Tracing the nations back to Babel (Creation Magazine LIVE! 3-12)

Tracing the nations back to Babel (Creation Magazine LIVE! 3-12)

How and when did different
nations and cultures arise? Today on Creation Magazine LIVE! we’ll
talk about the origin of the nations. Creation Ministries
International Creation
Magazine LIVE! Hi. My name is
Calvin Smith. And I am Richard
Fangrad. Welcome to Creation
Magazine LIVE! This week we’re going to talk
about the origin of cultures and nations according
to biblical history. Now in one of the episodes in
Season 2 of Creation Magazine LIVE! we dealt with when
God created, right? And if you missed it you can watch it
at our website at So Creation Magazine LIVE!
Season 2, Episode 4. And in that episode we summarised key
evidences all supporting a recent creation. God created about
6,000 years ago, etc. Right. Yep. Now for this week’s program we
move forward in biblical history to the event of the
world-destroying Flood. And if we want to put
dates on these things — we’re going to talk about history
so that’s a good thing to do — That was about 2350 BC,
somewhere right around there. Right. Now obviously all nations — if we’re
talking about the origin of nations here — the nations must have
started after that. You had 8 people at the time of the
Flood; who survived the Flood. And then the nations
came from there. The question is … Are there secular records that
confirm that biblical timescale. Right. And the answer
is, ‘yes’, there are lots of
secular records. Now a key event in all of
this was the Tower of Babel. In Genesis 10:25 we read
about the birth of Peleg. “In his days the
earth was divided” we read there in
Genesis 10:25. Now recently some
have suggested that this refers to the breakup
of the physical earth. Right. But that would have
been so catastrophic it would essentially have
been another global flood. Or as destructive as a
global flood anyway. Yes, very destructive. So the word “earth” … — when we’re looking at Scripture we need
to be careful how we’re looking at this — The word earth (“erets”
in the original Hebrew) can have different
meanings, like most words, and just like the
English word “earth”. Now the traditional
interpretation — and of course this is
supported from other verses — — we’re going to
look at those — is that this refers to the breakup
of the people of the earth, by language. And of course at the Tower of
Babel God confused the languages, people groups couldn’t
speak to each other, and then separated out
all over the earth. That’s why God actually
confused the languages: because he told people to
spread out over the earth. So let’s look at some
of these verses. Genesis 11:1 “Now the whole earth
had one language…” Well obviously we’re not
talking about the earth, we’re talking about the
world, the people on it. Genesis 11:9 “Therefore its name
was called Babel, because there the LORD confused
the language of all the earth.” So when we hear that the earth
of that day was broken up we’re not talking about
the actual dirt, we’re talking about the
peoples of the earth. It refers to the breakup there in Peleg’s
day as the ‘Tower of Babel’ event. Right. Now according to biblical chronology
as deducted by Archbishop Ussher the Flood occurred
2349/2348 BC. Again, somewhere
in that timeframe. Peleg was born, according to
Archbishop Ussher, in 2247 BC, about 100 years later. Is there any confirmation of these
dates from ancient writers? Absolutely! And we’ll get to
that in 60 seconds. According to skeptics, one of the characteristics
of pseudoscientific theory is that it contradicts a
known scientific law. For instance in biology, we
have the Law of Biogenesis, which states that life
only comes from life. Ironically though, many self-professed
skeptics ignore this scientific law when it comes to the
origin of life. According to
evolutionary theory all life on earth can be traced
back to a single-celled organism which itself arose from
non-living chemicals. But this is a clear contradiction
of the Law of Biogenesis. And not surprisingly, so far scientists
have been unable to validate this belief. Even Francis Crick, who won the Nobel Prize
for co-discovering the structure of DNA admitted, “An honest man, armed with
all the knowledge available to us now, could only state
that in some sense the origin of life appears at the
moment to be almost a miracle.” Well, maybe it
was a miracle. To find out more from Creation
Ministries International, visit our website, If you’ve just tuned in we’re
talking about the origin of nations and the founding of those
nations; when they started. Obviously it started with
people after the breakup, the dispersion from Babel after
God confused the languages there. Now if we start with the
founding of Babylon Let’s start there. The Tower of Babel was likely on the
outskirts of Babylon, that kind of thing. In 331 BC after Alexander the Great had
defeated Darius he went to Babylon. There he received 1,903 years of astronomical
observations from the Chaldeans, which they claimed dated back
to the founding of Babylon. Now if this was so, that would place
the founding of Babylon in 2234 … 2000 … 2234 BC That’s about 13 years
after the birth of Peleg. Great. And so that fits
well with that. That fits very well! And Porphire, an
ancient Greek, an anti-Christian
Greek philosopher — anti-Christian is
what we’re getting at — Greek philosopher — He also deduced
the same number He lived in the
third century. Right. So here’s great evidence that fits
perfectly with the biblical chronology. With extra-biblical
sources That’s right. Concerning the
founding of Egypt, the Byzantine historian
Manasses wrote that the Egyptian state
lasted 1663 years. If correct, then counting backwards
from 526 BC when Egypt was conquered, it gives us the year of 2188
BC for the founding of Egypt, which is about 60 years
after the birth of Peleg. About this time, Mizraim, the son
of Ham, led his colony into Egypt, hence the Hebrew word
for Egypt is Mizraim. So here again, 60 years after Peleg,
this completely makes sense — They move outwards from the Tower of Babel
and they start establishing things and it fits in with the
chronology perfectly. And so the dates line up to
after the birth of Peleg. — Right — from these
extra-biblical sources. Yep. The dates are lining up. They’re
supporting the biblical timeframe. If we look at the founding of
Greece, another ancient nation, we have records about
the founding of Greece. According to the 4th century bishop
and historian Eusebius of Caesarea, the king of the Greek city
of Sicyon, west of Corinth, began his reign 1313 years
before the 1st Olympiad, which was in 776 BC. That would mean that that king
started to rule in 2089 BC. Correct. And that’s about 160 years
after the birth of Peleg. So again, it’s after the birth of
Peleg, the timescale is right … Yep. This is all confirming
the biblical record. All these dates go back to
just after the birth of Peleg. From some of the
