The Politics of the Wall – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

The Politics of the Wall – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

– What I find sad and funny at the same time is
that in my honest opinion, this wall thing has just devolved into politics. I’ll tell you why I say that. Because Trump
doesn’t want to admit that he doesn’t actually
care about the wall, he just wants to say that
he built the wall, right? So if you look at his
negotiations with the Democrats, he says fine, I don’t want
a wall for the whole border, I just want a wall in
sections and then he’s like, actually it doesn’t
have to be a wall, it just has to be a fence,
steel structures-ish in certain places,
and then he goes and says, which we
already have really. And then it’s like,
so what do you want? Then the Democrats are
like, we’ll give you a few billion to upgrade
the existing structures. And he’s like, no,
I want my wall. And they’re like,
yeah but we’ll give you money for the
fence and he’s like, no, I want the wall
even if it’s a fence. (laughing) And it’s like wait,
so you just want to say you got the wall. And then on the Democrats’ side, they’re like, we don’t
want you to be able to say you got your wall. That’s the thing, ’cause he
says he wants five billion, but if they said we’ll
give you one billion for your wall, he
would take it and say I got my wall, and
then the Democrats… it’s just, it’s just devolving into a game of
politics right now. And I don’t know,
on the one hand, you’d be like, just, if
people are not getting paid, if people were, you have to
ask yourself an honest question as a politician, right? And that is the lesser evil. Do you genuinely believe
that you could not beat Trump if you gave him his wall? Do you know what I mean? Then I think your policies
are not good enough. I think you should
be able to beat him whether or not you
give him his wall or some money for it. On the other hand, there are
some furloughed employees, we had some at the show who
were like, no, screw him. Don’t give him the
thing, it’s a waste of money, and it’s
a metaphor that says more about America than
just the physical structure. So it is a tough – (applauding) I do believe this
though, I still say, you wouldn’t have these problems in America if it
was as simple as, if there’s a shutdown, people
in Congress don’t get paid. Don’t get paid. (applauding) People are a lot more
likely to negotiate when their money’s on the line. Cause now they’ll just be
like, all these employees must make a plan- YOU must
make a plan, Mitch McConnell. See how it works. (offbeat motivating music)

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  1. It was always just politics and spin on the wall. The Democrats don't even have to give anything. As long as the coalition of the brain dead: Coulter and Limbaugh; will get off his ass about it, he'll just claim he got his wall and move on.

  2. The truest words ever spoken


  4. ❤🇺🇬…🤔

  5. Dems can not give in everytime trump makes an unreasonable demand. If the shut down worked he would shut down the government over every minor thing that crops up. The Dems really need to reinforce the message that he's not getting his way just because he has spat his dummy out

  6. Why is it ALWAYS the Democrats who are pressured to be the bigger people in negotiations like this? Why does the "liberal" media never pressure the GOP to grow up and act like adults? It's like, everybody just figures the GOP will never compromise, bc they are children. Well, what's that got us? have they learned their lesson? yes, they have, they've learned that if they continue to be uncompromising and intransigent, the Dems will eventually give in, bc the so called "liberal" media will pressure them, often using GOP talking points, while barely pressuring the GOP and rarely asking them about Dem talking points.

  7. Posted after the first shutdown of 2019. Considering the 2020 election is coming up, I would say that now would of been the time to act like your money is on the line because people will remember your stance on this issue (as ridiculous as it is). People can vote these people out since they're not doing so great and not caring about the people who are out of work at that time (or rather at the time of the next shutdown that is being predicted for February). I do agree that the idea would of made them feel more of the heat.

  8. people cheer for anything lol, even an obvious observation

  9. they did give him money for the “wall” then he wouldn’t sign the bill…

  10. If it was possible he would say give Mount Rushmore an upgrade with my face. He wants to put his name in the history of USA and that's it. It's something like the old Kings or Emperors used to do. It has nothing to do with security or anything. It's just he wants the people of USA to remember him as THE GREAT RULER WHO BUILT THE WALL or in short, DONALD THE WALL forever. He is having a hard time compromising since Nancy Pelosi is a woman too because he clearly has issues about his Mom and with his wife.

  11. "You must make a plan, Mitch McConnell." Lol

  12. 1:35…The moment I realized that Trevor Noah has no side burns

  13. Trevor has a good balance and common sense understanding on many issues. I appreciate that about him.

  14. Trump doesn’t care about the wall, he just wants the money for the wall. Trump &Co will then be able to steal it

  15. 0:06 You had me at "devolved"…

  16. One BILLION is OUR money. Trump is playing his game which is money.

  17. it would be pretty hilarious if he got $1bil's worth of spearhead funding for the wall, and in the open beta of the southern border barrier, immigrants actually got over it; the optics of that would make the wall even less justifiable and more unpopular than it already is — let him have the money, the operations research on the actual effects of the policy should speak for itself

  18. In government shutdown both Congress and president should not get paid.

  19. Hm, this isn't the story I heard from Pelosi and her complete denial of any initiative they had for the wall.

  20. "The Wall" was just a xenophobic metaphor. None but the stupidest of Trumptards thought it might actually be built.

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