The Horn of Winter: will Joramun’s Horn destroy the Wall?

The Horn of Winter: will Joramun’s Horn destroy the Wall?

So in A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones,
Westeros is divided by a big icy Wall. To its south are the Seven Kingdoms, with all
its cities and castles and ladies and lords and almost all the main characters in the
series. North of the Wall is a vast frozen wilderness , populated by people known as
the wildlings. The wildlings are in trouble, because recently, they’ve been under attack
from the mysterious Others, or white walkers. Mance Rayder, the “King-beyond-the-Wall”
who unites and leads the wildlings, tries to fight the white walkers at first, but
he can’t stand against them, so instead he decides to lead his people to safety south
of the Wall. But the Night’s Watch who man the Wall see the wildlings as enemies,
as dangerous savages, and they don’t want to let them through. So Mance, determined
to get his people south, prepares to do something drastic. He searches for an ancient artefact
said to have the “power” to “break” the Wall – something called Joramun’s
Horn, or the Horn of Winter. Mance searches for the Horn in the Frostfangs, and “all over the valley of the Milkwater”, digging up “half a hundred graves” of
ancient “kings and heroes”. Ygritte tells Jon that for all their searching, the wildlings
never find the Horn. But later in Storm, Mance says that Ygritte lied, and that he
did find it – he shows Jon a “great warhorn”, eight feet long, banded in gold, and engraved
with runes. Mance says that unless the Watch lets the wildlings through the Wall, he’ll
blow the horn and destroy the Wall, even though he knows that if the Wall falls, there’ll
be nothing to stop the Others. In the end Stannis captures Mance and Melisandre burns
the horn, and Jon lets many of the wildlings through the Wall anyway. So it looks like
the story of the Horn is cut short. But later, Tormund tells Jon that Mance’s horn wasn’t
actually the real Horn, that it was as an empty threat. So Jon asks, “If Mance’s
horn was just a feint, where is the true horn?” We might also ask what the Horn actually does,
exactly, and who made it, and why. We’re never directly given answers to these questions
in the text but we can make some pretty good guesses. Let’s start at the beginning – with
Joramun. According to legend, Joramun was “The first
King-Beyond-the-Wall”, the first person to unite and lead the wildlings. He lived
thousands of years ago , so we don’t really know anything about him for certain, but we
hear a few different stories. Jeor Mormont implies that Joramun tried to invade the south,
but was defeated, either by the Wall, or by the Starks of Winterfell. In another story,
Joramun apparently fought alongside the Starks in the overthrow of the Night’s King , a
Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch who seemed to be involved with the Others. But
the main thing we’re told about Joramun is that he “blew the Horn of Winter, and
woke giants from the earth”, which apparently means the Horn has the power to “bring down
the Wall”. So these legends raise a lot of questions – like, if blowing the Horn
of Winter brings down the Wall, and Joramun blew the Horn of Winter, why’s the Wall
still standing? Was the Horn not used to its full power, or maybe not directed at the Wall
or something? And did Joramun try to invade the south, or did he fight with the Starks,
against the Night’s King, or both? Was the Horn used in these conflicts? And most of
all – what does it mean to “wake giants from the earth”?
Fans have a lot of different ideas about what this phrase means. Like, maybe it’s literal
– maybe there are giants in some kinda hibernation under the ground and the sound of the horn
will wake them and make them tear down the Wall. Some suggest there are ice dragons frozen
within the Wall, or huge weirwood trees that could be described as giants. But there’s
evidence for a different explanation in The World of Ice and Fire, in the bit about the
Breaking of the Arm of Dorne. Basically, thousands of years ago, the first humans came to Westeros
across a land bridge called the Arm of Dorne. They started warring with the children of
the forest, so to try to stop more humans coming, the children used the magic of the
old gods to break the Arm – “the old gods stirred, and giants awoke in the earth, and
all of Westeros shook and trembled. Great cracks appeared in the earth, and hills and
mountains collapsed and were swallowed up. And then the seas came rushing in, and the
Arm of Dorne was broken”, leaving “only [the] few bare rocky islands” we see today. So George R. R. Martin uses waking giants from the earth as a metaphor for a huge earth-shaking
cataclysm – presumably, that’s what the Horn of Winter does, and that’s how it could
destroy the Wall. This may also hint at the Horn’s origins
– it sounds like the Horn uses the magic of the children of the forest. But the physical
form of a horn itself seems like something humans would make, especially if it’s banded
in metal, which we know the children didn’t use. So maybe the Horn was made by the children
of the forest and the First Men working together – which makes sense because the Horn dates
back to a time of friendship and peace between the children and the Men. In fact, it was
not long before Joramun that the children and the Men apparently worked together to
defeat the Others and build the Wall – which raises another question – why would the
children and the Men make a Horn that can destroy the Wall just after they built the
Wall? Maybe this supports the theory that the Wall was actually built by the Others.
