Trump’s big beautiful border wall: A history | With Chris Cillizza

Trump’s big beautiful border wall: A history | With Chris Cillizza

I asked for the largest possible phone
and this is what they gave me it’s as big as my face let me take you back to a
simpler time August 5th 2014 to be exact 4:30 4 p.m.
Eastern time to be even more exact it was at that very moment that private
citizen Donald Trump tweeted this and what came to be his signature all cabs
style quote secure the border build a wall at tweet got 1460 we tweets in 1632
likes by Trump II and Twitter standard it’s a pittance the tweet was widely
ignored because who cares what some rich dude who’s never going to have his hands
on the steering wheel of the US government thinks we should do to solve
our water problem right which brings me to 2019 Donald Trump is in the White
House the government screeched to a halt over his demands for more than 5 billion
dollars for a border wall with Mexico and congressional Democrats refusal to
give it to him and if there’s one thing we saw over the
first two years of Trump’s presidency is that those two sides they don’t sort
things out all that easily but as a famous philosopher believe it was Donald
John Trump once said those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat
it so where the hell did all of this wall
talk start so when Trump announced for president way back in June 2015 the
border wall was a part of his pitch even though almost no one took him or the
wall seriously here’s Trump from that very speech I will build a great great
wall on our southern border and I will have Mexico pay for that wall in those
early days of the race Trump was very vague about the details of the wall
quote you don’t eat a wall for the entire piece because we have wonderful
people Border Patrol people that can do the job
he says less than a month after he gave that first speech and announcing his
campaign quote but you do need walls in certain sections without question now as
the campaign wore on and Trump ever the show man realize that his call for a
wall was getting huge applause from every crowd he spoke to he started
talking about the wall a lot more
and in a lot stronger terms by August 2015
Trump was already boasting about how tough his wall was going to be we’re
building a wall it’s gonna be a wall that is not nobody’s going through my
wall Trump builds walls I built walls we’re building a wall it’s gonna be
strong it’s gonna be solid it’s gonna be police you know somebody said they can
tunnel under well that’s true but with x-ray equipment they can’t all you have
to do is fly a drone over it in October 2015 the wall begin to take on
superhero-like qualities quote we’re going to build a wall and it’s going to
be impenetrable it will be a real wall said Trump early 2016 as it had become
clear to anyone paying any attention that Trump was in fact a serious
candidate for the Republican presidential nomination his wall pitch
started to get even more outlandish we will build the wall and you know who’s
gonna pay for the wall Mexico they’re gonna pay for it cuz they make a fortune
now well Trump never actually committed to how Mexico would be paying for the
wall the crowds at his campaign rallies quickly picked up on his pledge 100
percent in March 2016 after former Mexican President Vicente Fox said there
was no way in hell Mexico was paying for the wall troop replied that wall is
getting taller with every interview these exes Mexican president store
getting taller taller and we are going to build a great water wall gonna be a
very tall wall very strong wall very powerful walk it’s gonna be such a
beautiful wall it’s gonna be so big it’s going to be so powerful it’s going to be
as beautiful as a wall can be I’ve got to make it beautiful because maybe
someday they’ll name the wall the trip wall who the hell knows then bounce herb
won and he won despite the fact that just four in ten voters said they
supported the idea of building a wall along the entire Mexico border now quick
break for this Donald Trump never thought he was going to win the White
House not ever I know that for a fact from conversations with lots and lots of
people who were in close contact with them during the final days of the
campaign fact taken to the bank FAC T but another fact is that he did
win and Trump spent two years trying to somehow someway make good on his wall
promise to his political base despite the massive political and policy
problems that it created despite his insistence in 2018 that quote the wall
is the wall it has never changed or evolved from the first day I conceived
of it he’s changed virtually every aspect of it the cost for the wall
fluctuated from four billion dollars to at 20 billion dollars the height of the
wall range from 35 feet to over 50 feet the length of the wall in whether it
will be a wall or a barrier or a fence or something else changes almost every
time Donald Trump tweets and the cherry on top is Trump’s changing story about
who will be paying for the wall now unless you just started this video you
know the answer to that question already right thanks ago actually maybe not I’m
gonna start building Mexico in some form and there are many different forms we’ll
reimburse us and they will reimburse us for the cost of the wall when during the
campaign I would say Mexico’s going to pay for it obviously
I never said this and I never meant they’re gonna write out a check I said
they’re gonna pay for it they are they are paying for it with the incredible
deal we made calls the United States Mexico and Canada USMC a deal accepts in
April 2016 Trump’s campaign released a memo on his wall policy that included
this line quote it’s an easy decision for Mexico make a one-time payment of
five to ten billion to ensure that 24 billion continues to flow into their
country year after year Trump has shifted his rhetoric slightly
saying Mexico will pay for the wall through the trade deal that will replace
NAFTA but this claim remains preposterous Congress hasn’t ratified
that deal and there’s no indication that it would bring in enough new money to
the Treasury to offset the cost of the wall the u.s. taxpayers so look here’s
how you should understand it the wall is a stand-in for Trump in his campaign and
his presidency an outlandish idea whose bluff has been called a poker player
holding a pair of two’s who just pushed his entire chip stack to the middle of
the table and it’s got no plan on what to do next and that is the point we make
new point episodes every Tuesday and Thursday check them all out