major civilizations. Yes, all those ancient
civilizations. It just confirms the
accuracy of the Bible. Right. And of course
there’s more. Note that Babylon, Egypt and Greece
each spoke a different language. Now these ancient
historians have really kind of unwittingly confirmed that the
Tower of Babel, which was the origin
of languages, must have occurred before the
founding of these kingdoms, right? We had to have different
languages at the Tower of Babel And so the different
kingdoms had them and they all take place
very shortly after Peleg. Well that means
… Right? We had to get those
languages somewhere. It all fits
beautifully. Yep. And so Babylon, being in
the same region as the Tower, would have been one of
the earliest kingdoms. And the dates
fit this. And if you want more details on
what we’ve talked about so far you can just look up the article “In the
days of Peleg” at Right. More confirmation that all the
nations began after Babel comes from a study of the
origin of languages. Secular linguists
are puzzled by the existence of about 20
or so language families in the world today. The languages
within each family and the people
who speak them are shown to be
genetically related. But there are few links between
the language families. Right. And this also supports what
we see there in Babel. This is a problem for
secular linguists though. Because if
speech evolved, — you know, you start with grunts,
and you go up the ladder and so on — If speech evolved from
a common language, then you would expect that
there would be links, — Genetically —
genetically, links between all of
the languages today; that you could kind of
trace the root words back to some sort of primitive proto
language that all languages came from. That’s not
what we see. But if God supernaturally gave different
people groups different languages then of course within
that people group that’s where you’re going to see
that similarity, in genetics. Um. Okay. You know this is really
remarkable when you think about it This is exactly what we would expect to find if
various languages were supernaturally given, right? The dates from
linguists we look at the establishment
of the different … um … you know cultures, kingdoms I
guess you could say from secular writings We’re looking at the Bible and putting dates on those
events based on biblical chronology and so on. Then we look at ancient writers,
and they confirm those dates. That’s right. And we hear a lot, from people
trying to criticize the Bible. Sometimes, ‘well you know
the Bible, it’s just it just, you know, it doesn’t … it’s not
supported by anything outside of the Bible.’ And of course we want
to start with the Bible and it’s got the
ultimate authority. There’s no book on the planet that
has more authority than the Bible in your eyes, or
CMI’s eyes, etc. But this claim that the Bible is
‘just sitting on its own somewhere, it’s just out
in La-La Land doesn’t connect to real history, archaeology,
science’, all those types of things — it just doesn’t hold. The Bible’s got great support, not only
internally but externally as well. And the way you
said it was good. I mean we start with the Bible.
It’s our authority. Right. But we don’t
end there. I mean it’s … What we believe is … We want to be sure that what we’re
believing isn’t some fairy tale some “cunningly-devised
fable” as Peter says. Right. but it’s supported
by other things. And that’s what we’ve just done
here, in these first few minutes. We’re looking at
ancient writings, and archaeology and so
on also confirms that, and it supports what
the Bible says. Our faith as Christians
is not a blind faith. Yeah. We’re not ‘bubble people’
sitting out there saying, you know … I mean there’s a lot of
faith systems out there, e.g. you know if you wanted to say ‘well
I believe in reincarnation’, say. Okay, is there any evidence from
history, from archaeology, science … How would I test that? Yeah. How would I test that I used
to be, you know, a woman … ah … 1000 years ago in Greece or something.
You know what I mean? It’s just how … What kind of
test could you put to that? What we’re showing is that, look you
can put the Scripture to the test and guess what — It fits perfectly with
the past, what we see. We’ll be back with
more in a second. Genesis Verse-by-Verse is a Bible study
tool available on CMI’s website, designed to help pastors,
students and laymen alike, study the book of Genesis
like never before. And it’s
completely free. Simply look up any
verse in Genesis 1–11 or just scroll
down the page. The centre column provides links to articles that
answer common questions pertaining to that verse and the topics that
naturally arise from them. Visit
to use it today. Okay. In this week’s episode we’re
talking about ancient history the founding of the
oldest nations and the historical data that
supports what the Bible says. Right. Secular history gives a lot
of evidence to show that the survivors
of Noah’s Flood they were real
historic figures This isn’t just names that somebody has scrolled
down in some kind of fairy tale somewhere. And actually these
historical figures, they were a big part
of the ancient world So if you have a Bible you
can open it to Genesis 10, chapter … what most people call
‘the Table of Nations’, right? And most Bible’s
also include a map. It will kind of look
something like this. And, ah … the map shows the areas where most of the 16 grandsons
of Noah moved in the years following Babel. So several things
happened here, right? Yes. And we can look at some
things that happened there. People in various areas called themselves by the
name of the man who was their common ancestor. We see that happening
over and over again. They called their land, and often their
major city, or major river, by his name. You can see that
happening as well. Sometimes the various nations
fell off into ancestor worship and when that happened it was natural for them to name their
god after the man who was the ancestor of all of them or to claim that their long-living
ancestor is their god. Right. So we see those kinds
of things there. And … What all of that
means is that the evidence has been preserved in
a way that can never be erased. It’s recorded
in history. Right. Ancient names of these different lands
and the cities and rivers and so on — we still have
those today, or derivations
of those today. Right. So we can look at a
few examples here. We’ve already mentioned
one, Mizraim. Yes. It’s the Hebrew
word for Egypt. Right? And the name Egypt appears hundreds
of times in the Old Testament and with one exception is always a
translation of the word “Mizraim”. Example: At the burial of Jacob, the Canaanites
observed the mourning of the Egyptians and so called the
place Abel Mizraim. And you can see that
in Genesis 50:11. And “Canaan” is also a
familiar name isn’t it? Many of course if you’re familiar with your
Bible you will recognise the name Canaan. It’s the Hebrew name for the region
