This Concrete Handyman Job Looks Horrible / WLOG

This Concrete Handyman Job Looks Horrible / WLOG

Few videos ago. I got a question Someone asks they said is it awkward like filming in public and the answer is yeah, especially in Home Depot. It’s just kind of Still not still not fully comfortable with it but working on it, you know, but hey look at this Dewalt truck back here That’s a pretty sweet truck well, let’s get let’s get focused here man. This is a huge mess I think I’m gonna take this this piece of tu 111 out and just kind of leave it here Call me crazy, but I’m tired of carrying it around There you go if anyone needs a piece of tea 111, it’s right here at Home Depot come get it Okay, if you haven’t figured it out yet I’m doing a little fence repair today there’s a tee 111 Se say by t 111 if you haven’t figured it out yet. I am doing a fence repair today. Just replacing a Fence post that’s right next to a gate He just had it propped up with a 2×4 for like heck along so he won’t finally wants to get it taken care of Like I almost didn’t see me Yes, I’m doing that and then I’m also replacing two ballasts which I’m excited about I haven’t replaced some light fixture ballasts in a long time It’s been probably like six or eight months since I’ve done that so that’s pretty exciting. And then just fixing a attic ladder It’s just got some missing rungs and then that’s my first job for the day and then I’m heading to another job after that but Man, yeah, it’s interesting their Home Depot. Usually they have a Milwaukee lady lately. They’ve had a Milwaukee lady But today there’s no Milwaukee lady and now they have this do truck which is pretty interesting and there was a Dewalt guy there Maybe they switched it up a little bit, but I didn’t see the Milwaukee later there. So it’s kind of interesting But anyways, let’s get to the job today Okay, we gotta bust out that concrete here Okay, you got all that cement knocked out so now it’s just dirt Be able to finish that off nicely for something like this to take out Would I use just an auger bit? This is just a cheap one from Home Depot. I mean from Harbor Freight What do you guys use I’d be interested in Hearing what you guys Okay, we got the cement in it’s not the not the best looking around but Okay, we’re gonna let this cement dry and then get on to some other projects here All right the customer is making a run to get some bulbs here for this he put in two bulbs a While back and they just blew up so the ballasts are going to need to be replaced. So I got some new ballasts here So we’re gonna get get that installed form. Just having a little bit of a brain fart here this old ballast had What seven output wires and the New Balance one has six output wires So I was trying to figure out how to do that. But after thinking about it totally makes sense Yeah totally makes perfect sense Just hook one of these yellow wires up to the gray and brown wire and then the other yellow wire up to the yellow Other yellow wire, so that’s all there is to let’s get to it Well now That’s great. Okay, so we’re gonna cut a new two-by-four for this wrong here Okay, we’re gonna let the cement dry up for a little while and then we’re gonna come back and reattach that gate Well, believe it or not That is the first time I’ve ever done like visible concrete work like the only concrete work I’ve ever done is for like fence posts that gets covered up by dirt and Stuff. This is the first time I’ve ever done like visible stuff where you got like finish and I Don’t really know what I’m doing finishing concrete, but I think it looks alright. I mean I would love your guys input Like what I could do differently to make the concrete look a little bit better. I know one guy out There is probably gonna be like a man that looks like crap you suck and that’s totally cool. I mean, that’s cool I welcome any in all comments and Constructive criticism, I mean if you’re gonna say that tell me what I did wrong and what I could have done better But yeah, I would appreciate that. So right now I’m gonna let that concrete drive for a little while run and do another job I don’t think this this lady I don’t think I’m an assets lady to record her work She’s an old lady at a retirement community and I just I don’t really want to bother with that but anyways and then I’ll get back to this house and I will reinstall that gate show you guys what the concrete looks like as well, but Yep, anyways, so I’m going to go into another another job right now Oh just some quick logistics on that job that I just got done with It took I I got there about 8:15. It is about 11 o’clock right now and Total total profit for that job was 450 bucks. I figured I still got about another half an hour left Just reattaching that gate and then doing some cleanup cutting that fence post down So it’s not visible over at the top So not very much left in there to do. But yeah total for that was about 450 bucks Been there for about three hours so far. I got another half an hour or so, but Anyways, just wanted to give Logistics well, I got another another package from pro force show I’ve done they were the ones that send me the Those cool ear muffs a while back that we’re pretty sweet They just sent me a new package kind of wanted to open it up here for you guys on camera Some safety glasses, so I’m kind of excited This is my first first look at them. They kind of come in this cool little touch here Let’s see what they look like Hey pretty sweet. They got the little pro for show on the side. They’re Pretty I like that how they kind of go all the way around you pretty sweet first impressions are they they seemed pretty Pretty high-end. I mean they got a they got the nice little nose things on there for you So you don’t you know, so it’s not just plastic writing on your nose They seem pretty durable I’m gonna definitely try them out a little bit more One thing that I really like is that they kind of cover all the way around which is pretty sweet One thing that I’d like for them to see or to see them make is kind of a you know The things that go on your glasses they cover around that but I think these work really well for this I mean, I don’t necessarily need my glasses all the time So I think these will work great for like cutting stuff and I’m gonna definitely be trying these out. So I Think they look pretty cool. Just got done with my second job for the day That was uh some some person who lives at a like a retirement community here So I didn’t really feel right filming. It was uh, just a quick little job I just hung up a mirror for them is pretty heavy mirror and then put up this like cool like picture banner that they had Their son made him it it’s like all old pictures and hung it up in their room Like just push pinned up in the room looks pretty sweet. It was pretty pretty cool Kind of like a nest all just kind of thing. You know, that was a quick little job 45 minutes $100 profit in that job. I didn’t have to supply any materials. They had everything we needed so right now I’m gonna head back to that gate job and see how that cement is drying up and then install that gate if If it’s all ready to go Alright, let’s see how this cement is looking Looks like I’m gonna need to trim this just a little bit Look at that it was having an issue Here’s kind of bowed out. So it would fit good here fit good at the bottom, but it was bowed out here So what I did is I put this 2×4 in the middle cut it a little bit short to suck this in here And now it shuts shuts perfectly Okay all done with this gate here there’s one more look at the cement work here Let’s take a look at the other side of the gate here There’s the cement work In there nice and firm Got to put in a few more screws here and clean up and we’re ready to go. All right, we’re off Jimmy It is a little bit hotter right now than it was earlier for sure Got that got that gate job all finished up turned out pretty nice. And like I said, it is about a half an hour From half an hour just a button all that up. So wasn’t wasn’t too big of a deal My stepdad just texted me. Uh Because we’re working together tomorrow. So that’s pretty exciting. I’m pretty excited for that. We’re doing my favorite job We are painting they’re about to get some new carpets. So My mom my mom my dad are about to get new carpets. So we are going to paint The room before the new carpets come so that should be fun. I mean, it’ll be fun working with him and We’ll see what other mischief we would get into tomorrow. So that’ll be pretty fun So thank you all so much for tuning into this video and I hope you guys like and subscribe Have a great one and we’ll see you on the next video

