Trump Declassifies Russia Investigation, Adds Potential Shocker For Obama & Hillary

Trump Declassifies Russia Investigation, Adds Potential Shocker For Obama & Hillary

President Donald Trump just pulled the trigger
on declassifying information that led to the Russia investigation. However, the president also included a shocking
directive to Attorney General Bill Barr that is potentially terrifying to Barack Obama
and Hillary Clinton. You’ll love this. President Donald Trump has ordered that the
information and underlying evidence that led to the Trump-Russia investigation be declassified. This move could alter the political landscape
surrounding the Democrats’ ridiculous plan to potentially impeach him. In a memorandum to his seven cabinet directors
and the Attorney General, Trump asked that officials cooperate with Barr’s investigation
and authorized Barr to declassify any information about the investigation into his campaign
that he deemed necessary, provided that he consulted with the agency responsible. Well, this is what Trump supporters have been
waiting for over two years to see happen. But there’s just one thing many reporters
are missing. Besides ordering the DOJ, CIA, and FBI to
cooperate with declassifying all documents relating to the bogus Trump-Russia investigation,
the president included the Departments of Energy and Treasury. At first glance, you are probably wondering
what would the Energy and Treasury Departments have to do with any of this?Well, this is
what must be terrifying to Obama and Hillary. You see, this will uncover all the dirty deeds
they were doing while in office. The appearance of Treasury and Energy would
indicate the pre-existence of investigative evidence; that would be subject to ongoing
DOJ review, and potentially be part of ongoing proceedings,” the Conservative Treehousereports. “Potential target issues could include:
(1) an investigation of Uranium One; (2) an investigation of the Clinton Foundation; and,
(3) an investigation of matters related to payments to Iran,” CTH adds. Treasury would come into play with the Committee
on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS); which was part of the Uranium One
process and also included the Dept. of Energy. Additional related matters could include George
Papadopoulos $10k (Treasury); and The Clinton Foundation. Then, there is Obama’s “secret” payment
to Iran of $150 billion dollars. President Trump and his astute advisers are
making sure every rock is overturned to shed sunlight on everything Obama and Hillary were
doing. But that’s not all. Many Trump supporters may be worried about
the Obama-holdovers who may be embedded at the agencies that are required to declassify
the documents. Well, Trump made sure they can’t pull a
fast one and leave something out. Trump gives AG Barr all the power. Within the memorandum, the President does
not allow AG Bill Barr to delegate authority, so no Obama-holdovers can pull a fast one. However, all agencies are required to respond
directly to Barr’s authority. This is needed for two main reasons. One, to make sure anyone loyal to former FBI
Director James Comey, or former CIA Chief John Brennan, aren’t in charge of gathering
the evidence to be declassified. And two, Trump was the victim/target, and
he has a conflict of interest legally. So, the president makes AG Bill Barr the authority
who will oversee and regulate the declassification. This is causing the Democrats to lose their
minds. Now that “Mueller time” is over, this
declassification of the deep state coup attempt is going to prove to Americans once and for
all that Pelosi and her buddies can’t be trusted. For those who need a refresher on the background
of this declassification: The FBI used a Democrat-funded dossier on then-candidate Trump to obtain
the FISA warrant, despite the fact that reporting from earlier this month found that “a high-ranking
government official who met with Steele in October 2016 determined some of the Donald
Trump dirt that Steele was simultaneously digging up for the FBI and for Hillary Clinton’s
campaign was inaccurate, and likely leaked to the media.” President Trump is timing this declassification
to coincide with the Democrats primary season when they select the candidate to run against
him. It will also be enough time before the 2020
election to allow Americans to digest all the incriminating material that will be declassified. This will also squash any impeachment talk. Except, those who are totally unhinged like
Maxine Waters or Mazie Hirano will continue to rant against Trump. However, that will only highlight just how
deranged they are. So, m

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  1. Let's stop talking and get this done on the Dems

  2. The America hating half breed muslim homo Obama ordered everything ! With a Hillary win , we would have never known the amount of corruption , the most corrupt in history , of any previous administration. Now we know why " Barry the Fairy" was in such a hurry to close Gitmo ! At least he'll have a million dollar soccer field he built for his cousins , with taxpayer dollars !

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