Trevor Moore: Drunk Texts to Myself – “Founding Fathers” – Uncensored

Trevor Moore: Drunk Texts to Myself – “Founding Fathers” – Uncensored

(upbeat music) ♪ The name is George Washington ♪ But it’s the general to you ♪ Or you can call me President
One, not three or two ♪ And you probably heard a
lot of silly stories ’bout me ♪ But let me lay me down
how raw it really used to me ♪ Got a hip operation,
I got the plantation ♪ Selling the stickiest
shit around the new nation ♪ So come round and find
me if you wanna get high ♪ ‘Cause honestly I got the
bombest, I cannot tell a lie ♪ Pick it dry, of
course I’m gonna try ♪ Bag it up and brick
it, then just let ’em buy ♪ And if the Brits wanna come
and take a a piece of the cut ♪ I’ll raise a whole fuckin’
army, let ’em see what’s what ♪ The king’s like,
Yo I gotta get paid ♪ I’m like, tough titty, ’cause
y’all’s a whole ocean away ♪ And you can try
to send some ships ♪ To come and make me pay up ♪ But that’s an awful long
way just to suck these nuts ♪ You get my
fucking message, son ♪ Take it, Thomas Jefferson ♪ Sell drugs ♪ Run guns ♪ Nail sluts and fuck the law ♪ We’re founding fathers,
we’re Rushmore shit ♪ And we were all high as balls ♪ The Declaration
of Independence ♪ I wrote so high I’m
surprised it makes sense ♪ But we find these
truths to be self-evident ♪ It goes puff, puff, pass,
the next round you get skipped ♪ Abe Lincoln, I know
what y’all thinking ♪ Greatest president ever ♪ I’ll have what he’s drinking ♪ Yeah, well see, that’s
where you be wrong ♪ ‘Cause if you
wanna chill with me ♪ You better go
and grab that bong ♪ Or an apple or a can,
see you do not understand ♪ Faded 20 for a seven ’cause
that’s just the way I am ♪ I can see you’re having a
little trouble believing me ♪ But check this
letter that I wrote ♪ Recorded down in history, ahem ♪ Two of my favorite things
are sitting on my porch ♪ And smoking a pipe of
that sweet hemp, of course ♪ That’s a quote that I wrote
while I was still in office ♪ But enough of
that, I am too high ♪ I have to back up off this ♪ Where’s my horse, I think I
need to go and ride him home ♪ I was supposed to leave about
four score and 20 rips ago ♪ You see my hat, I like it, ♪ I kinda think it
looks like a stove ♪ Scratch it, pass up on my time ♪ And let me hit it for the road ♪ Sell drugs ♪ Run guns ♪ Nail sluts and fuck the law ♪ We’re founding fathers,
we’re Rushmore shit ♪ And we were all high as balls ♪ And don’t let ’em
try and tell you ♪ We grew it just for rope ♪ You can check what we wrote
down in our harvest notes ♪ We separated seeds
that we found more potent ♪ In layman’s terms,
we were in to get bent ♪ Smokin’ out the
continental congress ♪ Everybody’s bitches
be like all up on us ♪ Patrick Henry’s in the corner
lookin’ pretty well spent ♪ Ben Franklin got so high
he forgot to be president ♪ Your girl just said she
never had it hit so good ♪ Smoke so many trees that
my fuckin’ teeth turned wood ♪ And if they make a
monument to me when I die ♪ It’ll be a giant abstract
joint up in the sky ♪ But you know they
gonna whitewash me ♪ Make up some corny shit
about me chopping cherry trees ♪ It’s hard to control a people
if the founders are thugs ♪ So they’ll just
teach that I was ♪ All prayers,
puppies, and hugs. ♪ But that just
ain’t the way it was ♪ We set this whole place
up with a hell of a buzz ♪ So next time they try and
tell you that the stuff is wrong ♪ Look at a dollar, light a
blunt, fuckin’ sing my song ♪ Sell drugs ♪ Run guns ♪ Nail sluts and fuck the law ♪ We’re founding fathers,
we’re Rushmore shit ♪ And we were all high as balls ♪ The Declaration
of Independence ♪ I wrote so high, I’m
surprised it makes sense ♪ But we find these
truths to be self-evident ♪ It goes puff, puff, pass,
the next round you get skipped ♪ We’re the founders
and we found this ♪ And we found it
with some cannabis ♪ We’re the founders
and we found this ♪ And we found it
with some cannabis ♪ Mount Rushmore crew ♪ Stone monument to
some monumental stoners ♪ Ha-Ha! ♪ G. Washington, T.
Jefferson, and A. Lincoln ♪ And fuck that other guy ♪ Calvin Coolidge,
whoever the fuck ♪ We history

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  2. Gay and not funny.

  3. I love this video! sharing to facebook.

  4. the thomas jefferson part is godamn like fucking great

  5. This is the whitest thing I know.

  6. I don't get the Calvin Coolidge joke.

  7. Right on Trevor!! This is funny!!

  8. I'm even more patriotic now.

  9. Now this is good. Well done Trevor.

  10. who is the voice of thomas jefferson?

  11. Total mindless crap…. Go ahead, cloud your minds making it easier to be ruled.

  12. It took over 20 watches for me to realize Trevor Moore was washington, Jefferson, and lincoln

  13. If money was infused with THC, it would solve both the drug problem AND keep inflation in check

  14. Nate Dogg took Jefferson’s style

  15. This song is surprisingly accurate

  16. Alexander Hamilton would like to know your location

  17. Is cbd legal in Woodrow Wilson's #mamassobitcoin

  18. This song has more truth in it then any standard history book. We are Americans, we were never meant to be ruled. We are the wretched refuse of the world, kicked out of every civilized nation on earth. Our founders were thugs and gangsters that essentially started a war over a three percent sales tax. Learn it folks.

