Trump Siphons Money for His Wall & A German Amusement Park Sparks Outrage | The Daily Show

Trump Siphons Money for His Wall & A German Amusement Park Sparks Outrage  | The Daily Show

The border wall, Trump’s favorite
imaginary friend. Building it was
his biggest campaign promise, and if you voted for him,
then good news: it’s finally happening. NEWSMAN: President Trump tonight
diverting billions of dollars from the Pentagon
from the military to fund his border wall. NEWSWOMAN: The Pentagon
notifying lawmakers it is diverting funds away from over a hundred
military construction projects. $3.6 billion in total to pay for the president’s
border wall, cutting funds Congress approved
for all sorts of programs, like $40 million
from Camp Lejeune, $160 million from West Point and, the single largest cut in the United States
and its territories, $400 million for efforts to rebuild military sites
in Puerto Rico after they were wrecked
by Hurricane Maria. President Trump
says the money is needed as a matter
of national security. Wow. He seems like an idiot,
but this guy’s a genius. No, you see,
I didn’t see it before, but clearly,
this was his plan all along. Think about it.
Trump builds the wall by taking money away
from the military. Now America has no military
and is totally defenseless, so Mexico invades,
takes over America. Now Mexico runs America, which means Mexico
is paying for the wall. (laughter) Brilliant. -Brilliant plan.
-(cheering and applause) Wow! No, for real. For real, man,
Trump is struggling here. He went from,
“Mexico will pay for the wall” to stealing the money
from his own military? If this is how he negotiates, I can see why he went bankrupt
so many times. Like, he would be
the worst kidnapper ever. “If you want
to see your son again, you’re gonna need to pay me
a million dollars.” “I don’t have
a million dollars!” “Then I’m gonna pay you.” (laughter) All right, let’s move on now
to some international news. While schools in America are trying to get
their scores higher, schools in Britain are
just trying to get a high score. Kids in England
are gonna learn life skills a whole new way
by playing video games. Get this. Nintendo games
are being introduced into the curriculum to help teach computing
and other skills. Classics like Mario
and Donkey Kong will become a fixture
in the classrooms, as well, just like Shakespeare and the
periodic table of the elements. The head of the initiative
believes this will inspire the next generation
of young minds across the United Kingdom. Yes, you heard that right. Super Mario will be taught in
schools just like Shakespeare. (chuckles) They’re gonna be
playing Nintendo games as part of school.
Like, that-that’s the one thing that could make
video games boring, is a teacher trying to teach it. Just being like,
“Now, remember, students, “as in real life,
the best way to kill a turtle is to jump on it, okay?” I will say, I think
teaching Mario in school is a great idea. I mean,
I learned so many things from that game
that I still follow today. You know?
If you eat spicy plants, fire’s gonna shoot out
of your ass. Uh, if you see an open pipe, always jump into it. And, most importantly, you never get the girl because
she’s always in another castle. Yeah. Because it’s a castle. You can’t chase her around.
You can chase her all you want, yeah, but she’s not coming back
to your shitty studio apartment when the other guy has a castle. So stop stalking her
and get a job! These are the lessons
I learned from games. And, finally,
a new story from Germany about an amusement park ride
that wasn’t so amusing. REPORTER: And in the category
of “you had one job,” a German amusement park
has been forced to shut down a new ride
after customers noted parts of it looked
like a giant spinning swastika. The Adlerflug, which is German
for “Eagle’s Flight,” consists of eagle-shaped cars
connected to an axis that strongly resembles the notorious symbol
of Nazi Germany. After a social media backlash, the owners
immediately closed the ride. Oh, man, that… that does not look good. And it’s even worse
when you see the sign that says, “You must be this tall to ride.” Honestly, you know, the most shocking part
of this story for me is that Germans have
amusement parks. That doesn’t seem
like a German idea. You just picture them out,
like, “Family, “we are going to have
a mandatory fun day. “Und, remember,
when we get our picture taken, we show German joy!” Now, look, obviously,
this was a mistake. But if you’re a German,
you can’t afford to make this kind of mistake,
all right? Stay away from anything that could even closely resemble
a swastika. In fact, just stay away
from right angles, completely. Everything in Germany
should be curved. All the buildings
should be curved. Tables and chairs
should be curved. Don’t even dance the robot. It’s too close.
It’s dangerous. Yeah. Just keep it tight. Finger guns, finger guns. Okay, actually, no guns. You’re German. No guns. Just peace signs, peace signs.

