Trump Asked About “Impenetrable” Border Wall Being Penetrated

Trump Asked About “Impenetrable” Border Wall Being Penetrated

>>Remember when Trump said that he was gonna
build an impenetrable wall at our southern border? Well, it turns out that drug smugglers from
Mexican cartels have easily found a way to use something called a reciprocating saw in
order to saw through the steel and concrete slabs. And then they just simply kick the steel slab
off to the side and make their way inside the country in order to smuggle drugs. Now, this is news that the Washington Post
recently reported, but I just wanna give you a little taste, a little reminder of what
Trump has said about his own border wall over and over again.>>Do you think you’re going to cut it with
a blow torch that doesn’t work because you hit concrete. And then if you think you’re gonna go through
the concrete, that doesn’t work because we have very powerful rebar inside. So it’s a very powerful, very powerful wall. The likes of which probably to this extent
has not been built before. I did all three.>>Cuz it’s a different form of cutting. You can cut through steel but you can’t through
the concrete and then you can’t through the hardened rebar. We got it all. I said fellas, how about doing the less expensive
version? They said well, this is the version that works
including the poured concrete in the steel with the rebar and everything else. That’s the Rolls Royce version. We’re building a beautiful wall, a big one
that really works that you can’t get over. You can’t get under. Any walls that were put up would get knocked
down very quickly, very easily. This wall is not something that can be really
knocked down. Yeah, you’ll see it’s a combination of steel,
concrete and as one of the folks here said, it really is virtually impenetrable.>>So the Washington Post reports that the
breaches have been made using a popular cordless household tool known as a reciprocating saw
that retails at hardware stores for as little as $100. When fitted with specialized blades, the saws
can slice through one of the barrier’s steel and concrete bollards In minutes according
to the agents. Border patrol agents spoke to the Washington
Post on condition of anonymity and so this is what’s going on. But when Donald Trump was approached about
some of the flaws that this wall has, here’s how he reacted. I haven’t heard that. We have a very powerful wall, but no matter
how powerful, you can cut through anything.>>I love how he’s backing up as he’s answering
that question. I haven’t heard anything about that, see you
later. Jeez.>>Good heavens. I’ve covered the border for 35 years.>>Mm-hm.>>This was never going to work, it can’t
work, it won’t work, and I love the part where he said you can’t go under the wall. How deep is it? Well, it’s 5 feet deep. There are drug tunnels that have been cut
out, I stood in one, did a stand up in one, it was like a two-lane highway. They’re moving drugs and people back and forth. It was never going to work. Remember, he came up with this, he pulled
this one out of his, nether regions on a campaign trail and just said, and I’ll make Mexico
pay for it.>>Right.>>And none of this was ever real. I recently went down to the border, and you
know what border patrolmen really want? They want money.>>Yes.>>He promised, the other part that he promised
was thousands of new border patrol agents. He has fewer border patrol agents.>>Fascinating.>>Because border patrol agents are limited
in the amount of overtime that they can be paid. The ICE and the customs officials aren’t,
so border patrolmen stay for about two years and then leave to go to the higher paying
jobs. They see a wall being built and they go, I’d
like to put food on my plate. I don’t mind working, but how about you take
care of us first?>>That’s really interesting cuz when I was
debating Tomi Lehren at Politicon, she said that she spoke to border control agents and
they told her that what they really want is a barrier.>>Yeah, no, that’s not true.>>Of course.>>I mean maybe she talked to one or two guys
that are in Trump’s pocket, but most of the border patrol agents are really, they’re good
people. But if you’ve ever gone to the border, how
long do you have to wait to cross because there aren’t enough border patrolmen working
the border crossings?>>Right.>>It’s just not right.>>Well, now if you go futher into this article-
>>God bless you if you do.>>And they also talk about that they’ve got
ladders.>>Yes.>>And climbed over. And I said this when they first built the
wall, that I’m pretty confident the Mexican people have mastered ladder technology.>>Yeah. Dude, I think it’s-
>>I think they got that down. It’s tall, whoop, climb a ladder.>>They care less.>>And now what I love is, you know what they’re
doing? They’re sneaking into San Diego. They’re bringing drugs, no, they’re buying
saws.>>They come the price is really good. Apparently Lowes had a sale on saws. So we went in and we bought. This is so, it’s again, it’s one of these
things if it wasn’t real It would be hilarious, right? That just, we’re gonna build a wall that’s
impenetrable unless you have a saw.>>Anything’s penetrable. And then come back, and then the Spanish wall. I gotta quickly tell you the funniest story. I was on the border. Now, this is the waterfront Laredo. The water plant. The water is maybe waist deep. And back in the day when there was a crisis
in the 80s, it would be rush hour traffic on the 101. I mean, it would be stacked up. People coming across and the Border Patrol
couldn’t get them because they’d walk across and then disappear into the reeds and boom,
they’d be gone. Well, I went back to this area that I used
to frequent. I waited for six hours. One guy was crossing. And I asked him I said, porque? Why are you crossing the river? He goes, why are you telling me in Spanish? And I go cuz you’re coming from Mexico. And he says, I’m coming across to work in
my cousin’s machine shop. I go what, you live in Nuevo Laredo and work
in Laredo? Yeah, and I go, why don’t you cross at the
bridge? He goes I save myself a buck and a quarter. I said, so Trump says he’s gonna build a wall
here. What happens if he builds a wall? And he looks up the river, he looks down the
river.>>I’m gonna buy a reciprocating saw.>>He looks at me, he goes, I’m gonna be late
for work.>>That’s hilarious.>>That’s the issue.>>Yeah, it is, it’s ridiculous. I did the same thing where I was in I think,
I can’t remember the town, but Mexicali was right across the border. And there was literally a hole there and they
would just, that’s how they came to work. Here just go through and then they go back
home.>>And if you want to attack that issue, how
about you go after the large companies who are hiring these illegals?>>No, never.>>That’s the issue.>>Because that would be real.>>He is one of the employers who hires undocumented
immigrants. I mean, that’s part of the thing, and no one
ever talks about this and it drives me crazy. When Trump first got elected, what is the
first thing that he did in 2017? He raised the cap on foreign workers who can
come into the country and work on Trump properties.>>Well, of course.>>Yeah.>>So while he is lowering the cap for refugees,
he has increased the numbers of low wage foreign workers who come in, and he gets to exploit
and take advantage of. So I mean, he’s been taking advantage of undocumented
labor in this country since.>>Just since he came, since he was young.>>I’m giving away reciprocating saws for
Christmas this year.>>I’m gonna go to the Home Depot. They’re gonna be, we’re all out of them. We don’t know what happened.>>They had a rush on them.

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