later called by the Romans Palestine. It’s modern day
Israel and Jordan. Now, from Canaan came Sidon, the founder of
that ancient city that still bears that name. It’s an exact … it’s still the
name “Sidon”. And, ah that’s an example of where it bears exactly the
same name as one of the descendants of Noah. Now in other cases a nation or region will be a variation
on one of the names of Noah. For example Heth was one of the
sons of Canaan so a grandson of Noah and, ah … and was the patriarch
of the Hittite nation. So you have “Heth”
and the “Hittites”. Certainly that can be
traced back to Heth. Right. Linguists can follow that back to
Noah ultimately. Meshech is the ancient
name for Moscow. Yes. And to this day one section,
the Meshchera Lowlands, still carries the
name of Meshech virtually unchanged
since it originated. In other cases history
records the name changes or you know we get
translations into other languages but here in this case
it’s a perfect match. Yes. And we can look at an
example of exactly that where a translation
has changed the name. One of Noah’s great-grandsons
is Ashkenaz. He’s the son of Gomer which is a
grandson of Noah. Right. And the translation of Askenash or
Ashkenaz into German is “Germany”. Right. So Ashkenaz translated
into German is “Germany”. So again, there’s these names that have
been imprinted on the ancient world and just testify to
the extreme accuracy of the Table of Nations that you see
there in your Bibles in Genesis 10. Right. And we have
that there. It’s just wonderful to
have that confirmation from these … looking
at ancient nations the names of
things and so on and seeing that just line up beautifully
with what the Bible says in Genesis. You know we understand not everybody is going
to trust the Scripture like we do etc. you know and then they need to spend some
time investigating things and stuff. But, you know, to be honest,
from some, you know, very, what I would consider low-level
critics of the Bible, atheists, etc. sometimes you go on youtube
and you see these people — These are nice names right,
‘low-level critics’? — ranting and stuff. You just hear
ridiculous things like ‘Oh, the Bible’s just a fairytale, it’s
just a made up book’ and blah blah blah. People don’t even realise the amount
of history they would have to jettison I’m talking real history
from historians. Even many Bible critics that
don’t believe the Bible say ‘look the Bible is one of the most accurate
and historical books that we have.’ ‘It’s a great
record of history’ and that we can trust it in
so many different areas. So, ah, really it’s just great support for Christians to know that
real history backs up the history in the Bible. And outside of it as well,
that we can trust the Word. What is something that computers
and humans have in common, which constantly needs upgrading
in computers, but not in humans? The answer
is software. You may not have realised
you have software. but inside the nucleus of each of
your cells a program is written in the form of 3
billion DNA letters. Intelligent programmers
write computer software but what about
living things? Evolutionists tell us that the information in
the first living cell just appeared by itself with no intelligent
input required. But is that possible? The answer is a
resounding “No!” Even one of Australia’s best known
scientists Paul Davies conceded that “There is no known law of physics able
to create information from nothing.” And perhaps that’s why in a New
Scientist article he lamented: “How did stupid atoms spontaneously
write their own software? Nobody knows.” To find out more from Creation
Ministries International, visit our website, Welcome back. The
subject today is: How and when did the different
nations and cultures begin. We’ve looked at a lot
of history there. Some people are
really into history and if you’ve enjoyed some of the things
we’ve been talking about, such as Noah’s grandsons and where they
spread out and stuff like that We’ve got a great article on the website,
“The sixteen grandsons of Noah”. And you can check that out
at It’s a fascinating
look into that area. Well let’s continue. You know if the Bible
is real history, if the Tower of Babel
is a real event, if people groups spread
out from one area, we should have evidence of
that, and actually we do. It’s interesting when you look at
some of the Chinese characters. Right, you know, ah, Obviously the written language
is comprised of symbols Each symbol means
certain things. And if you make combinations of certain
symbols to make larger symbols they often have — different words — Different words, and
different meanings, etc. And we’re going to show several modern,
ah, Chinese characters that show the ancient Chinese
actually knew the Gospel found in the
book of Genesis. It’s amazing. Yeah! Well, look in this
book “Oracle Bones Speak” you can see hundreds
of examples like this. The book, you can find it at the, at the resource area. But let’s
look at this. Okay, so we’re looking
at the word for, um, — It’s “boat”. — boat here. Okay? Now it’s made up of three
other separate graphics here. One is a “vessel”. One is the number “8”. And one is “people”. The question arises, Why would the word “boat” be composed
of those other smaller words? Of 8 people on a boat. Why is it, you know,
“large boat”. And so we look in
Genesis 6 to 9. It says, you know, 8 people
survived the Flood on this boat. Yeah, why would
that be? That’s pretty arbitrary
in a sense, right? Like the history of Genesis is
built in to the word “large boat” and that’s referring to
more of a large boat. Why would the number
“8” be there? Well that’s Noah, his three
sons and their wives, right? Let’s look at this word for
“to covet” or “desire”. Well, here we have the
symbol for two trees plus a woman and that equals “to
covet” or “desire”. Again, you’ve got
to ask the question Why would two trees plus a woman
equal the word “to covet”? Right. Why isn’t it two gold, two diamond
rings plus woman equals covet/desire? Or why isn’t it something else?
Why is two trees? Alright? Well, Genesis 3:6 says “So when the woman
saw that the tree was good for food and that it was a
delight to the eyes well she coveted
it right? It was coveted. Yeah, like that. Okay well let’s look
at another one. How about the
word “forbidden”, “to warn”. Well here again we
have the two trees which is again See it would be enough of a
coincidence the first time But to have two trees again that
symbolises something in Genesis, and God that’s the word for
“forbidden” or “to warn”. Well, Genesis
2:16–17 says “You may surely eat of
every tree of the garden but of the Tree of the Knowledge of
Good and Evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat
of it you shall surely die.” It’s forbidden. It’s forbidden, and there
is a warning there. Again, why would two trees
have anything to do with that? Ah, fascinating
information. You can check out an article on our website
