The Lush Life With LUSH Cosmetics Co-Founder Rowena Bird

The Lush Life With LUSH Cosmetics Co-Founder Rowena Bird

Hi, I’m Rowena Bird and I’m one of the six co-founders of LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics. One of the key things that I do is I invent product. It is the most exciting part it’s also the most frustrating. Out of say, every 100 products that we invent maybe only five get out there. So there’s one heck of a lot of creativity. So this year for Christmas, we’re doing a ‘Naked Christmas.’ ‘Naked’ in LUSH means that it’s solid and it doesn’t come in a pot or a bottle. And the inspiration for that was last year we did self-preserving because a lot of our products don’t need preservative systems, which is really great. The challenge was anything that we have in a bottle you have to be able to make it naked as well. So that we’re offering a choice to a customer. What I’m really excited about is the solid shower gels. It’s in the shape of a bottle, complete with a black lid. And if you buy one of those you reduce the amount of plastic bottles you’re buying in shower gels so there’s no landfill. So I’m very excited to see how people take to those and what they make of them. We also have Christingle body conditioner and that has lots of menthol in it so it’s really cooling. And so although that only comes out at Christmas, hence the name it comes out at Christmas because you guys are in the heat and you need lovely things to cool your skin down. So the next steps I think for LUSH Australia & New Zealand is to get into bigger stores. You can’t get the same experiences in the small stores so we’re really actively working on getting larger stores here. Some of the other exciting things that we have in the worldwide brand in a spa. We would really love to bring one of those down to Australia ‘cos that is just like the ultimate LUSH experience. Yeah, we’re out looking around Melbourne today… You never know! One of the products that I’m really proud of is our Charity Pot. It’s a pot and it has a body lotion in it. And the body lotion is full of beautiful ingredients. Like the Shea butter and the Moringa oil from Ghana. And that encourages the permaculture there we’re greening the desert. Where our Moringa is grown is on an area where nothing grew and now it’s full of Moringa trees that put goodness back into the earth. All the money except for the tax goes into a seperate bank account and than we use that to fund grassroots charities throughout Australia & New Zealand. Over the last 10 years in LUSH since we launched the Charity Pot worldwide we have donated 20 million pounds. We’re very transparent as a company and we get more and more transparent all the time. We have which is open to all our customers Where they can go on and see videos of where we’re sourcing our raw materials and meet the people who grow them. Find out more about what’s going on in the bottom half of the iceberg that you can’t see beyond the shop. Find out what happens in manufacturing and how things are made they’re like big kitchens. Come and see what we’re doing and see if you can find something there to fall in love with I’d be very surprised if you can’t.

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  1. 95 Mysterious unreleased inventions. Can u imagine whats in the vault?!

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