The many ways Trump said Mexico would pay for the wall

The many ways Trump said Mexico would pay for the wall

-I would say Mexico’s
going to pay for it. Obviously, I never said this
and I never meant they’re gonna write out a check. I will build a great, great wall and I will have Mexico pay
for that wall. -Yes!
-Mark my words. A lotta politicians have said,
“Oh, they’re not gonna pay”! They never read
The Art of the Deal. We lose. We have a trade imbalance
with Mexico. -Hold on a second.
-Excuse me, John. Of $50 billion. I said,
“You’re not gonna do it,” and everybody told me,
everybody. This is like the wall.
Believe me. We’re gonna build the wall.
Mexico’s gonna pay for it. They don’t get it. ‘Cause I’m a business guy.
That’s what I do. It’s going to be built
and it’s gonna be paid for by Canada, by the way. It’s gonna be paid for.
Maybe I’ll get Canada to pay. Gonna be paid for by Mexico. Their politicians are sharper
and shrewder than our politicians. You know, I went to
an Ivy League school. I was a good student.
Mexico, in some form, and there are many different
forms, will reimburse us. Whether it’s a tax
or whether it’s a payment. Probably less likely
that it’s a payment. There will be a payment. It will be in a form,
perhaps a complicated form. We’re working on a tax
reform bill that will reduce our trade deficits,
increase American exports, and will generate
revenue for Mexico that will pay for the wall,
if we decide to go that route. We’re thinking about building
the wall as a solar wall, so it creates energy
and pays for itself. What we save on that,
just with Mexico, will pay for the wall
many times over. I view that as absolutely,
Mexico is paying for the wall. And when I said Mexico will pay
for the wall, in front of thousands
and thousands of people, obviously,
they’re not gonna write a check. -They’re not gonna
write us a check, but. -They’ll pay.
They’ll pay. In one form or another. They may even write us a check.

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  1. Build the wall. Make Mexico pay later

  2. This is entertainment

  3. To all the people who bought into the lies and voted for this, is this what winning looks like???

  4. Trump knows his supporters are quite dumb. They will always believe his lies.

  5. Y yo que ya habia juntado mi dinerito 🤷‍♂️, ¿Neta ya no vamos a pagar por el muro?😜

  6. So Trump says if he doesn't get his way he will declare a national emergency. Folks, if you have a national emergency, you don't run around for days on end with your finger up your butt saying – if, if, if – I will declare a national emergency!

  7. 😂😂😭 this video got me dead. He contradicts himself in every single thing he says.



  9. democRATS go back cavern , trump is amazing !

  10. Sure, you didn't mean it!

  11. Bill Gate supports him

  12. What's scary is that the American people actually believed him while the rest of the world laughed.

  13. 800,000 federal workers directly impacted…………………… Every year, the number of legal immigrants coming into the country is nearly one hundred thousand and sometimes more. Most of them come in search of jobs or to study…

  14. Deduct the cost of the wall from Israel's annual tribute payment, problem solved!

  15. Okay, this is a genuine, no bullsh#, open handed question to Trumpettes:

    How can you not see this man is lying – and has always lied to you – on at least this subject?

    How can you not see you were just marks for a lifelong con artist, playing on your fears and prejudices only for his momentary benefit?

    And more importantly, how can you not see it Now?

    He is doing it blatantly. In. Your. Face.

    He never gave a flying F# about immigration. He never gave a sh# about his Fake wall. It was all an act. A show. "Come See The Three Headed Bearded Mermaid! ROLL UP! ROLL UP!"

  16. Liberals still crying over a failed Hillary candidacy lol. It's going to be a great 6 years

  17. Art of the deal?? That's hilarious considering all the business deals in that book was a failed business deal. Again failed business deal. Hes the single most idiotic moron to ever be in office.

  18. Why would anyone believe anything from someone who lies as much as Trump?

  19. didn't trump claimed to be worth 10 billion?

    maybe he should pay for it.

  20. he's not even a real businessman

    I like businessmen who don't go bankrupt.

  21. best of the WP videos

  22. HUHHHH….

    I hope Melania is still getting paid…poor gal
    She's a governmental employee after all, a Federal Prostitute!

  23. Nice to know that are presents is the biggest hypocrite right now

  24. Liars lie every day.


  26. This actually helps Trump a little bit. It shows he was never nailed down on the way in which Mexico would pay

  27. You should report on bezo’s since you guys got the scoop

  28. Wonder how the Trumptards will defend this now. eyeroll

  29. Hahaha what a dick head!

  30. Shut up trump I am sick of hearing your voice and you being the a President and your dumb policies and your dumb party

  31. Did he say he can get Canada to pay for it too

  32. 🖕🏾🍊🤡 . The GOP is the new Communist party.