  19. That girl dancing with a joint is killing it. Also i always wondered why Ben franklin didnt become president.

  20. This song sounds is way more better than today's popular shitty pop songs!!

  21. Chick sitting right to Jefferson was hot!😍😍

  22. he's got MOVES WOW _


  24. Once I had no internet and had this video loaded . I got got high and horny so I masturbated to it.


  26. Christiann Castellanos is amazing in this!

  27. Lin Manuel Miranda stole the idea for Hamilton from Trevor Moore.

  28. Anybody else notice the blonde on Washington's left in his second verse is Florence from wrecked.

  29. Oh hell no, you did not just disrespect Teddy like that. He deserves to be in your crew, he’s gangster enough.

  30. Abe Lincolns part is my favorite part but I mean this whole song is so awesome

  31. It's funny cuz this is true to a certain extent.

  32. This man is beautiful

  33. which part of Hamilton is this?

  34. Lincoln wasn't a founding father

  35. Fuck yeah that shit is balls deep son

  36. yooo these lyrics are fire as fuck boi

  37. We could have recreational heroin and medical machine guns but the fuckers up top know they'd lose power. Don't vote, but if you do, vote libertarian.

  38. Man listen to yall sound like a bunch of potheads commenting here… if youll excuse me….time to reload the bong and watch old wkuk clips 🀣

  39. Trevor Moore is a genius.

  40. this song is lowkey lit tho

  41. But… Abraham wasn’t a founding father…?

  42. Who is the hot brunette singing?

  43. #GetComedyCentralToReviveWKUK

  44. β€οΈπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒβ€οΈ

  45. pick it, dry it, of course im gonna try it. bag it up and brick it, then just let em buy it. = better bars than 90% of rappers today

  46. Girl name please

  47. This should be played in history class

  48. only 2 of these are actually a founding father

  49. How high did they get to write this song?

  50. Sell drugs.

    Run guns.

    Nail sluts, and fuck the law.

  51. "Smoke so many trees that my fucking teeth turn wood" such a dope line lmfaoooo

  52. This is very Jon Lajoe esque

  53. Simply brilliant.

  54. Happy Fourth everyone! Our Draft dodging president is currently trying to convince people to show up for his shitty military parade. =D

  55. Sad that Comedy Central turned into SJW central =/


  57. I honestly love how different the three main Lyricists are: GW is very brash and gangster, TJ is still very intellectual and is the guy who is always having deep thoughts when high and AL is very chilled and laid back but still has his moments of freaking out.

  58. Ok but he did NOT have to go this hard

  59. No DUI when you're driving a horse home. Damn. The good days!

  60. That's a hell of a hook

  61. the founders were not high

  62. Who is the sexy milf with the dick sucking lips? If she isn't a pornstar she lost out on millions.

  63. This is historically inaccurate. Abraham Lincoln wasn't a founding father.

  64. Where was hamilton?!

  65. That last bit when he stuck his chin out he even kinda looked like the O.G. the G. Washington.

  66. This is everything Americans should be proud of. Do drugs and run guns.

  67. Showed this to a friend in the UK, and it converted him to American.

  68. I hate to be that guy, but the Lincoln quote might just be an internet rumor started by a Harmonica company faking an endorsement. However, Mary Todd Lincoln; Abe's wife was the daughter of a Hemp Farmer. Lastly, the first draft of the Declaration of Independence was written on Dutch Hemp paper. It no longer exists, translation: They probably smoked it

  69. Ben Franklin's guitar solo man….

  70. Wait. Abe Lincoln is a Founding Father?

  71. Thomas Jefferson should've had a slave girl as a background singer

  72. The chick to the right of Abe is hotter than a lesbian orgy on the sun

  73. How am I JUST finding this?

  74. You make one extremely handsome Thomas Jefferson! The lady behind you should have been black though……

  75. Name of abe Lincon chick

  76. Damn that girl is hot as fuck

  77. The brunette in tho πŸ’• gah damn

  78. Her name is Angelina Vitale.
    Stop asking now.

  79. When’s the Trevor Moore and Jon LaJoie colab

  80. This is a good idea for a movie, the premise i mean, seriously Abraham Lincoln vampire slayer became a movie, this would do even better. It's like the movie The Patriot in the movie Half Baked just kind of merged one. I strongly urge for The Whitest Kids you know to make this into some stand-alone picture. Does no one else agree?

  81. I wonder what the subtle message behind this song is… that the founding fathers had their imperfections? (Maybe not smoking weed but they weren't exactly as open-minded as we are today on a lot of social issues.) NVM, I just found out they legitimately like to smoke that hemp on the occasion.

  82. Dont smoke out of cans kids

  83. Who is the actress with Lincoln? Holy hell, she is hot

  84. The easiest part for him to be rocking was Abe Lincoln. Because he's wearing a pimp head and is easy to play as a gangster already.

  85. If only Trump was high asf.

  86. I mean… whiskey and rum but not marijuana. Hemp was used for rope as far as I know in those times (except for the natives).
    Washington did flip flop because he was a general for the british first. He paid his troops whiskey too.

  87. Yeah but did they smoke pot with dinosaurs

  88. This is absolutely amazing. I fu**in love Trevor Moore

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