Tom Scholz interview – Boston/More Than A Feeling

Tom Scholz interview – Boston/More Than A Feeling

Included in the album “Boston” Ranked at US#3
Stayed in the chart for 142 weeks Sold more than 17M copies Single “More Than A Feeling” ranked US #5
Also big hit in Japan Sound that spreads endlessly wide, holding on a feeling Boston, More Than A Feeling Tom Scholz, who build this tune, answered to Japanese TV interview, first time in the last 20+ years In 1976, Eagles sang the end of Rock Ramones began Punk Rock era 1n 1977, Disco music whirled around the world “More Than A feeling” was launched in end of summer in 1976 This tune was so unique among the music scene back then Kurt Cobain, Nirvana, was inspired by guitar riff of “More Than A feeling”, which led to this song, they say Sound of Boston has won so many listener’s heart, also influenced on many musician afterwards We’ll look into how it was born and produced Summer, 1976, the sound was so shining Boston, More Than A Feeling The creator of Boston, Tom Scholz. In fact, Boston was virtually his own solo project We’ve visited the place where Tom had been Boston, USA Born in Ohio, Tom moved to Boston when he entered College He entered prestigious MIT He was an honor at master course Let’s look into his music root He started playing guitar when he was 21 while in college After graduated from college, he started working for Polaroid While working as a product engineer, he spent time on music at his leisure Bought recording equipments with his salary, created studio in the basement of his apartment The music magazine writer, familiar with music scene in Boston, talks about it He met sound of Boston in his teens Tom learned great knowledge and technology at MIT He started recording at his basement studio, playing various instruments, operating various equipments, by himself The demo tape was caught by a major record company, and Tom had contract with them Record company staff said the sound was the best of state of the art They formed the band for album creation and for the live tour They are local musicians, active around Boston area Tom was concerned about studio recording, recommended by record company The producer did nominal work at studio in LA Tom did final recording in his own studio The sound, everyone believed to be played with the band, was actually created almost by Tom alone That masterpiece was also born from here Boston major debut in summer in 1976 Songwriting by Tom Almost all recording of the first album Everything was done at basement of his apartment in Watertown Let’s look into how More Than A Feeling was born He talks about the guitar sound of this song The only thing Tom relied on the others That was vocal This is how this song was born with magnificent soundscape and beautiful chorus The only song that was recorded with the band members at the studio in LA Had some taste of LA sound First album was released in August 1976 The single, “More Than A Feeling”, made big hit worldwide 2 years later after 1st album’s big hit, Tom finally released the 2nd album Album credit said “No Synthesizers” They released hit singles from 2nd album as well, Boston established their solid status Album “Don’t Look Back” ranked US#1 Tom was not able to finish the next album for a long time, and was sued by the record company He had to fight at the court He was not able to do music activities Instead, Tom devoted to development of music equipment, which he had been passionate about Let’s look into how the sound of More Than A Feeling was created What is Power Soak at all? We visited Rockman, Tom’s own brand of effector, to meet the engineer who manage there He used to accompany with the tour of Boston This is Power Soak, the equipment Tom had developed for the first time The equipment to adjust the volume of high power amplifier These equipment has been developed to overcome various constraints of his little basement studio Among others, breakthrough invention was this effector Rockman X100 Let’s see how it works actually This is source without effecter Let’s try with X100 Clean sound, to start with Just turning the switch, you’ll get distorted heavy sound Effectors that Tom developed have been loved by many musicians even now In 1986, Tom released 3rd album from the new record company, after 8 year interval, utilizing his own effectors In 2006, Tom remastered the first 2 albums Tom himself worked on remastering In 2013, Boston released 6th album First time in the last 11 years Band members are renewed They are on live tour Brad Delp passed away in 2007 Tommy Decarlo is current vocalist Passion for music led a young man to endless journey Born at a little basement, the sound continues to grow, with feelings of many people More Than A Feeling, Boston

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  1. Tom was working out of his home on Rich Valley Rd in Wayland, MA in like 1980. He had a black and yellow 240Z sitting in his driveway and a wife named Cindy. I know he was working on the Scholz Power Soak there.

  2. Without discussing its great merits as a song, certainly part of its success was down to the quality of its execution: playing, singing, arrangement, production; all top notch.