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  1. Hi. Chris here — President Trump claims Mexico will pay for the border wall. Will they? Or will American taxpayers end up footing the bill?



  4. The only walls I want is trumps wife

  5. We all knew, when Trump started talking about this wall, and who was going to pay for it, wasn't quite worked out yet, right?
    The most important thing is the physical barrier. Americans have been brought up having to get in line, If you break line,you must go to the back. That's law and order.
    I can't understand how anyone believes, a wall/barrier doesn't work. That's brainwashing. The American people have a right to protect our country. Americans of all colors.
    Wanting protection is not racist.

  6. Just give this man his damn wall

  7. FBI vs Donald Trump's criminal organization

  8. Here's the real NEWS about the Border wall, sorry CNN you SUCK!!

  9. Build the WALL!!! I don't care who pays for it!! Do you realize how much it costs for AMERICANS to deal with the ILLEGAL INVADERS??!! Way more than the wall, it's a GREAT INVESTMENT!!

  10. That's right Our Man Trump WON!! Therefore AMERICANS want the WALL!!

  11. 20 billion is a drop in the bucket of the AMERICAN GOVT budget!! BUILD the WALL!!

  12. 15 billion was spent on hurricane Harvey, 19.5 billion on hurricane Erma, 4 billion on opioid epidemic, 88 billion on US military for foreign wars….Let's beef up our national security and spend 20 billion on the BORDER WALL!! A Great investment!!

  13. Let's say it together a new political party with all the centrist called the democratic capitalist of america. And let's run the country proper and fire all the losers.

  14. need help democrats has a bill for tax payer,s to pay for abord babys please go there sigh and share thank you

  15. Well, when I want a cheaper item I go to ealmart, can t walmart make your wall? Or do we just get a tote bag I paid $ 80 bucks and I just got this tote bag?🤔 made re negotiate all Americans get $1800. For building wall.

  16. What about your Russian and Arabian bids? They probably help out with wall, I got friends in low place. That's a real good song, American have faith, cause that s what makes us great,tootles!☺😚

  17. Should be liabilities to when you let illegals come over the border and execute Americans or Rob them or rape them maybe then the Uber liberals would learn .

  18. cnn  is  F A K E  N E W S
    FXCK cnn

  19. Orange man bad, CNN is unbiased news source


  21. What if wall is,to keep us trapped in when shit hits the fan …

  22. It is estimated the national net cost of illegal immigrants ranging from $2 billion to $19 billion annually.
    Wonder why health care is so costly. Much of this cost is passed into the consumer.