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  1. As an American i don’t know what’s going on anymore

  2. Just take a second to think about what she said

    Eagle shaped cars on an axis that look like swastikas at a German amusement park…


    4th Reich CONFIRMED LADS

  3. Think the germans have taken this all in stride the last half century, but everyone has their limits.

  4. Trevor, love your show! I'm from the Bahamas. I've read trump's comments on my country and the excuse he gave. In part I understand, but then I read the headline that said Trump says Bahamas full of 'very bad gang members',😳. It just so happens that both our country's leaders are, at the moment, two bitch ass niggas who instead of facing the people, would prefer pride and prejudice and to hide behind fake news. I love your country, but thanks to trump Canada does look more inviting for visits.

  5. Since climate change is a huge national security issue, let's divert money from the military for the green new deal, too!

  6. This is hilarious. Though Germany has many great amusement and water parks

  7. I like that at least the army is getting less money. 600 billion is way to much

  8. Since he actually speaks german how is his comedy accent so horrid?

  9. So i guess hes doing wall force instead of space force

  10. A man is driving on the highway when he sees a man standing in the middle of the road, stopping every car. When he gets to the man and ask him what is the matter, he is told that the USA has a state of emergency, because somebody kidnapped Trump and wants 200000000 or he will pour petrol over him and set.him alight. The man ask how much do the other drivers donate to the good couse?
    "2-3 litre on average", the man answered 😂😂😂

  11. 'fun' fact: Europapark, which is situated in Rust, Germany is voted year after year as the world's best amusement park by amusement today

  12. Trevor……Xenophobia in your country my brother.

  13. Wtf Germany why have you done

  14. Thank you!!! They voted for a guy who literally invaded to pay his debts and they thought he would fix people's jobs and money. 😂😂😂Oh god so Funny it is sad.
    Thanks for fucking us all up.
    Military funds never go to the soldiers. Family sending items to them and now even less money for them. Geez

  15. Confederates (not Americans) Would love that theme park. Good thing it's not in America.

  16. omg ,, so not funny,,,and obviously sponsored… this show used to be gooood,, as in funny!

  17. The enemies of the wall
    The Armored Titan
    The Colossal Titan
    The Koolaid Man
    Uruk-Hai with siege ladders
    And that Uruk sapper

  18. Dear god Liza Simpsons was right, he took too much money like in that episode

  19. Somebody should tell Trump about the Maginot Line.

  20. The Mexicans told trump to kiss there asses

  21. Kathryn it’s not comedy when you perpetuate hate and distrust,

  22. I just wish we could put the commie bodies of shot-up liberals and demonRATS underneath it's footings.

  23. Trevor, why did you come to the United States?

  24. How much of that wall funding will end up in his own or via his friends pockets and then to him ?

  25. Yeah we can’t spend 1 mil on saving the reef but we can spend a billion on a WALL

  26. Hes cutting funds from Camp Lejeune? Where my old unit was stationed?? Fuck this prima donna narcissist bigoted incompetent asshole!!!!

  27. Of course it somehow fucks Puerto Rico


  29. Germans may don't have fun and if we try… well you've just seen what happens, but we've built a beautiful wall and made the Russians pay for it 🙂

  30. LOL. There were so many mistakes that lead to that ride being made.

  31. He just said :'( the military

  32. Hey Mr. Noah, why don't you stop shaving off you pubie stubble and gluing it to your upper lip…Makes you look like a 13 year old trying to convince everyone his balls have actually dropped…

  33. Democrats are just as crooked as republicans, the sheeple are fools for falling for the same old song and dance and the media is able to trick most if you into believing in what they want you to.

  34. I do get it. Billions spent for a dumb ass wall because of racism. Taking money from where it is needed. Use some of that money to help fight the fire in the Amazon or Africa. America is so stupid it's over

  35. I want to kiss Noah on those dimples😂

  36. Oh Trevor .. speak with me:

    Was darf die Satire?

    Was darf man ihr verbieten?

    I guess your father is swiss not german ..

