Top 11 Crazy Construction Discoveries

Here are 11 Crazy Constructions Discoveries,
I guarantee you’ll Dig this list and #2 will un-earth your fascination There have been some incredible discoveries
made in the process of constructing other things, and that makes you think, “Am I
sitting on something incredible?” Chances are, probably not, but you could be
literally sitting on top something valuable, and no I don’t mean your butt. It’s pretty intense that these things were
able to remain hidden away so nearby for all of these years, and they range from the fun
to the pretty scary. Enough talk, here we go; this is Crazy Construction
Discoveries! 11. Sick. Can you imagine stopping a colossal construction
project all because someone finds a rare spider hanging out where you’re constructing? Well, that’s what happened in Texas a few
years back when workers discovered a Braken Bat Cave Meshweaver while working, and that
was only the second time ever that the spider had been seen. What you see in this picture is a spider in
the same genus of the Braken, as there aren’t many pictures of the rare arachnid. The first time was in 1980, and it was actually
just down the way from the construction site. That was the last time it was seen again for
over thirty years until the construction workers found it. The project had plans to move forward, but
cautiously, so as not to disturb the spiders and the area they’ve decided to call home,
and scientists are very confident that they will find more of the mesh weavers in the
area considering the only two ever seen were in proximity to each other. According to reports, residents in the surrounding
area are extremely happy for the stall, considering it puts off the building of the major highway
for the foreseeable future, if not forever! 10. The Native American Woman
When archaeologists came across some human teeth while conducting a routine archaeological
sweep before some construction (as pictured here), they didn’t think much of them. Teeth. Human teeth. It wasn’t until they stumbled across a toe,
that they traced through excellent detective work, to a foot then a leg and —so-on-and-so-forth. They ended up with a whole skeleton in the
end and determined that the remains were those of a Native American woman that lived some
2,000 years ago. The remains were found buried beneath a pretty
main road in Florida, and only 5 feet beneath the surface (as seen in this picture). She is believed to be a member of the Tequesta
tribe and they determined her to be no older than thirty and concluded that she probably
fell to some disease, as there was no evidence of foul play. She was found as they attempted to dig a trench
on Pine Island Road to put in a new water main. The find halted construction for three weeks
while archaeologists removed the skeleton to study. 9. Foundations of a Mansion
Woah, this one is just a little bit creepy. So, back in 2013, archaeologists found the
foundation of a medieval mansion on a construction site in Wellington, Somerset, in the UK as
you can see in this picture. The strange thing about this particular find
is that the mansion itself had been stripped of all of its materials; literally, everything
was gone, except for the foundation. It also didn’t exist, at least, according
to records it didn’t, because there was no trace of it to be found anywhere. Wellington, Somerset is a tiny agricultural
community located in southwest England, and archaeologists were very surprised, yet happy
when they found the site before the building of a housing development on the land. The mansion was not just one, but a series
of stone buildings and they dated back to between the 12th and 14th century. The find was called significant due to the
lack of records, and it proves that there was some form of settlement on the land back
in medieval times. 8. Big Ol’ Tusk
This cool find happened in February 2014, on a construction site for an apartment building
in Seattle as you can see in this picture, and it was quickly named as the most complete
as well as the largest mammoth tusk ever found in Seattle. It was found in the South Lake Union area
and was 8 and a half feet long! That’s a HUGE tusk!! It was eventually named “LuLu the Lucky
Lake Union Mammoth,” after a naming contest combined two of its finalists and came up
with that lame mouthful! It’s believed to be somewhere between 20,000
and 60,000 years old, as of the last record it was unknown whether the tusk belonged to
a male or female mammoth. As of 2016, it was undergoing conservation
behind closed doors at the Burke Museum in Seattle (pictured here). Scientists and archaeologists alike hope that
the finding of the tusk provides them the rare opportunity to learn and study more about
the prehistoric era of the Seattle area. 7. Time Capsule! A long, long time ago, in 1960, Western High
School in Parma, Michigan had its first year of students after it was built in 1959. To commemorate the school and first school
year, in 1960, a time capsule filled with a bunch of school memorabilia and was buried
with the hope that it would be opened in 2009, during a celebration for the schools fiftieth
year. Well, it wasn’t until planning for the fifty-year
anniversary began that those involved discovered that nobody remembered where the time-capsule
was! Back in 1960, they had placed the capsule
in the cornerstone of the building (as pictured here) and it had been left there, untouched
for years, but in 2004, a construction project that added to the front of the school removed
the cornerstone, and that had people more than worried. The school even began apologizing to those
that had helped make the capsule, but then the cornerstone was found in a pile of cinder