  33. I find it odd a sitting president goes around wearing a campaign hat while in office. Not wrong, just seems beneath the office.

  34. Donald trump It your president tell him what to do make him do what you want grow some logic stop the wall fire the government back up and get on with life liberty and the pursuit of happiness… Go America…freedom is earned ..

  35. Now I know why Trump call ya'll fake news, Washington Post such a stupid people

  36. Just by keeping the crime out will save America money and Mexico will have to pay to keep them. Trump is a great President. That wall should of been built years and years ago.

  37. As he said the imbalance in trade means its very easy to see how Mexico absolutely WILL be paying for the wall.

  38. 5 billion dollars for a wall? Payed by the working class while rich entities get tax cut ? Your going to make us pay for a wall that you are not willing to pay for?

  39. bet you a $130.000 Mexico don't LMAO

  40. I think it is painfully obvious that Trump has lied through his teeth to the American people.

  41. Do people realize that there is a LOT more going on in the US and worldwide? It's The Cabal and the Deep State thats the actual problem. People need to do some research about Q (QAnon) and the members of the Cabal. Mainstream media is controlled by the "Elite" and they want you to stay asleep. What occurred is that a group that called themselves as Q began posting real-time takedown of the Deep State on anonymous online image boards (8chan). And these take-dows and mass-arrests by The Alliance and white-hat groups will at some point go viral and will be shown internationally.

  42. Typical trump. Opens his mouth and nothing but feces comes out.

  43. Wow you people take everything he says seriously. Maybe if you had some knowledge you would understand him more clearly.

  44. Ladies and gentlemen the real reason Donald Trump dislikes Mexico is JEALOUSY, Mexico's economy is now ahead of the US even Trump has stated that, all if not most of the major corporations from around the world are heading for Mexico and yes even US and Canadian corporations are heading down there, the biggest corporate party is in Mexico right now and guess what most of them are not coming down here and Donald Trump can't stand that!

  45. I hate you. I deeply hate you. Trump has been very clear on how this works and anyone with an understanding of the very basics of international trade understood this as well. Mexico has been ripping the USA off for billions a year in terrible trade deals. Trump's idea was to renegotiate these deals (deal making, outsmarting mexican politicians, business person) and then using that money that the USA doesn't lose for a one-time investment of a border wall to stop the influx of human trafficking (including sex trafficking!), drugs and violent crime (which also costs the USA money each year!). This is clear and has been for 3.5 years now. But still you pedantically lie and twist words to pretend you don't understand and he's not being clear enough.
    Shame on you.

  46. I thoroughly hate this man.

  47. Dang, I bet those poor republicans feel stupid now.

  48. Guess who is paying for the wall NOT MEXICO LOL but Americans will pay for it by working for free LOL

  49. The government shut down is to distract us from what’s really going on. He already tried with starting a war and that failed so a government shutdown was the next on the distract the Americans list

  50. Name a president that fulfilled every promise? Why didn't you guys do this with Obama in office?

  51. MAGA Trump 2020
    promises made
    promises kept

    * hides behind a big black dude *

  52. Final position: United States taxpayers will pay for this wall! (You wish!). POS.

  53. Right so it’s OUR fault for not understanding what he meant, righttttt

  54. Trump is an enemy of America! This means all this supporters are enemies too!

  55. Trump not the only one keeping people out of work, it takes two, and we do need that wall, all theses people coming in , felon's and all and get job's, but US felon's can't even get a job, all they got to do is come in the right way, we can't brake the law in our country why should they.

  56. I don't get it, the only time he said Mexico would write a check was to say it's unlikely they would do so.

  57. The orange clown !!!

  58. As a Canadian i would love to have a wall and have America pay for it… nah your all ok eh

  59. And we're still waiting trump……in no way, shape, or form, am I expecting them to, or think they should. But trump you are the that one who shot off at the mouth and promised something you were incapable of delivering, not America……. So we're still waiting…trump

  60. The ignorance, the stupidity, the self centered arrogance of the trumpster is mind boggling. He is so full of crap that his eyes are brown and the remainder of his head is filled with toilet paper or maybe McDonald hamburger wrappers.

  61. Trump supporters are proud of THIS?

  62. It's easy to get Mexico to pay for the wall. Put El Chapo's cell in the wall and Mexicans will pay top dollar to see him.

  63. Oh now its a solar wall oh to gather energy right and mexico will pay for it. 👍

  64. He should pay for the wall with all his back taxes

  65. He just recently declared to FORCEFULLY TAKE $8 BILLION from taxpayers.

  66. Question for the people in usa that voted for this guy. Why????? Becuse its very clear that this guy is mentally instable..