called “Chinese characters and Genesis”. You can find that at Another thing we can think about
is “Where are all the people?” That’s a question
we can ask, “Where are all
the people?” The current growth rate of the world
population is about 1.1% per year. In other words, for every
100,000,000 people 1.1 million are
added every year. Right. Basic math. So it takes less than 0.5% to get from
the Flood to 7,000,000,000 people. Right. And today’s growth
rate is 1.1% We don’t have to have
elevated growth rates in this supposedly shortened
timescale from the Flood to now. ‘Oh, how can we get
7 billion people?!’ We can get it
quite easily. All you need is half a percent, and
we have more than that right now. Exactly. And there’s
more detail — go to for more of
the math and the calculations on that. Yep. Ah, Egyptian history? It
fits biblical history, but for years the popular media has
mocked the biblical accounts of Joseph and Moses, and the Passover,
and the Exodus and … you know, ‘that’s completely
incompatible with Egyptian chronology’, but year after year we’ve been told these
events in the books of Genesis and Exodus ‘well, they’re nice legends, but they’re devoid of
any historical or archaeological context’, right? Of course that’s
changing. Scholars of diverse backgrounds are calling for
a drastic reduction in the Egyptian chronology as there’s substantial amounts of
evidence from modern scholars to show now that actually lines up
with what the Bible says. So there’s great evidence
that you can trust the Bible. And we’ll be
back shortly. Creation Ministries International
edifies the body of Christ by providing more than 30 years of
Bible-supporting scientific research delivered through speaking engagements,
books, magazines and a variety of media, much of which is archived on
our website, Did you know that if you read three
articles on each day, it would take over 7
years to read them all. Such a wealth of information
didn’t arrive by chance, however. We do this through the faithful
prayers and gifts of our supporters. which also fund
ongoing research. Support the building
up of the church by partnering
with CMI. Donate today, at Welcome back. We’re going to look at some
feedback that we receive every now and then. And this is from
a Christian and um the article was called “Handling
aggressive atheists”. You can check that out for the
full blow-by-blow account. But we just want to
go over this here. I think this is a great
topic to cover with people. Well a lot of Christians are having to
deal with aggressive atheists nowadays — Right! — and getting
beaten down. So here’s some
encouragement for you. Yeah. So he said “as a Christian I find
sharing the Gospel very difficult, not in that I
don’t know how but in how do you respond to atheists
who angrily attack Christianity.” “I’m finding no-one can
have a normal discussion Maybe you can
touch on this or point to an article
that addresses this.” Um. I just want to make one
comment before we go here. I don’t find in person I find a lot of
angry, you know, aggressive atheists. Yes. In person, you’re looking at the
person’s eyes. They’re looking at you. You can see the
body language I’ve very rarely had someone
just ‘go nuclear’ on me. Even if I’m out presenting
or something like that, because you, you know. But I find it’s kind of
like being in your car. You’re driving
down the 401. Somehow people think that because
they’re in their little bubble world, they can be rude and throw gestures
at you and all this kind of stuff. And then you both pull into the same
gas station and you both step out and all of a sudden
… [scared face!] And I find the Internet’s
very much like that. The Internet seems to bring out
the worst in people doesn’t it. Yes. And people aren’t
seeing people face-to-face. It’s dehumanising
in a sense. And so that’s usually where you
find that some … Well anyway … Yeah. So one of our new speakers,
Keaton Haley, responded to this. He gives, he lists
five points here. And we can just read these as he
wrote them. He did a good job. #1 Consider yourself last and rejoice
that you are enduring hardship even if it is a minor hardship, as
being mocked for Christ’s sake. And if you want to look
at 1 Peter 4:13–14 “Your reward
is in heaven.” In Matthew 5:11–12 it talks about laying
up for yourselves treasures in heaven Right. And in that 1 Peter passage it says that
if you’re attacked for sharing Christ you are storing up for yourselves
treasures in heaven, so rejoice. So you might want to ask
them to do it some more. Yep. Ha ha. Maybe not.
No, maybe not. Point #2: Don’t respond in kind since we are
not to return evil for evil, 1 Peter 3:9, but to keep a clear
conscience, 1 Peter 3:16. We should not answer a foolish
person by adopting his bad behaviour or wrong way of thinking,
Proverbs 26:4. And see the article
It’ll give you more information on that. Ah, sometimes you need directness,
you need strong words. But remember that a soft answer
turns away wrath, Proverbs 15:1. That doesn’t mean you don’t stand up for
yourself, and don’t ‘take heat’ in a sense, but don’t be mean and aggressive back.
It’s not what we’re called to do. Know how to respond. And #3. If you can tell that
you’re wasting your breath on somebody who’s only interested in mocking
rather than pursuing truth, move on. Yeah. And have a look at
Matthew 7:6 for that. You might explain to your critic that there
is no point in continuing the discussion unless he’s willing to
dial back the emotions and really listen and that when it’s your turn to
speak, they really listen, etc.; That if you’re linking to articles on,
that you insist that they actually read them before coming back and
commenting again. I just found it an
interesting phenomenon that there’re some people out
there that seem to have a massive amount of free time to
just sit there and mock Christians. Do they have jobs
or anything? Be prepared to gently and respectfully
defend your Christian convictions Yeah. I mean you have to
know your Bible, right? Don’t say the
wrong thing. Know the common objections,
things like that. Yes. Basic advice. And #5: Remember that it isn’t your
job to convert atheists. That’s God’s job. Right. Come on back next week, same time, same
channel, for more of Creation Magazine LIVE! Creation
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  9. No one has mentioned Spencer Wells' work with National Geographic, the Genographic project, in which mutations in the Y-chromosome are traced around the world indicating an exodus from Egypt around 50,000 years ago, from whence all the people dispersed around the world.  There was apparently another exodus around 70,000 years ago.  IF this is true, it's hard to see how an original dispersal from Babel 4,000 years ago could be true.  (The dates of the exodus are apparently based upon an assumed mutation rate of 100 per generation.  It leaves me wondering what's left of the original Y-chromosome by this point in time.  We should be terribly deformed.)