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  1. That Truck is the new Ford F-150 prototype powered by the Dewalt 60v Flexvolt.

  2. It’s a good job, wait till it dries then see what it looks like.

  3. what kind of cordless tools do u use. I just started on my own a few months ago and have been buying rigid due to the lifetime warranty. thanks

  4. Hello Allen been watching your videos for awhile now, really enjoy them, you seem like a very honest and likable guy. Don’t be so hard on yourself with the concrete post job looks great! Much success with your videos!

  5. my boss always said you have to dig a hole to dig a hole . AKA dig a small hole then collapse the dirt around that into it to make a bigger hole

  6. Hey Allen, great videos keep em coming! As an electrician I personally think that you should have tried to convince the customer to install an L.E.D. fixture in the kitchen. You wouldn’t have had to mess with ballasts and the customer would never have had to replace a bulb again. Just a thought for next time! Possible upcharge! Good work!

  7. Hahh, Never thought of using a large auger bit to remove old post wood…………Great tip, guess what is next on my shopping list!
    Great videos Allen, and best wishes from Scotland !!

  8. Nice video! What was that tool that you used to bust up that concrete for the fence repair?

  9. the post failed because it was below ground level. the bracket should be the only thing under the surface. no wood can dry out being under and then it rots.

  10. Good Morning Allen , I have to say that to some extent , I'm bothered by the fact that you just left that T111 out in the parking lot .

    Assuming that you weren't just kidding around and put it back in your trailer.

    If in fact , you left it out there , then, On one hand , that is flat out littering .( Littering is such as lite weight word ) ….You dumped shit and left !

    Maybe someone might come along and take it …maybe no one will , and Home Depot has to deal with it .

    Technically , the Home Depot parking lot ( all their property ) is private property , and taking that , would be considered stealing .
    So now some Lot carry-out guy has to take time to walk out and pick that up and carry it to the dumpster , meanwhile, somebody might be having to wait for that guy to help them .

    Hell maybe even a Handyman needing help to load something big/heavy

    I realize that this is maybe kind of a petty thing to get wound up about , but it falls into the category of kind of a broad stoke issue , " What if everybody did as you did and decided to just leave shit in the parking lot that they didn't feel like carrying around anymore …"

    Personaly , I think it was an Asshole thing to do , and I'm very surprised that " Honest Lee Handyman " would be such a jerk!

