Tips For – Minecraft texture pack creation and tile sets (Shaith)

Tips For – Minecraft texture pack creation and tile sets (Shaith)

he has strayed from sherman craft and
today and then yes slightly different video and moment all my videos at this point of
view that children and fronted by another game amply is
main craft and saw that in some videos on that as well and today on the mission you had to to
make extra tax or some tips and tricks when textured
mission texture packs are skimming for the example trinity of maine crafty
could use it for things like hale six another games today so that i am texture packs texture passion main crafted the thing
that changes and a political football coaching geez i have had the environment
looks at the items lic discussed that the main craft ah… hole alternates news fail that because she has screen
pete so i’m gonna show you a couple victory tonight is up to the program
i’ll be using today is this program here and give to and uh… this program here at ten p_m_ sounds
great g_m_ news image manipulation program i think and it’s free software and it’s
basically a three-day free version of four shop so let’s get into this so if you’re creating a texture pack you’ve been degraded benefits remain
craft you use the grade is already in the trains are p_n_g_ but just in case you are using it for
making payal sets for things like game maker in java are making your dreams and i will show
you how to do that clevelanders want to go to the stuck
here also i first want to create something which is and three hundred and twenty by three indian
twenty that means we can get on penetrated by thirty two books too
easily so you want to go back and than to
filters you want to go to render possible so i hate it really a first issue probably create three layers
because you love one lawyer for the great one there for the background and
then one there for the foreground solicits congress grades he can do that
i double clicking on me new thing and then taking what you want
the president to get the presenter and moving out of this uh… this
program presenter and even on this arafat grand prix today so for that data backgrounds you
envision would probably manhattan arm is to take a color which
is only for pinky purple so we’ll just take that problem so then cook your great layer by
clicking on it if you don’t have the lawyers tab m just where the slope on here configure
this town bente dot com den leaders and i think a little late ideally filters supporting a great time filters randhir pattern and you want this m spacing to be on
however big you want the blocks to be so nice to be fed that thirty two that it is excellent by fifty pixels he won the offset which means that a
land me trailing edge and finish press you put this to be at the lapd and then say okay so now you’ve got your
grade is not clickable foreground color back when you add it in tail sex or texture packs you need to select committees talked to
lines here so up to this fine and to you also want to select this line all the way into this coroner so from
the corner here all the way up you don’t want to select any of these
lines below ring that because that’s the ones for a day as you see that maybe going too far not one there see this one is a lot going such from
you damaged it is back into place so i’ve already cremated texture and
this is a very basic texture and that when you look at if you think
man alex campbell looks horrible but this is home and most texture style
the style with block where textile work the stuff of the base color then you’re a little lights in your
highlights all of these companies and miss color here selective fine and base my uh… background and then israel’s control when you put a pencil
tool selective to and psychologist metrocareer an escalation here it is my sort of
background so i think in the cracks in the dark first-place again this is horrible and we can change that easily the first thing that you want to be a as
a little and feature called money school forgotten that make something a lot more
important hailing tailing as schools by the name
of and when you’re doing a tail packing heat things to be seen much so that when convenient connected to the edge delaying up
ethically see their gotten the blocks welling up and then if you control the again control to control the these ones are
not perfectly anthony santana perfectly and so that’s how you toward object to
creat seamless editing so we need to have this any bought pixels a touch the h so i
think all imports and anne pixel that touches the edge
off-year texture you needed to correspond another one on the exact same place so as you see here we have one there and
when they’re or they could be bad you know because stand by sri one which canada’s diagonal their one is that enough about one because when we select it and proceed to trophy the causes of diagonal pic still carries
on in fact melons pregnancy massage faq soul and that’s how you create ends sexy man said i think they have to
join them up and that really say he is joining that dr dot com you know the
ones that are on the edge trying to get there and selected so woman is a little too old year
functionality and cold maurice there’s also think it was nice but all
who believe that that is because the you know it’s anton says he around the last
few saturation and tell you independently whatever that means
independently i don’t know so these are my values here bashir theory you can decrease that tend to zero and
because i thought that means it won’t be changed to colleges much and saturation cannot change the
intensity of the colors and value ten that and spend much time yet that amendment knowing that creates securitate summarizing the e_c_
instantly that certainly cut that textured studied and some mode that and and make a little
less blocking such as the next step two creating a good texture i never will see that it still keeps a
seamless effect even when it’s got a nice because the books were lame duck
navistar k to the next to logan uses uh… religion
is color i think it’s it’s a bit to rich but i want something to meet
with monica and that’s been uh… ha and gold card in our set if it’s not
being kaplan if you want to go to the still here
apenas cinco college colorado’s and then here you have a lot of
different things need to change all the difference leaders need to change the
color so i think that it’s quite nice there
that if they succeed want to know a saturation output than a little bit
and in fact i suppose in a little bit to the revive more anything it’s going
to concede banking controls and that changes the estimate of the just
abit more and grainy that even though we’ve changed back
texture is still with slightly blocking but it’s really easy way to fix that you
don’t need to go looking in that by an cream collars and green color palettes
and and selecting things and writing things now you can
just use the simple fact filter this filters blair inaudible caution
where unquestionable that makes that the pixels in this election and change slightly and shift in the way
they are so you want to put that down to one and not watching then shifted pixels
by one and you see that that has put it in i selected one too many you have to make
sure that it’s lights and a whole then thing that you want to select bartel create as you saw their little
and transparent angie’s sober caution blair and then now five one and see that create a really really nice
looking texture and planes all the colors together to leave not got back
those harsh eighties and this is the kind of stuff for you
c_n_n_ people a_k_ casualties texture packs and stuff like that how much of the past that may achieve
this but if they’re watching this business if you don’t know who’s going
to be an easy way to achieve that kind of style but you’ll see that they still create a
seamless texture and you see here it seems that because we got a lot
preparation work at the beginning that still create seems texture all ths
week baumrock risk that played together and so i hope you enjoy the tutorial and
you find a coupla bits and bobs of the program attorneys again again family going to end the description just before we leave oceania coupley
things ended with the tailpipe and creating root for and you’ll be able to see that this part here is just not quite there papa anita blair
to crash there and then a treaty that they’re planning
a simple minded minds to the and uh… gravestone texture and then he have created was a different
instances of the sandbox cheers clan interesting one as his
baltic and in the water was achieved simply by
me just creating a pattern that looked a lot
like this and then adding a blur of two tips
valentine is create a pattern of the playlist multiple times on the image and you’ll
be able to see that in there here because they are and so hope you enjoyed this delighted
to put this box off some more intrude into that is our commercial loan
funds and also have some skin editing uh… and tutorials that because i
really like eddings concerning craft and i’m finally going back to children too so that i have fans have
some sort of and can watch these videos as well i’ll make some ninjas skins and some
semi skins and stuff like that and cities aging for those liberia lir
we did unseen extend back

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