        I can find no criticisms of this project, not that my search has been exhaustive.  I'm made suspicious by the 'just-so' nature of the arrows that lead from Africa to all the other points on earth.  It sort of reminds me of the geological column that we so often see.  I want an expert to attempt a falsification of the conclusions of this study.

  10. What I really need to know is HOW.  How did God confound our language?  How is that possible?  Mind control?  Can someone tell me from a scientific perspective how this is even possible to in one minute we can all speak and understand each other, then the next we all thought the next was crazy because they no longer spoke the same language as the guy stacking bricks near them.  What kind of device would we use today to perform this feat?  It seems impossible.  Further, why do the different language speakers look different as a race?  Even Russians generally look somewhat different to say an English descended Australian.  Perhaps we all came here from somewhere else.  Maybe there's a gate to Eden that we all came thru.  Maybe Eden was earth.  Maybe it was somewhere else, and the gate to Eden is still somewhere buried under the sands of time in the middle east somewhere.  Maybe that's what they're fighting over.  I dont know.  Just wild speculation I suppose.  But in all seriousness back to the first question.  How is it possible to confuse someones speech with current or near future technology? And… what was this ONE language? The first one?

  11. Greetings gentlemen! I'm so thankful to the Lord to know that there are people like you (and ministries like yours) that equipped us, as a Bible believing Christian.. As an ethnically Chinese, I've wandered how a Chinese can find their ancestors in the Table of Nations? It's a little bit discouraging for many Chinese Christians, since the Han Chinese is the largest ethnic group in the world (at least presently), but we (or at least I) don't know how to find or trace back our ancestor to the Table of Nations at Genesis..

    I believe that God has created the whole universe in 24-hours 6-days, I believe that Adam and Eve was a real human, and I believe that because of Adam's rebellion, Jesus Christ has to come in order to save humanity from their own helpless demise (which is death).. But many unbeliever Chinese, especially the older and "wiser" ones, refused to accept Jesus as their ultimate "Son of Heaven", because they argued that the history in the Bible, especially in Genesis, talks or emphasis more on Mid-East West ancestors and therefore Christianity is not related to us as a far Easterners, and therefore Jesus Christ is not the "Son of Heaven" that has been prophesied in ancient Chinese culture..

    I know their arguments are wrong, because the Bible said that Jesus' sacrifice is for ANYBODY, and they probably hold on to their false view and reasoning because they still hold some grudge towards Westerners because of the "embarrassing history" of the ancestors' land (which is China) due to many defeats in the 19th-mid20th century caused by (mostly, although not all cases) Western nations.. Therefore they saw Jesus as a product of Western philosophy, which is have to be avoided..

    Now that I know that you guys are resourceful and reliable in Biblical teachings (Hallelujah for that!), I ask you the question that I've asked above.. I'm looking forward to your reliable and comprehensive answer on this matter.. Thank you so much, for the educative videos that you had on the Creation Magazine Live.. God has equipped us well, through you guys (and your ministry).. Soli Deo Gloria! 😀

  12. I thought that the people were building a tower to heaven . And thats why God came down to stop us ?

  13. I hate evolution!!! thank God for creation ministries

  14. I believe the ancient Chinese dynasty, the first Chinese dynasty, also started after the Tower of Babel. Here's a documentary for the legendary Xia Dynasty that predated the Shang Dynasty that began to have written records.

    *Xia Dynasty of China (2070 – 1600 B.C.)

    Shang Dynasty of China that was the first dynasty that had written records (1760 – 1520 B.C.)

    I don't know if you've watched this sermon before, but not only do many Chinese characters tell biblical events (also human historical events), but many ancient Chinese records and scripts also corroborate biblical accounts of Creation, Fall, Flood and Noah's Ark, Tower of Babel, and even the New Testament accounts of the constellation changes during Jesus' birth, death and Resurrection.

    God in Ancient China (Proofs from Ancient Chinese Documents)

    China's Confession by Pastor and Chinese philosophy scholar Yuan Zhiming

    Laozi and the Bible; "Laozi and the Bible" 老子与圣经 is authored by pastor Yuan Zhiming 远志明牧师, former student leader in the Tiananmen Square Event in 1989 who was exiled from China and became a visiting scholar in the U.S.. He was a Ph.D. candidate for philosophy before his exile. When he became a Christian and started to understand the Bible, he saw many similarities in biblical theology and the Dao De Jing 道德经 written by Laozi 老子 the Old Master, the founder of Daoism 道教.