    My thoughts , maybe not yours …..

    Thumbs down on this one !!!

    Bob from Calgary

  11. New subscriber… enjoy your videos… Hello from Texas..👍🏼

  12. Hey Allen, I’ve been wondering, do you take significantly longer to work for the purpose of filming and build it in to your price? Or do you just treat it as a business expense to allow for the extra time? Concrete looks fine btw. It’s a fence post, not a driveway.

  13. +Honest Lee Handyman to get a better result with your concrete, you can rod and/or vibrate it. Float it wit a trowel. If you taper it back, it will have the visual appeal. Just little tips. I think that you did a great job. Also, keep a big sponge with you. Wet the sponge, so that you can slightly wet the surface of the concrete, while floating it. Do not get too much water on top, or it will spald.

  14. Nice profitable day man. Somehow you always end up with at least 1 thumb down…

  15. It’s always a good feeling when you try something new and everything works out 👍

  16. Just dump the bag in the post hole and then add water. After you can feather it down or whatever. You'll thank me later. I keep telling you this. I wouldn't mix that red bag

  17. You could trowel the concrete smooth and the float out the lines the trowel leaves.

  18. That concrete came out fine!

  19. What city do you work out of?

  20. I learn something off of YouTube from this guy called Mike haduck. And what he does for finish concrete he uses a sponge to clean the edges so they blend in with the original concrete. It turns out pretty good and it doesn't leave any rough edges. So just a little bit of a finishing touch that might help

  21. How much do you make a week?

  22. You left that scrap in the lot against the tree ? that goes against everything honest bro. Next time set the post and dump the bag in the hole and add water and use your bar to mix it a little bit and then your done. No need to premix and it will be just as strong in half the time. Good luck Allen

  23. Hi Alan, next time use a small trowel for a smooth finish and a mason hand brush to clean up the edges. It's the same brush you use when pointing brick joints and you brush them to clean off any excess mortar. It looks okay though…

  24. Honestly it doesn't look that bad. For what it is not bad bro

  25. usually i say what the heck but that makes sense giving back …shoot someone else can use it why not leave there lol

  26. fyi those package rip at the top don't use a knife lol never wanna damage anything

  27. I think you're doing a great job. With anything (like concrete jobs) that you don't do often – just look at other people on youtube and you can get really good information. Keep on fixin' dude.

  28. Worst cement post job I’ve ever seen . You’re about a 1/16” off in your slop. Forgot to do a broom finish for trip hazard , the way you ripped the bad ugh just disgusted. Lmao I’m kidding. Not bad Mr Lee. I would’ve added an edge to separate walkway from cement post. Kind of like a control joint . In my opinion I would’ve told the owners to upgrade to a small LED kitchen panel if they liked the color of the bulbs you put in but hey you got it done.

  29. It's hard to believe the money you're making. I do the same work in Knoxville for ten bucks an hour.

  30. I've been lucky with the last few rotten fence posts I've had to remove. I was able to thread the giant Corkscrew looking thing you use to put your dog on a leash right into the 4 x 4 and pull it out in one piece. Definitely not something that works every time but when it works it's awesome

  31. I knew you would catch some heat for leaving that piece of scrap. After watching a few of your videos I think it's obvious that you had good intentions. Someone will definitely appreciate it. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your experience.

  32. i like that you back to doing work videos, keep it up.

  33. I've used my sds rotary hammer in the past to remove the concrete and soil from old fence post.

  34. Allen, I own and run Bob's Home Services, LLC. and started my own YouTube channel earlier this year. I wanted to point you to a guy here in Pennsylvania that you may enjoy watching. Mike is a great mason and also a wonderful YouTuber.

  35. Just found your channel. So far, I like it. Great work.

  36. Eeee….horrendous light in kitchen.

  37. Allen as a Homedepot associate all I can say is “ shame on you sir”.
    Still love you videos.

  38. You can’t just leave your trash in the parking lot. Do you want me to dump my trash in your driveway?

  39. Lead wires man not yellow or brown 😂

  40. If you have an old broom you can broom finish the concrete to take the ripples off

  41. Rippin em off damn…

  42. Hey man just a heads up so nobody gives you hell. Cement and concrete are different Cement is just the powder.. Concrete is Gravel and Cement powder. also known as "Pre-Mix" you know how people are lol.

    Anyways great stuff as always sir!

