sat on a wall Trump Di trumpty Dumpty had a great fall all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Trump d together again bad luck go for the saw pal

  47. For those keeping track, one hundred US dollars is about 1,927.55 Mexican Pesos.

  48. The 'Trump Airlines' of walls…………………

  49. I don’t think Tr*mp would consider someone cutting thru the wall an option. Who would work so hard? Tr*mp never would, so, no one else would either… Lol…

  50. 2:35
    Myriad OF ways.
    It's a myriad OF something.

    I know you're ESL and still have a better vocab than most Americans, but hearing that just really bothered me.
    Yes, I'm a Grammar Nazi.

  51. It's a damn Sawzall, cordless variety. Anyone with the slightest knowledge could have predicted it.

  52. Oh no that is FAKE NEWS Dumpster great WALL stupid dumb slime Ass all that money and a 100 dollar SAW can cut thru it. How is he doing oh great Red Hat supporters where is all that money going? Just to replace parts that are already there and you still support the Chosen One believe all his dam lies. Saw the STUPID BRAIN DEAD Red Hat supporters in Kentucky last night ass KISSERS what is he doing for your state? Steal jobs not good Wal Mart jobs going down how many what are all those people going to do now? Are you going to help them oh lieing Dumpster Chosen One with all the dishonest money you don't have? You don't give a shit about people in our country or the Constitution you put it down in all the crap you say about it and still Red Hat supporters Hat supporters kiss your ASS!

  53. Anyone with a brain said the wall won't work.

  54. A construction grade thermite powder could do the job better, it's quieter than saw and have a set-up time of just a few seconds, plus it's cheap! Lol.

  55. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  56. Trump is a bullshit salesman. He is the P.T. Barnum of the 21st century! When will America stop believing this walking Cheeto?

  57. Even cheaper if you buy that saw at Harbor Freight Tools (no need to spend too much on a saw you’re only gonna use once)

  58. 😄😄😄i guess walls DONT WORK…lmao . Freakin idiot wasting money on crap that has already been proven not to work. HAHA TRUMP – TOLD YOU….lets see him find a way to blame Hillary and Obama

  59. There are several tools that would do it with bi-metal blades. Be careful. Trump might just outlaw cordless power tools.

  60. Trumps wall reminds me a lot of the great wall of China. The Mongoles just rode around the wall back then and it didnt do shit.


  62. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Please stop or I'm going to pee myself!

  63. I saw this report on facebook. Trump supporters were talking about electrifying it now in the comment section. Some even talked about installing land minds. Several people talked about setting up gun turrets or killing migrants with sniper rifles.

  64. 🤣🤣🤣 😜 This is hilarious. So much for his Big, Strong, Beautiful, Powerful wall. This is the Titanic of walls. No such thing as unsinkable. No such thing as an impregnable wall. Trump is so full of 💩💩💩

  65. Lol bring down that wall

  66. Don't start talking about a river at the border otherwise those cost assessments for snakes and alligators in the birder moot(moat) will become reality.

  67. Mexicans can use a, cheap power saw on the wall… (Sung to the WALL by Pink Floyd )!!!

  68. The basket was designed by Ivanka!!!

  69. Donald Trump. Keeping up the stupid work!

  70. Literally no proof showing a 100$ saw cutting through, just a Washington post report saying that they heard from some agents. Dude you’re on YouTube, there are dozens of videos showing the wall being built, how can you be so stupid to say that it isn’t. There’s far more to the border security system than just the 30’ barrier. Look up the real facts, this is just leftist BS

  71. Gtfo with your facts n shit, David.

  72. It's not as if there isn't historical precedent for walls being useless as technology for protection. Tour many ancient European cities and eventually you'll be shown around the ruins of walls that didn't work.

  73. That's what you get for always going with the lowest bidder. Honestly, I'm surprised the Trump Tower hasn't crumbled and fallen to the ground yet.

  74. its rather ironic, he doesnt use the best materials to begin with. the cheapest materials are his go to choice so low cost tools are more than sufficient to take them down.

  75. Trump's vanity wall went thru a Mexican surgeon who use a Saw!!👍⚙️ who's going to pay for operation ? U.S.!

  76. Having secure borders doesn't make a country xenophobic dumbdumb

  77. I heard it was the biggest, bestest wall in the whole wide world. The wall trumped him.

  78. Just show the proces.

  79. While all of you waste your energy on this. I am learning how to grow my own food, clean my guns, shoot my enemies, heat my home and sew my clothing.

  80. So the simple answer to people who want to emigrate to the United States is to bring the U.S. to them. Make an offer to the world that for a critical mass of emigrants per particular country we offer a program to statehood over a generational period of say 25 years to annex a parcel of that particular country’s land in proportion to the percentage of emigrants from that country compared to their whole population. Require the emigrants from that country to commit a decade of their life in their country of origin helping the annexed portion over the assimilation period to statehood, including learning the language of U.S. law, i.e. English (they can still retain their native language to use locally with no penalty or consequence) and generally have them go through the same process that turned territories into states. If more want to emigrate that are a part of the original country, allow them to do so with a corresponding percentage of annexed land from the original country. How they handle the politics from within the country being annexed would be up to the emigrants and the politicians from that country, but a majority in the area annexed would need to vote for statehood. In other words, export American democracy like an American franchise, instead of like we’ve been trying to do it since the Korean War, promoting cheap imitation American knockoffs.

  81. You didn’t realize it’s his pet money laundering scam?

  82. Great wall of china, dude. Mongols didn't let that stop them. Only now we got more tools.

  83. Sooo funny. And my family is in denial

  84. Paid by the American taxpayers.

  85. Sounds like a pretty good literal analogy

  86. The beginning of this narrative is important. It's getting too damn fatigue-inducing to follow all of what's going on. Maybe that was the plan in the first place?

  87. Ha. I like the not so subtle dig at Shapiro, even if that wasn't the intent.

  88. I suspect thermite could do the job, too.

  89. Well what can anyone expect from a man who's major claim to fame is lies, bull shit, and bragging. Even the supposed impenetrable wall that he is building is not big enough to hold in check his inflated ego and opinion of himself.

  90. Fake news! the saw was a $1000 dls saw a beautiful saw a lot ppl are telling me that the saw was the most beautiful saw.

  91. The wall was nonsense from the very beginning. It is an ineffective expensive solution to a complex problem.

  92. Just remember, any wall that can keep people out, can also keeps others inside.

  93. Trump is the WALL, a symbol of the tea 🍵 party war on PROGRESS. Trump is the evidence of the fear of the future that pervades the right wing.

  94. David, would like your opinion on why the Democrats investigation Is not calling on Christopher steel to testify? Seems like a huge deal that’s being ignored.

  95. Troy isn't a historical example champ. Buuuuuut we can talk about the most famous of Walls the Great Wall of China which was proven to be woefully inept at stopping the Mongols.

  96. The only thing you can build which can't be cut thru easily are strong bilateral relations

  97. "A big beautiful wall, & Mexico will pay for it." -Some Asshole

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