Trump: Nancy Pelosi will be begging for a wall

Trump: Nancy Pelosi will be begging for a wall

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  1. Best president in my life time Good work Boss

  2. I wish he put himself in the shoes of an immigrant. He has no idea why they are running from their country! They literally don’t have a choice but to go. The only reason there’s a drug war it’s because it’s the only easy way to get money in those country’s. THEY don’t have a choice asshole!! They are desperate and need a lot of help…

  3. Nancy Pelosi already has a wall around where she lives and armed guards 24/7. Give us the same thing then you can let all the illegals in here you want.

  4. Wy don't we use barbed wire on the walls so if some cunt tries to climb it the get roughed up get it it going trump

  5. Pelosi had no problem before.

  6. I thought my grammar was bad. Nothing to brag about but I think I could be the damn president at this point

  7. Dude wtf are u even saying this orange looking man or kid says his building the wall already but yet wants to shutdown the goverment again cuz they won’t give him a wall thats to tell you how much of a fucken lier he is if he lies about a wall wtf else would he lie about but yet his supporters are so stupit that believe all the shit that comes out of his mouth

  8. Every time the president says wall take a shot

  9. NANCY is playing games shes a fucken miserable baby!

  10. Wish they would build me a wall…preferably sound proof. Reasoning should be obvious by now… lol

  11. 20/20 vision! Things will change

  12. I'm sorry, but Pelosi is a puppet master. People should look at what's happening in our country. You don't have to like the way Donald Trump talks or acts, but he's done a tremendous job so far with job creation, tax cuts, lowering prescription costs, trying to get health care, working with other countries for peace — those are GOOD things. This country can't afford to just let illegal people in here. Check the definition of that word, ILLEGAL, and think about what the means. We welcome new people but they need to come here the right way and become American citizens the right way.

  13. Trump will be begging Nancy to release her grip on his testicles

  14. Mexico will pay for it
    In pesos

  15. Trumps voice sounds different here lol more mature

  16. God bless America.

  17. This guy has a wall for a brain.

  18. Not murder or rape. The worst sin is illegals. I don’t call them aliens because that like referring to natives like Indians. Lol

  19. Does the wall get built around Detroit and la because the trafficking is in this country already. So are the drugs. Mobile meth labs have Been found in mi.

  20. What about the Chinese coming here to have babies. Still happening right under his nose next door. 🙂


  22. Bonehead…no wall is actually being built right now, lie lie lie…plus the caravans are lining up at the point of entry…the good this is Bonehead's base is a minority and shrinking…we've lost a lot of respect from the world but we will rebuild after 2020…

  23. Clown! He has illegal immigrants working for him at most of his hotels.

  24. 2020. 어게인 재선 프로젝트 okay

  25. In your dream but not Nancy Pelosi generation

  26. I doubt that….and he is STILL LYING! 🤦🏾‍♀️

  27. Mr. President, why aren’t we building a wall against Canada? Their love is flooding down, why aren’t we putting up a solid barrier? What about our ocean boarders? I think we need more walls!!!

  28. The tax cuts that help the wealthy?

  29. NFTA helped small businesses!!! You increased their cost by 75%

  30. The Wall is meant to keep yo ass in

  31. Please, please give us our money back. Mr. Trump!!!! The children need to eat.

  32. Hi from Brazil. Trump is the guy!!!

  33. I always wonder when I see a press conference from CNN how much is edited out

  34. We need a wall come on now, or some sort of protection, something! Go Trump!

  35. Ronald McDonald everyone!

  36. Dear mr. President please investigate Bohemian Grove what are the Nancy Pelosi drinks the blood of children ….it has a wall around it and they have three thousand armed guards at all times what's up with that

  37. 【万里の長城】そんなに簡単な問題ではない事だとは思いますが、壁に有名なアーティスト、ペイントアート、お店など 壁町ストリートにすれば観光地になって資金が集まるかもと思いました。感謝😃


  39. You Have Lost Your Mind!!!!***

  40. He who laughs last, laughs best. 63+ million Deplorables are now laughing at you gullible, liberal, Demwit morons.

  41. Have these idiots who bash Trump ever talked to the border patrols and what they been fighting against , what they witnessed , what they've been dealing with? And not only are the border patrols fighting violent criminals shooting at them at the border, because of drugs but saving children and women of human sex trafficking. Also border patrols have detained illegals of muslim backgrounds suspected of terrorists. Idiots! Trump is trying to make our country SAFE.

