The Hungriest Man Ever

You think these two dudes have eaten
some weird stuff? Wait ’til you hear – about some other two dudes.
– Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– We’ve all gotten a little “hawn-gree” at times, but eating a plateful of nachos
in the back of an Uber at 1am does not make you the hungriest person alive.
But eating almost 200 cats? That might. Yes, we’re gonna talk about
eating cats. You have been warned! Okay, so today we wanna crown the
(stammering) “hungiest” man ever. – “The hungiest man alive!”
– Hungriest man ever. – “He’s so hungy!”
– We’re talking about the scientific condition known as polyphagia,
that means basically eating everything – in sight. It is an actual condition.
– Mm. It is. And in turns out that there’s a
bit of a debate over (soft voice) who’s the “hungiest” man
ever. – (Rhett and crew offscreen laughing)
– There are two men worthy of the title, so we’re gonna present them to
you, and then hopefully hopefully reach – a conclusion, because this matters.
– It does! I’m gonna start with the guy – that I think is the “hungiest” man ever.
– (Link and crew offscreen laughing) Charles Domery. This guy was born in
Poland in 1778. When he was young, he joined the Prussian army. And he was
so dissatisfied with the rations, with the food that they had, that he
actually switched sides and went to the – French army, just for the food.
– Wow. And so when he’s with the French
army, he eats all available food. – He deserted for dessert?
– Oh, nice. – (crew offscreen laughing)
– Oh, don’t eat my finger, please. – I am hungry.
– Don’t be that “hungy.” – (Link and crew offscreen laughing)
– It can’t keep going. (laughing) Okay, so he moves to the
new army. He takes all the available food from the French army and eats it,
and he’s not satisfied. So he moves on to all available cats. Yes. This actually
happened! The guy is said to have eaten 174 cats in a year. And he still
said that was not enough. – Well, that’s like half a cat a day.
– Oh, you think you could do that? Well, I’m not saying it’s normal, but
I’m not saying it’s a lot either. – Okay.
– So you gotta build your case a little… – …more than just half a cat a day.
– All right, how about this? He also ate five pounds of grass a day. Five pounds
of grass! – He’s like a cow?
– No, he’s a man. That’s what… – …makes it weird.
– Right. If he was a cow, it’d be like, “Hey, cow
eats five pounds of grass,” – you’d be like, “Normal.”
– “So what?” – What else?
– He also once tried to eat the severed leg of a comrade after it was
blown off in battle. So it’s just like we’re out there, you
get blown up… – Really?
– …your leg comes off, and you’re like, – “You gonna use that?”
– So it’s like a… I mean, this is… – “You gonna eat that?”
– Polyphagia’s like a compulsion. I mean, it’s blown off. They’re not gonna
reattach it. Let the man eat the… – Let the man feast!
– Well, he did. It says he tried to eat. I don’t know how much he got down.
But then he becomes captured by the British army. You know he’s not gonna
be satisfied there with porridge and meat – pies and lard. That kinda thing.
– Ooh, burn! British food burn! – (Rhett and crew offscreen laughing)
– But what he ends up doing is he impresses the British people who
are keeping him prisoner so much — they’re so fascinated by thus guy that
they begin to do experiments, – appetite experiments, on this guy.
– Okay, okay. All right. Like what? Well, I mean, it’s not really an
experiment. They just gave him a bunch of crap and saw if he can ate it.
“If he could ate it!” – “They saw if he could ate it, man.”
– “And what did they saw?” (laughing) Well, here’s what they did.
They gave him, in one day, 10 pounds of meat, a bunch of multiple bottles of
wine, a raw cow’s udder… – Mm.
– …and, after — oh, and two pounds… I’ve never looked at that and said,
“I might wanna bite it.” – Two pounds of candles.
– (laughing) – Just, hey. Throws some wax in there.
– We’ve eaten candle. (laughing) – Throw some candles in there.
– This is like a production meeting for – Good Mythical Morning.
– (Rhett and crew offscreen laughing) Well, and the interesting thing is that
this actually satisfied him, because it said that he did a little dance when he
went back to his cell after this, apparently weighted down by the cow udder,
the wax, the meat, and the wine. I think my guy tops him. His name is
Tarrare. He is a Frenchman from the – same time period, so the 1700s.
– Okay. Dude was so hungry his parents couldn’t
feed him. They kicked him out. He starts walking the earth. Becomes
a freak show act. – Like ‘Kung Fu.’
– Yeah, but a little bit different, because instead of “hi-yah” -ing,
he’s eating apples whole. – Live animals: he’s eating those.
– Oh. That’s a step up. – Wine corks and rocks.
– Hold on. He eats the cork? And the rocks. For money.
He joins the French army, and listen to what they do. They make him courier.
Why? Because he can swallow messages, ’cause he eats everything, and safely
take the messages across enemy lines without them being found out or
taken from him. – But how do you get the message back?
– Well… Does he internalize it and then
speak it, or does he… – Yeah, why couldn’t he just know it?
– “I can memorize this, you realize.” Well, to answer your question, we was
captured. His enemies chained him to a toilet to wait for the message to be
delivered… – Oh.
– …but then he one-upped them – and ate his own poop.
– (laughing) – So he just kept eating the messages.
– All right. And they also did experiments on him. This was after his military days. He was
in a hospital where they fed him a meal enough for 15 people. It had cats, snakes,
lizards, and puppies. – What?!
– Dude ate a puppy. He ate puppies – and a whole, live eel.
– Hold on. You don’t want this guy to – take care of your pets.
– No. – Doggy Daycare by Tarrare.
– All right. It gets worse. – They never come back.
– Listen. After he left the experiments at the hospital, he would come back, go into
the morgue, and start eating the dead people. And, listen. I’m just gonna
say it like it is. At one point, a 14-month-old toddler went missing. Dude ate a child.