blocks, and all was right with the world. The capsule was opened, and people were underwhelmed! 6. Game Court
Well isn’t this just the perfect little work of fate: prior to constructing a basketball
court in Yucatan for West Technological University (UTP), archaeologists discovered a pre-Hispanic
ball-court used in later years for the Ball Game ritual. Pictured here is one of the 26 different known
ball courts as of 2014, and was the first ever to be discovered while preparing to build
another sports court. The principal of UTP, Rossana Alpizar Rodriguez,
said that they chose a grassy area at the foot of a hill for the site of their new basketball
court, which just so happens to be the same exact spot that the Mayans wanted their ball
court. According to the way time works, the Mayans
had the upper hand here, and their court won as you can see in this picture. The Mayans were well-known for their games,
which, for the most part, were ritualistic in nature but tended to be a little be-heady. This game was played by trying to throw a
ball through stone rings on the walls (like what’s pictured here) and whoever could,
won. Later, when the Classical era came around,
the games were used as rituals for human sacrifice. Classic Mayans! 5. Hidden Hospital
I don’t know whether this one is sketchy and probably haunted or kind of cool, but
still haunted. Apple—like the massive tech company Apple—discovered
a pretty exciting thing when they began renovating a building called Tio Pepe in Puerta del Sol:
ruins from a 15th-century HOSPITAL! (as seen in this picture), a hospital that was demolished
in 1854. Not long before the Apple store began its
construction, a 15th-century church was discovered next door when a light rail station was being
built, in 2009. Instead of letting Apple do whatever they
want with the ruins, the city decided to mandate that they construct over the historical location,
Apple was forced first to cover the ruins and then build their store so they’re protected. The store also has an outline on its floor
of where the ruins walls run beneath the store’s floor. 4. Toms Away
How freaky would it be to be working on a project—like using dangerous and powerful
construction equipment – and then you stumble upon a giant un-detonated Tom? Yeah, well that happened in Belgrade in Serbia
back in 2013, and it caused a decent little kerfuffle! Construction workers found the explosive you
see in this picture twenty feet deep as they were excavating and as soon as they saw it,
they had the site evacuated. Food for thought: Is a picture of an explosive
considered a “photo Tom”?….The workers called in specialists, who removed the Tom
and informed the city that what you see in this picture was a massive German plane Tom
that had flown during the Second World War. It weighed over a ton and was taken to a military
training ground in northern Serbia to be destroyed, and the Prime Minister of Serbia even made
the comment that if the Tom had somehow gone off, at any point, it probably would have
destroyed the whole area of Dorcol. I don’t think he was being…Tomastic 3. Ruins Transformed
Located in Cusco, Peru, the JW Marriott (pictured here) sits where the 16th-century St. Augustine
Convent once sat. The convent was in complete ruin when the
hotel began its construction in 2006, but the hotel manages to incorporate some of the
old structure in its design. Throughout the common areas of the hotel,
one can find sections of the old chapel (as you can see in this picture) and the hotel’s
restaurant, Pirqa, has an entire back wall that was once the convent’s sidewall (seen
in this picture). Pre-Incan tools, jars, pots, and giant sculpted
boulders were found alongside the ruins, and the hotel decided to change their plan of
building 200 rooms, instead only making 153 to protect the archaeological finds. Various rooms have pieces or entire ancient
walls built in, and they definitely add to the ambiance. The hotel’s architecture is entirely modern
despite its featuring such amazing pieces of history 2. Ohhh, Diamonds. Wouldn’t it be lovely to find a bunch of
diamonds, and wouldn’t it be lovelier if you found them on your property? A man named Tim Jones from Fresno, California
bought a store that used to be a jewelry store, and he decided the place needed some renovations,
so he hired a construction company to do some for him. While on the job, a construction worker stumbled
across a stash of diamonds hidden behind some shelves. The prior owner of the store had passed away
six years before the diamonds discovery, and the family had decided to sell. Now, after news of the discovery made its
rounds, the deceased’s daughter is attempting to claim the diamonds for herself; however,
that will be left up to the courts to decide. 1. Dangerous
In April 2018, thousands of people in Berlin were evacuated from a one-square-mile area
after a giant Tom (pictured here) from the Second World War was found during construction. The Tom weighed in at 1,100 pounds and was
discovered while workers were working in the center of Berlin, in proximity to major tourist
sites, government buildings, and the city’s main train station. The 70-year-old Tom pictured here is thought
to be one dropped from a British plane in the 1940’s, and it’s estimated that 12,000
people had to evacuate due to this pesky bugger. Oh, and it was safely diffused. Stick to making fish and chips British! JK LOVE YOU!! What would you do if you found a time capsule
somewhere or a whole bunch of diamonds? That’d be awesome, right? I bet you wouldn’t want to stumble upon
a giant, old explosive or a 2,000-year-old skeleton though! If this video was up your alley, go ahead
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