To Anyone Feeling Stuck Right Now

To Anyone Feeling Stuck Right Now

Do you ever wake up, sit on the corner of
the bed and ask yourself, What day is it again? Life has become one big blur. Tuesday, Thursday, what’s the point of knowing? You’re essentially on autopilot. Most things don’t excite you, there isn’t
much to look forward to and the mere fact that you got out of bed this morning is an
accomplishment in itself. …except you didn’t get out of bed. Not yet. You’re still sitting there mindlessly scrolling
through every possible social media platform as the hours pass by, and you don’t even
feel guilty about it. Okay, perhaps you feel a little guilty. But what else would you be doing anyway? Even if you had all the energy and willpower
in the world, what would you do with it? Not knowing what you want in life isn’t
exactly unique. There are a lot of people dealing with that
feeling. In a world of endless opportunities, where
all the knowledge in the world is available at the tip of our fingers, where the lives
of millions are displayed openly for anyone to see where the globe is essentially a playground
for many,—no wonder we don’t know what we want. For thousands of years, humans have sought
out guidance through religion, spirituality and higher powers. From the moment we’re born, our lives are
roughly mapped out for us. We learn the basics of being human; walking,
talking, right and wrong. We go to school, perhaps we go to university. We graduate… and then it’s time to enter
the real world. And for the first time, we’re on our own. No teacher to hold us accountable, no fellow
students to help us out, no grade to tell us whether we’re doing a good job or not. Roughly speaking, of course. What these guiding figures all have in common
is that they’re usually assigned to us, without us having much say in it. We don’t get to pick our biological parents,
or teachers in school or the students that attend our class. When you have a job, you don’t get to pick
your manager. Sure, you might be able to pick what school
you go to and what classes you choose to attend and what job you accept to some extent—but
there is no real freedom of choice. Except… isn’t there? We live in a time where we can access the
minds and work of thousands of people, living or dead; real or fictional; yet so many people
claim to not have anyone to look up to, that they don’t have any role models. I’m a huge advocate of the idea that role
models are important, regardless of what age you are, where in the world you are, or what
stage you’re at in life. We all need guidance of some sort; whatever
guidance might mean to you. Now, I like to split role models into two
categories: positive and negative, both being of equal importance and power. Oh, and, by the way, as I was researching
for this video Picture your future self as your northern
star. It’s where you want to be heading. A positive role model will help guide you
to get to your northern star, it’s what you’re running towards, it’s what you
want to become. A negative role model will guide you in the
opposite direction, it’s what you’re running away from, it’s what you don’t want to
become. The reason why having both positive and negative
role models is important is because we’re all different. You might be more motivated by thinking of
a good example of what you could be, while someone else might be more motivated by thinking
of a bad example of what they could be. Now, the idea of a negative role model can
seem strange to some. But see, knowing what we don’t want, can
help us figure out what we do want. It can be pretty powerful. We might also be able to think of someone
who represent both what we want to become, and what we do not want to become. The very same person might be both your positive
and your negative role model. Let’s say one of your parents is extremely
ambitious. Perhaps they’ve achieved a lot in life,
and you want to become that. At the same time, they might be very cold
hearted and abusive, something that you don’t want to become. Now, how do you find role models? I don’t think there’s one straight answer
to that question. But one thing’s for certain—there’s
no shortage of people to look up to, all you really need to do is to pay close attention. When you’re reading a book, watching a speech,
meeting someone in person, seeing a character in a movie, pay attention to how they make
you feel—I think that’s the very first step. The more you do that, the more you’ll be
able to identify what kind of guidance and influence you need in life, and on the contrary,
what kind of guidance and influence you don’t need. Now do remember that a role model is not who
you are trying to become quite literally, the role model is not your northern star. Your future self is your northern star, and
that’s who you are trying to become. The role models will just help put you in
the right direction.

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  1. I always get asked who shoots the videos… I shoot the videos. And edit them. Unless I'm in the shot and it's very obvious it's not on a tripod… it was me. Sometimes I'll use another dark haired girl to portray me in the video and no one notices. I guess that's why I get that question a lot.

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  65. I’m sorry to see that many sad people here. I have a way out for you, it is Jesus. You may think, “Oh, here’s another Christian girl trying to evangelize and sell me to Christianity but I’m not gonna fall for it”. Here me out please, I would NOT waste my time here writing this if this weren’t the truth. Just ask for help to Him, for He only is the way, the truth and the life. He has come to save us from our sins which are what separates us from the infinite God. God has become human and has died on a cross, has suffered the most crucial pain to ever imagine, just to save us and give us ETERNAL LIFE. Think about eternity, and what you will do after this life.. where you are going to be… Jesus has come to free YOU from your sin, to save you from hell which is the second death, but also from your emptiness, your sadness, your brokenness. If you don’t believe me, just ask God. Ask him if this is true. Don’t waste your life, for this is a gift from the Almighty.

    You are precious. So incredibly precious..
    You are LOVED by Him. He knew you before you were even born.
    You are not an accident, but you are here for a reason. God himself has died for you and rose again for YOU to be with Him. Just believe in His Son Jesus Christ and repent of your sins. You are welcome in His arms, in His love, for only His love will make you whole.

    If you want to insult me, or if you will tell me I’m a freak to believe in a God that “doesn’t exist” or in a Savior that never existed, if you want to tell me that I’m wrong, you are free to do it. but you will not change my mind nor help yourself in any way. You will not get rid of your internal hate and emptiness. Only He can. God bless you.

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  82. Unless you feel that same hell in your head and heart, I don't believe you can truly appreciate how difficult it is even just functioning on a basic level as a human being. The way you think and react to situations is hugely important but I also believe there is a biological reason why some people suffer from more serious, long-term depression.

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