  42. yes all the drug lords and thieves need to break in to Nancy's place and smoker her.
    then she will see the need for the wall.

  43. Been to San Fran lately? Really sad.

  44. Fuck you haters all. In the meantime the same demtards & leftist morons that PREACH "open borders" live behind THEIR OWN (PRIVATE) WALLS OF MULTI-MLN REAL-ESTATE COMPOUNDS! They are all so "pro-open borders", but nobody ever wonders how come it is the POOREST segments of the American society and the workers on fix-income that ALWAYS pay most dearly for the fllood of illegal aliens – SURE AS HELL NO "PELOSI" OR "OCCASIO-CORTéZ" (you can forget about "Mad Maxine", even though she's the PERFECT EXAMPLE)! …so FUCK YOU ALL "C.N.N."-HYPOCRITES !

  45. Hey, LEFTIST CUNTS! Your "moral values" CHANGE WITH THE WIND! I was born behind the "iron curtain", in communist Poland. For 50 years there was a wall, cutting Europe in half – built to PREVENT PEOPLE TO ESCAPE from the communist "paradise" – a "wall" built with electrified barbed-wire (just like in nazi death-camps), turrets with machine guns, with ready-to-shoot soldiers, dogs, patrols and FUCKING MINEFIELDS! The victims of that wall go by the HUNDRES ONLY IN West Berlin – THOUSANDS if we count those who tried to escape the commie "paradise on earth" in the rest of Europe, so my question is: WHERE WERE YOUR BIG "PRO-OPEN BORDERS" PROTESTS BACK THEN? – BACK WHEN PEOPLE WERE BEING MACHINE-GUNNED or LEFT TO BLEED ON BARBED WIRE, TRYING TO ESCAPE COMMUNISM? Where were YOU, you fucking clowns THEN?? …SHORT-FUCKIN'-MEMORY, ha??…

  46. PS. >>> All the very Best to the USA and to President Donald Trump from Poland! …and FUCK YOU, "CNN"-"ABC"-"BBC"-"MSNBC" & ALL THE OTHERS …F-U-C-K – Y-O-U – A-L-L !

  47. The only wall I see that
    Donald Trump is building is the

  48. When is this Fn pig Trump going to prison for F sake already. Enough of this lying scumball & his ideot Republitatrds; this country is already great because we can put NAZI retards like this circus freak in prison ! Enough is enough Prison time for Trump & his cronies !!!!!


  50. The only reason U want a wall, so that U and your corrupt industries could make money, out of the cement, the metal, and aluminum. All this is related to Oleg whom own the aluminum plant, and trump friends who own the cement plants, and if he fix this for them, then he would get his money kick backs from these industries, it's all about the making of money for his pockets. He tells the reason why one way, when it's all about another thing, greed.

  51. Don't forget U traffic drugs back in the eighties, using your private helicopter, running from Miami to new York. There is nothing to much U haven't did.

  52. And U talking about trafficking humans, how about U and Epstien, how many children U and Epstien have traffic, boys and young girls? Sometimes I wonder, is this the reason U have separated these children migrants from their parents, and don't know who, they parents are, or the parents don't Know where they children are. Were this set up to traffic? All U think of is how to make money ,any kind of way, but most times illegal, you are a corrupt criminal, because that's how U use to living your thug life, and then U accuses ever else , because of the way U have lived, and still living!!!!

  53. Stopenbakhetpolstrumdonalpreziden

  54. I love Trump. Everyone I know hates Nancy Pelosi.

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