The Great Wall of India

The Great Wall of India

– [Narrator] Judging by the grandness and length of this wall,
you could be forgiven for thinking that it’s in China, but this is the Great Wall of India. (upbeat music) The Kumbhalgarh Wall is
located in Rajasthan, roughly a 10-hour drive from New Delhi. Its remoteness has caused
this stunning location to be relatively unknown, even to locals. The wall is made of
thousands of stone bricks with artistic flourishes on top. It has seven gateways and took
over a century to construct. It was a place of refuge
in times of danger. The wall snakes through
valleys and along mountaintops. After the Great Wall of China, it is the second longest
continuous wall in the world. It is 22 miles in length and surrounds the fort of over 300 ancient temples that were believed to have been
built in the fifteenth century. In 2013 it was declared a
UNESCO World Heritage Site. A majority of the wall sits high, serving as a lookout and
giving incredible views of the surrounding
mountains and farmlands, unlike anywhere else in India. (upbeat music)

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  1. It'll soon be the 3rd longest continuous wall lol.

  2. How many kilometers are 22 Miles?

  3. Google Kumbalgadh Fort and book your next trip.

  4. Honestly, we still think this might be one of the best-kept secrets in India. Love these aerial views too, they really help you understand how massive this wall is.

  5. Wow now we Indian can keep terrorist out of Pakistan , now Pakistan can't come to India

  6. even we are making wall in Mexican border hope you guys won't mind us.

  7. Absolutely beautiful!!!

  8. Makes me want to visit india

  9. Either thanks to its strategic placement, not even local know that place. At least I know it's less likely to be vandalised soon

  10. Stealing Chinese technology. Sanctions and tariffs!

  11. That looks stunning, is this a temple? This place resembles more in islamic architecture of india.

  12. I went there several times and yes the view is stunning from the top of Fort 👍

  13. The wall is 87 km long
    It's only 37 km that is surrounding the fort

  14. India's modern architecture is laughable compared to the historical times.

  15. Second largest man made wall in the world.. Unesco heritage site.. And not even many locals know about it.. Kuch bhi

  16. Trump:India is an amazing country,people there they love me.I love India

  17. I love India ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. Donald Trump's dream

  19. The dislike must be from Chinese

  20. WaO!
    ThNkU Fr UpLoaDinG…

  21. As a native Indian, I now feel ignorant after watching this video.

  22. Wow! You learn something new everyday.

  23. Was padmavat movie shot here??

  24. The Kumbalgarh wall is also the widest wall in the world iirc…

  25. I am from Jodhpur (the blue city of Rajasthan) and this great wall and fort (Castle) is just some 180km from here and i have been to there…. Such an awesome place to visit.

  26. Kumbhalgad. Visited last year only. Very beautiful place, must visit. It is around 90 kms from udaipur.

  27. Great Wall of Rajasthan.

  28. is there a toilet in that castle?

  29. Amazing!!!

  30. Its safe, coz it was hidden otherwise it too would have been renamed and written in history as made by mughals.

  31. 22 miles = 35.406 kms

  32. There is also a wall in sindh Pakistan

  33. B U I L D A W A L L

  34. I have a feeling that these videos are getting shorter

  35. And there my friend, you gained views.

  36. I never knew about it, being in India, coz India is vast country with many civilizations and dynasties had ruled it for centuries. Every tiny village has a history. I live in a small village, still there are marks and proofs of a king's visit, unknown to anyone but natives.

  37. O God, shame on me. I m an Indian n didnot know abt it.

  38. I'm Indian, but I never knew this!

  39. Trump fans just got massive hard ons after seeing this

  40. India itself is second Earth

  41. Largest walls in the world in 2020
    1, Trump wall of America
    2, Great Wall of China
    3, Great Wall if India

  42. People use the wall to poop and pee.

  43. There is one more in BELLARY, KARNATAKA(not as big as the one shown in video)

  44. I thought Rajasthan was all desert.

  45. I saw Trump's name on visitor list 🤤

  46. Fascinating! I would love to visit this place someday.

  47. I would like to visit one day soon 🙂

  48. Great wall of China: 21,196 km long
    Great wall of India: 35 km

  49. An amazing structure, shame I only heard about it so recently

  50. I'm Indian and I don't even know about it. Damn.

  51. Me and my mom walked on that wall in my childhood !!!

  52. Don't lie… Akbar took this fort

  53. I am from India and I didn't know about this wall

  54. Trump will make great well of America 😂

  55. Trump: " Even Indian has a wall , come on merica "

  56. Wow! Visiting India soon.

  57. wow thats what u say when u did not something like that exist

  58. I am getting my packs ready for this summer

  59. Absolutely amazing.

  60. RIP to all the pepole who died falling off the mountain trying to build that wall

  61. asia and their obsession with walls

  62. We Indians were used to copy Russian Soviet architecture, now we copy Americans, .
    Still there are exceptions like Vidhansaudha of Bengaluru,
    Its not about money, it's about aesthetics, we have lost it for sure.

  63. The Great Wall of china left the game

  64. Something that history textbooks forgot.

  65. This is mandela effect

    Even Indian people doesn't know about it's existence

    I am also an Indian

  66. I saw this wall… It's so big… I literally wanted to see this wall from close but at least I saw it with my eyes…guys you guys should also see it… The sight is beautiful as well as astonishing 😁😁💕💕

  67. I can't believe this it's like GREAT NIKOLA TESLA

  68. what is the name of background music please ??????

  69. I being in India didn't knew such a beautiful place existed….

  70. This never existed in my memory. Studied india forever. Mandella effect

  71. This is so nicely presented…

  72. dirty hindus and inkwell

  73. i loves rajisthani people they are so humble

  74. Where is the Great Wall of America ?

  75. Hah make sense it’s in rajastan, most beautiful place ever love from England

  76. This is mendala ieffect

  77. Who when I was small no one sad that great wall if india…. no it is not possible how

  78. In saw the wall from a distance whilst rdoing a motorbike ride through Rajastan earlier this year. Thank you for the information,.

  79. I'm indian. I didn't know about this. ;')

  80. iam shareing this to this to my friend

  81. Its in jpr i love there

  82. Great Wall of Pakistan exists as well

  83. It is mendela effect

  84. Time traveller is from India then😂😂😂 who changed history.

  85. I didnt know about this wall until a week ago, its so strange… If I was that wall, Ill be very ungry…

  86. Another mandela effect

  87. This is mandela effect…
    If anyone know about mandela effect here reply my comment .

  88. Looks like the one from padmavat

  89. what the heck, it didnt take over a century to construct. It took like only 28 years( 3 years more than the taj mahal) .
    And sadly, 2 year after the royal tamily settled in , the fort came under a seige for 9 months by the combined army of Akbar and hindu rulers

  90. Designated Shitting Wall😂😂

  91. bhai iske baare me 90% Indians ko nhi pata tha….Interesting.

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