  3. Japanese narration with no script.
    waiting 'Forth stage', Tom !!

  4. Over here in the UK we had a rock disco at a venue out in the country called The Highwayman. Began on a Thursday nights then moved to Friday's, along with various trax from Pieces of Eight, MTF Foreplay/Long Time had the floor full for some serious air guitar. When ever I hear these I'm taken back to my teens and think "Wayman Music"….100% Rock Classics 🎸👍

  5. A true gentleman long and prosper brother…

  6. ANALOG BaBy !

    Plus it helps to be a Masterful Genius and with Money working at Polaroid 😁👍

  7. For the musicians or enthusiasts out there I highly recommend the breakdown of More than a feeling on this link

  8. It's hard to express the wonderment & and joy (which occurred the first time I heard this in 76) in mere words. How do you describe the hair on your neck standing up? It was my first year of college so there's some fog there lol, but I remember a LOT of Pink Floyd, Frampton, Steve Miller, Bob Seger, Fleetwood Mac, & Eagles on the radio then… and throw in Joni Mitchell & Stevie Wonder solo artists. All very talented & successful… But if you can imagine a steady diet of that in your life AND THEN …More Than A Feeling comes blasting out of your car stereo. Yeah… It was from another planetl👍

  9. The first time I heard "More Than A Feeling" my first thought was how majestic it sounded. It sounded like it was recorded on top of Mount Everest.

  10. Check out Rick Beato's "What makes this song great?" of 'More than a Feeling':

  11. Tom Shultz genius and Brad Delps incredible voice combined to make history! Amazing

  12. simply a genius………………………….

  13. "One of the very best and seminal bands of the 70's" and not in the Rock and roll hall of fame. makes the RRHOF look ridiculous.

  14. I heard the Stones at 5 yo the Beatles at 6 Led Zepplin at 9 but hearing Boston at 17 was the most unbelievable band I ever heard.I jumped in disbelief and spread the word of what I heard

  15. Tom is one of those guys who would be trying to get a C treble d- minor loop sound (or some other obscure sound) but can find nothing to do it…"So, I went to Radio Shack, bought a bag of random resistors, diodes, and transistors and went home and built a "Gizmonic Treble Configuration Gizmo" in my basement in 17.3 minutes". Kid stuff.

  16. 34:30 Everything was fine until that Tommy D. guy started "singing". Yoiks! :-/

  17. Well, it sounds three dimensional because Tom layered so many guitars onto the records. The tone that he got was pure Gibson Les Paul, his pedals, and of course, his fingers. Shit, he played everything on the first record except for the drums, and obviously didn't do the singing. I have heard that the Rockman amp sounds like a piece of garbage, (that is what the engineer on Def Leppard's "Hysteria" has said, since they used the Rockman a lot to record it) but when Tom's playing thru it, obviously not!!! I've also heard that Bob Ezrin had a choice to produce either Boston, or KISS' "Destroyer." He said after listening to the Boston tape he told whoever was in charge at the label that there was nothing better he could think of doing to it.

  18. Their sound transcends thru all decades, it's as fresh today as yesterday…..

  19. I was 15 years old when their first album came out, and had installed new pioneer stereo with 6×9's a few months prior. FM was a huge dominance in the car until that first album came out, and I bought the cassette. All my friends were talking about BOSTON! Jokingly, Brad Delp's vocals just about broke the glass in the car and I am forever grateful for my current chronic tinnitus it has caused. lol

  20. The greatest rock and roll album ever recorded.

  21. Tom was a genius but he is one big arrogant prick. Everything is about him. If he never had Brad then I don't think they would have made it. He never credits him or the others. Its all about him in his mind. And he was one greedy fuck. Brad barely made a living because Tom took all the royalties and most of the live show profits. He did a number on Brad for sure. Made him a lowly employee in pay grade.

  22. For those that don’t already follow him, go to Rick Beato’s page & watch him break down More Than A Feeling….you’ll never hear it the same again

  23. 34:26 you can hear the difference in the vocals…There was only one Brad Delp.

  24. Super surprised when I heard the Japanese near the start. Unexpected

  25. Wow. Tommy Decarlo is even worse than I thought. He had big shoes to fill, but man, his voice in that live segment is horrid and very flat.

  26. I was born in 1990 and if by some chance Tom Scholz reads this comment, your guitar work on several Boston songs is what made me want to learn to play guitar. You are an incredible guitarist and thanks for the beautiful music you made.