  37. Washington DC waste money on a Wall Trump

  38. Unfucking believable. Love you, Trevor.

  39. You fucking idiot parrot paid to spake the false language of the european colonizers, how the fuck is mexico going to invade america, mexico is in the american continent, in north america to be more precise… Part of the european occupation of america, is to keep saying that america is a country and europeans are "The Americans" and pieces of shit parrots like you are they paid controlled fake ass opposition….Everyone on the planet knows that africa is a continent, everyone knows that asia, is a continent, everyone agrees to playing fucking stupid pretending not to know that america is a continent, and that european occupiers are citizens of the u.s but not americans, which still is under foreign terrorist european colonial occupation…. Truth is, europeans hired you because you claim to be "African" but you sound=have an accent, like you came from some fucking european country, and speak european bullshit, while playing like you out the box, when you fucking clearly are not…

  40. Vmodude it’s a stale joke and no , most Americans know nothing about Germany,

  41. The United states is funny. Usually when people build a house and they want to protect what's inside the house, they usually put up a fence. Dont know why you crying about that wall going up. Best to keep the unwanted things out?

  42. A Real win and smart move for a man I don't like: Trump

  43. So he'd better NOT try to claim he's any kind of supporter of our military.

  44. Im living in Germany there was not one news flash about that haha 😂 i guess I know why

  45. 2:22 It's call Game Development smartass. They teach "Mario games" in college!

  46. …and guess who is going to have to replace all that money diverted…Hey Middle Class!!

  47. Making fun of Germany on a TV show from the country with the largest Nazi population is unfair.

  48. First America can never be defenseless,
    Secondly $3 billion from over $650 billion in defense budget is little
    Thirdly he wouldn't have done this had congress simply approved his border wall

  49. But Trevor FORGOT to tell us that Nazi imagery and symbols are AGAINST THE LAW in Germany. Yet another thing where Germany is more civilised than the USA, where SLAVERY imagery and symbols ARE STILL NOT ILLEGAL!!!

  50. it's not Trump's worst idea. 🙂

  51. What the fuck , this Dude is embarrassing

  52. Trump – "We need those rides here. I'll install them in the WH."

  53. Trevor sounds like an Indian trying to fake an german accent xD

  54. Trump is planning an invasion he's going to have the Russians or China or someone invade us and the wall is to keep us in that's why he took the money from the military

  55. 3:32 mom in the center

  56. 🇷🇺 TRUMP 🇷🇺
    —– MRGA —-
    ( TRADER !!!! )

  57. Was ihr dahinten so mitbekommt, hier zu lande hab ich nix davon gehört xD

  58. He is desperate to have something built with his name on it. What a fool.

  59. So NOT reconstructing military bases in a VERY strategic area close to Cuba and others, is LESS important than a Wall that can be passed through, Over and under ???? 160$ MILLION From West Point ??? So instead of teaching men and women to be the best of the best, they'll just be Mediocre soldiers because trump thinks a useless wall is more important …

  60. You know what's even funnier? google images of "naval base coronado". And yeah, that's how a US Naval Base looked some years ago.

  61. I mean if getting that money was such a big thing for Trump, why take it from social needs like military education and natural disaster relief when you have a multitude of billions in spending going to Lockheed Martin and Boeing to make tanks and planes we'll never use.
    Of course, this still means Americans are paying for the wall, so fail even on that front.

  62. Great show!
    Greetings from Germany!

  63. Teacher: Billy what do we do at a crosswalk?
    Billy: yank the bitch out of the car.
    Teacher: that’s a GTA plus billy!

  64. Trumpty Dumpty sat on a "wall", Trumpty Dumpty had a great fall, all the "fake news" and all the foreign interference can't get Trumpty Dumpty elected again. #TrumptyDumpty

  65. Trevor is a genius he should be President 😂😂

  66. Bro that ride was so funny how did no one notice that omg 😂😭⚰️

  67. No the worst part about the amusement park story is that its called "adlerflug" meaning this was NOT a mistake.

  68. Mexico joke got me bad…..

  69. Think how much money he could save if he just sent these people to that Island Where he and Jeffrey Epstein hung out. He could go grab any of them by the pussy as much as he wanted!

  70. Yes, yes! The next generation of gamers are being taught early! Soon all your base will belong to us!

  71. To be honest, that’s a bullshit to forbid a sign in Germany cause someone has allergy on it. Dude every sign can be dangerous. It’s the way and where u use it. Every German can carry swastika, it doesn’t mean they wanna rush and capture the world. It’s a sign dude , like American flag. Actually I relate it more to wars than swastika :))) calm down :))

  72. "get off those video games and do your homework!" kid shuts off console….turns it back on 3 seconds later

  73. this is gonna show my ignorance but I honestly didnt know the president has such authority. those budgets are made up and authorized by congress. Doesnt he need to work with them to change budgets after the fact? Or is he using his emergency powers here?
    Did he declare an emergency?

