To Anyone Feeling Lonely

To Anyone Feeling Lonely

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  1. Please keep in mind that everyone's experience is different. There's no right or wrong way to feel lonely. If you feel lonely, you are lonely. And that's okay. Would love to read about your experience and feel free to share some tips. Hope you enjoyed the video.

  2. I like your personality, I’m an introvert too.

  3. I want to be alone so badly. I like people and can interact on any level but I am so drained.

  4. Your so so correct pal.ive no family or friends(and I honestly think I'm a nice person)its a living hell pal👍

  5. I can really relate to your story and struggles! Thank you for sharing it. The most important thing really is to take action but it is also the hardest when your feeling down…

  6. I think loneliness is absence of close people who are or feel like family to you. I mean people who love your true you, whether it actually is your family, group of dormitory cohabitants or just one close friend. Stay next to them and you wont feel lonely 🙂

  7. Thank you, you don’t know how much I needed this ❤️

  8. Its me – i have noone. I think shoot myself will be the only way

  9. This is really helpful

  10. Everyone sobbing to have someone, and then there's me, wanting to do everything on my own. I don't want friends. I can do this on my own.

  11. You're pretty. If you are lonely, you got a big mental / personality problems. Get out of youtube and be social in real world.

  12. You should make a podcast, your voice is so calming and sooth

  13. I get so lonely really miss the company of a good woman it makes my heart ache

  14. my loneliness is killing me.

  15. why are you pretty

  16. Since i left high school, i have felt lonely and in my uni with the people i have chatted with at best i can only call them acquaintances. I can't really call them friends per say tbh since there is isn't a close connection with me and them plus the fact that now i barely (if ever) see them anymore in my uni…………. So in university, especially in lectures i just feel empty and disinterested/bored ngl…..

  17. To anyone feeling lonely, I wrote a song for you: Have a good life.

  18. "everybody loves you but nobody likes you and that's the loneliest feeling in the world."

  19. I'm so introverted that I have friends in school that I feel like if there's a situation where someone to sacrifice for others they would want it to be me.

  20. Only normal people feel lonely

  21. Actually i am doing engineering, what you said was true i also feel the same way. Some time it feels like sitting under the tree and walking alone in the park is all what i want. After every 2-3 days i feel like i am alone nobody can just relate to me, i feel like i have no one around to understand me. In college people around me let me realise that there is something wrong in me and that i have to be interactive to live in this world. I almost loose hope and started trying thing like they do. But inside didnt felt good. What you said i totally related it with. Thank you for letting me know that i am not alone who thinks like that

  22. How are so mature you look so young, I'm just turn 25 tomorrow and I feel lost in my mind I wish I could be so mature

  23. I cannot thank you enough for your insight . I’ve felt so out of touch with everything , constantly trying to do the right thing based on others opinions . Never really listening to my heart . Unable to grasp the words or understanding of why. Why i do the things I do and after this video I believe I’m truly one step closer to understanding who I am . Thank you again!

  24. For me it’s a combination of social anxiety, low self esteem and depression. It’s crippling. I feel like I have very unique personality and as an introvert I feel misunderstood all the time.

  25. Life is definitely like a train ride….It's a journey with only one destination but it's still a journey….There are sometimes stops along the way but even those are part of the journey.

  26. "I don't hate people, I just prefer it when they're not around" Bukowski. What a deep, thoughtful young lady you are.

  27. I had to move almost 300 miles away from everyone and everything I knew apart from my parents and sister. Now, every weekend I spend most of my time on call to my best friend but as soon as I come off call, I feel alone again. I haven’t made any close friends at my new school and have been bullied for a few months. I don’t know what to do…

  28. Sometimes when we feel lonely its because we haven't found the tribe that knows our song.

  29. Nobody’s gonna read this, but… there are lots of people commenting on here saying they have no friends, and that’s why they feel lonely. I can totally understand why. I have never had that problem… but I do have another one; and I’ve had this problem basically all my life, but it’s grown into a very noticeable issue in my life that I can’t ignore anymore; having friends that don’t really care. Only talking about their problems while you listen, only planning things when they’re up for it, always being the last choice. It hurts a lot. It eats away at you. You feel like you’re not good enough. I never tell anyone how I feel, because nobody’s gonna understand. All of my friends have enough friends of their own. There’s no one in my life that I can rely on, tell my problems to, because nobody’s willing to listen. To everyone out there feeling alone: you’re not alone. I’m here with you. I sincerely hope that, If anyone reads this and feels this way or lonely in any other way, you will find what you’re looking for. Because I sure as hell haven’t.

  30. Keeping busy with people was one way of avoiding to know who I am? and where did I come from? and more importantly: what is the purpose of life? Loneliness for me was a journey to know my Creator. Once I found answers to my questions… I never feel lonely. The problem for me is not being with people or not, the issue is when we avoid seeking the truth sincerely.