    Dao 道 in Chinese can at least take on three meanings. All three of them point to Jesus Christ. Dao can mean "the Way" as in 道路 (John 14:6), "the Word or Principle" (Logos in Greek) mentioned in John 1 who became flesh as in 道理, and "to speak" as mentioned in John 1 as in 说道. Pastor Yuan Zhiming points out that Laozi who lived around the same time period as Isaiah in Israel who prophesied a lot on Jesus Christ, was the Chinese Isaiah who prophesied about the coming Dao (Jesus Christ). In fact, every time the Chinese translation in John 1 mentions about the Word in the English Bible, the Chinese Bible would replace with Dao, such as "In the beginning was the Dao, and the Dao was with God, and the Dao was God….Dao became flesh and dwelt among us…"

    There's a mysterious name mentioned in Dao De Jing called Yi Xi Wei 夷, 希, 微. Yi 夷 is interpreted in Dao De Jing to mean "invisible", Xi 希 to mean "inaudible", and Wei 微 to mean "intangible". Although all three of these meanings point to God's characters, when pastor Yuan Zhiming put them together, they sound very much like YHWH or Jehovah, the "I am that I am", also mentioned in Dao De Jing.

    Dao is said to be from glory but will become humble 知其荣,受其辱; Dao is said to be sinless but will become sin 知其白,受其黑.

    The Way (also the Principle or Word) can be spoken but it's not the usual way (or principle or word) (Dao can be dao'ed (spoken) but not the same dao); The Name can be named but it's not the usual name. 道可道,非常道; 名可名,非常名.

    Again, remember Dao can have at least three meanings, all of them point to the characters of Jesus Christ.
    1) The Way as in Dao Lu 道路 (John 14:6)
    2) The Word or Principle (Logos in Greek) as in Dao Li 道理 (John 1)
    3) To speak as in Shuo Dao 说道 (Genesis 1 and John 1)

  15. I wish you could talk about the Jewish question, as far as who has the right to the Promised Land. For example, Ashkenazi Jews are apparently of Germanic origin. I don't personally uphold an idea that any group has a greater right to the land than any other. If the land was of such great significance, I think it would have been covered more in the New Testament.

  16. Great video. Thanks!

    What is the estimate of the number of people living at the time of the confusion of language and the dispersion of families?

  17. If there wasn't the dividing of land in the days of Peleg the Bible doesn't work. The flood would have wiped out all living creatures. Without the dividing of land all the animals on Australia wouldn't exist. Are you assuming Kangaroos, lizards and all the creatures can swim thousands of miles or did they hop, walk and crawl to Australia before the land broke up? What is the official answer for all the Australian animals? Japan moved 8 feet closer to the US in seconds during the Earthquake that flooded the Fukishima power plant. This proves land can move quickly.
    This would work in conjunction with the people groups.

  18. Are you open to the possibility of the Septuagint timeline which would move the flood date back further. Benefits come from both, Old Testament Masoretic text and the Septuagint, don't they.
    Great videos btw, thank you.

  19. Why don't we ever refer to Canaan's descendants as Canaanites as well. Heth is the son of Canaan,

    1Ch 1:13  And Canaan begat Zidon his firstborn, and Heth,

    Technically the Hittites are also Canaanites, are they not? I am just curious why the connection isn't made by anyone, that I have seen. Am I wrong here?

  20. That is not a picture of the tower of Babel. The tower is square and 7 stories.

  21. Earth was not divided at birth of Peleg. Jewish Seder Olam says Adam's year 1996am is division of languages. It says divided earth is divide language. Granted the calendar divide too then, 360-day was replaced by civil 365-day in Memphis Egypt. This is why Noah's death precedes new year 350 (July 14) which was 360-day 954 (Sept 4).