Dude ate a child. Oh, that’s a food baby if I’ve ever
heard of one. – (Link and crew offscreen laughing)
– Okay, so what’s the conclusion? I think my guy takes the cake.
And the toddler. And the eel. – Yeah, I’m gonna give this one to you.
– And the puppies. Both of these guys are not quite right in
the head, but you win this round. – Tarrare takes it home.
– Tarrare, you are officially crowned “hangriest” man ever, but don’t worry,
Rhett. We are both winners today. It is time for the Airheads Bites
Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Challenge – (Link) Prize Edition.
– As you know, each week we’ve been competing against each other in a
ridiculous challenge to see who can last the longest. And after four
challenges, we tied. – Mhm.
– And both of us win the prize: to sit on a beanbag, with a bunny,
while wearing a blue tuxedo, eating bacon as his buddy tells him
a bedtime story about how awesome – he is in a British accent.
– (unison) Shall we? – Congratulations, Link.
– Congratulations, Rhett. – (laughing) Best reward ever.
– (laughing) Here we are. – (Rhett) Here’s some bacon.
– (Link) Ooh, giant bunnies. (Rhett) Don’t eat the bunny.
Eat the bacon. (both chewing) – You don’t want this.
– Now, I’m gonna allow you… – You don’t want this!
– …to read your story to me first. – You drew the short straw.
– Hold on. Can we just take this in – for a second? Bacon.
– (Link) Yeah. – Bunnies.
– (mouth full) Blue tuxedo. – (Rhett with mouth full) Blue tuxedo.
– Beanbags. – Beanbags.
– Bingo. Well, we’re not playing bingo, – but you know what I mean.
– I’m about to read you a bedtime story in – a British accent.
– Go for it. – How you doin’, bunny?
– (Link) Are you happy? – Okay, you ready?
– Never been readier. – ♪ (Vivaldi’s “Spring”) ♪
– (British accent) Once upon a time, there lived a young man named Charles
Lincolnton Neal. – That’s me.
– He was a locksmith by trade. – Ah!
– The greatest locksmith in all of – Buies Creek Village.
– (laughing) (Rhett) One day, he was called to old
Mrs. Mole’s cottage. She said she needed him to come over
and unlock her carriage. – She did.
– When Charles arrived at old Mrs. Mole’s home, she opened the door and exclaimed,
“Hello, Charles. Would you like to touch the large, multicolored, hairy mole that’s
perched just above my left nostril? – Huh, no, I hope.
– (Rhett) Charles said, “Not really. I’m just here to unlock your carriage.”
Old Mrs. Mole said, “Well, ‘unlock my carriage’ is just a euphemism for
touching my large mole.” (laughing) Oh, gosh. Gross! Charles replied, “That doesn’t really
make any sense, but no, I’d rather not touch your mole. At that point, old
Mrs. Mole’s eyes began to fill with tears. And suddenly, one large, solitary tear
fell from her eye, bounced off her large mole, causing it to glisten and become
even nastier than before…. – (Link) Mm.
– …and fell to the ground. – The mole, or the tear?
– The tear. Charles, filled with compassion, reached
out his hand the touch the wet mole. And just as he put his hand across the
threshold of her home, old Mrs. Mole grabbed his arm, flung him over her
shoulder in a jujitsu move, – knocking him unconscious.
– Mm. (Rhett) She then took Charles’ credit
card and bought a bunch of tubs of body glitter. The End. – A buncha tubs of body glitter?
– Body glitter. – That’s your bedtime story. You sleepy?
– Kinda freaky. – Are you sleepy, bunny?
– All right. – Watchu got for me?
– (Link) I got one for you. (British accent?) In Rhett’s great
mythical room, there was a telephone and a red balloon. And a picture of the
cow jumping over the moon. And there were three little bears sitting
on chairs. And two little kittens and a pair of mittens. And a disemboweled
man with a bloody, broken stump for a hand. And a pile of intestines full
of demonic dimensions. – (Link) And a gho–
– Hold on. Pause. – Does dimensions rhyme with mittens?
– Dimensions rhymes with intestines. – No, it doesn’t. (laughing)
– (crew offscreen laughing) – It does in Britain.
– Ah. And a ghoul full of drool who was
swimming in the man’s stool. – (disgusted) Oh. And a knife, and an axe, and a rabid
raccoon. Just wait until he attacks. Rhymes with axe. Goodnight, room.
Goodnight, balloon. Goodnight, cow jumping over the moon.
Goodnight bloody stump. Goodnight, intestinal lump.
Goodnight, ghoul. Goodnight, seeping, stinking, pile
of stool. – Goodnight, Mythical Crew.
– (crew offscreen laughing) And goodnight, you… Rhett.
Yes, you. (exhales) Welcome the infinite darkness, Rhett.
Go quiet into that good night. Shhh… – Am I dying?
– Sleep tight. – (crew laughing offscreen)
– I didn’t enjoy that. That was good. That’s your reward, man.
Congratulations to us. – We should do this every day.
– Thanks for liking, commenting, and subscribing. And thanks to Airheads
for sponsoring this episode. – You know what time it is!
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amazing backstory about how – they survive.
– Bunny backstory! (Rhett) “Rhett controls Link’s left arm
with his mind.” Whoa! Why am I giving the thumbs up?
It’s a great episode, but… Ah! Ah! Ah! No!
What! Is! Happening! I! Don’t! Know what’s happening.
Now it’s just shaking. My fist is shaking at me.
Stop! Stop! – Okay, it stopped.
– Wow, I never thought I’d be… – (punch sound effect)
– …that good at that. Oh. [Captioned by Kevin:
GMM Captioning Team]

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