  31. Lana, you have a strong self awareness. Just like a river flow and nurture everything it touches and expect nothing in return. Good job!

  32. I just started feeling like shit about having no friends or anything else I never used to care

  33. we are the chosen ones, we see the world for what it is and we have to deal with it and try and make the world a better place for all of us

  34. I’m always a fucking second choice to my friends, my friends favor each other, I wish I wasn’t garbage 😭

  35. When I felt loneliness for I think the first time, I was going through a few things.

    1. Self Esteem Issues
    2. The feeling of not being loved
    4. Stuck

    I would say I have a little self-esteem issues because I am not someone who is skinny or lean I'm actually chubby or fat in medical cases obese. Mind you this feeling sucked because I love food and I really don't like when I'm being almost called out and during this time my sister was getting married and my dad would call me out on how I'm having a second bowl of my favorite dish my mother makes. I felt guilty, upset, and ultimately ashamed of eating what I liked.

    2. The feeling of not being loved.

    This is another issue that comes up for me because I feel that maybe at a young age and in my teens I didn't get enough attention from my parents. I felt that my siblings held their attention because I wasn't a cheerleader and was the leader of every club like my second oldest sister or a computer genius like my eldest sister or a boy, the next inline for the family ordeal. I just didn't feel loved due to the what sex I was or the achievements I've made.

    3. Depression

    Short answer I was just not feeling like myself or okay and it was gloomy all week.


    I felt super stuck I guess I was thinking too much that I kind of got locked in the darkest part of my brain. I felt locked out.

    I guess for me the only way for me to get out of this mood I was in was to tell my mom how I felt and just crying because the emotions I was we're just to great.

  36. I've never really fit in anywhere no matter how much I tried to fashion myself into something others would find appealing. It got to the point where I just went back to focusing on me and my self connection, and if someone is interested to want to be friends, I'm cool with it and if they don't, no offense taken. Hardest reality to accept is we're all fighting a battle to belong and be accepted and we just go with the knowledge he have best on the matter.

  37. a woman like you can never feel lonely. If you go out or join a dating site thousands of men will approach you. So stop bulshiting.

  38. I was reading the comments and I could relate to everyone … Now I feel I must write my little story or else i would feel terrible. I just wanna let it out

    So like two year ago I met a girl and before meeting her I was completely alone but I never felt lonely or anything like that I was fine the way I was living … But when we became friends I was so happy.. I thought "so this is what friendship is like huh " she used to talk and she used to make me laugh with her jokes and I was truly so thankful to her . And I said many times how thankful I was to have her .. She was the one and only friend of mine . And day by day I started getting to know her and I realized she already had sooooooo many friends and like she had a huge social life etc etc but still I thought " maybe she thinks me as her best friend too " I was wrong exactly one year later she started to avoid me idk why but I cried a lot .. she didn't even replied to my texts even though she was online and was chatting with others .. Few months later I finally realized it was normal for her to meet people like me and she talks like that to every person she meets and I was no special … I cried , I cried a lot ….. Now I can see her posts and etc. she is super happy with her friends…..once again I'm alone but now I feel lonely I tried my best not feel that way but failed …. Now I know what loneliness means ……'s terrible …

  39. For me (19 years old girl) loneliness is when you are tearing up, wanna cry, feeling unwell, having a fever, looking tired, shaking and then crying. But, no one is there to give you a huge saying everything is going to be okay.
    You confirm your loneliness when this situation happens twice and so on .

  40. I never feel lonely when I am alone for a long time, weeks or even months and never see a human. Put me in a cosy cabin in the woods (Alaska or Sweden) with my dogs, a lot of books, good food and a woodburner and you make me very happy. I feel lonely when you put me in a group of people, cities and parties or noisy neighbours. Yes I know, i’m a weirdo and I love it. And no, I don’t hate people, but people makes me tired.

  41. I just need a hug ❤️

  42. My “friends” told me they don’t want to hang out with me anymore because I got piercings. They’re the only people I really hung out with. I have my boyfriend still but I’ve never felt so alone. I go to my day job and come to home to no one. It’s depressing

  43. This topic is so true to my heart and soul, I'm working on a platform to help people connect meaningfully, the old-fashioned way – face-to-face, to share moments and conversations without hiding behind their screens. Lovely, lovely video <3

  44. hey! im studying a semester in denmark, and evern though I´ve been with people 90% of the time im still feeling lonely, so thanks for the video, thanks for showing me that being with people doesn`t mean you have to be okay, and that you can be lonely, and thanks for the tips, I fel like ill spend my next days writing and pinting 🙂