  22. Marduk was divided by Nahor. The 13-year Damuzi of Mars was created by Nimrod & Peleg in year 732 (which measures 130 calendar years of 360-day from 602 to 732 in only 128 years) thus Babel in our 130 after Flood. Nahor then at Terah's birth divided the 13-year into six equal 780-day Mars, this is when it got its name Marduk, and the new year is Mars behind the sun and so The Son is  in the Temple (not going in it, not coming out of it). This new year falls 60 days before those of 13-year Mars rising from sunrise. So when Nimrod gathered info at Babel to build Marduk Temple, then 18 year old Haran left Ur for babel and created 780-day for their Damuzi to make a new year Marduk of Mars coming out of the temple and always 60 days after all the Terah TauMarduks behind the sun. So you see Marduk is dividing into different names for different positions. The 130-year Damuzi (Leader or new year every 13 decades which are called 13 sars or czars) became the 130-year Marduk, while Haran divided the four corners into 52-year Mars (51.25 Julian). Abram will log four of these 208-year as 205-year Julian of his father's death. Thus from Marduk Temple of Babel back to ARpaxad Marduk Era is six days of 52 years, and Marduk Street was paved as 52 years of Marduk Temple when Abram was 9 years old according to Eusebius. The error is that 52-year Babel Marduk temple is not 52-year Nineveh. By the way starting Marduk Temple in year 914 means the tower took 182 years (180 Julian or actually 179.5 from November to April) to build from Noah's year 732-914. Nineveh was built when Nimrod took Haran there at age 20. This means Nimrod did not build things, he started them all and left them to teams of supervisors elders kings masters and slaves the workers. the failure is star precession moving stars out of alignment. Oddly the bigger the tower the more accurate the measure but the sooner the failure. That is to say long lines point specifically to stars or planets, so building very big makes these long lines. But precession moves them all away sooner then because of the pin-point. Bigger the tower, sooner the failure at the star pinpoint. Yet more lives died to build it, more hours wasted, more permanent physical injuries to then find out they lied saying you'd live 900 and suddenly all are dead in 20-40 years at age 240. Cut 700 years of society promise. Point is Marduk calendar divided. At 29 Haran added another 60 days to Marduk to span 240 days, and in 1275bc the Maya at Izapa using the same Harran date for Mars set saw that Mars was already absent, and so changed 120-day to being 130-day to winter solstice 1274bc January 1.This is why Mayan Arpaxad Marduk Era is 3113bc tun 1, day imix, as Mayan Marduk. The Halloween new year 2031bc Nov 1 All saints year of Peleg's death year 2030bc is then regarded by Mayans as 2370bc Nov 1 which retains the 20-day shift of all Mayan 360-day tun after the real new years of Noah's 360-day. The Flood 2370bc new year Greg. Sep 22 equinox being Julian Oct 12 (Columbus Day new world) and 20 days before the Mayan Halloween Nov 1 claimed as Mayan Peleg. All mayan tun are 155 more than Noah, so new year 600 of Noah is 20 days later the new year 755 of Mayan. This is a constant at all times. Year 4345 (360-day Adams 6001) in our year 1914 is Mayan 5100 tun (before 5200 tun is 2012AD). So we have division of writing, divison of science, division of language, division of politics, division of defining death, division of everything caused by schools instead of parents. The schools made things worse by not having consistent answers for the whole world. What they had then in division is what we have NOW in division. It brings the end. Asians and Mayans built Mari Syria in 2029bc because Nahor and Haran committed suicide to go to heaven to join Peleg a year after Peleg died. They killed 68 wives and 6 guards. Ur's Chaldean Hyksos kings in Memphis made the date Kayak 25 as the May 6 Christ Mass memorial of this suicide. Greeks in 1498bc saw Kayak drifted leaped back to Dec 25 and so claimed it was Noah's death thru the Flood. Thus 1498bc was claimed as the return of Christ Noah (Xisuthros-Noah). as Magi priests claimed was Jesus in 2bc on Dec 25 weeks after after Anna had already warned Mary on day 40 that three Persian Magi priests had been at the temple and were currently on their way to Bethlehem looking for the Christ-baby. And that from the temple they were dragged to speak to Herod. Meanwhile Hamurabi dragged all Asians of Mari Syria to Babylon and they were freed by Amizaduga's death in 1625bc to go to Harappa India which was founded with Ur's 1900bc destruction (and Shelah or Shiloh's death at 433 is honored at Harappa by the name Siva or Shiva). Babylon's venus tablets brought to Harappa in 1625bc were later claimed to be 1900bc tablets honoring 1200-year Venus in 1901-701bc (1900-1700bc) as being Noah's year 1200 from Flood 3102- Koreans arrived in 1433bc not 2333bc because king Yu (Reu of Ur) is not 2333-2233bc, that is the 100-year Shiloh who blessed 6-year old Reu. Problem with Jasher or Ussher is thir thnking Reu became ruler at age 12 instead of 32 when his son Serug Mesh-Kiang (Messiah king) was born. Serug of Ur and the Nimrod's selected king of Ereck were both anointed the same day to be king the same new year 846-10-01 (2127bc Dec 25) for 847-1-01 (2126bc March 25) and wrongly presume Terah was born that year. Terah was born for the new year Marduk 2148bc July 18.

  23. 331bc alexander  + 1903 years Kaldeans = 2234bc  concerning this if 365-day egyptian years or Persian years this is 2233bc. Analysis A) Chinese Yu placed at 2333-2233bc, but the flood of Greece (Thera) and Egypt and China and Mayans is in 1513bc because that is when Pharaoh was the first to flip the calendar during the Thoth plague 180 leap days of 720 years back to 2233bc.  (Yu is actually Reu of Ur, and these 100 years are actually Selah/Shiloh who went to Ur at 100, it's the only way Ararat data could get to Ur is for this to be true).  Analysis B) 2234bc does qualify as 720 to 1514bc plagues and Thoth 1 on September 6. Babel?  Babel honors Damuzi (1560-month Etna) 130-year Mars. If Ussher's 2349 was correct this would be 2219bc, hmmm death of Greek Peleg in year 740 from Flood 2958bc as if to equate division of Peg death to Babylon started in 2219bc. Wow thanx, year 130 of Ussher's Flood is year 740 of Greek Flood. Year 130 is Reu's birth to Peleg.   C) the tower of Babel is built 2240-2060bc and it is not a city, it is an outpost tower for the city of Kish founded at Nimrod's birth in 2270bc assisted by Eber whose son Peleg is born next year 2269bc. Ur's tower was built by Peleg who instead it must be inside the city. Thus Ur's tower was finished first 2239-2105bc. Traditions do not know their city of Nimrod and confuse mostly Ur and Babel and Nineveh. Jasher says Abram's city was ruled by Nimrod. They fail to all read Genesis which says THEY were just like Nimrod. It is not about blaming Nimrod but rather no one sees who it refers to when it says THEY were "just like him". That is why Ur too becomes another Babel, babbling confusion, like babel, the tower monastery that became a city built around it when Ur divided (2030bc) and many went to create the city Babylon around Babel. But most divided into Hyksos going to Egypt led by Shem who settled as Salem (May 6-July 19) and sent the rest to go build Memphis (May 8-July 17), while Asians the next year of Nahor's suicides (2029bc) went to build Mari. All this division of Peleg's day from Ur is then confused from the fact that most Asians taken from Mari to Babylon were not released from Babylon until 1625bc. So Harrapa India is about one-quarter city of Ur (1900bc) and 3/4s all other Asians (1625bc) from Babylon as family China family Korea family Japan and family Maya. This 1625bc is Adams 2400 and created the 3600 to year 6000, in all Septuagint Genesis it is reversed by the 1200 (6600 before Flood and 600 after it) to claim as year 3600 plus 2400 to year 6000. So thank you for the 1903 years, you have given me new leads on what I know. Oh by the way the astronomy for 2233bc is 137 Julian are exactly 139 of 360-day because of 35 leap days, and 5 days per year of the 137. (137x 360) + (137×5) + 35 leap days = 139 0f 360-day occurring once every exact 480 Julian years. This was Shiloh (Shelah) who showed this to Peleg in Ur and the only reason I can think that made Reu the future king is that Peleg was confused and little 6-year old Reu in 2234bc understood it. And this is what led to Reu ruling the city of Ur for the father Peleg as the first patriarch a man who dared to rule his grandsons which had never been done before. Reu needs to be called a ruler or Sar not a king because the name Kiang was first given to Serug. However the name sar cones from the 10-year calendar the angels before the Flood created, and then the angels later began to rule for 10-year spans of 3600 days and thus they were Sars (shars) or shahs.