But if the children and Men actually wanted to destroy the Wall, why put that power into
a horn, instead of just using that power and destroying the Wall right away? Maybe the
Horn was designed not to destroy the Wall, but as a power play to show that you could
bring down the Wall – kinda like nukes in the Cold War. Being able to threaten someone
with complete destruction can be more powerful than actually destroying them. This is what
Mance Rayder does in Storm, right? He doesn’t want to use the Horn to bring down the Wall,
because he knows that would make everyone vulnerable to the Others. But he threatens
to do it anyway to force the Watch to do what he wants. Maybe that’s why the Horn was
made in the first place – not so much as a way to destroy the Wall, but as a way to
project power by showing you could destroy the Wall – it might have first been used
against the Night’s King. The Night’s King apparently took over the Night’s Watch
and the Wall “with strange sorceries” and made sacrifices to the Others . Maybe
the way the wildlings and Starks defeated him was by threatening to use the Horn – maybe
Joramun sounded it at less than its full power, enough to show he could destroy the Wall without
actually doing it, in doing so, forcing the Night’s King to stand down. That’s just
a guess, there’s no solid evidence to support this, but it does make sense for the Horn
to be designed more as a threat than to actually be used.
To speculate a little more we also guess at where the Horn was kept after the business
with Joramun and the Night’s King. Maybe the Horn of Winter was held by the Stark “Kings
of Winter” at Winterfell. Maybe that’s why it’s said that “there must always
be a Stark in Winterfell” – the Starks historically guarded the Horn. Maybe the Horn
was kept in the Winterfell crypts – there are lots of hints that there’s something
important down there – both Bran and Jon have many dreams about the crypts. Also,
Mance Rayder has shown a suspicious interest in the crypts – he actually infiltrates
Winterfell, twice – in the first book , and in Dance – Mance is still alive in the books.
In Dance, Mance gets into Winterfell and tries to find out from Theon where the crypts are. Is it possible that Mance believes that the Horn of Winter is in the Winterfell crypts?
Is that why he keeps sneaking into Winterfell? Maybe we’ll find out in the next book.
But it’s also possible that the Horn’s not in Winterfell anymore, if it ever was,
because it seems likely that the Horn of Winter is now in the possession of Samwell Tarly.
In Clash, Jon finds a cache of dragonglass weapons wrapped in a Night’s Watch cloak
and buried on the Fist of the First Men, possibly by Benjen or Coldhands for Bloodraven. Along
with the dragonglass daggers and arrowheads is an “old warhorn, made from an auroch’s
horn and banded in bronze”. It’s cracked and chipped and Jon can’t get any sound
from it, so he gives it to Sam, who “like[s] old things, even worthless old things”.
Basically this horn doesn’t seem to be important, but Sam hangs onto it and the books keep subtly
reminding us that he still has it – four times in two books, the horn is offhandedly
mentioned, often right after Jon chapters where he mentions the Horn of Winter. Why
would this horn keep coming up unless it was important? It looks like George Martin is
setting us up to reveal that Sam’s “worthless” old horn is actually the legendary Horn of
Winter. Which could lead to some pretty crazy shit
happening – like, what would happen if Sam repairs and blows the Horn while he’s in
Oldtown? Would the Wall suddenly fall, hundreds of miles away? Or if the Horn, is, like, directional,
would Oldtown collapse around Sam? It’s also worth considering that magic in this
story, especially the magic of the old gods, often has a cost of blood or human life. When
someone uses another magic horn in the story, Dragonbinder, his lips blister and his chest
bleeds and he ends up dead. Whoever uses Joramun’s Horn might suffer something similar.
There is an interesting symmetry between the fiery Dragonbinder and the icy Horn of Winter…
Also there’s apparently “a magic horn” that summons “krakens from the deep” which
sounds pretty sick. But anyway. We could speculate all day about Joramun’s
Horn, but here’re our best guesses based on what we know now. According to legend,
it’s an ancient horn with the power to bring down the Wall. It was probably originally
made by the children of the forest and the First Men, maybe not because they wanted to
destroy the Wall, but because they wanted to be able to threaten to destroy it, like
a mutally assured destruction type deal. After Joramun and the Night’s King, the Horn may
have been kept by the Starks in the Winterfell crypts, though now it seems likely that the
horn is held by Samwell Tarly in the Citadel, which could have hilarious and/or disastrous
consequences. We’ll hopefully learn much more about the Horn in the next book, it’s
apparently on the cover, after all. Until then, we’ll keep on guessing.
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