  45. Omg you’re so right about that part where we try to please others just in order to prove something like throwing party / wedding, this is why every time i get invited to a party by related ones but i don’t know nor really recognize about them i’m too lazy to attend that, not meaning to disrespect or turn down their invitation rudely, but i overthink over everything and i think that, what’s the point of me attending if we don’t even really know nor care about each other anyway? I went or not it won’t affected anyone who did there, and the only specific reason people come to their party is just to prove how much people attending, not how much they actually care, this is why i always plan not to hold big reception of my wedding in the future, i’ll just make a small one where only my family and bestfriends to come, to eat together, to talk to each other at one long table not standing and separated like normal parties cause i want to make sure everybody attending my party would enjoy every second they’d spend for me. Big party just wasting of money, to create memories they says, but what is memory when all you do in the party is pointless activities where you wouldn’t even recognize everyone’s co-existing in your own party

  46. I am always been third wheel or the fift wheel

  47. You’re so intelligent

  48. I have no friends

    Because of one toxic person

    I hate my birthday, I hate everyday but especially my birthday
    Because my mom always asks me why I don’t wanna celebrate it.. well she thinks I have friends, even though I have no one. I always say to her „I just don’t like celebrating my birthday“ even though I actually love it or I used to love it..
    I haven’t celebrate my birthday for 5 years now (I'm in 8th grade, 13). I miss my old life, I was naive, I was a child, that was easy.
    Everybody is like „there is always one person u can talk with“


    I'm just tired of being sad, I don’t wanna be torn down of people that don’t deserve my tears.

  49. i think i am introvert but i love being alone and not surrounded by people to much and yes i do feel lonely sometimes but it just a matter of what you do everyday. you just get to used to it.

  50. I love the points you made, great video

  51. Thank you lana I needed this ♥️♥️

  52. Thank you for sharing the experience and thoughts. I can relate to what you went through, and like yourself, I am still exploring and learning. I don't know if that will ever stop but it is good to understand that we are not alone on the journey.

  53. Någon svensk som skulle behöva en vän🦕finns precis här om det skulle behövas🗣/ skriv nedanför

  54. This is very interesting, wise and well explained ! thanks ! I would be interested to know how we can figure out what we really want instead of following expectations that are not really ours.

  55. "Instead of letting life lead you, you should be the leader of your life." HIT ME BIG TIME

  56. Can I have ur whatsapp number I am also introvert but I am too good for me I don't have any problem now maybe because I am kid of 17 year old and I think u like me after taking to me don't say no at least try

  57. I want to talk to u I don't know why it comes naturally from me so how i contact u but I am from INDIA

  58. You are so calm. Good for you for doing some self exploration. I try to listen to what I want, instead of to other people’s norms or unspoken expectations. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I was feeling lonely just now and watching your video was truly inspiring ♥️

  59. Maybe your need a boyfriend or a husband. A family is the traditional way of not being lonely.

  60. Sisi grazie al cazzo pe sti discorsi inutili..:
    . se eravamo tutti belli quanto lei nessuno aveva questo problema. È tanto facile parlare di questi problemi e quant'è facile risolverli per persone come lei…..

  61. I'm scared to even be by girls but I like girls

  62. I love your channel and your vibration, because you look so uplifting and have a sweet face

  63. I have been lonely for 1year in a foreign country , I. moved with my ex girlfriend to hers home country….. Has been the best for me ever. really spent time on myself and with myself. I feel stronger then ever.

  64. wow… every word just hit me, especially the engineering example. hehe

  65. Hey Lana, I have felt lonely most of my life ever since late primary school, I have had about 4 people since that time (about 8 years ago since last year of primary school, I am 19 and live in the netherlands). And yet even those 4, have stopped talking to me over that time. I always considered them good friends until at one point when I messaged them, they just slowly made their answers shorter, until they didn't say anything anymore and did not want to hang out anymore. at the moment I have 1 friend I'd say, yet I don't connect with him at all. I feel fucking lonely, I don't know where to go with my life, I fucking despise living in this globalized capitalist consumerist materialistic society. I just don't know, I regularly feel horrible and I cant concentrate on arts I used to love doing. everything feels useless, especially when I start to think deeply about life.

  66. One of the things, it is due to madness greatness of girls. When you try to be a close friend or you ask her to be part of your life, she will reject you, she will find an excuse to avoid you. But in reality she is looking for celebrities life style. Some girls dream extremely big

  67. I have so many friends but I still feel so lonely………….

  68. I love this video!!!☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺. If I was alone at a truck stop or at the shopping mall, I will wait for someone to pick me up. If not, I'll walk down the hotel and call a bus.💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  69. Recently moved to Colombia South America and I’ve been here three months now and it’s the loneliest I’ve ever been but this video made me feel little better.

