Tia! Did you take my school project? Yes, Tofu I took it to school with me How can you, Tia? I worked on that project for 6 weeks I used all my pocket money to get the supplies for it It wasn’t yours to take! Tofu? Can you please calm down? There is a reason that I took it. What could be a good reason to steal my project! Before I tell you that I need to tell you something else. Once upon a time a girl loved gardening She had many beautiful flowering plants in her garden One day, she went to the market and met a lady selling seeds These are seeds of a beautiful flowering creeper plant If you plant it near a wall it will take support of the wall and grow. Take these, your garden will become even more beautiful The girl bought the seeds and merrily came home She planted them by the backwall of her garden It was a wall that she shared with her neighbour Her neighbour couldn’t walk but they would often talk to each other from behind this wall I have planted seeds of a lovely new plant Oh! That’s nice I wish I could someday come and see your beautiful garden But alas! I cannot move My own garden has become a dry patch of land as I cannot take care of it Many months passed and the girl tended to her new creeper plant every day And with each day, the plant became bigger and bigger But it didn’t flower! Not a single flower grew on it. Frustrated by the only plant that did not give her flowers she decided to cut it down She brought her axe and was about to chop the creeper down Just then her neighbour called out. Is that you? I have been meaning to talk to you for many weeks! Thank you so much for the lovely flowers. Flowers? Yes, they are beautiful. I feel so happy every time I see them The girl rushed to the neighbour’s house She saw that the creeper from her garden had pushed through the cracks and holes in her wall and was growing on her neighbour’s side of the wall And it was full of the most beautiful flowers she had ever seen in her life! You didn’t submit the project as your own, did you Tia? You took it for a good cause? Yes. I am glad that you have understood that I took it because the house on your project kept falling apart I took it to the carpentry lab and got it fixed I will get it back tomorrow. Oh, Tia! You are so nice! And I was so horrible to you I am sorry Its okay, Tofu. Just remember that things may not always be what they seem like.

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