  23. The wall is nessacary for U.S Security. For over 100 years illegal activity involving drugs, weopons, human trafficing and over a million illegal entrys, costing american tax payers billions of dollars. The democratic partys refusal to agree on funding is utter ignorant and a threat to national security. Wake The F Up.

  24. Blah blah blah …..Trump, Trump, Trump eeveryday! Fake? For job security ?

  25. It’s impossible to build a wall cost to cost a lot of the terrain is not even Accessible

  26. Nothing dumber than a Trump supporter that STILL believes the crap DT is pedaling.

  27. Trump: I'm gonna build a wall

    El Chapo: Hold my shovel

  28. A Wall is A JOKE. Stop Giving Illegals Everything And They'll Stop Coming Here ILLEGALLY.

  29. Enlighten thyself, ignoramuses.

  30. This is what ppl get for voting for him you guys got what what yall wanted

  31. The wall isnt to keep mexicans out, its to keep us locked in!

  32. Please Chris. Offer some commentary regarding the XHALE CITY store clerk.

  33. I think the wall is a stupid idea, but I really want to see them try to build it. Just cut 5 billion out of millitary budget at go for it… Lol.

  34. I think of family guy every time trump said build a wall reminds me of Lois Griffin saying 9,,,,,,,11

  35. My primary concerns about the proposed border wall between Mexico and the United States are: 1) The Canadians are still free to invade the US. 2) There is no provision for walling off very undesirable parts of the US like Southern California and Florida. 3) The proposed length, size and construction of the small wall of Trump is absolutely pathetic second-rate compared to the Great Wall of China, which, by the way, was a spectacular failure at repelling invaders.

  36. If the Democrats thought Trump was using the Border Wall to create a diversion; is it not be obvious, they should have not made this an issue and funded the
    wall? So if this is true, were they not smart enough to figure this out before? By their own confession Trump out smarted the Democrats and are doing him a big favor.
    Judge Andrew Napolitano says that “if you are an illegal alien in California, get a driver’s license, register to vote, you can vote in local, state, and federal elections
    in California and those votes count.”
    Is this why Nancy can not support a Border Wall? Is it not the illegal aliens that put her in office?

  37. You say that the problems on the wall are made up. Check out fear on the border Fort Hancock Texas. That's not the only city you people have no idea what your talking about. Start standing up for the cities that are under siege or don't call yourself an american.

  38. I know its so dumb to build a wall but guess what they have many ways to go to America and why they do have to pay idk😂😂🤣🤔

  39. The Democrats will never vote for a wall !! It will cut into their profits from running drugs in children across the border. Who do you think the cartel is !! It's the Democrat Party. Just look at their actions .Plus look at the top two guys running the Democrat Party, Perez and Ellis both are Muslims and immigration lawyers so why do you think they're always pulling the bullshit and don't have respect for our laws and our constitution.

  40. SMART ASS!
    Go watch your “press” ‘do Madonna in the ass’!



  43. Everybody here is freaking clueless. My husband was born in Mexico, came here as a youngster, naturalized, served in VietNam and then, 30+ years US merchant marine. We read yesterday (January 19th), an interview with El Chapo, the drug cartel biggie now in custody. He assures us all…that any wall, REGARDLESS of who the Hell pays for it, will be totally useless. Most drugs come into the US by boat, by air, and through the mail. NOT through the Southern Border. This hombre oughta know a thing or two. We are astonished that this conversation continues. The President's hate-filled, misinformed xenophobia has gone way past ridiculous. For far too long. Can't speak for others but I'm now busy helping out, donating food for those in need, impacted by the shutdown. Meantime, 45's childish tantrum creates further havoc and deep financial stress for fellow Americans, throughout our country. The whole thing is contemptuous. How much longer will citizens be subjected to it?

  44. From China's Great Wall to the Berlin Wall and the Stalin's Iron Curtin not really a wall in physical, but in every other manner very real walls have never worker and the human will to overcome has made dust of them.