  74. 160million from west point???god damn west point is a high end military school and possibly the most prestigious one where some of the best soldiers have come from and you want to take 160 million from them. Thats a fat L right there. Rip westpoint

  75. The irony is, so much construction was for housing facilities at Lejeune, where mold and structural damage present life hazards to troops, for structures at West Point, the oldest engineering school and service academy in the country, and of course, Puerto Rico. Even megalomaniac Napoleon Bonaparte used to say that if you take carexof the troops, they will take care of you. Morale, health, and safety have been compromised. This incident has just cost us thousands of reenlistments. The troops know how the system is to work. When they see something stupid or unfair, they never forget. When their health is risked, unnecessarily, they never forget. When their "leader" betrays them, they never forget.
    As to the German story, this is the level of national conscience, that a symbol once usurped for an evil purpose, still draws dismay and consternation from the People. They make no excuse, they do not insist it is harmless. They shut it down! Germany, which used to brag in its Anthem, "Germany Over Everyone", now sings of "Unity and right and freedom…Let us all pursue the purpose, brotherly, with heart and hand."
    How ironic is it, that they would shut down an expensive piece of construction because it reminds of hatred, but Donald, son of a racist Germanic father, will steal from housing and disaster repairs, to build a symbol of hate. Ach, Mein Lieber Gott!

  76. I have to say, I grew up playing video games, especially RPGs. This was before the era of voice acting as a standard, and the games I played were text-heavy. I remember playing Legend of Dragoon, and it was specifically Albert's character that had me load the game up with a dictionary next to me just so I could look up words I didn't know.
    My mother now calls me a walking thesaurus, though I prefer the term 'word nerd'. 😛

    That's just one thing I learned from video games. Problem solving, critical thinking, time management, creativity, story structure, math… There's a lot to be learned while having a blast.

  77. We’re all One People.
    United we stand strong.
    Divided we crumble.

  78. You see you got so many like videos because the way the video starts with Trump building the wall dumb ass !!! I can’t wait to see Trump wins in 2020 your gonna cry like a baby!!!

  79. Actually it's not a "peace" sign, it's the V for victory.
    The peacemovement adopted it as a symbol that one day through peaceful protest the warmongers will be overcome.
    Also, the swastika is already forbidden in Germany.

  80. AWE COME ON!!! EAGLES in a SWASTIKA on an AXIS! lol really?

  81. The border wall costs about 0.02% of the military budget and costs way less than the $135 billion spent on services for illegals.

  82. I hate Nazis and their ways however this symbol does not belong to them. This symbol is way older and it symbolizes something good and deeper than their stupid and moronic agenda. They (nazis) hi jacked this symbol.

  83. The US spends way too much on military, so if there would be deductions anywhere it should be from the military. But don’t use it for a wall, there are so many things like education and infrastructure that need it

  84. Jumping on turtles? Moscow Mitch doesn't approve

  85. Haha okay i did nazi that coming

  86. its funny that people thought someone else was going to pay to build the wall. Nope america is paying for this thing cause a spoiled orange child is in the white house.What hes doing is equal to using said money as toilet paper.

  87. Shakespear's still rocking <3

  88. Im like literally living there ahahha

  89. People in Germany are paranoid. They panicked when a hobby drone shot a photo of some offices and they resemble a swastika from on top. So what? Get over it.

  90. Foreigners are being slaughtered by south Africans and you keep quiet, but you think you have that right to talk about how Americans run their country? Get the fuck outta here you fuckin hypocrite.

  91. I wouldn't worry about that princess anyway

    She was beautiful and popular in what, the 80s?

    I'm sure she's a frigid old hag by now

    Not that I mind frigid

  92. Welcome to Germany We are so politically correct, that we'de be loved to killed by people who think, they bring "democracy".

  93. I thought one of the republican's iron-clad tenets of their platform was: A strong military? Well, looks like the hypocrite party shows their true hand again when it comes to priorities. I guess the NRA and the politics of fear-and-divide are their winning formula.

  94. Well, to be fair: The ride was built by an Italian company

  95. Its sad how u have to close down things for people's feelings like that. It wasnt anything related to a Nazi. Theres a limit to accommodating people's shit

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