  28. I bought 4 albums that school year. Boston, Eagles, Bad Company, ZZ Top. And few more that slip my mind – but this was a shitty time for rock and roll. 😉

  29. not in the R&R hall of fame, what a joke. That place aint legit until Boston gets in

  30. Boston was always a very unique sound great video here it's so sad that we lost Brad Delp he had his own very unique sound himself I remember walking into parties in like 1977 in Ohio and Boston would be blaring on the stereo i'm so glad I got to grow up in the time period that I did

  31. Summer of '76, I was 29 y/o, heading to 30. This all-time classic just never grows old. ———————-WolfSky9

  32. A major moment… for millions and others yet to be born no doubt.

  33. i cant believe its 2019 and no one cutrently makes a rockman pedal, stomp box, headphone amp or preamp!!???… I mean a real sounding one, not the dunlop licensed things.

  34. I saw Boston from the front row in Lexington Ky in 1987. All I can say is Damn, one of the best concerts ever.

  35. 7:21 Totally looks like the bass player from Spinal Tap !!!!!

  36. What an inspring story. He used his engineering skills, his musical genes, got in an ace singer and made rock music history. Wow!

  37. Fascinating and informative video! Thank you for posting it, T Grace!

  38. They weren't that great live. My show wasn't that great anyways. Had I known it was Tom Schulz playing bass on the LP I probably wouldn't have even bothered as the bass-player they used on my show date sucked !

  39. Hey Tom, YOU killed Brad Delp!

  40. Superb! Just awesome!

  41. Sib Hashian looked like a giant microphone 😂

  42. I remember a comment by a friend when it first came out: the guitar sounded like Hendrix 1976….

  43. 201 people don't have a filing.

  44. I saw Boston at the Jacksonville Florida coliseum shortly after the first album came out. They had a sound that was like no one else and you instantly knew who you were listening to when their music came on the radio

  45. Great video even though I had to read the subtitles, but Tom Scholz was all in English so it's easy to follow. Growing up in the Boston area at that time, I can't begin to tell anyone how huge Boston was. Truly a great first two albums.

  46. I was 16 when this came out. I was blown away. I had never heard anything like it before.

  47. is there any truth to the story that brad delp was bullied to death by scholz? there were some stories soon after delps suicide that suggested that .

  48. GREAT MUSIC………….I have been a huge Boston fan since their debut album was released in 1976. That being said…………..pause at 43:05 …… man, you just gotta respect a White dude that can rock a 'fro like that!

  49. Tom was a one album man, the first is indeed a classic but not all tracks contained within are. The disappointment of the second album was palpable and he never captured the magic of the first album ever again. Had tickets to see them two nights running, first night was so bad I sold my ticket for the second night.

  50. R.i.P Brad Delp & Sib Hashian

  51. the singers never nailed the highest note in "More than a feeling"

  52. This is one of THE TOP ROCK ANTHEMS along with Dont Stop Believing, Carry on My Wayward son etc

  53. Não consigui entender o que ele falou

  54. I hated the Eagles and Boston at the time because my four piece rock band could no longer go out and play the hit songs of the day. Same with Queen. How do you duplicate the sound of Six or Eight Freddy Mercurys all multitracked live in a nightclub?

  55. There's music and then there's "music" , this is timeless 😎

  56. You have to remember, they did this with NO synthesizers. Guitars and a keyboard.

  57. Love all the comments😁🙏⚡✌⭐!!!! Love every song.
    The first Boston album was and is still amazing music. The soundtrack of many lives back then and today.. The rock and roll anthems were really born with boston. Delighting the rock and roll fire ultimately dusting disco.. Boston will stand the test of time and be listened to for a long time to come.

  58. Brad was an early expert in electronically creating many different sounds from guitars. In his studio he experimented a lot and he demonstrated many different sounds from a single guitar, by pushing buttons. It was amazing. Boston's guitarists would push buttons with their feet in concerts, to make that trademark Boston sound.

  59. Huge album, and then VH1….I was working in a transmission factory in '77, basic grunge turning input shafts for truck transmissions. The cat in the station beside me had been a drummer in a local rock act that had been locally successful. I trained him on the machine set.

    One day I was on his job making adjustments to the individual turning heads (still training..) and asked him if he'd heard the new Van Halen album…he got this odd look on his face and said, "no, I don't listen Van Morrison…"

    NEXT day, it was Boston WHO?…this was great "away from Heart.." radio pablum…..but then the drunk Dutch boy ripped the world of electric guitar a new asshole.

    Anyone remember Clapton folding after hearing Hendrix?…..the entire WORLD of electric guitar FOLDED after hearing VH1…..yeah, it was that significant, and no, Randy didn't come close (he'd be the first to say…RIP….)

    My point is that Boston took FM radio to a level above Heart, (which was very good….)..and the entire WORLD stood in awe of Edward Van Halen….(if you were a fan of the electric guitar…)….Roger Fisher and Tom were/are great guitarists, but then there is one.