  67. It was A Mandela Effect.

  68. just take the money the us spends on israel and spend it towards the wall, there problem solved lol

  69. what a dipshit! 😆😆😂😂😂

  70. Have any of you seen the ghettoes burg address. The man is brilliant. One of the most transparent presidents for our people and our middle class. A man who doesn’t have an ability to articulate speech of like tacticians such as Peterson but action to fight for our middle class for none other reason than for all Americans democratic and republican. That is a president I want to stand behind. Oh and the wall what can I say that’s not already been said but to back off of defense and push a thought; does it worry you the that Nancy Pelosi and of my knowing 14 other democratically all supported the barriers 3 times with three different presidents until trump. If you have a rebuttal based off of facts I will listen but if not your getting out smarted by a 16 your old boy out of high school to work full time in a trailer park. (Trying to stress my privilege off me Newton😂)((also articulation of the English language is a powerful tool but not a deciding factor in a way a person is, you can be smart and talk small.))

  71. Apparently some people still believe in Donald and proclaim reality as the deception of the mainstream media…
    The trade between Mexico and the USA is and remains duty-free.
    Even if Trump altered NAFTA again, how do you think that'd work?
    "Yeah, Mexico, if you import you'll have to pay more than before, you know."
    Even if ^^^ was the case, it would not be the State of Mexico but companies funding the wall.
    These companies would stop importing, of course.
    It's depressing that people still swallow whatever he tells them.

  72. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  73. try chona she love walls ?

  74. Now you silly Trump supporters are saying that you don't care who will pay for the wall. That's NOT what you idiots said two years ago. You cheered, 'MEXICO!!" When your Orange Dictator asked you , " Who will Pay for the wall?" But of course you all don't want to admit that he played your asses, and instead of being mad at him, you are mad at the rest of us because we don't want to come out of our pockets. How lame is that?

  75. I have many cousins and I no longer correspond with those who support Trump. Now I can save on postage when sending out Christmas cards.

  76. In 10 years , someone will make a documentary about this .

  77. hello everyone
    please tell me why Mr Trump only build a wall for Mexico borders?..why doesn't he do so for Canada?

  78. With Trump withholding aid to Central American Countries, looks like Mexico will indeed be paying for the wall.

  79. Hmmmm i searched: orange hamster and that was the Forst Video I've got.

  80. What’s the name of the background song?

  81. I bought a new Infiniti Q50 back in December using the "Mexico is going to pay for it" scheme. I'm still waiting for my rebate check, however I think that I have been had by classic example of unscrupulous car salesman tactics. I guess the sales guy meant "me" when he said Mexico would pay for it. Time to dip into the emergency rainy-day fund…….

  82. "Probably won't be a payment."
    "There WILL be a payment."

  83. Who will pay for the wall?

  84. This clown could beef up security like never b4, make updates 2 old out of date equipment, get the BP the best equipment made (like 4 example drones that can detect heat (body warmth) and update detention centers) but no he'd rather build a wall, and if he was so worried about illegals why didn't he say or do something about it b4? because that would've meant spending his own $ and that $ was 4 boning porn stars and paying them hush $ and he was 2 busy with his "birther" conspiracy. BTW how'd that work out 4 him anyways? oh he couldn't prove anything so he had 2 admit he was a POS. Man that'd suck.

  85. I not paying for that wall

  86. I would make the wall like the 1 in Jurassic park. That would keep them out permanently.

  87. What a liar lmao. Hadn't seen a single cent from mexico. You talk, but you dont deliver. ANDREWYANG2020!!!!!

  88. He wants Canada to pay for the wall?! Tf have they got to do with any of this?? If anything, it's the Americans who go to Canada illegally for free health care. What kinda president did we elect??

  89. Anyone still supporting Donald Trump should have to watch this over and over and over again until the 2020 election. What an embarrassment.

  90. as MEXICAN with the respect to the great country the U.S is.. asking another country to pay for an inland constructiion…. is like a BIG JOKE…. a nonsense…. somehow many u.s citizens believed him and still believe him.

  91. Trump is such an utter fvckwit.

  92. Do you have a door on your house? If it was not there and your neighbor were stealing you blind. Who would pay for the door. You would initially but you would save thousands by not feeding all your neighbors. So who pays for the door is irrelevant.

  93. “Tariffs are a tax on imports. They are paid by U.S.-registered firms to U.S. customs for the goods they import into the United States.”

    No. Mexico or China aren’t giving America money, tariff only hurts their businesses, but it may also damage America companies.

  94. This fake video sucks at being dishonest. Trump didn’t deny he said Mexico would pay for it. He said this from the beginning that they weren’t going to write a check. They’re paying for it through re negotiated trade deals. He kept his promise on this and the media is trying to make it look like he messed up. This promise has been kept

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