  45. Andres Obrador claims the US will pay for his proposed border children's slide.

  46. Imagine if God was glorified instead of money😍😀

  47. Fuck the wall I would rather have Mexican here any day then some of these fools that live in America.


  49. You call that beautiful it BAD

  50. shut your bitch made ass up Mexicans are still going to get to the fucking U.S we are just making y'all dumbasses waste a fuck load of money

  51. With a day or two remaining in October, he will do the very thing for which he was made president. DANIEL8

  52. Wow weeeeee 48 thousand views in 5 days omg,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, a video of dog taking a shit gets more views and is more factual then CNN

  53. Democrats are losing Democrats they have evolved so far left That there are nothing more than an embarrassment to the United States

  54. As one drug smuggler said " Build a wall I'll just put a few pounds of pure on drones and fly it over!" Which they are already doing.

  55. Editor, Register-Mail: There are those who live in Never Never Land. Take for example President Trump's poll on Dec. 18-20; it was 49. Real Clear Politics on RCP average makes it 42.5. Thirties you say — another distorted fake news. As for national security being barred by Democrats, it's called a wall on the southern border. If the wall had been built as the Democrats once wanted, 10,800 children in 2018 wouldn't have been raped by illegal aliens. Add to this 70,000 plus Fentanyl (an opiod) deaths. Democrats would rather protect the criminal illegal than protect American citizens. As for President Trump's 289 accomplishments all one has to do is get on the computer. Hint, look up Washington Examiner.

    You say low employment started in Obama's term, distorted fake news again. Every important economic indicator showed the economy was stalled in Obama's last year in office. GDP was declining in Obama's last year. GDP bottomed out at 1.5 percent, President Trump has raised it to 4.2 percent. Stock market was going nowhere but now has come up. Thank you, President Trump. Wages by Sentier Research up 4 percent since President Trump came into office. There we go again. Another person makes a statement about high crimes. What are they or do you really know? You just repeat what MSNBC and CNN (otherwise known as Clinton News Network) distort. Democrats would rather distort the news than be totally honest, and work toward the well being of America. Remember Obama presided for eight years over the worst economic recovery in our times.

    You should check news sources such as Investor's Business Daily, American Liberty Report, Real Clear Politics, Wall Street Journal, Washington Examiner; stay away from CNN and MSNBC, they will give you nightmares big time. I won't go into the other areas this person in Galesburg wrote about, it would down right be embarrassing to him. Remember there are other news outlets that are honest. I suggest you research before writing. — Bill Higgins, Knoxville

  56. CNN is nothing but media bias, anti trump all BS Propaganda all day every day

  57. Real News

  58. Canada needs a wall, but no… Justin gives rose petal welcome mats & RCMP bellhop service with full hotel accommodating until fully funded homes & new lives in working class areas people in Canada born here or not worked & paid landing fees, immigration fees & taxes to be in

  59. Here, Chris. The BBC did a much better piece on the history of the border wall that actually tells the whole story – not just the part where Trump is in charge.

    Turns out people have been taking about it for decades – including your messiah, Barack. It even has footage of Obama praising the completion of his "border fence".

    America, learn to think for yourselves and stop letting your media dictate your opinions. Similar to how the media didn't think Trump was racist until he ran against the Democrats, the border wall wasn't a bad idea until Trump proposed it. I'm no Trump supporter, I'm not even American, but even I can tell your media is treating you like idiots, and you're falling for it.

  60. Hey Chris why do the ranchers think it would work. By the way do you ever do segments on us giving federal aide to other countries. lets say oh I dont know 59 million. The government knows large portion of the billions will not go to aide but in corrupt politicians pockets of that country. They even said it could be up to 70 percent taken off the top. but time after time we still give billions away. It would also be interesting to know why we spend money on other country security oh I don't know maybe like walls but we don't take care of our country.