  60. I had a Saturday Job in House of Fraser in the Kitchens, when this came on the radio for the first time, BagdadBill. It had exactly the same effect on me. I had never believed it possible to produce a record of such quality in every way. The Production in particular was immense, but so were the Guitars, Vocals and Guitar Tones!

  61. Pure genius. The garbage on the radio today, compared to this, is not only embarrassingly awful, it is unacceptable. It's a shame we may never see such talent again in the rest of our lifetime. Hard to imagine… We didn't realize how fortunate we were back then. My only question is how on earth would one of the greatest bands ever to exists actually think the new guy is good enough to sing these songs? HOW? What a slap on the face to the fans as soon as he opens his mouth. I mean if Journey could find a comparable replacement in the vocal department from the damn Philippines, they could have at least done Delp a little justice by looking a little more. Surely they must have realized they were settling. It's as if the fans were being scammed. Disappointing letdown to say the least. What a bummer. DO BETTER to save the legacy!!!

  62. 34:33 Brad Delps shoes are extremely difficult to fill. I do NOT envy this guy here 🤦🏿

  63. There is a whole lot going on in "More Than A Feeling." I can NOT recommend highly enough Rick Beatos studio track break down of this song. Check it out, Rick Beato, What Makes This Song Great, EP 71. You will not be disappointed!!!

  64. I remember this coming out on the radio N I rushed to Peaches Records and bought the album…then they toured and I saw them again and again…then rumors came out that this was Tom Sholzs project and the meme res were so much fader for studio workers. Well Tom u have had a big head ur whole life and u and forgotten it was a team that made u…not U…sure u came up with stunning equipment but lest hear u hit Brads notes…sad sad sad 😢

  65. If anyone wants to know why this song was and still is huge, check out this video that reveals in great detail all the stuff you hear, but couldn’t explain why you liked it so much

  66. yeaaaaaah…………………………

  67. More than a feeliingggggg ….

  68. It sounds so clean and perfect, tighter than any band I've ever heard.

  69. It's Boston. Listen to the tunes!


  71. Komichi wa 😘😘😘!…. aregatogozamas 😁😁😁🥰🥰🥰🌈💙🌈

  72. Music like this will never happen again. Thank you Lord for allowing me to grow up in the 70s-80s.

  73. Tom Sholz is a mad genius who is utterly amazing!! But Boston without Brad Delp is disappointing.

  74. Mmk…I'll give him credit for having the nuts to step to Brad Delp's microphone & try…but…no thank you please

  75. So cool that Japanese love and respect classic rock too!

  76. 28:21 Is the Rockman X where Capcom got idea for their video game character? It's possible!

  77. One of the best produced and engineered of all time! It still holds up today!

  78. Have to say, he is up there with the greatest Musician of All Time, James Paul McCartney!

  79. I think had I been in that room listening the first time Brad Delp hit those notes on "slipped awayyyy….." I would have just shit my pants in awe.

  80. After hearing the current vocalist, they should rename themselves "Cambridge". oy vey.

  81. I think Brad & Steve Perry were the 2 golden voices we had back then.

  82. This guy is smart. MIT grad.

  83. Escuchar a Boston,es ,fue y será mi gran referente para ser un amante del buen Rock and Roll, exelente tu vídeo una mescolanza de mi grupo favorito,Boston con semejantes bandas .Mil gracias por exponer trabajo! Nunca dejaré a Boston.!!

  84. i just learned japanese

  85. I believe this is the Most Comprehensive vide Of Boston Yet… Nicely done… Greg

  86. Boston is such a great band, and Tom Scholz is simply a musical genius.
    R.I.P. Brad Delp; one of the greatest singers of all time.

  87. トムの音楽の情熱を中心に全てが動いているんですね。#女装

  88. 7:20 … wtf??? 😆😆😆

  89. I really appreciate the Japanese subtitles. Now I finally know what's going on.

  90. Brad had a wonderful voice. He was the magic ingredient in Boston. So sad what happened to him.

  91. Well the sound was not only great on the radio, I saw them in Copenhagen and the sound was fantastic near the record, you did a fantastic job tom

  92. What a great musician. Love Boston.


  94. magnificent audio.and image ..Omedetoo

  95. I'm sure it was just a joke, but from another place on the internet, I read Mary Ann didn't like that he refereed to her as, "a much older" cousin. I wonder, did Tom ever have to pay her royalties? Also, what was the, "that old song they used to play" that this song refers to?

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