  70. I have no friends…😑…if anyone wants to be my friend…tell me

  71. “Introvert….. survival…..instinct” soooooo relatable!!!

  72. I have no single true friend in the past 6 years and even before that I was also lonely. I recently thought I had found someone I truly felt was a genuine friend and had a close relationship with but they betrayed me in the worse way possible and I realized all that time i spent with them was one-sided. It’s even harder to heal and come into my own when I’ve been and is still being abused by “family”…each day even though I try to make it otherwise,I just feel misplaced, isolated, neglected. Not one friend.

  73. Well..for introverts we put too much effort to get attention to make some friends and probably they gonna leave us after a while for not being socially as expected (that's my side of the story of loneliness)

  74. I like you tho.🕊

  75. im not lonely… bruh

  76. Watching her beautiful face I feel more lonely

  77. If you're feeling lonely just get a cat and box full of romance novels to make you happy. If lacking relationship those novels may help you in finding a special boyfriend who will fill your life with joy. So get that sadness off your face and put a big happy smile there. You are a good looking young lady. Go and getter done.

  78. I feel like I'm living in the wrong century. I don't know which one I should be in, just not this one.

  79. i spend quite a lot of time a lot as I work from home and then when I go out to cafes its to do writing or my eBay business so I have to be alone and I do feel lonely but I find certain ppl are quite annoying to be around too ….. so I've got used to my own company … i do feel quite lonely and do talk to myself when I'm home sometimes to keep going and to focus myself etc but I think we do need time alone to figure ourselves out coz around ppl you cant always think straight

  80. I am also lonely and i know you are also lonely
    Come on
    Lets share our deepest secrets, insecurities 💖

  81. I feel lonley atm but i have so many friends and i have no one who understands me and my thoughts, and everyone else around me are just "fuck it" type people

  82. I quit social media like Facebook.. Trying to connect people.. Reality is they only gives shit about themselves and made you feel so lonely.. I used to think being alone was awesome until you cuts friendship with your best mates and realized loneliness haunts you become more depressed.. Just remember when your mates always being there for you.. Don't try to push them away.. Cos in the end loneliness is awful.. Lesson learned.. Go out and start making friends.. ❤❤

  83. i turn 16 this year and i always feel depress anxiety and social depression. I have social anxiety since i was a child , i always feel i dont have friend and people dont understand me and i always feel hard to fit in and my country is like triligual so basically i also need to deal with languages(which is suck)

  84. I've no friends, family, current job, money, living in a crappy room in a crappy area. Feel Suicidal, directionless, lost. Any advice ( apart from prayers ).

  85. Hot chicks have no idea what it is to be lonely.

  86. "meglio da solo che male accompagnato"

  87. Don't focus on making too many friends.
    Focus on making true friends

  88. Women has no idea what its like to be lonely, hush sweetheart

  89. I have no friends but I never feel lonely. I love being alone

  90. You look so beautiful.

  91. Reccomended for you

  92. I guess it's a comment that no one will see, like always, but it will makes me feel a little bit better.

    When I was young (8~9) I never felt lonely, I was praticly all the time alone but I never felt lonely, I was still with toxic parents but yeah still no feelings. Not much after my dad did die from a brain tumour, all the time there was problems in problems in problems, it couldn't stop and yeah I was young I shouldn't have deal with it, I went through hell mentally and I still does. At the time my family was poor and it means not very good or stylish clothes, in France they are so good at judging (girls in particular), so it was really easy to break me, and it's still the case. I want so bad to be like others, I was always so different from them that's why they were judging me.
    Am I not enough? Is it because I am too tall for a girl? Too shy? Too quiet? Too weird? Is it because I'm not fully French? Or because my face look so different from the French people? Because I have no friends? Because I'm not small like the others girls? Because I'm not funny? Because I am not popular? Because I have small eyes? Because I'm too strange? Because I have bad taste for clothes? Because I'm little overweight? Because I don't have a dad? Because I am not nice enough? Because I look cold? Because I am too sensitive? Because I'm different? Because I have a personality too different? Because I have too many problems? Because I am dyslexic? I- I want to know why I never really felt love. And gosh I would do anything for feeling that, I watched a video not long ago and I just recognize myself in, I'm the type of person who would give love to anybody, I really reallly like giving my love to people but I also really really like the love in return but I never get that part sadly..
    Maybe if I was born in China maybe I could have got one or maybe more real friends? If I was born in Australia maybe I could have got the love that I deserve? Or maybe I just doesn't deserve to be loved? I haven't enough suffered? It is why?
    If you are still there reading this, you are a wonderful human beeing, I love you.
    I really hope you're doing well, have an amazing day or night, you are incredible. ♡

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