  61. climbing is the way to do it, and building your own climbing wall allows you to train and have fun any time you want

  62. 🤔i'm wondering is demonrats trying to destroy/poison America with Mexican dope? Heroin prices down to $5 bag/hit, cheaper now than EVER in modern history..Demonrats want to allow more Mexicans into America not bothered or harassed by the racist border patrol agents. 90% of dope trafficked thru Mexico. 200 people per day die from heroin/drug overdose. Heroin hubs in America are longtime demonrat governed large cities. Are demonrats in cahoots with Mexican drug cartels? I'm serious

  63. I will be MORE than glad when this incompetent idiot is impeached 🙂 #NotMyPresident

  64. the wall is getting 10 foot taller after this video MAGA you cunts

  65. Would anti personnel landmines not be quicker and cheaper with machine gun pill boxes every 400 yards?

  66. Trump should call Presidente Lopez-Obrador the new president of Mexico and order him to start sending millions of dollars per week to the U.S Treasury. Forget Pelosi. Trump should cave to those Mexicans just because two previous Mexican told him what he could do with himself. Trump should not be afraid the new Mexican President El Honorable Lopez-Obrador. Who in the hell is the President of Mexico to no, but hell no to President Trump? Those impudent Mexicans are bring "uppity" to President Trump. How dare they defy Trump? Well Trump has to be diplomatic to the President of Mexico. As a gesture of diplomacy and Trump's sincerity, he should forthwith dispatch Kelly Ann Conway and Sarah Huckaby-Sanders to throw down a threesome for the President of Mexico.

  67. Why is Trump’s base demanding that Trump keep his promise to build a wall when he won’t keep his promise to make Mexico pay for it? You can’t expect Trump to keep one promise without keeping the other, it makes no sense. Trump is a bullshiter, and his base are fools to believe anything he says.

  68. Whether Mexico or we the taxpayers pay for the border wall, it can still be built and paid for. The US every year spends from around $100-$150 billion dollars a year in public services to illegal immigrants. With that, taxpayers pay billions more in foreign aid to third world countries that don't even like the US. It's not that the demonrats can't afford $5.7 billion, it's that they don't want to. The only job illegal immigrants do that American citizens won't do is vote for Democrats. Without illegal immigrants, Democrats don't have votes. Trump should just cut funding to both those services I mentioned and use that money to build the wall.

    2. Whether Democrats in Congress approve $5.7 billion or not, Trump can just declare a national emergency and bypass Congress approval to get the funds to build the wall. He said he'll do it after the 3 weeks of negotiation are over with Democrats.

  69. Once again, in th eend yes Mexico will pay for the wall unless Congress organizes a free pass for them. By existing law they will have no choice: Once again the hwo and why see:

  70. can you say, eboli

  71. Wall, wall, wall. I will vote for whom ever gives me the most free stuff. I want a yacht! I want the White House! I want AOC as my MAID! But in order to receive FREE STUFF I would have to join a caravan, forget how to speak English, enter the country illegally and vote for these wonderful politicians that promise us all….FREE STUFF.

  72. The left, pisses the bed…and theres a little orange man in their head…….

  73. Why does everyone love a racist carrot?

  74. llegal immigration has destroyed European societies. The Globalist/Deep State/Soros have weaponized illegal immigration. An invasion of criminals, drugs, and crime is a threat to national security. Trump BUILD THAT WALL!

  75. Why is it cnn,and people like chris just refuse to admit that trump is right need a wall one way or another tax payers will pay either by paying for illegals to enter and get housing ,medical,food stamps ,use our roads ,schools! All. Basically for free oh and dont forget big cost of prison because many do kill,and commit violent crimes sell drugs !!!????? Lets not act like this is a lie!!!! YOU KNOW THIS AND I KNOW THIS

  76. Trump signing agreement AND DECLARING National Emergency! BIG BEAUTIFUL WALL!!! LMFAO! CRY LibTARDS CRY! TRUMP is WINNING and LibTARDS are WHINING! CNN IS the ENEMY of the American People!

