The New EASIEST Way to Double Ramp Floor Wall Rush (Fully Explained)

The New EASIEST Way to Double Ramp Floor Wall Rush (Fully Explained)

What’s up guys it’s Dwreck, and today
you’re going to learn something new I came up with, a way easier and smoother way to do the double
ramp floor wall rush. This is going to be for anyone that struggles
with the normal method of doing this, mainly for all of you on a controller, but I’m
sure some PC players will enjoy this as well. If you enjoy the tips, make sure you like
the video, subscribe, and share this with a friend. You all know the normal way of doing it – you
just spam your aim back and forth repeatedly while placing ramps floors and walls. Personally, I wasn’t a fan of this movement
– I can’t control that way of doing it very well for more than a couple levels with
my thumb on a stick and I wanted to make it easier. Another issue is with a low sensitivity, you’re going to sprint up the ramp slower with how much longer you look to the sides. Either way, this is going to be personal preference,
but I found this new method way easier and way smoother to do. I’ll start by showing the way I do it, then
break it down step by step for you to learn. You can see with this method I barely have
to move my aim and it seems like I’m sprinting straight ahead more. This is because you’re only looking to the
sides twice now instead of three times. For starters, you should already know how
to do the regular ramp floor wall rush and if you need help with that, you can check
out the video on screen above. Altogether, I start by looking up for a ramp,
then look down and to the right to place two floors, place another ramp, and then finish
with two walls. Doing it this way is more of an L-shaped movement
than side to side and you can see it’s a much softer rhythm. For phase 1 of learning this. You should start by just placing a simple
ramp ahead, then follow with your two floors. Always start with a walk when learning something
new then build up speed. Phase 2, you’re going to place your ramp,
two floors, and then your second ramp to get that button placement down a little better. Finally, you’re going to add in the last
two walls to get the movement pattern and button placement correct. Make sure you do all three phases with a walk
until you have it down consistent. Once you have the movement pattern down, you
should try doing this with faster but you just want to focus on perfecting it for one
level to start. You’ll do one level, pause, then do the
next one. Once you can sprint and do all the movements
at once, you can try doing it for multiple levels until you finally perfect and can do
it full sprint. You absolutely need to focus on your timing
with this build, so you don’t place floors over your head or wall yourself in. If you start struggling at full speed, try
and slow it down again and you can also try just tapping to build with instant placement
instead of holding down turbo build and overbuilding. One problem I sometimes have is I’ll place
my walls too early. Something feels off with turbo build and build
placement in general but either way, I place walls in front of myself accidentally. It’s almost like you have to build ramp
1, the floors, ramp 2, then have a slight pause and place the walls at the end. I also try to rely on instant build placement
and just time it up so my next ramp places right away with a click, but because it’s
still not very consistent yet, you’ll probably need to hold down build with your ramp. Now, let’s talk about the other way to do
the double ramp floor wall rush and the one situation it’s better in. This is really only against elite players,
but when you’re ramp rushing at each other and you’re higher up your ramp than them,
you normally want to ramp them off. You’ll see a lot of pros have double ramps
over their opponent’s heads to their opponents, then they follow it with double floors so
they can’t get coned from underneath. In this situation, if you build a single ramp,
then the double floor with my method, there would be a very small chance of your enemy
getting their ramp up first and phasing through your floor. You would still have higher ground than them,
but it would inconvenience you. Instead, you double ramp first to block them
off from ramping, then place double floors to counter their cones, then follow with two
walls for support. It’s not too difficult to do the double
ramp floor wall spam for one or two levels, which is all you need, so you shouldn’t
have a problem with this. My method of the rush still feels quicker
and more consistent for me when I’m rushing from the ground up. Again, doing it the DWrecked way or the other
way is going to be personal preference, but I found this one much easier to do. Either way if you enjoyed the tutorial, make
sure to subscribe and like the video. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next

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