The Victors Roofing Process

… Victors Roofing! How may I help you?>>Hi, could somebody come take a look at my roof? I think it needs to be replaced.>>Of course, I’ll be right there.>>How much is the cost of the inspection?>>The full inspection is complimentary, and we’ll do a video review of the house with you so we can show you what we need to work on.>>How long will the project take?>>Oh, most projects only take about a single day. Plus, we’ll contact your neighbors to make sure we’re not bothering them.>>And what will cleanup look like?>>Other than your brand new roof, there shouldn’t be a single sign that we were even here!>>Who do we call if we have any questions?>>You can call me, you project manager.>>Excellent!>>Yeah, great, thank you.>>Okay, we’ll see you when you get home!>>Victors Roofing: Built on Integrity

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