  77. who fucking cares who pays for the wall-were bettet off no matter how it comes tobe-90% of all fed elected are fucking no good corrupted pussies

  78. Let's build a wall and then put a large area of land mines on the south side of it

  79. Glad Trump is making Mexico pay for the wall after he cut millions to Mexico for the horrible nafta!!! With the taxies reform now illegals can’t get $1000 back from taxies for kids in Mexico and illegals. Mexican families were getting $20000 every year for taxies…. and they don’t even have to pay taxies here.

  80. Good news Hillary isn't our President and added bonus the WALL is being built. Once completed methods will be put in place to charge Mexico. Here's a video near El Paso, TX. from 7 months ago

  81. In the emordel word of Tupac Amaru Shakur ' How do you want it'

  82. You must be a dummy to really think that Mexico was going to wright a check…the wall is going up…

  83. Mexico will help pay for the wall. Trump is a business man, and he has tighten the screws on Mexico. President Trump has the courage and confidence to hold them accountable. No other president has had the guts to put a stop to the madness. Honestly, how can anyone dispute that something drastic has to be done. A wall is permanent and secures our boarders. In turn, that puts more agents at ports of entry and water ways that will stop the flow of drugs. The wall is expensive, but what is the cost for an illegal taking a life, welfare, education, medical, no insurance, fraud and supplying drugs. A lot more than the cost for a wall.

  84. Boarders define who we are as a country. Obviously, our boarders are not getting the job done. A wall will get it done, correctly. If any other president would have taken the necessary steps to build a wall, it would have been okay. Because it is P. Trump, it is a bad thing. Grow up, people!

  85. Look, the wall needed to be built years ago, its common sense and the fact that this has become a “political issue” now that trump took office is ridiculous because we all know the democrats who supported border security before Trump took office and now that Trump is president they do a 180… this is ridiculous. We need a wall/border security/more law enforcement.




  87. Chris you're a fake CNN fake news and you're fake stop fake news stop fake news

  88. Trump is the bulshit-artist president of the freaking century

    Not only is there no border wall ten times more illegal aliens are entering the country under his watch and it took citizens to create a barrier and he's trying to fight those citizens the stop them from building the barrier

  89. We don‘t want a Wall – we want Mine Fields!

  90. Yeah, he's building a wall so the crime of Mexico wont flood America.
    Everyone knows where all the drugs and sex slaves come's from! Nothing
    personal. Many Mexicans that are vetted and screened to be kind and
    sweet and will follow the rules will be aloud in( no felons) . If we had
    no borders then those that work hard for what they have can't keep it.
    Either they are taxed to death or those that don't have live the dark
    life might steal it. Once again , nothing personal . There must be a
    reason why people want to flee the south and come here. Rules and law's
    allow progress. It's dumb to think we all can prosper without pushing
    those evil doers out of the group. This is also why the wall is put up
    so the Deep State (left and Right) won't profit off of the drugs and
    crime that comes from leaving your door open. Also this will stop Free
    loaders (all races) voters that will vote for democrat to get food
    stamps and not work and those that do work hard just to send all their
    money back home is not far for USA. Everyone knows Mexico people are
    cool and have good family views and values, more then even the black
    dudes that are brainwashed by BET( Black homes have less Daddy's FACT).
    It's crime that's the problem and greed of Man. This goes for "the white
    man" too. Trump is putting power in the hands of all Americans that
    wants to play by the rules. I will end this with the fact even Heaven
    has a gate to keep out the sinners, gates mean a wall for those that
    don't know.

  91. Christ, What the meaning of your channel name CNN fake news or what?

  92. Trump should return to his roots : Scotland and Germany ! !

  93. Chris, I'm gonna give a big, beautiful reply to Trump. The "wall" that he puts, is made with taxes of people. And do you know how much had been spended??? I don't know, really who authorized this, but instead of healt, education, or most needed things, this money could be better used. That's what Demos has critizied….

  94. Big beautiful wall? Why gotta use the word beautiful? Makes him sound delusional 😂😂 ( he is )

  95. This obese pundit is pretty clueless. 65 miles have been built now. Total 450-500 miles by end 2020. The fake news is the TRUE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.

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