  43. Like ur channel but leaving that panel in Home Depot parking lot was a douche move

  44. I keep my eyes open just in case I see you in the streets if I ever see u lol I will prank you or scare you so be aware keep an eye open take care by the way the concrete look okay 👌

  45. Just bought a new MIlwaukee Impact Drill Driver from HD online .. $99 with free shipping. It comes wednesday.

  46. If your not getting paid by DeWalt, I'd blur that out! F the man!!!

  47. First off you used fast setting concrete which you mixed too wet and then used some type of stir stick for paint to finish it…..Next time use regular concrete mix and don't use so much water that you end up with soup instead of concrete and buy a cheap metal float to finish the concrete….a little practice and you'll be a expert in no time

  48. Nice job! For the hole digging, I use a rotary hammer with a chisel bit to break up the concrete rather than exerting energy with that digging bar. Then I attach a spade bit with an extension bar (need a coupler for that). I've only seen a spade attachment for sds max though. Cuts through pre-chiseled cement, wood and dirt with ease. Then use a post hole digger/shovel to grab the dirt out. Fast and efficient process.

  49. Hey looks great…you have to try something before you can get better right?

  50. That auger bit and a shop vac work amazingly well together.

  51. It's called concrete, cement is a part of it.

  52. I hope you're not in a freeze/thaw area.

  53. You're doing well my friend. Keep up the good work. I would definitely hire you.

  54. You aced it with the wiring on the lights

  55. Your mix was way to wet.Keep your mix alot drier,get a trowel and finish with a brush marks at the end.

  56. Are you allowed to leave thing in the parking lotlike that? Anyway about the concreat. job
    I do not know if you have the same rules but in sweden when you do a job outside you want a rough surface, like the concrete stone. Because it can be very slippery.
    So when the concrete ia almost stiff. You use a Plasterering float I think it's called. to work up a nice surface.
    Then to get old and new concrete to melt together use a spong float.

  57. cement is an ingredient in concrete..
    You can't interchange the two terms..

  58. You need a trowel or a hand float to make those concrete finishes smooth.

  59. Great videos. Did u level the post after adding cement? Also a good idea to attach a 2×4 to the post and the fence while it dries so it wont move. Love ur show

  60. Are you fucking serious ? You just left that shit there? You are the epitome of handymen hacks. Jesus Christ. Unreal.

  61. Dude
    That music 👍👍

  62. When you do your fence post and cement them in. Why don’t you just use the bracket you can cement in and mount the post to that?

  63. Ok, Don't believe us. Go to the concrete company and watch their videos. Don't mix the concrete. Will make your life easier and faster. Per bag, you should use an exact amount of water.

  64. Should have sold him on Led conversion. Get rid of the ballast all together.

  65. Lee with cement work and stucco. Remember look at the old finish surrounding the work area and do our best to match what is already there.

  66. Lee never busting on you. Know that. Ok. I have been many trades to get to almost 60 years old. I personally can be very anil in the perfection of the end product. When I am installing vinyl graphics and letters being Anil really pays in all aspects. What I love about being a professional handyman is. If there is a code it is applied. But what I love is my days are so different than the day before. I am moving into my two labor rates are becoming 50 and 80 an hour. If it is technical I should be paid my worth. I have put in my learning, practicing and then becoming a master in the skill or constantly working to be a master. So the question to all of you. How many trades do you rock in and constantly educate yourself all the time? How many trades have your added to your skill set in the past 2 years? I mean you have spent hours learning and then doing. Remember if a person who does it daily does it in an hour and you are billing 3 hours. Who is ripping who off? In our business, if you want solid repeat customers that call us for everything. We must stand in solid integrity in our work ethics. Namaste. God is everywhere you can think of.

  67. Brah dont take this the wrong way I love u man and I think you are a awesome person/handyman but shouldnt a 3rd of that post been underground and that was a 8 foot post and a 6 foot fence correct?

  68. Have you done a trailer tour? And where’d you come up with the idea for your shelves and drawers

  69. If you don't have one get a Rockwell Jawstand. It really helps to hold those doors to keep your hands free. Your concrete was fine . Just make the mix a little drier and float it out with a cheap metal trowel and brush.

  70. I'm a concrete contractor and I will be happy with that post concrete job.
    Keep doing it. Ohh and first video i seen from you will subscribe. Thx

  71. Just wondering… what if you used some decking screws and drilled them half way in on the lower section of the post that was in the concrete, so that the concrete, would harden around the post and the screws would not lot it pull out of the concrete. kinda like post anchors. I have even screwed wite to the side of post so that the concrete would harden around the post. BTW it look fine.

  72. use broom or float

  73. Hey! Don’t dump there! So wrong.
    Could have cleaned out hole, tapered the post a tiny bit, and drive it in, then soaked it to swell into nice tight fit instead of bustin n cretein. A wet paint brush or sponge can give you a nice crete finish. Use the speed square as a guide for cross cutting 2Xs.

  74. Got a decent hammer drill from harbor freight that works great for this kinda stuff. Or ripping out tile. Paid for its swlf on the first job with it

  75. Gonna need a diner switch for that

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