  24. .. it's obvious that God not only changed the language but He also changed their appearance..

  25. Perhaps the time of Peleg, when the earth divided was not only the dividing of mankind but also the end of the Ice Age. All of the melted ice along with enormous lakes draining back to sea level caused the sea level to rise, thus dividing the continents.

  26. The timeline from the flood to Abraham has an extra 650 years in the Septuagint. It dates the flood at about 5000 years ago, and the Tower of Babble about 400 years after the flood. There is a youtube movie called "Were the Pyramids Built Before the Flood?" that I found very convincing.

  27. Your chronology is wrong and so is your use of the grammar of the text. Babel and Peleg events were 200-300 years apart. Just look at the generationals mentioned t and it is clear.

  28. all of those nations of tower of Babel came from Ham…including Cannanites?

  29. Do CMI followers not understand – yet – that we all have the same 50% DNA as a banana; 98% or thereabouts as a orang utang and many more commonalities. Evolution is no longer a theory it's a fact. Darwin launched his brilliant book 150 years ago: CMI still pushes the collection of folk stories known as the Bible as "proof". Quite ludicrous. If the earth was only 6000 years ago you are dismissing virtually the whole of science: biology, paleontology, geology, physics etc etc. DNA has proven evolution, and you can't dismiss it.

  30. I enjoyed the video and the hosts did a nice job of explaining the different nations that we find in the middle east and the lands surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. The Tower of Babel helps explain how so many different languages came into being. But, I do wish they could explain how different races came to look so different from each other. If we are all descendants of Noah's sons, how do you explain why people in China look vastly different from people in Africa or Northern Europe? How did the aborigines get to Australia? Also, at what point did the descendants of Noah lose their belief in God? If Noah's grandson founded the nation of Egypt it surprises me that he would so quickly change to a belief in multiple gods. Surely he grew up with his dad and grandfather (Noah) telling him all about the flood, being on the ark and that God saved them. (We recently traced my father's family tree back to the 1600's. For the last 400 years we have evidence that my father's family have been devout Catholics. I'm the first to change to non-denominational Christian, but I still believe in the same God and his son Jesus. Families tend to keep the traditions of their forefathers. ) So, it surprises me that Noah's descendants would so quickly abandon their believe in God and almost all of the new nations adopted polytheism. I do believe that God created the earth and all things. However, I believe that he created clusters of people and animals in different parts of the world. To me, the bible is the story of the people he created in the Mesopotamian Valley and how they became his chosen people. The only thing I can't explain in my theory is why God would reveal himself differently or not at all to the other people he created.

  31. Imagine how much we would know about the world if the mainstream scientists believed the truth.

  32. The word used in the Passage about Peleg seems to mean earth, not people’s there of. It seems the focus is the earth in this brief interestingly placed comment, like it started and ended in the days of Peleg. To say that an event would have caused something on the level of the flood during Noah’s time, is not good ground to place your position on. Peleg lived 239 years if I read the passage correctly, that leaves a really long time for land (earth) division. There’s also really good evidence of post Flood events.

    I wouldn’t dismiss the view of the earth dividing in the days of Peleg just yet.

    Strong’s Definitions [?](Strong’s Definitions Legend)
    אֶרֶץ ʼerets, eh'-rets; from an unused root probably meaning to be firm; the earth (at large, or partitively a land):—× common, country, earth, field, ground, land, × natins, way, + wilderness, world.

  33. Concerning your comments about Egyptian History and the Bible I highly recommend "PATTERNS OF EVIDENCE: EXODUS". Tim Mahoney (I think is the name), the director, does a great job for showing the history of Egypt lines up very well with the Bible. He shows one anachronism and suggests that a second anachronism has the "experts" placing the Exodus later than it should be.

  34. This scares me, it's all true, does Jesus like me really…?! Am I going to heaven or hell…ahh

  35. What a Rich resource you have given us. THANK YOU.

  36. so this was a few hundred years before Daniel and his friends along with the destruction of Judah and Benjamin that lived in the south? this would have been about 930-BC and a few hundred years after saw the capture of the north was which finally taken by Sargon II after a three-year siege started by Shalmaneser V.

  37. The phrase, that there should be time no longer could have several interpretations, and, of ourselves, we would not be able to know which of them to apply. Only Scripture can give us correct interpretations. Fortunately, we are told exactly what it means in a Spirit of Prophecy comment on Revelation 10. It is printed in 7 Bible Commentary 971, where we are told that  it was Christ Himself who spoke the words given in that chapter. He is the angel of Revelation 10.

    Here is the explanation of Revelation 10:6:

    This time, which the angel declares with a solemn oath, is not the end of this worlds history, neither of probationary time, but of prophetic time, which should precede the advent of our Lord. That is, the people will not have another message upon definite time. After this period of time, reaching from 1842 to 1844, there can be no definite tracing of the prophetic time. The longest reckoning reaches to the autumn of 1844. this is the end of time prophecies unless you believe in dispensationalism or preterism, anything that is connected to the Jesuits

  38. historical records and real science and even etymology will show more and more how Gods (Yahuah's) narrative will be vindicated but the king of the south (scientific atheism/spiritual Egypt) will look like its winning against its controlled opposition, the king of the north (spiritual Babylon/The papal littlehorn/RCC)) they worship nimrod/tammuz/semiramis as Christ, mary and the father)

  39. I miss this show. Please bring it back!

  40. Do more historical stuff!

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